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									                         Grade/Subject Level Group Project
                        CSCI 1200—Technology and Learning

You will be working with a group planning a unit for a future classroom. Your unit could
be on some phase of teaching tolerance in your classroom or a unit in which the students
research and discuss one of the current social issues (water shortage, food shortage,
energy, transportation). In a health class, you could be discussing bullying, in a social
studies class you may be discussing racial prejudice. In a government class, you could be
discussing differences in political parties. Other topics could include discussion of
different religions, discussion of cultures in other parts of the world, discussion of hate
groups. Any topic that has to do with teaching understanding of the differences in
people, places, customs, religions, politics, etc.. You can also choose any topic that is
listed in the Georgia Performance Standards or the QCC’s if it relates to one of these

 You will be using different ways to engage your students, such as authentic learning,
active learning, discovery learning, anchored instruction, and cooperative learning. Be
prepared to explain in your lesson plan how these are incorporated in your unit.

You will assume the following:

      Your class has 5 or 6 computers and you are to utilize all computers at all times.
      You have 21 students in your class. In addition, you have a digital camera with
       video capabilities, a scanner, two printers, a microphone, and a large screen
       monitor on one computer and/or a whiteboard or smartboard. You also have
       access to a Mac Mobile Lab or to a regular lab. You have all the software
       available that we used in this class in addition to some software specific to your
       grade or subject.
      The unit must be planned for at least 5 days but no more than 10 days.
      You will divide your classroom into 6 or 7 different centers. At least one center
       will use the Internet. At least one center will have an activity sheet for the
       students to fill out. At least four of the centers must use technology.
      You will divide your students into groups of 3 each. Each student should have a
       specific role in the group.
      Students will rotate with their groups to each center to complete the project. All
       students could have the same project to complete, but will all have different
       outcomes. Or you might assign the groups different topics that they will present
       to their class.
      You must incorporate at least five the technology features you learned this
       semester in the unit. Four of these must be used by your students; one can be how
       you used technology. For instance, the students might use Inspiration to divide
       their groups responsibilities, Power Point or a movie for their final project, the
       Internet to do research, software about the topic on a computer, a game that
       relates to the topic. You might have their assignment on a web page and grade
       their project using a rubric. Or, you could create a rubric to grade their project, a
       handout in word to describe the project, and the students might put their final
       results in a table in Excel, use some software you have found to learn the topic,
       create a chart, create a podcast, and use Encarta to find information.

Everyone in your group should have a responsibility. Divide the work up evenly and fill
out the attached sheet daily stating what each person was responsible for. Prepare a
similar sheet that your students in your classroom would use. One of the main problems
of group work is that sometimes everyone does not do their fair share, so having a daily
participation form to fill out is important.

When you have completed the project you will assign a group leader to make a 5’
presentation which includes the following information:

      The title or name of the unit to studied.
      A description of the purpose of the unit.
      A list of the objectives the students will meet.
      A description of the four or five centers you will have including the tasks the
       students will complete at each center
      A description of how the students will go to all the centers to complete their tasks
      A description of how the students will present their results (i.e., PowerPoint
       presentation, written paper, Excel, Word, etc.)

Also, be prepared to project the following on the screen. Hand in one copy of each of
these and keep a copy for yourself. Any additional artifacts (posters, booklets, etc.) can
also be used but are not required.

These are the written documents which you must have ready to turn in:

      A written description of the project that you would give your students so they
       will know what to do. Include in this a description of each of the centers.
      A copy of the group participation sheet you designed for this unit.
      A copy of the rubric you would give your students so they will know what will be
       graded and how the project will be graded.
      A copy of the activity sheet the students will complete at one centers.
      A lesson plan using the attached lesson plan form.

Each member of the group should have a copy of this material on their flash drive
or P drive so that they can place it in their portfolio.


The group will receive one grade—the same grade--for the project. Each member of the
group could earn up to 100 points. In addition, there will be an individual grade of up to
50 points based on the daily participation sheets turned in by the group leaders. Absences
from group meetings will be crucial in determining this grade.
See next page for participation sheet; this is an example. You should create another
different one for your group.
                                Daily Group Participation Sheet


      Group Leader:

      Group Members Present:

      Group Member Assignments:

      Name                                       Assignment

      Did all members of the group participate today? Explain what your group accomplished

Group Members________________________________________________________________
                        Group Project Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Title:
Developed by:
Subject Area:
Grade Level:
Purpose of the Activity:
Learning Objectives         
(include at least one
Georgia QCC or GPS):
Describe how some of
the following are
incorporated in your
    1. Authentic
    2. Active Learning
    3. Anchored
    4. Problem based
How will your centers
be organized? Describe
the centers.

List the five forms of
technology you used
List of internet
resources students
may use
Step by step
description of how the
lesson will be
How will the students
be evaluated? Attach
 and a participation
Describe what you will
have to do to prepare
your classroom.
Where will you use the
activity sheet?
What advantage does
this method of
instruction have over
traditional methods
How will this lesson be
adapted for students
with special needs
Over what disciplines
does this unit cross?

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