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   Have you ever heard of the
Revolutionary War? If you have, have you
ever heard of a guy named Alexander
Hamilton? Well if you haven't you should
because he is a great person. Alexander
and General George Washington were
very good friends. General George
Washington and Alexander Hamilton were
both patriots. Now lets go learn more
about him, shall we?
This is Alexander Hamilton
     Biographical Information
Born: January 11, 1755

Died: July 12, 1804

College: Columbia University

~ Started working at the age of 12
~ His face is on the $10 bill.
 What Did He Do For Freedom
• Alexander Hamilton did a lot for freedom.
  Hamilton was a British citizen by birth, but
  then the American protests made sense to
  him. Alexander wrote articles in the
  Newspaper and spoke in front of the whole
  crowd at New York city Hall. He joined a
  military company. They called their selves
  “The Hearts of Oak.” Their motto was
  “Freedom or Death.”
What Did He Do For Freedom
 Hamilton became a captain of a
artillery company in the continental
Army. Alexander was put in charge of
recruiting, equipping, and training
soldiers. He made sure that they were
dressed smartly in their blue and tan
jackets. Short time after that Hamilton
became a seasoned officer.
      Misery at Valley Forge
• As I told you in the intro slide General
  George Washington and Alexander
  Hamilton were very good friends. Hamilton
  was part of George Washington’s staff, he
  was in charge of writing the reports and
  orders to be able to keep the army going.
       Combat To Congress
• The Revolutionary War was Hamilton’s
  life. The Revolutionary War made him
  famous for becoming a writer and a
  soldier. Soon after that he became a
  lawyer. He taught himself.
• Hamilton started taxing things so he could
  pay for his country. He taxed salt, tobacco,
  liquor, and the number of servants a
  person employed.
• Hamilton was elected to the New York
  state Assembly. Hamilton used his writing
  skills to help pick out words to write the
  Constitution. Hamilton wrote series to try
  to get people to vote for the Constitution.
  So he wrote The Federalist. Hamilton
  became the 1st secretary state of treasury.
      Who Helped Him???
    Alexander was in the war so he had a
lot of people to help him. He also had his
good friend General George Washington
to help him fight and they won win.
       Here Comes Death!!!
• On June 18, 1804 Burr asked Hamilton to
  duel with him. Burr fired at Hamilton. He
  spun around and collapsed. That was the
  end of Hamilton’s life.
How To Be Alexander Hamilton
Be in the Military
Be a good friend with George Washington
Become the 1st secretary of state
Die by being shot
Pick words that should be in the constitution
Become a captain in the war
Be a guy
Put taxes on things
Be a Patriot

• Book: Alexander Hamilton Author : Stuart
  A. Kallen
• Book: Alexander Hamilton Author: Mollie
• Paige’s Mom

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