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ID #    Date                   AHI System                             Issue                                Referred by:        Assigned to:                   Solution???                                  Status:                    Complete
                                                                                                                                              Remove the grey shading from the box,
                                            Grey Background results in information not being able to                                          bold information in the box to make the
 1     02/15/06 Physician's Order Form      be read when faxed to the MD.                            Maureen                                  orders stand out.                           2/15 Discussed with MC                          X
                                                                                                                                              Option to print Facility Name on Headers,   2/15 Discussed with MC, report
                                            No facility name on reports, Selection criteria-not enough Randi (Mercer)                         expand the footer area to show criteria,    criteria to print as report footer,
 2     02/15/06 Report Information          room to print in footer                                    Maureen                                possibly have date selected print on top    facitlity to print at top of reports.
                                                                                                                          Randi to
                                                                                                                          research with
 3     02/15/06 CMN                         Current forms are not current                         Maureen                 CMS.                                                                                                            X
                                            TPN data sheet reports the total MOSM in the bag. Jim
                                            at AIM, would like to see MOSM/liter or MOSM/ml which                                             Change calculation to read as a
 4     02/15/06 TPN Report                  make more sense clinically                            Maureen                                     concentration                               2/15 Discussed with MC                          X

                                                                                                                                                                                          2/15 Discussed with MC, HOS to
                                                                                                                                                                                          work with Gateway as time permits
                                                                                                                                                                                          to develop vendor requirements. MC
                                                                                                                          Mike T to                                                       also suggested testing with
 5     02/15/06 Payer Switch                AIM would like to use Gateway as a switch vendor            Maureen           research                                                        Trailblazer. 2/16 discussed with MT             X
                                            Can't filter orders by Order Type, only order Category is
 6     02/15/06 Batch Refill Screen         available                                                   Maureen                               Add order type to search criteria           2/15 discussed with MC                          X
                                            Can we make the list user defined? Need more                                                      Add sold, rental, cleaning, Maitenance,
 7     02/15/06 DME Status table            categories for various clients.                             Maureen                               repair                                      2/15 discussed with MC
                                            Clients with patients prior to 10/05 have orders that are
                                            not confirmed. If they want to use the confirmed feature,                                                                                2/15 MC will e-mail command to use
 8     02/15/06 Confirmed Orders            have long lists of unconfirmed meds.                        Maureen                               Sequel command to confirm these orders for requesting clients.                              X
 9     02/15/06 Batch Refill Screen         Verify tab reads "batch"                                    Maureen                               Rename "Batch" tab to Verify           2/15 discussed with MC                               X

                                                                                                                                              *HAS BEEN FIXED; HOWEVER, WILL
                                                                                                                                              WE BE INCLUDING A PROGRAM MSG
                                                                                                                                              TO LET CLIENTS KNOW THAT THEIR
                                                                                                                                              REPORTS IF RUN FOR PRIOR
                                                                                                                                              REPORTING PERIODS WILL HAVE
                                            Deleting items off claims does not remove from the                                                BEEN AFFECTED. FIX HAS BEEN
10     02/15/06 Financial Reports           financial tables.                                           Randi             Michael Cook        MADE, BUT STILL OPEN ISSUE.                                                                 X
                                                                                                                                              Communicated with clients to discontinue
                                                                                                                                              these forms with updates after March 31, Diane to develop e-mail to
11     02/15/06 HCFA forms                  3 versions in system, can we delete old ones                                                      2006                                     communicate change.                                X

                                                                                                                                                                                          6/13/06: MiC worked w/IT at this site.
                                                                                                                                                                                          Hardware problem; have to
                                                                                                                          Randi to work                                                   recalibrate printer. Keylan to clbk
13     02/15/06 Central Baptist             Intermittent Printing Problem (Central Baptist)             Randi             w/MiC                                                           once printer is recalibrated.                   X
                                            Order entry of Other Medications is slow and                                                      Add a "New Order" button to Other
14     02/15/06 Other Medication Orders     cumbersome.                                                 Randi                                 Medication order screen                     completed                                       X
                                                                                                                                              Add a "Show Inactive Users" box to the
15     02/15/06 Security                    Inactive users are shown on the security list                                                     Security screen                             2/15 discussed with MC                          X
                                                                                                                                                                                          As of 3/9/06 - Waiting for feedback
16     02/15/06 UB92                        Reprogramming                                                                                                                                 from client                                     X
                                                                                                                                                                                          Added back to screen if user has
17     02/15/06 Order Inventory Screen      Cost field no longer prints with AWP & Retail               Randi                                                                             inventory access.                               X

                                                                                                                          Randi to look at Completed Data View and notified client
18     02/15/06 Dataview                    RX active orders after stop date                                              report criteria. (Mercer County); waiting for feedback          Client now has Data View                        X
19     02/15/06 Version 2.7.24              Billing error with manual entry                                                                To MC                                          2/15 MC fixed bug.                              X
                                            BSA and CrCl values swap if new patient is added with
20     02/22/06 Patient Admit Info          information for both calculations.                          Michael Cook                                                                      2/23 Discussed with MC                          X
                                            Label printer is locking up during long printing runs - see
21     02/22/06 Central Baptist             #13                                                         See # 17 (Mike)                                                                   2/23 Discussed with MC                       Duplicate
                                                                                                                                              Lot numbers can only be associated with     2/23 Discussed w/MC. Possible
                                                                                                                                              orders. Entering a P.O. reduces the         Inventory Adjustment screen that will
                                            Sites report the availability of lot numbers not assigned                                         amount on hand, but does not reduce the     tie lot numbers to inventory
22     02/22/06 Piedmont - Inventory        to their site. Negative lot quantities seen                 Mike                                  lot number.                                 transactions.                                   X
                                                                                                                                                                                          2/23 Discussed w/MC. He talked
                                            Aim problems with continuous printing of labels and want                                                                                      with AIM about issue. Logo is going
23     02/22/06 Labels                      to incorporate their logo.                               Mike                                                                                 to take some time.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  4/21/2012   5:04 PM
                                                                                                                     Ascend HI Issue List

ID #    Date                   AHI System                                         Issue                                 Referred by:        Assigned to:                 Solution???                                Status:                 Complete
                                                                                                                                                                                                   2/23 Discussed w/MC. New client
                                                                                                                                                                                                   install script should fix problem, ask
                                                                                                                                                                                                   client to reinstall desktop. 2/24
24     02/22/06 Lifetime - Excel Export                User PC does not allow user to export in Excel format. Mike                                                                                 discussed with MT.                          X
25     02/22/06 Claim Screen                           Color Code Claims                                      Mike                                                                                 2/23 Discussed w/MC                         X
                                                       Need to automate process so that modifiers appear on                                                MC is working on this and will take some
26     02/22/06 HPCS Modifiers                         the HCPS form.                                         Mike                                         time.                                    2/23 Discussed w/MC
                                                       Prevent the same serial number from being entered into                                                                                       Michael added a warning msg for
27     02/22/06 DME Inventory Item                     the inventory twice.                                                                                                                         user                                       X

28     02/22/06 DME Order Screen                       Auto populate the primary MD in the DME Order screen.                                                                                       2/23 Discussed w/MC                         X
                                                       Default primary insurance to the Therapy Screen, if
29     02/22/06 Therapy Screen                         multiple primary, ask which one.                                                                                                            2/23 Discussed w/MC

                                                       Non-uniform sorting of data in all windows. Want ability
                                                       to sort data on all screens. If financial screen can't be
                                                       sorted can the default sort from latest to earliest. With
30     02/22/06 Data Sorting                           newest claims at the top of the screen.                                                                                                     2/23 Discussed w/MC                         X
                                                       Report prints with payor group as sort. Billers don't like,
31     02/22/06 AR Report                              want by payor name.                                                                                                                         2/23 Discussed w/MC                         X
                                                       "Do not use after:" does not appear on the label unless
                                                       an expiration date was entered on the order. Client
                Label expiration (Children's Home      wants to see it on all labels even those without an
32     02/22/06 Pharmacy)                              expiration date:                                                                                    Randi gave custom label                 2/23 Discussed w/MC                         X
33     02/22/06 DME Maintainace Screen                 Client wants to print this screen as a report.                                                                                              2/23 Discussed w/MC
                                                       Client wants to print this list. (Mountains asked for this                                                                                  2/23 Discussed w/MC This function
34     02/22/06 Task List                              too)                                                                                                                                        is in process.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   2/23 Discussed w/MC This field
                                                       The "Quantity per Dose" field is showing scientific                                                                                         should round at the fourth decimal
35     02/22/06 Scientific Notation                    notation for very small numbers.                                                                                                            point.                                      X
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Maureen got list of insurances from
36     02/22/06 Insurance Type Field                   SHP has a list of insurance types it wants reported.                                                Maureen                                 SHP.                                     Duplicate
                Purchase Orders not saving to screen
37     02/22/06 on release 27.5.33                                                                                                                                                                 2/23 Discussed w/MC                         X
                                                       Add the word "Ignore" to the Drug-Drug Interaction drop
38     02/22/06 Drug-Drug Clinical Intervention Tag    down in the Clinical intervention                                                                                                           2/23 Discussed w/MC                         X
                                                       overstates # of rx's; it’s the number of overall
39     03/09/06 Prescription Log/Detail report         components on the order instead of # of orders          Randi                   MiC                 Fixed                                                                               X

                                                       If adjustment entered for "patient", overall amount on
40     03/09/06 Patient Portion                        claim decreased, but doesn't decrease patient portion         Randi (ADIMA)     MiC                                                         added as a CSR on 11/15/2005 -rsv-

                                                       Consider new claims numbering logic to have Secondary
                                                       and tertiary claims maintain same number of original          Randi/MikeT/Mau
41     03/09/06 Claims                                 claim and include a suffix e.g -1, -a                         reen
                                                       A/R to reflect patient portion w/out having to create a
                                                       separate claim for patient copays. Nice to have: system
                                                       to recognize patient portion entry in claim or as entered
                                                       in receipt screen for tracking under separate "Patient
42     03/09/06 AR Report                              Pay" sort on A/R report.
                                                       Option to show only patient name, address; show only          Randi (Home
43     03/09/06 Delivery Label                         patient info.                                                 Reach)
                                                       Omit drug info from courier D. Receipt. Have this drug
                                                       info appear on an "internal" receipt that is included in
44     03/09/06 Delivery Receipt                       sealed box for patient sig.                                   Mike (IVA)
                Patient Acccount & Patient Status                                                                    Tanina (Dallas
45     03/09/06 reports                                Consolidate these two reports. See Randi's notes.             ID)
                                                       Omit co-pay claims from this report; overstating              Tanina (Dallas
46     03/09/06 Claim Log                              expected revenue                                              ID)
                                                       If TS checked in Setup, copy Crystal drivers to
                                                       WinNT/System32 directory and/or Windows/System32
47     03/09/06 Terminal Services print issue          directory                                                     Mike (TeamCare)                                                                                                           X
                                                                                                                                       Mike T to
48     03/09/06 Delivery Label                         Option to add storage note.                                   Mike (IVA)        research

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      4/21/2012    5:04 PM
                                                                                                                      Ascend HI Issue List

ID #     Date                    AHI System                                       Issue                                  Referred by:        Assigned to:                   Solution???   Status:        Complete

                                                                                                                                      Mike to request
49     03/09/06 Expiration & Lot Info                  According to Mark @ Teamcare, must be on ALL labels            Mike (TeamCare) documentation
                                                       When editing an Other Med order, system removes drug
                                                       name from Description field and you must click drug            Maureen (found
                                                       again on the left and highlight it in order for drug name to   while reviewing
50     03/09/06 Other Medication Orders                display on profile after order is closed.                      this list)
                                                       Request to be able to enter line item posting detail at the
                                                       time you enter receipt without having to open receipt          Mike/Maureen
51     03/09/06 Line item posting                      after the fact.                                                (Pinnacle)
                                                       Ability to sort by Fill Start and Fill Stop headings in this   Mike/Maureen
52     03/09/06 Unbilled Orders tab in Financials      screen.                                                        (Pinnacle)                            Can't be done                                    X

                                                                                                                                        Mike T,
                                                                                                                                        Maureen to call
                                                                                                                                        client to verify
                                                                                                                                        what she is
                                                       Wants the insurance fields to be a required field because                        truly seeing or
                                                       intermittantly finds that they don't see orders showing up                       turn "disallow
                                                       in Unbilled screen. We all believe this could be result of Mike/Maureen          orders when no
53     03/09/06 Therapy Screen                         issue of not initially adding payer to intake screen.      (Pinnacle)            payer"
54     03/09/06 Attach ABN to ANSI file?               Can we do this? Timeframe?                                 (Pinnacle)
                                                       System appears to be displaying total owed by patient as Mike/Maureen
55     03/09/06 Print/Preview of >1 patient claim      opposed to each claim owed balance.                        (Pinnacle)                                                                                 X
                                                       client would like to be able to limit the number of items
                                                       they see in this list. Solution?: Show frequently used
56     03/09/06 Labels/Forms Print Menu                forms first                                                Maureen (AIM)
                                                       Edit order entry msg to omit the charge aspect and only
                                                       ask to document waste. Make msg more descriptive e.g.
                                                       "Do you want to document xxx as waste ie., Are you
                                                       going to discard this leftover amount after
57     03/15/06 Document Waste                         compounding?" *See id# 12                                  HI-Team               MiC                                                                  X

                                                       Create data view showing items with no hcpcs and/or
58     03/16/06 Data View                              billing units (exclude DME, Nursing, Other and Supplies).                        Randi               Done for Childrens.                              X
59     03/16/06 Inventory Billing Units field          Make default value be "1" instead of "0"                  Maureen                MiC                                                                  X

                                                       Review the use of the "Invoice" form; What is the
                                                       intention? Client can't use for a patient pay estimate of
                                                       services because "Cost" is included on this report and
                                                       clients wouldn't want patients to see cost. Clients who
                                                       outsource billing are using the Invoice Based on Orders
60     03/16/06 Invoice form in Labels/Forms menu      report (at least the larger clients are).                   Maureen (AIM)        HI-Team
                                                       Request from dietitians @ Loma Linda. Diane suggests
                Track/log patient ht/wt e.g. enteral   in the interim of us adding this to system that clients use Maureen (Loma
61     03/16/06 patients                               lab values to trend this info.                              Linda)               MiC                                                                  X

                                                       Edit the trend panel to have most recent date/time on the
62     03/16/06 Lab Results                            left moving to the right (opposite of how it is now).      Diane                 MiC                                                                  X
                                                                                                                  Maureen (Yakima       Randi to write
63     03/16/06 Patient Account Statement              Dunning Notes added to this report                         Valley)               up specs
                                                       Ability to print 1 claim statement with everything owed by (Professional
64     03/16/06 Patient Claim                          the patient.                                               Home IV)              MiC                                                         Duplicate; see ID# 97
                                                       Auto-calculate this to be +1 off of Fill Stop Date as
                                                       opposed to equaling the Fill Stop Date as we do now or
65     03/16/06 Next Fill Date                         add an option for client to set the date.                  HI-Team               MiC

                                                       Address those unique situations where client may want a
                                                       particular item e.g., Sterile Water to print on the receipt
                                                       (if patient mixing at home). Client will still want only the Maureen (Loma
66     03/16/06 Delivery Receipt print/itemization     Order Description printing the majority of the time.         Linda)              MiC
                                                                                                                    Randi (Mercer,
                                                                                                                    Ross Park;          Randi/Diane/Mi
67     03/16/06 CURES report                           Print Ohio State Boards CURES report                         Medilink)           C              Done; export of data this week                        X

                                                                                                                                                                                                    4/21/2012    5:04 PM
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ID #     Date                  AHI System                                              Issue                                Referred by:        Assigned to:                  Solution???                             Status:                  Complete
                                                          Ability to edit both the (1) Notes field for dunning notes
                                                          purposes (2) Patient Portion (see Id# 40) other
                                                          alternative here is to allow adj to be made on patient
68     03/16/06 Locked claims                             portion.                                                       Randi (St. Johns) MiC

69     03/16/06 Patient Account Statement                 Ability to run by payer                                        Randi (St. Johns) MiC                                                                                                    X

70     03/16/06 Receipts screen                           show deductable field from patient insurance                   Randi (St. Johns) MiC
                                                          A single billing statement to the patient listing everything
                                                          that patient owes across all claims *see Id 64, Id 97 and
71     03/16/06 Patient Account Statement                 Id 55                                                          Randi (St. Johns) MiC                                                                                                 Duplicate
                                                          Display the primary insurance that is tied to the therapy
                                                          on the therapy tab (place between Stop Date and
72     03/16/06 Therapy Screen                            Doctor)                                                        Mike (PV)         MiC
                                                          Need a "Pending Orders" tab in batch refill/verify screen
73     03/16/06 Pending Orders                            so clients can fill pending orders from here                   Diane             MiC                                                                                                    X
                                                          Need to be able to enter a decimal. Currently, only
74     03/16/06 "Hours" field in inventory                allowing whole numbers.                                        Diane             MiC                 Ability to enter decimals 7/1/06                                                   X

                                                          Lori (Prof Home IV) and Rosie (Central WA) report                                                    workaround is to manually remove
                                                          decimal point transmitted with rest of DX code in ANSI                                               decimal point from DX codes where
75     03/22/06 Elec billing - ANSI format                format; did not happen prior to version 2.7.1 update.          Randi             MiC                 displayed in Claim screen (HCFA tab)                                               X
                Add Therapy to Rx Log by Order Type       Mary Taylor requested this change to Prescription Log
76     03/22/06 report                                    by Order Type report                                           Randi             MiC
                                                          Gilbert at Kaiser-SFO reports it takes ~30 min for the
                                                          Print Preview of Clinical Documents Follow-Up (full
77     03/22/06 Slow response in print/Print Preview      detail, all docs).                                             Randi             MiC                                                                                                    X
                                                          Julie at HomeReach reports an intermittent error -
                                                          2147217833 - Arithmetic overflow error for data type
                                                          small INP value = 250167, when entering Hydration                                                                                            close until problem recurs; unable to
                Intermittent error in Hydration Order     orders. Could not duplicate when Randi dialed in to                                                                                          duplicate so can't "fix" -rsv-
78     03/22/06 Entry                                     view.                                                          Randi             ?                                                           11/17/2006
79     03/22/06 Shipping Function                         Cannot set Accepted Flag (Mountains)                           Randi             MiC
                                                          Client (Mountains) wants the process of cancelling a
                                                          claim to automatically mark all orders on that claim as
80     03/22/06 Cancelling claims                         unbilled (or provide this as an option).                       Randi             MiC              Functionality added 7/1/06                                                            X
                                                                                                                                           discussion; we
                                                                                                                                           decided that for
                Allow unlocking of Financial and Clinical Client (Mountains) asks that we allow the person who                             design should Discussed with Michael Cook he agrees
81     03/22/06 Notes fields.                             locked the notes to unlock it.                                 Randi             remain as is.    with team decision.                                                                   X
                                                          Client (Mountains) wants ability to enter symbols "%",         Randi
82     03/22/06 Labs - special char values                "<", ">" in lab values area.                                   (Mountains)       MiC
                                                                                                                                           Randi to ask
                                                                                                                                           client for
                                                          Client (Mountains) wants ability to print multiple Prior       Randi             Business
83     03/22/06 Printing Prior Auth on a claim            Auth numbers on a claim form                                   (Mountains)       Requirement
                                                          Client (Mountains) showed example where two fills of
                                                          same drug on one claim, so merged those two items and
                                                          the ebill rejected for M/I NDC#. Issue is how to "attach"      Randi (note:
                                                          data elements copied from the order rcd to the ebill           Mountains first   Randi to re-test
                                                          when, technically, there is no "order" for a merged            brought this up   before bringing
84     03/22/06 Claims - merge function and ebilling      record.                                                        09/28/2005)       to MiC           Tested - still a problem in 2.8.1

                                                          Client (Mountains) entered two NDC-based rules for                               Randi to obtain
                                                          same NDC # and wants the program to prevent entry of           Randi             example from
85     03/22/06 Pricing Rules - prevent conflicts         2nd/subsequent rules.                                          (Mountains)       Judy            See Diane - is she calling Judy? Or am I?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         4/21/2012    5:04 PM
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ID #     Date                   AHI System                                            Issue                                 Referred by:     Assigned to:     Solution???   Status:       Complete
                                                                                                                                           We now save
                                                                                                                                           30 days worth;
                                                                                                                                           this is
                                                                                                                                           Randi to let
                                                                                                                                           client know this
                                                                                                                                           is included in
                                                                                                                                           the latest
                                                           Client (Mountains) asks that we with either keep all Sent                       version (they
                Ebill Log - keep all entries or archive    and Response txns indefinitely, or allow for some kind of Randi                 haven't been
86     03/22/06 them                                       archiving option that also includes a retrieval process.  (Mountains)           updated yet).

                                                           Client (Mountains) indicates that the A/R balances are
                A/R report includes financial items for    inflated/overstated by revenue, claims, adjustments           Randi
87     03/22/06 secondary payers                           entered for secondary payers; wants this data excluded.       (Mountains)       MiC
                                                           The copied item is not linked to the same groups as the       Randi             Fixed in the
88     03/22/06 Inventory - copyng items                   original (Mountains)                                          (Mountains)       current beta                                       X
                                                           Address currently printing on labels use the "Order
                                                           Location" but the D. Receipt still prints the location                          Maureen to get
                                                           assigned in admission. Do we want to update this form         Maureen (Loma     more info from
89     03/22/06 D. Receipt and address print               and all forms to match labels?                                Linda)            Rod
                                                           Not working. Maureen tested on 2.7.50. Per Mary @ IV          Maureen (IV
90     03/22/06 Applying tax to fee lines                  Plus "yes, they tax fees".                                    Plus)             MiC
                                                           qty/dose for mcg makes for too small a fraction to print
                Compound Sheet - display >4 digits         on this form. *See order scenario email from Michelle         Diane (St.
91     03/22/06 past decimal point                         Maynard dated 3/17/06 sent to Maureen                         Mary's)           MiC
                SHP Interface & Payer "type" drop          See email sent to MiC on 3/20/06 from Maureen. Michael        Maureen
92     03/22/06 down                                       was going to check into updating the list.                    (Medilink)        MiC
                                                           Need way to track patient severity level *See Maureen's
                                                           HOS contact notes dated 3/21/06 for more detail. Viable
                                                           Options: (1) we can open Patient Census report to User
                                                           Defined field, or (2) Add phone to Admits report since
                                                           they can point to user-defined or (3) us possibly adding a
                                                           severity level field to admission record since I have
                                                           heard from a number of clients in the past the need to
                Report request "ACHC accreditation         track severity.                                               Maureen (River
93     03/22/06 agency" approval report.                                                                                 City)             MiC
                                                          Client (Rob at GHC) reports he downloaded same FDB
                                                          update file twice 'cuz the internal date of latest update is
                Synchronize FDB Update dates (web         02/23/2006, but date of update on our web site page is         Randi (reported
94     03/29/06 site date to internally-displayed date)   shown as 03/13/2006                                            to MiC already)   MiC                                                X
                                                          Client( Carol, Kaiser) reports their old system allowed
                                                          them to print the list of active meds for a patient from the
                                                          profile; says it is too many keystrokes to bring up
                Print Patient Med Listing from patient    Reports, select Active Orders report, select correct                             (Future; nice to
95     03/29/06 profile                                   patient and Print.                                             Randi             have)                                              X
                                                          See above note - Carol also commented it would be
                Print other Patient-specific reports from great to be able to print any patient-specific report                            (Future; nice to
96     03/29/06 patient profile                           directly from the profile                                      Randi             have)

                                                           Is this the same as #55 and #64 above and #71 below--
                                                           client (Prof Home IV) would like a Patient Claim form (or
                                                           some report) that shows only the Patient Owed portion
                  Patient Account Statement report; Print for all claims on which there is an unpaid Total Patient
                  one form/report for all claims where     Portion amount; Ability to print 1 claim statement with
97     03/29/06   patient owes a balance                   everything owed by the patient.                               Randi             MiC
                                                           Option for Storage Note to show on label in Options ->                          HI-Team
98     03/29/06   Delivery Label                           Printing Tab                                                  Mike              (Meditate)                                         X
                                                           This would save keystrokes for those clients who
                  Add "change bill status" function in the recognize that the unbilled order shouldn't be billed
99     04/05/06   "Ready to Bill" tab                      afterall.                                                     Mike              HI-Team
                  Physician Table/ add to "Title" drop     "NP" for Nurse Practitioner and "PA" for Physician's          Maureen (Loma
100    04/05/06   down                                     Assistant                                                     Linda)            MiC                                                X

                                                                                                                                                                                      4/21/2012   5:04 PM
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ID #     Date                  AHI System                                            Issue                              Referred by:            Assigned to:                  Solution???                             Status:                  Complete
                                                           Need to be able to add on the fly even when user has no
                                                           permission to Options because Intake staff are typically
                                                           the only people with access to this info and they may not Maureen (Loma
101    04/05/06 Referral entry in admission screen         have access to Options                                    Linda)                 MiC                Functionality added 7/1/06                                                          X

                Invoice Based on Orders report to use      Need a way to bill a specific Morphine product a flat fee     Maureen (Loma
102    04/05/06 pricing contract logic                     of $100. They don't bill out of A-HI, use Invoice report.     Linda)             MiC
                                                           Appears we are truncating last few dig's of DME Serial#;      Maureen (Loma
103    04/05/06 D. Receipt truncation                      widen field?                                                  Linda)             MiC                                                                                                    X
                                                           Add a link to calendar (similar to our task calendar) that
                                                           clients can click on when in order near Fill Start/Stop       Maureen (River
104    04/05/06 Add a calendar link in order screen        dates.                                                        City)              MiC
                shortcut date tricks don't work in Batch                                                                 Maureen (River
105    04/05/06 Refill screen                              This is specifically referring to +/- shortcut                City)              MiC                                                                                                    X
                                                           Why do we print "Delivery Date" on this form? Can we
                                                           print caption "Pickup Date" instead at top of form and        Maureen (River
106    04/05/06 Edit the Return Receipt form               print the pickup date in DME order record?                    City)              MiC

                                                           Can we differentiate between "Supply" and "Drug" order
                                                           types i.e., drugs require patient instructions and storage
                                                           notes but supplies typically do not. Currently if these are
                                                           required order entry fields, users are having to fill these   Maureen (River
107    04/05/06 Options/Required fields                    fields w/"xx" in common orders.                               City)              MiC

                                                                                                                         Maureen (River     Maureen/Mike
108    04/05/06 30-4 form                                  Sheryl says still not printing correctly; not lining up       City)              to work w/client
                                                           If no fax # in Facility record, don't print "fax" prefix on
109    04/05/06 D. Receipt                                 form (low priority for them)                                  Maureen (AHP)      HI-Team

                                                           JL says that if we could update this pricing on a quarterly
                                                           basis or even semi-anually, we would be gold! (current                           MiC (will work
                                                           cost to client is now ~ 1000-1500/year per JL) ***Note:     Maureen              on this if JL      Per MiC if JL get the discs, HOS will
110    04/05/06 Red Book updates/maintenance               red book AWP typically higher than FDB.                     (Pharmacare)         supplies)          write an import script for data.                                                    X
111    04/05/06 Medi-Cal Electronic Billing                Wants to go straight to Medi-Cal                            Randi (River City    Mike by 5/15

                                                           Need to have description field be wider (like the old                            Randi to test to                                            widened from 1.61 to 1.68" as of
112    04/05/06 HCFA forms                                 HCFA form)                                                    Randi (Medilink)   see if in 2.7.81 Fixed                                      6/20/06 -rsv-                              X
                                                           Occurred on a claim w/2 credits where date/time on
115    04/05/06 Claim line disappears                      credits is different than the claim date/time.                Randi (River City MiC                                                                                                     X
                                                           Need this to print as .rpt instead of .fmt because font is
                                                           different than all other labels and they want to be the       Randi (Group
116    04/05/06 Custom Compound Label                      same                                                          Health)            MiC
                                                                                                                                                               Fixed - problem caused by loophole in
                                                                                                                                                               logic; if client edited a Common Order
                                                                                                                         Randi (Home        Hi-Team to         and added comments, system assigned
117    04/05/06 Prescription Log                           There's a gap in the numbers; ~33 scripts are missing.        Reach)             research           a Rx number                                                                         X
                                                                                                                                            Randi to tell
                                                                                                                                            client no bug in
                                                                                                                                            logging off
                                                                                                                                            when walking Randi "bailed"; just told client that
                                                           Issue w/TS where they are seeing upwards of 80 failed         Randi (Health      away from        programmer indicated problem does not
118    04/05/06 Failed Login Attempts                      attempts! They are questioning our software logic             East)              terminal.        originate in our software.                                                            X

                                                           e.g. when typing "Sa", system will jump back to A's. This
                                                           client doesn't want to use mouse in order screen. Same
                Physician drop down search in order        thing in posting screen w/Claim #s. *Note: when you           Randi (Mercer
119    04/05/06 screen                                     mouse-click in; its fine; when you tab in, its not.           Cty)               MiC                                                                                                    X
                                                           If answer yes to waste and charge client, we aren't
                                                           rounding up to the whole billing unit. Need billing amount,   Randi (Cancer
120    04/05/06 Physician Cost Summary report              not dispensed amount.                                         Specialists)       MiC                                                         Functionality added 7/1/06                 X
121    04/05/06 Prescription Logs                          Need to differentiate "Replaced" orders                       Randi              MiC                Fixed as of 5/2/2006                                                                X
                                                           Don wants to run the report by HHA (Home Health
122    04/05/06 Claim Log - add selection option           Agency); cannot do this in a Data View                        Randi (River City MiC                                                                                                     X

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           4/21/2012   5:04 PM
                                                                                                                           Ascend HI Issue List

ID #     Date                   AHI System                                               Issue                                Referred by:        Assigned to:                 Solution???                                Status:                   Complete
                                                           In the update screen (when you unpack the update and
                                                           apply it), if you click on the Learn About link, you do not
                                                           get the most recent description. Given that, in several
                                                           places, we tell the client to be knowledgeable about the
                                                           update before applying it, we should provide them with
123    04/05/06 Update description not current             the latest description.                                         Randi              MiC
                                                           In batch confirmation screen, there is no link to the order.
                                                           Can not double click and bring up the order, if a change
124    04/05/06 Batch confirmation                         is desired before confirmation.                                 Diane              MiC
                                                           Client (Mountains) ran both Inventory Usage and
                                                           Inventory Usage-old reports for same date range and                                                   suggest something like "Inventory Usage
                                                           considered it a problem when diff results were shown.                                                 by Order Change Date" and Inventory
                                                           Can we document, in the report, what the report uses for        Randi                                 Usage by Order Entry Date" as report
126    04/07/06 Report documentation                       data display?                                                   (Mountains)                           headings

                                                                                                                                              MiC still                                                    COB segment initially added
                                                                                                                           Randi (multiple    working on                                                   08/03/06; client (NuFactor) got paid
127    04/12/06 Coordination of Benefits                   Where are we with this?                                         clients)           (4/19/06)                                                    08/15; still some bugs to work out          X
                                                           Label should print to 2 pages (1" label) and nothing            (Optioncare,
128    04/12/06 Delivery Label                             appears on 2nd label.                                           Fairfield)
                A/R report (by Allowable) prints           Michael to eliminate all claims with Allowable balances of
129    04/12/06 negative numbers                           < zero from feeding to the report                               HI-Team            MiC                                                                                                      X
                                                           Loma Linda emailed link to web site for this info. They
                                                           are not billing out of A-HI but I'm putting on list in case     Maureen (Loma
130    04/12/06 Medi-Cal Fee Schedule                      this comes up again w/any other CA. clients                     Linda)             MiC
                                                           Add option to include DME pickups to the Delivery Log
                Delivery Log/Pickup Report (combine        report since drivers will be delivering and picking up on
132    04/19/06 these)                                     same run.                                                       Robin/Diane        MiC
                                                           More and more commercial payers are reimbursing                 Robin (Univ of
133    04/19/06 Add ASP crosswalk                          using this rate                                                 VA)                MiC

                                                                                                                           Hi-Team (U of
                                                                                                                           VA, HomeReach,
                                                                                                                           Florida Home
                                                           Add lockbox field, reconcile receipts against lockbox,          Infusion,
134    04/19/06 Batch receipt reconciliation               add check# search                                               Pawtuxet)      MiC
                                                           Add report to show user settings e.g. Patients = F, V, D
135    04/19/06 Security settings report                   for each access level                                           Hi-Team            MiC
136    04/19/06 All Facilities security access             Limit the All Facilities security access                        Diane              MiC

                                                           (1) Link claim list is showing dupes; only show the
                                                           selected patient claims only and no dupes (2) when
                                                           keying in numbers e.g., "12" type "1" then "2" drops to
                                                           "2" instead of "12". (3) Add the "Entered Date" to the
137    04/19/06 Financial Notes                            financial note when printed like we do for clinical docs.       Mike               MiC                                                                                                      X
138    04/19/06 Security screen - spelling error           edit "Inhert" to "inherit group settings"                       Diane              MiC                                                                                                      X
                                                           We're not sending question #5 in ANSI X12; getting              Mike (Quality
139    04/19/06 CMN 484.2                                  rejects                                                         Infusion)          MiC

140    04/19/06 PO - item # not pulling into PO                                                                            Mike (TeamCare) MiC                                                                                                      Duplicate
                Add patient phone number to clinical
                docs header (to the right of zip or line   doctors will sometimes call their pharmacy and ask for
141    04/19/06 below address)                             patient's phone#.                                               Maureen (PCH)      MiC                                                          Functionality added 7/1/06                  X
                                                           "only charge 1st item in claim" is not working; logic is
143    04/19/06 Pricing Contracts                          backwards                                                       Maureen (PCH)      MiC                                                                                                      X

                                                           Missing following fields: Diagnosis code pointer (24E),                                                                                         we are not going to change HCFA
144    04/26/06 HCFA print image (for Cortex)              Signature name (Box31), Provider Id and Group #                 Randi (Medilink)   MiC                                                          image; not HIPAA-compliant                  X
                                                           System won't allow decrementing of inventory if lot qty
                                                           minus qty dispensed = zero e.g., lot qty on shelf = "7"; fill   Randi
145    04/26/06 Inventory Control/ Dispensing              order for "7" but doesn't let you.                              (Mountains)        MiC                                                                                                      X
                Add "Printed" and "Transmitted"            Client wants to see all of the claims that have been sent
146    04/26/06 date/time column to New Claims tab         electronically that still need to be worked.                    Mike (AIM)         MiC                                                                                                      X
                                                           Client on Version 2.7.126 and gets this when adding
                                                           diagnosis codes in patient admission. Had occurred 3
147    05/04/06 Out of Memory error 7                      times in two days.                                              Randi (Medilink)   MiC                                                          error not repeated; closing this issue      X

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             4/21/2012     5:04 PM
                                                                                                                        Ascend HI Issue List

ID #     Date                   AHI System                                             Issue                              Referred by:         Assigned to:                     Solution???                                  Status:                   Complete
                error 13 when editing a user defined        Occurs after choosing a value, then switching value to      Mike (Continue
148    05/04/06 qualifier in doctor table                   blank, click o.k. and gets error.                           Care)                 MiC                                                                                                         X

                                                                                                                                              MiC; We aren't
                                                                                                                                              going to do this
                                                                                                                                              because there
                                                                                                                                              is no way for us
                                                                                                                                              to identify
                                                                                                                                              which payer
                                                                                                                                              they are
                                                            add option to display the initials or full name of the                            expecting to
                                                            assigned biller on the D. Receipt. For larger clients       Mike (P. Valley)      reference i.e.,
                                                            w/multiple billers assigned to different payer accounts,    Maureen (Home         which primary,
149    05/04/06 Delivery Receipt request (Hide this)        would be helpful                                            Reach)                secondary?

                                                            (1) when creating a new claim status in Billing Options
                                                            and assigning "P" for "locked", must double click the new
                                                            option again to refresh so system does recognize status
                                                            as "P", otherwise will show up in Financials as Active. (2)
                                                            can we lengthen status description to at least 30?
                                                            Currently only 15 char max. e.g. clients may want to see
                                                            full description "Locked - Pending Denial" instead of just
150    05/04/06 Claim Status field and max chars            "Pending Denial".                                           Maureen               MiC
                                                            Why does the prompt to bill secondary specify the
                                                            primary payer's name? We point to secondary in copay
151    05/04/06 Co-pay prompts                              claim, it's just confusing.                                 Maureen (CGH)         MiC                                                                                                         X
                                                            Can we add new filter for payer group? e.g. Sirona has 2                          MiC; For now,
                                                            payers that offer capitated plans. Biller would like to                           use the Where
                                                            exclude all capitated patients from this report. Can                              clause on filter
152    05/04/06 A/R report (Hide this)                      currently only exclude 1 payer at a time.                   Maureen (Sirona)      tab

                FDB; AWP$ discrepancy on FDB                Reported by Prescription Center HomCare e.g.
153    05/04/06 screen for some drugs.                      NDC#00009069801 (see email sent to MiC on 5/2/06).          Maureen (PCH)         MiC                                                                                                         X
                Copay malfunction (Access Version
154    05/10/06 only 2.7.1 & 2.7.126)                       Credits line is missing if an edit is made to the claim     Randi                 MiC

                                                            Children's label is only 3.17" wide and 2 digits of the 4-
                                                            dig century is being truncated. They would like to know if
                                                            we can add option to make date a 2-dig year OR move                                                                                               Randi customized their label to move
                                                            the entire date field to the left. *When Randi tested this,                                                                                       date to the left by 2 chars so full 4-
155    05/10/06   Order Label edit request                  a long patient name wrapped to the next line.                Randi (children's)   MiC                                                             digit year fits on their label.             X
                                                                                                                         Randi (Ross
156    05/10/06   Export Crystal Report function            Can't export to Adobe Reader                                 Park)                MiC
                                                            Client clicks Add to enter the item in the template and                           Randi is going
157    05/10/06   Error 13 when entering a common order gets the error.                                                  Randi                to test further.
                                                            Rosie says that she is not balancing and it seems to be                           Randi to
                                                            related to fees. They are running Version 2.7.126. She                            research
                                                            says that everything looked fine prior to the previous       Randi (Central       w/Rosie
158    05/10/06   A/R not balancing                         update because she had balanced.                             Washington)          further.                                                                                             X; see ID# 228
                  Syringe Label printing current print date
159    05/10/06   instead of Fill Start date                Need to print the Fill Start date.                           Randi (River City)   MiC                                                                                                         X
                                                            Per Diane, pharmacy can fill an order on the day the
                  Allow for the Fill End Date to go beyond order stops and if they still have refills left, the Fill End Randi (AHP, Blue
160    05/10/06   the Order End Date                        date can very well exceed the Order Stop Date.               Ridge)               MiC                                                                                                         X
                                                            Request to have system import the EOB's and auto-                                                    Michael has stated that this is at least 1
161    05/10/06   Medicaid EOB's                            apply payments from these EOB's to claims                    Randi (Children's)   MiC                year out. This is another X12 format

162    05/10/06 A/R report                                  Request to filter by Claim Status.                         Randi (Children's) MiC                                                                                                             X
                                                            Needs to see what patient is on a specific drug -- does
                                                            not want to see them multiple times (as on Drug Util                                          Randi to suggest to Chris to export the
163    05/10/06 Drug Utilization report(?)                  report)                                                    Randi (Children's) MiC             report to Excel and sort by patient name
                                                            Chris says that when they edit a receipt, no claim# in the
                                                            upper left corner and field is greyed out. When click o.k.
                Missing Claim# link in edit receipt         they are prompted to enter a claim# and can't. On                             MiC/Randi to
164    05/10/06 screen                                      Version 2.7.120                                            Randi (Children's) test on 2.7.126                                                                                                 X

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                4/21/2012     5:04 PM
                                                                                                                        Ascend HI Issue List

ID #     Date                   AHI System                                            Issue                                Referred by:        Assigned to:              Solution???                 Status:            Complete
                                                          Joe would like to be able to right click on the claim and
                                                          add a new financial note and have the claim
                                                          automatically link as to eliminate the necessity of linking   Mike (Optioncare,
165    05/10/06 Financial Notes (feature request)         the claim number manually.                                    Fairfield

                                                          After discussing what client is requesting, HI-team
                                                          agrees that it would be nice to mimic the A-IP clinical
                                                          follow up design i.e., follow-up pop-ups are specific to a
                                                          patient and are displayed on patient profile task bar. Add Mike (Quality
166    05/10/06 Follow-ups feature request                this for all follow ups, not just clinical.                Infusion)              MiC

                                                          Error 13 when scheduling a recurring visit and an error 6
                                                          overflow when no end date entered. Additionally, when
                Scheduling errors and unable to           scheduling a single visit and click o.k., drops you back to
167    05/10/06 schedule (Version 2.8.14)                 screen and nothing scheduled.                                 Mike (Intravene)    MiC
                An added doctor on the fly not            When adding a doctor on the fly in the order, doesn't         Maureen (Group
168    05/10/06 displaying in order                       display unless you save order and come back in.               Health)             MiC
                                                          Can a client use a different switch for Rx claims? E.g.,
                                                          Pharmacare currently transmits through Retail Solutions,
                                                          Ltd (RSI) out of CPR+. I told Char our clients use Per Se
                                                          and gave them the contact info, but said I'd check to see     Maureen
169    05/10/06 E-claims switch                           if this was a possibility                                     (Pharmacare)        MiC
                Gateway switch for Medicare DME                                                                         Maureen
170    05/10/06 billing?                                  Are we o.k. to bill DMERCs through this switch?               (Pharmacare)        Mike T.                                                                         X
                                                          Refill Log to show orders by patient location, not by order
171    05/17/06 Refill Log                                location                                                    Randi (Kiaser)        MiC
                                                                                                                      Loma Linda and
172    05/17/06 Request for tax report.                   Need to see quarterly tax.                                  River City, IV+       MiC
173    05/17/06 Cost Of Goods Sold Report                 Needs to provide historical costs, not current costs        Health East           MiC               CSR# AHI200610311123
                                                          Need to have a way to change lot data without changing
                Changing lot data in orders without       the claim status. I.E. refilled orders (track lot changes   Randi -Health
174    05/17/06 changing order status                     also)                                                       East                  MiC
                Modify documentation on reports in
175    05/17/06 Help                                      Modify documentation on reports in Help                       US                  Randi                                      in progress
                                                          Paid claim amounts are not showing up when claims are
                                                          paid by NCPDP payers, when system default is turned           Maureen
176    05/17/06 billing claims to NCPDP                   on.                                                           St.Mary's           MiC                                                                             X
                                                          Sends cost of inventory item instead of the cost of the
                                                          item per ML (are we sending the correct                       Maureen - St.
177    05/17/06 Option to send ML in Options              amount??)(Metric Quantity amount)                             Mary's              MiC

                Scheduling errors and unable to           Need some sort of reporting for scheduling. I.E.
178    05/17/06 schedule (Version 2.8.14)                 Excetions of visits not made, Daily or weekly schedule        Robin (LBMH)        MiC

179    05/17/06 Bio-Med                                   Need report to show when DME is Bio-Med, status, ect          Robin (LBMH)
                                                          Ability to auto populate the shipping address based on        Robin (LBMH,
180    05/17/06 Shipping Function                         the selection of a location from a drop down list             Kiaser)
                                                          Create table, create report, show on OnCall report,
181    05/17/06 Acuity Levels                             display on Patient profile                                    Robin (Kiaser)
                                                          Ability to add non-NDC associated items. i.e. Peanuts,
182    05/17/06 Allery screen                             tape                                                          Robin (LBMH)                                                   Functionality added 7/1/06           X
                                                          Ability to create mandatory fields in the insurance screen
183    05/17/06 Insurance Screen                          (options screen or payer based)                               Robin (LBMH)
                                                          Not able to select multiple notes to Print Preview and
184    05/17/06 Financial Notes                           Print                                                         Robin (LBMH)
185    05/17/06 Clinical Interventions                    Not able to run a Print preview or print Clinical Notes                                                                                                           X

                Copy a patient profile into another
                addmission record i.e. Twins, triplets,
186    05/17/06 quads, free Huggies for life candidates   Copy a patient profile into another addmission record         Robin (LBMH)
                                                                                                                        Robin (future
187    05/17/06 TPN order screen                          Pooling of electrolites - additional fields                   client)
188    05/17/06 Care Plans                                Need Care plans - ability to create template and edit

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    4/21/2012   5:04 PM
                                                                                                                            Ascend HI Issue List

ID #     Date                    AHI System                                           Issue                                    Referred by:     Assigned to:                  Solution???                               Status:               Complete
                                                                                                                                              trying to
                                                    This is from a client who previously reported that they                                   replicate the
                                                    could not change the quantity on a common order item                                      exact problem
                                                    to Zero; that has been fixed, but now they report that                                    before
                Quantity can't be changed on Common they can't change quantity from 1 to another positive                   Randi             reporting to
189    05/17/06 Orders added to patient             value for some entries on a common order.                               (HomeReach)       MiC                                                                                                X
                                                                                                                            Pawtuxet; Avera-
                                                         Mark has requested that he have the ability to track               Infusion; PCHC;
190    05/24/06 Referral table                           referrals i.e., add address, contact info fields                   ADIMA)           MiC                                                         Functionality added 7.1.06              X
                                                         (1) we don't display item number entered in control
                                                         record (2) we aren't auto-calculating what the cost is per
                                                         unit when an item is ordered and received in boxes,                Diane
191    05/24/06 PO's                                     cases, etc.                                                        (TeamCare)        MiC
                                                         Request the ability to print the doctor's name on label;
                                                         we aren't looking to replace the patient name, add "in
                                                         care of" as caption and then print the doc's name which
                Shipping Information tab (Alternate      is currently being loaded into Description field of                Diane
192    05/24/06 address form)                            alternate form.                                                    (TeamCare)        MiC
                                                         Problem when canceling a non-active fill (a prior fill;
                                                         anything that isn't current active fill), the refill counter not
                                                         being updated appropriately and continues to repeat the
193    05/24/06 Refills                                  last refill number                                                 Randi (children's) MiC                                                       Fixed 7/1/06                            X
                                                         This report is not showing any receipts or adj's and
                                                         therefore is not an accurate account of what the payer                                                                                          created on-line CSR on 11/13/2006
194    05/24/06 Payer Account Statement report           owes.                                                              Randi (children's) MiC                                                       for Childrens and Great Land -rsv-
                                                         The "Inventory Type" filter is not active, however it is not
                                                         shaded yellow and therefore confuses client (they think
195    05/24/06 Unbilled Orders report filter            it’s an active filter). Please shade yellow.                       Randi (IVA)       MiC                                                                                                X
                                                         Please add a User's contact info: home#, cell# and
                                                         pager#. Development of Personnel File for JCAHO                    Randi (Jeremy@
196    05/24/06 Security table                           (LOW PRIORITY)                                                     IDS)           MiC
                                                         Discussion by A-HI team to remove SSN# from this
                                                         report. We see this as a violation of patient privacy and
199    05/24/06 On Call report                           increases risk of fraudulent activity.                             HI-Team           MiC
                                                         Why is the "Entered Date" of the new order reflect the
                                                         replaced order's entered date? New order should have               Maureen (On Col
201    05/24/06 Replaced order                           current date/time.                                                 Therapeutics)   MiC                                                          Complete 7/1/06                         X

                                                         Trina would like to be able to print information on this tab Maureen (On Col
202    05/24/06 Labs                                     by date range.                                               Therapeutics)   MiC

                                                         We are taking the inventory billing units into account
                                                         when making this calculation even though payer record
                                                         is flagged "ignore inventory billing units". The payer flag        Maureen (Saint
203    05/24/06 NCPDP Metric Quantity in claim           is partially working because we are billing the correct qty.       Mary's)           MiC                                                                                                X
                                                         Please add a folder icon to access the Distributors
                                                         (Suppliers) table from the DME inventory screen. Will
204    05/24/06 New DME Supplier field                   save lots of time!                                                 HI-Team           MiC
                                                         Will we be adding this crosswalk to the system? Client             Maureen
                                                         has since downloaded the excel file from CMS web site              (Prescription
                                                         but I was wondering if we would be adding this. See Id#            Center            Mike             Will First DataBank supply us with this
205    05/24/06 ASP pricing                              133 below                                                          HomeCare)         Thompson         data?                                                                     Duplicate w/Id# 133
206    05/24/06 Pending Orders                           Inventory is being decremented and shouldn't be.                   HI-Team           MiC                                                        Complete                                 X
                                                         Will we be looking to consolidate multiple entries
                                                         (different receipt dates) for same lot# so that pharmacist
                                                         doesn't have to add multiple line item entries of drug in
207    05/24/06 Lot entries (lower priority)             order screen?                                                      HI-Team           MiC
208    05/24/06 Prescription Log w/Detail report request Request to space between each drug listed?                         (Piedmont)        MiC
                                                         Show lot information and show inventory cost (general
209    05/31/06 Inventory Adjustment/Transfers Report tab) for the item on the report                                       Mike (Teamcare)
                Inventory Transfers and Inventory
210    05/31/06 Control data entry                       Default the cost (from general tab) to this screen                 Mike (TeamCare)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         4/21/2012   5:04 PM
                                                                                                                    Ascend HI Issue List

ID #     Date                   AHI System                                         Issue                               Referred by:        Assigned to:                   Solution???                                   Status:                Complete
                                                      Can't save transfer entry on Supply items that do not
                Supply items - Inventory Transfer;    have a lot number. Current workaround is to enter a           Mike (TeamCare;
211    05/31/06 Inventory Control                     fake lot number for these items.                              Pawtuxet)
                                                      Multiple MDs for a patient -- how to show selected MD                        MiC (in
212    05/31/06 Clinical Docs                         on clinical document (not default to primary MD)              Maureen (PCHC) progress)                                                             completed 7/1/06                         X
                                                      can we add monthly breakdown, or totals, on Inventory         AHP-Des Moines
213    05/31/06 Reports (low priority)                Usage-old (as an option, not fixed)                           (RSV)
                                                      Add NDC, HCPC code, AWP to Inventory Usage-old                RSV (Fletcher
214    05/31/06 Reports (low priority)                report                                                        Allan)
                                                      vsn 2.7.126 - msg to automatically add claim status;          Maureen (Patio
215    05/31/06 Financial - Create a Claim            clients don't know how to add new claim status.               Drugs)                                                                                                                        X
                                                      Client updated Crystal on his PC for reports (in another
                                                      software) and this affected our Crystal files in AHI
                                                      (labels, reports, forms). "Currency, Boolean or date/time                       Reported to
216    06/07/06 Crystal Reports - unable to run       field expected here" error msg.                               Mike (River City) MiC                                                                                                         X
                                                      How to schedule for an MD (to block off time when MD
217    06/07/06 Scheduler                             not available) that is not patient-specific;                  Mike (Intravene)
                                                      want ability to block scheduling for any patient when staff
218    06/07/06 Scheduler                             is not available (i.e. staff meeting).                        Mike (Intravene)
                                                      Ability to set different required fields based on patient
                                                      type (note - Fletcher Allen asked for minimum info on
                                                      entry and either a prompt or required data at Order Entry                                             Discuss varying levels of required fields
219    06/07/06 Patient Admission                     &/or Claims)                                                  Mike (Intravene)                        (Admit & Scheduler; Order entry; Claims)
                                                                                                                                                            Issue: don't want do purge data on
                                                      request to purge based on dates (i.e., patient was last                                               minors; may want to prevent purging
                                                      active over xx years ago, so want to delete all DC'd          Randi (Kaiser -                         earlier that a given time; may choose to
220    06/07/06 Patient Purge process                 patients whose last activity was xx years ago).               Andrew)                                 not purge, but archive
                                                      suggest we add a log of who ran the purge process,
221    06/07/06 Purge process                         what was purged (limited identifiers)                         AHI Team
                                                      PO screen does not show NDC, or other identifier, that
                                                      enables user to tell which (of same-named) item you are       Randi (St. John's -
222    06/07/06 Purchase Orders                       selecting to purchase                                         Kate)
                                                      PO screen - when you enter received items,the cost is
                                                      not carried over to General tab in Inventory, as it is with
                                                      entries made in Inventory Control (you are prompted to
                                                      update Cost). User would like the prompt process to be        Randi (St. John's -
223    06/07/06 Purchase Orders                       added to PO screen.                                           Kate)
                                                      Rosie reports that her L&I claims are rejecting due to
                                                      incorrect Ref ID Qualifier and Provider ID code values
                                                      (specific to L&I claims); also needs a value entered in                             Michael Cook -
                                                      Related Causes field. **TriCare needs a value equaling        Randi (Central        email with data                                                fixed when fields added to provider
224    06/07/06 ANSI X12 Billing                      "1H"                                                          Washington)           values needed                                                  screen for these new values              X
                                                      patient name field -- can only enter first letter of last
225    06/07/06 Scheduler                             name.                                                         Mike (Intravene)
                                                                                                                    Randi (Medilink,
                                                                                                                    Shari at Phoenix
226    06/14/06 CMS 1500 replacing HCFA 1500?         See Randi's PDF file                                          Children's)           Randi
                                                      We currently sort by Patient Id. HI-team requests that we
                                                      identify all reports that now sort by patient id and sort by Randi (Cancer
227    06/14/06 Drug Utilization report               patient last name.                                           Specialists)           Michael Cook

                                                      Reported 5/10/06; Rosie says that she is not balancing
                                                      and it seems to be related to fees. They are running
                                                      Version 2.7.126. She says that everything looked fine
                                                      prior to the previous update because she had balanced.
                                                      Reported 6/14/06; Rosie @ Central Washington is
                                                      suggesting that fees aren't showing on this report (for      Randi (Central         Randi to work
228    06/14/06 A/R report (not balancing)            both Version 2.7.1 and 2.7.126)                              Washington)            w/client further
                                                      Client saying that the manufacturer for the last item listed                        Randi & Diane client has custom label; Michael fixed
                                                      in the order is printing instead of the manufacturer from                           for further      logic in that label and pushed label format
229    06/14/06 Label issue & manufacturer printing   the first item.                                              Randi (Kaiser)         research         to their server on 6/15/06                                                             X

                                                      Kathy @ Medilink thinks it would be nice for a user
                                                      w/View only access to orders to have access to run the        HI-Team
230    06/14/06 Batch confirmation                    batch confirm. May be a biller running this process.          (Medilink)            Michael

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          4/21/2012   5:04 PM
                                                                                                                         Ascend HI Issue List

ID #     Date                   AHI System                                        Issue                                     Referred by:        Assigned to:   Solution???   Status:       Complete
                                                       error 13 when scheduling and no order linked and
                                                       missing other data. Error 6 overflow when no end date
                                                       entered when scheduling recurring visit. **added a HI
231    06/14/06 Scheduling module errors               task and emailed Michael today.                                   HI-Team           Michael
                                                       Add an option to leave out or hide the Pharmacist’s
                                                       name on the Patient Education sheet. They are inputting
                                                       all the orders and then a Pharmacist is dispensing at             Michael T
232    06/22/06 Patient Education Sheet                another location.                                                 (TeamCare)
                                                       Allow 15 minute increments on the scheduler. Business             Michael T
233    06/22/06 Scheduler                              need to maximize use of the scheduler.                            (Intravene)

                                                       Create a "Active Med List" report and have it do the
                                                       following: Show Order Start and Stop Dates. Only show
                                                       Order Stop dates that are previous to the reports run             Michael T
234    06/22/06 Report request                         date. Do not show Supply counter items on the report.             (Intravene)
                                                       1. Sort order does not make sense (Randi to refer to
                                                       Diane to discuss with client.) 2. How to print the lab
                                                       values that have been entered. 3. Cannot enter lab
                                                       values that are less than 1 because system changes
235    06/22/06 Laboratory Tab                         value to 0.                                                       Randi (PCHC)

                                                       Client added a group to three staff members and didn't
                                                       check the box "Inheret rights from Group" because that's
                                                       what Randi told them to do; however, Group rights were            Randi (Ross
236    06/22/06 Security/Groups                        still inherited and adversely affected the user.                  Park)                                                                 X
                                                       FOR ONE CLIENT ONLY: Most entries on all DME                      Randi (Loma
237    06/22/06 DME Reports                            Reports are duplicated. Items are showing twice.                  Linda)            MiC
                                                       User would like the Account Receivables by Patient to
238    06/22/06 Report request                         suppress display of any claim with a 0 balance.                   Randi (IVA)                                                           X

                                                       When the signed CMN comes back from the physician,
                                                       they open the CMN and fill out Section B to match the
                                                       doc's info. We find that the HCPC list for section B,
                                                       Question #2 does not match the HCPC master list. E.g.,
                CMN 09.02; Section B, Question 2       J1956 "Levofloxacin" which is in the master list cannot           Maureen
239    06/29/06 missing HCPCs                          be found in the Question 2 drop down list.                        (Pharmacare)      Michael                                             X
                                                       e.g., Glucerna 70074057702, billing unit=2.37, dispense
                                                       96 cans, claim qty is "227.52". Why aren't we rounding to         Maureen
                                                       "228"? Biller specifies that they would round to 228              (Pharmacare &     HI-Team;
240    06/29/06 Billing Units; calculating fractions   kcal's.                                                           Carle Infusion)   Michael

                                                       When clicking browse from inside CMN to link HCPC,
                                                       mouse focus is not set in the "search" field and it is not
                                                       intuitive for client to click up and search. Additionally it is
                                                       not intuitive that you would have to click to highlight the
                                                       hcpc and then click "Close". They sometimes click "Add"
                                                       and this is meant for adding a new hcpc to the table (not         Maureen
241    06/29/06 CMNs & adding HCPCs                    adding the code to the CMN).                                      (Pharmacare)      Michael
                                                       found that even when client had rights to Utilities, could
                Referrals; can't access from patient   not access to add referral from patient record. This user         Maureen
242    06/29/06 record                                 does not have access to Options.                                  (Pharmacare)      Michael                                             X
                                                       Happened once when we were in HCPCs table and
                Error 3704 "operation not allowed"     minimized and clicked Inventory. Diane saw same error
                occurred intermittently during         various times and thinks it was when accessing                    Maureen
243    06/29/06 Pharmacare go live.                    inventory.                                                        (Pharmacare)      Michael?                                            X
244    06/29/06 Medicare Fee Schedule                  Why don't we have B codes for enterals in table?                  (Pharmacare)      Michael

                Pricing Contracts & Medicare Fee       system not calculating the allowable properly when                Maureen
245    06/29/06 Schedule                               allowable in pricing contract is set to read fee schedule         (Pharmacare)      Michael
                                                       Add fee schedule that includes J codes. Why doesn't our           Mike T.
                                                       schedule include these codes? A suggestion to give                (Intravene,
                                                       client ability to add their own entries and update the            P.Valley,
246    06/29/06 Medicare Fee Schedule                  table.                                                            TeamCare)         Michael
                                                       After edit made to claim, system doesn't place focus              Mike T. (P.
247    06/29/06 Financials tab on patient chart        back to claim. It goes to the top.                                Valley)           Michael

                                                                                                                                                                                       4/21/2012   5:04 PM
                                                                                                                         Ascend HI Issue List

ID #     Date                    AHI System                                            Issue                                Referred by:        Assigned to:                 Solution???               Status:       Complete
                                                           Add ability to apply state tax in addition to the existing
248    06/29/06 Tax                                        parish tax                                                    Mike T. (IV Plus) Michael                                                                       X

249    06/29/06                                                                                                          Randi (children's)                                                                              X

                                                           Need separate groups from tasks and security. Need            Randi (Ross Park
250    07/05/06 Task and Security Groups Separation        ability to add users to more than one task group.             Home Infusion)   Michael
                                                                                                                         Randi (IVA
251    07/05/06 A/R by patient report                      Suppress any claim with a zero balance                        ene)             Michael                                                                        X
                                                           When typing password change, the password is not
252    07/05/06 Password Blinding                          blinded and prints on the screen for everyone to see          Randi (Kaiser)       Michael                                                                    X

                                                           Can a pop-up be programmed to appear when a followip          Randi
253    07/05/06 Followup Dates                             date is reached in both clinical docs and financial note.     (Homereach)          Michael
                                                           Loop 2400 segment SV1provide an option to send ZZ
254    07/05/06 ANSI X12 Billing Professional              as a qualifier (payer based)                                  Mike (Senora)        Michael
                                                           Remove the requirements for lot numbers and expiration
                                                           dates for supplies and non-drug items for Inventory
                                                           Adjustments and Transfers. (Needed to transfer                Diane
255    07/05/06 Lot Numbers                                supplies to a Mixing Room and track costs)                    (Pharmacare)
                                                           Add therapy to this report or create new therapy report to
                                                           display new therapies started for specified date range
                                                           without showing everyone currently on the therapy for         A-HI Team
256    07/12/06 Patient Admit report                       specified date.                                               (Pharmacare)         Michael          Our Data View might work for them

257    07/12/06 Patient Chart Label                        Add Home Health Agency and Doctor as print options            Mike (IV Plus)       Michael

258    07/12/06 Clinical Documents                         Add fax number to header                                      Mike (Nu Factor) Michael                                                                        X
                                                                                                                                                               Randi customized the label to remove
259    07/12/06 Order Label edit request                   11 lines of print forces a 3rd blank label (dot matrix)       Randi (Mercer)       Michael          excess blank space                                        X
                                                           Request for a breakdown/count of new activity versus          Maureen (St.
260    07/12/06 Prescription Log                           continuing i.e., new fills vs. refills                        Mary's)              Michael
                                                           Request to have the time/cost savings factor info on this     Maureen (St.
261    07/12/06 Clinical Interventions                     report                                                        Mary's)              Michael

262    07/20/06 CMN 44.02                                  NCS line needs to be moved up a couple of lines               Mike (TeamCare) Michael
                Line Item billing form (and all forms that
263    07/20/06 display tax)                               Need to include the state tax in addition to county tax       Mike (IV Plus)       Michael

                                                           client requests the ability to be able to see the serial
                                                           number for each DME item in the Inventory drop down
264    07/20/06 Pricing Contract                           list in pricing rule. Currently, you can't see this.          Mike (AIM)           Michael                                                                    X

                                                           Client wants ability to enter a future dc date and have the                                         CSR # 200608211228; review with MiC
                                                           patient still be considered active; specific to this facility                                       and with team. We are not making this
                                                           because they dispense for employees out of A-HI and                                                 change. Program logic: presence of DC
265    07/20/06 DC date                                    enter future dc dates for employees in the system             Randi (Mercer)       Michael          date means Pt is DC'd.                                    X
                                                           add Employment Status (Patient Information tab) and if Randi (Am Hm
266    07/20/06 Intake Summary                             employed, add Employer Id on this form                        Pt, New York)        Michael

                                                           Add following fields to Inventory Control screen: units per
                                                           package, package AWP, package Cost and system to              Diane
                                                           calculate the unit AWP and unit cost when client is           (Pharmacare,
267    07/20/06 Inventory piece                            adding inventory purchases and receipts                       Teamcare)            Michael
                                                           In PO screen, when selecting a distributor, only display
                                                           the items linked to the selected distributor in drop down     Diane
268    07/20/06 Purchase Orders                            as opposed to entire formulary                                (Pharmacare)         Michael

                                                           Request ability to select a referral by "referral description
                                                           or group" i.e, there could be more than one contact at a
                                                           Dr. office and what if there are 2 records with same last
269    07/20/06 Referrals                                  name and now difficult to know which one you're picking. Mike (TeamCare) Michael
                                                           What is this field used for? We have tested and
                                                           regardless of "Cost" or "Price" setting, we send the total
270    07/26/06` Payer e-bill field called "Cost Field"    unit price in all of the D9, DQ and DU fields                 HI-Team    Michael

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 4/21/2012   5:04 PM
                                                                                                                          Ascend HI Issue List

ID #     Date                AHI System                                               Issue                                Referred by:          Assigned to:                  Solution???                          Status:                    Complete
                Emdeon (formally WebMD); Per Se             Please edit all names in application to reflect this change
271    07/26/06 (formally NDC)                              (Options/Billing tab)                                       HI-Team              Michael
                                                            Mark wanted the HICN to always be placed in the ID
                                                            number field of whatever insurer was added; the team
272    07/26/06 HICN field                                  voted that down since HICN applies only to Medicare.    Mike (TeamCare)                                                                                                          X;not feasible
                                                            Can't save any notes. Type note, click Save and nothing
273    07/26/06 Referrals                                   saves.                                                  Randi (Medilink) Michael

274    07/26/06 Referrals                                   Need to be able to edit the name and currently cannot.        Randi (Medilink)   Michael
                Request for a report to print all entries   Like the Doctors report or the Home Health Agency
275    07/26/06 in the Referrals table                      report (include the notes too)                                Randi (Medilink)   Michael
276    07/26/06 Reports                                     request to print lines for ease of reading                    Randi              Michael
                                                                                                                          Randi (Am Hm
277    07/26/06 Request for addt'l CMS forms                485 and 487 forms for nursing                                 Pt, Webster)       Michael
                                                            DME should not be tied to the inventory counts; should        Diane
278    07/26/06 DME inventory usage                         always be "1"                                                 (Pharmacare)       Michael

                                                            Client asked for changes to A/R report -- wants to either
                                                            (1) customize # of days on the columns of data so they
                                                            see amounts as needed by their accounting people or
                                                            (2) add more columns as defined in her email and print
                                                            to 11" by 17" paper. Also wants a new report that ages
                                                            bad debt and receipts collected (Bad Debt/Cash            Randi
                                                            Collected Aging Report) so they can tell if receipts are  (Homereach -
279    07/26/06 Reports request                             coming in for old bills or newer ones.                    Robin Ulmer)           Michael
280    08/02/06 Cost Of Goods Sold Report                   Requesting that we report on inventory cost               (Mountains)            Michael                                                                                           Duplicate

                                                            On copay claims, primary payer info is not showing up in
                                                            Box 9a-d. Workaround is to edit the secondary payer tab
                                                            to reflect the primary, but now the secondary and tertiary
282    08/02/06 HCFA - other payer info                     tabs are showing primary payer data.                          Randi (Dallas ID) Michael
                                                            Client would like to pull up a screen that mimics the
                                                            Inventory Counts report for ease of entering counts
283    08/02/06 Inventory Management                        without having to pull up each record.                        Randi (River City) Michael
                                                            Client request to be able to pick those labels or forms
                                                            that aren't being printed by the facility. Example used is
                                                            the two Delivery Receipt forms (some won't use the D.         Maureen
284    08/02/06 Labels/Forms Print Menu                     Receipt Itemized).                                            (Bemidji)          Michael                                                                                           Duplicate

                                                            when "X" clicked system prompts w/"do you want to
                                                            save changes?" and client was in notes when this
                                                            happened and thought the message was asking to save
                                                            notes only, not the admission, clicked "no" and lost all of
285    08/02/06 Admission record SAVES                      their data. MiC to look at editing the warning message.       Maureen (Carle)    Michael
                                                            Jeremy requests ability to sort lots In Stock by numerical
                                                            value such that negative values all show before or after
                                                            positive values. Currently appears the sort is on
286    08/04/06 Inventory Control - Sort Lot Data           "absolute value" of the number.                               Randi (IDS)
                                                            When an inventory item is copied, the Price History from
                                                            the original record is copied over also, and cannot be
                                                            deleted. They use copy function to minimize data entry
287    08/04/06 Inventory - copyng items                    for a new item.                                               Randi (IDS)                                                                                                              X
                                                            Client wants ability to display 60 chars (up from 30
288    08/04/06 Lengthen Diagnosis Code description         chars) for the diagnosis description field.                   Randi (IDS)
                                                            User reports dealys in the processing on the Diagnosis
                                                            code area: ~25 sec delay when hitting the Add Diagnosis
                                                            button and ~15 sec delay when checking or unchecking                                                                                     still a problem in version 2.11.23 as
289    08/04/06 Delay in system - Allergies/DX screen       the Primary box.                                              Randi (IDS)                                                                of 09/27/2006
                                                            Delivery Receipt description to grow and add Serial
290    08/09/06 DME                                         Number                                                        Mike (TeamCare) Michael               Added to HI priority list by Diane                                                 X
                                                            (1) Store the Mixed By initials in the order record (2) Add   Diane (Carle
291    08/09/06 Labels - Illinois state reg                 label option to include "Mixed By:"                           Infusion)       Michael
                                                                                                                          Maureen (Carle
292    08/09/06 Claim Forms - Illinois Medicaid             DPA 2210 needed to bill supplies to Medicaid                  Infusion)       Michael                                                                                                  X

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       4/21/2012       5:04 PM
                                                                                                                           Ascend HI Issue List

ID #     Date                    AHI System                                             Issue                                 Referred by:        Assigned to:                   Solution???                   Status:       Complete
                                                           Michael to add logic to warn biller if "To" date in the claim
                                                           is prior to the DME stop date "do you want to leave order
                                                           as not billed" so that they won't have to change billing        Mike
293    08/09/06 DME billing                                status on the DME order every month                             (Pharmacare)       Michael                                                                            X
                                                           We are populating Fill Stop Date (Fill Start + 30 days)
                                                           when SIG translation takes place in Patient Instructions
294    08/09/06 SIGs                                       box                                                             Maureen (Carle)    Michael
                                                           The "check only the 1st item in the order" box isn't
295    08/09/06 Pricing Contracts                          working                                                         Susan (Bemidji)    Michael                                                                            X
                                                           Add filters Patient Type (filter by Order Type already
296    08/17/06 Unbilled Orders report filter              added)                                                          Mike (IV Plus)     Michael
                                                           Add'l line added for initials stating patient rec'd patient
                                                           rights docs. Payer info wants Group # and phone # and
                Consent Form has spelling error            form for 2nd Payor for payer to print. Spanish translation      Randi ( Phoenix                       Randi sent corrected form to Diane to
297    08/17/06 "waved"                                    consent forms                                                   Childrens                             forward to Michael Cook.
                                                           Box 30, she wants only what is owed and what is paid to         Randi (Scott &
298    08/17/06 2nd payor billing amount due               show (no adjustments)                                           White              Michael
                                                           Can the system provide warning if outside dates; system
               Insurance Payer effective start             doesn't provide a warning, it simply doesn't show in            Mike
299    8/17/06 date/stop date                              billing queue if outside date range.                            (Pharmacare)                          No!! Not reliable info.                                         X
                                                           Provide a view function, to not see cancelled claims on         Mike
300    08/17/06 Claims screen/Financial Tab                financials record view. (Options to set viewing)                (Pharmacare)       Michael

                Cancelled Claims and deleting Line          They are deleting line items in claim The claim #
301    08/17/06 Items from Active Claims                   assigned is deleted from the data system, unable to find. Mike Pharmacare Michael                                                                                     X
                                                           Person entering the order their initials are printed on
302    08/17/06 Label printing                             order label. Tech initials are on syringe labels.               Mike (Florida Inf.) Michael
                                                           First HealthSC (SC medicaid) needs to see three
                                                           additional fields in the COB segment to process/pay the
                                                           claim (339-6C - Other Payer Qualifier ID; 340-7C Other
303    08/17/06 COB Segment                                Payer ID                                                        Randi (Nufactor)
                                                                                                                                               Randi to have
                                                                                                                                               Nathan send us
                                                           Clietn states his regs require an "end-of-day" report to        Randi (Nufactor - printed copy of
304    08/17/06 End-Of-day report for pharmacy             show everthing on Rx Log plus sig (must have sig)               Nathan)             regs
                                                           Report states that total is total # of orders in list; actually
305    08/17/06 Common Orders report                       is total number of items on each order                          Randi (no client)
                                                           Client requested ability to sort Rx log data by date (not       Randi (Iva Home
306    08/17/06 Rx Log modification                        by Rx#)                                                         Care)
                                                           Judy pointed out that, if the doses dispensed quantity
                                                           (order fill area) is increased, there is no warning if you
                Warning message when dispensing            end up with a quantity dispensed that is more than you          Randi
307    08/17/06 more that is in QOH                        have in Inventory.                                              (Mountains)         Michael
                                                                                                                                               Susan to ask
                                                           Client wants us to pull over the drug classification from                           client what he
                                                           FDB into our database (client stated CPR+ has this                                  means by
308    08/17/06 FDB import                                 ability, but CPR+ uses MediSpan, not FDB)                       Susan (Consult) Classification

                                                           Save button next to Cancel button - can be confusing                               Susan will write
                Pricing Contracts - risk of clients losing and may result in client losing their entry. It has                                up suggested
309    08/16/06 whole contracts!                           happened a couple of times.                                     Susan              changes
                                                           Progressive wants to see the Refill number print on the         Mike                                  Mike to show them the "X fill of Y" display
310    08/22/06 Refill Number on Labels                    label (all labels)                                              (Progressive)      Mike               on the label                                                    X
311    08/22/06 Receipts Log change request                Add Claim Type as filter for this report                        Mike (Pawtuxet)    Michael
                                                           forms are printing with text that is slightly larger than
                                                           what is expected; results in 'wrapping' or truncation of                                              Mike to play with font/text size; has
312    08/22/06 Printing problem - forms                   titles and data.                                                Mike (Teamcare) Michael               already set all printer settings to default
                                                           separating drug orders from the other med orders and
                                                           printing Other meds orders on a separate page.
                                                           Currently, other meds print on the Other Meds Profile
                                                           report but they also print on the Active Meds report. A
                                                           filter to exclude might be better than simply omitting
                                                           these altogether since some clients may want to print
313    08/22/06 Patient Profile w/Active Orders report     only 1 report.                                                  Mike (Intravene)   Michael

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         4/21/2012   5:04 PM
                                                                                                                   Ascend HI Issue List

ID #    Date                   AHI System                                      Issue                                  Referred by:        Assigned to:                    Solution???                   Status:       Complete
                                                                                                                                                         Notify client that we are not making this
                                                                                                                                                         change at this time; If they still feel they
                                                     Change decimal places from 4 to 2 on these $ fields in        Mike                                  need this, please provide request in
314    08/22/06 Inventory Field definition change    Inventory: Cost; FDB; Red Book; Retail; ASP                   (Pharmacare)       reply to client    writing with business need.                                 X; Cl notified

                                                     needs to suppress zero dollar claims ($0 balance); fix
                                                     provided on 08/21 was tested and did not fix the
                                                     problem. In previous updates, could filter by Location,
315    08/22/06 Patient Account Statement            Patient, Patient Type; Misc option and Show All History.      Mike (Intravene)                      CSR # 200608210900                                                X
                                                     Client needs a label that fits their format (essentially, a   Mike (Medical
316    08/22/06 Retail Label                         retail label) by their Go Live date. (09/18)                  Services)
317    08/31/06 Modifier field on HCFA tab claim     Client request drop down menu w/modifyer codes                Susan- (Carle)     Michael
                                                     Need to have a blank at the top as unable to change/edit
                                                     after selected in common order, does not populate the         Susan/Maureen
318    08/31/06 Common Order / Physician drop down   primary physician at order entry                              (Carle)            Michael                                                                              X
319    08/31/06 Reports                              Want report to tract equipment rentals                        Susan (Carle)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  4/21/2012    5:04 PM
                                   Ascend HI Issue List

ID #   Date   AHI System   Issue      Referred by:        Assigned to:   Solution???   Status:       Complete

                                                                                                 4/21/2012   5:04 PM

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