Freshman Year of College Budget Project

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					Freshman Year of
 College Budget
    Major Grade
   You can do this project in whatever media you
    would like: PowerPoint, word, Photostory,
    moviemaker, poster board, scrapbook, etc.
   You must do the project individually.
   You cannot choose a junior college (unless you
    can live on campus).
   You can definitely choose a trade school as
    long as you can live on campus.
   You will have to do most of the work for the
    project at HOME.
   Your budget must be for a 10 month period.
   If you do everything listed, you will receive a 90%.
    You can gain the extra 10% in the “shopping
    portion” of the project.
   You will learn how much college will cost (tuition,
    room and board).
   You will learn how much everyday living costs.
   You will have a greater appreciation for you
Part I -- College Information
   You must include at least 5 photos of your
    college in this section.
   Must include tuition (for both semesters—
    assume at least 24 hours to be considered a full
    time student)
   Must include room and board. You must live in
    a dorm and you must choose a meal plan
    (board). Some colleges will have several meal
    plans to choose from, some will only have one.
Part I -- College Information Cont.
   Must include admission requirements
       SAT / ACT scores
       GPA
       Class rank
       Whatever else is required
Part I – College Information Cont.
   Type of school
   Location
   Degrees and majors offered
   Number of students
   Student body (ethnic groups, male vs female etc)
   Colors and mascot!
   Something that makes your college unique
    (traditions etc.)
Possible Extra Credit Items for
College Information:
   Acceptance letter
   % of students that graduate
   Housing info
   Faculty info
   Career services
Part II – Dorm Living
   Bedding
       Sheets (must be twin size and at least 2 sets)
       Comforter
   Towels
   Laundry basket
   Desk lamp
   Alarm clock
Part II -- Dorm living cont.
   Small refrigerator
   Small microwave
   Decoration of some sort (posters, paintings,
    clock, mirror, bulletin board, picture frames,
   Comfortable seating (beanbag, futon,
Possible Extra Credit Items for Dorm
   Curtains         Lap desk
   Area rug         Stuffed animals
   Calendar         Extra blanket
   Rolling chair    Trunk/storage
   Iron             Bookshelf
   Ironing board    Extra pillows
   Desk organizer   Small vacuum
Possible Extra Credit Items for Dorm
   Hangers
   Trash can
   Sham Wow
   Bulletin board
   White board
   Picture frame
Part III – School Supplies
   Textbook cost (two semesters)
   Computer (desktop or laptop)
   Printer
   Ink Refill (at least one black)
   Notebook paper
   Computer paper
   Pens
Part III -- School Supplies cont.
   Pencils
   Binders or folders
   Flash drive
   Stapler
   Tape
   Calculator
Possible Extra Credit Items for School
   Highlighters       Organizer / planner
   Pencil sharpener   Hole punch
   White out          Laptop bag
   Batteries          Paperclips
   Post-its           Index cards
   Blank cds          Camera
   Surge protector    Recorder Backpack
Part IV -- Everyday Stuff
   Shampoo
   Soap
   Toothpaste
   Deodorant
   Cups
   Plates
   Utensils
   Medication / Advil
   Female products
Part IV -- Everyday Stuff cont.
   Detergent
   $ for washing ($2 bucks per load)
   Cleaning supplies / wipes (not baby wipes)
   Paper towels
Possible Extra Credit Items for
Everyday Stuff:
   First aid products   Lotion
   Shower curtain       Contact solution
   Straightener         Hair dryer
   Make-up              Make up remover
   Facial cleaner       Fabric softener
   Q-tips               Tissues
   Nail polish          Nail polish remover
Possible Extra Credit Items for
Everyday Stuff:
   Body wash         Mouthwash
   Perfume/cologne   Tweezers
   Nail clippers     Hair products
   Snacks            Dish detergent
   Air freshener     Candles
   Trash bags        Chap stick
   After shave       Conditioner
Possible Extra Credit Items for
Everyday Stuff:
   Toothbrush
   Floss
   Hairbrush or comb
   Razor
   Shaving cream
Part V -- Entertainment
   Movies (buy or going)
   Going out with friends
   Eating out

   Budget these amounts per month and
    multiply by 10.
Possible Extra Credit Items for
   Gaming system              Video Games
   Board games                Shopping
   CDs                        Books for reading
   Magazines                  Camera
   Art supplies               Clubs
   Museum passes              DVR / TIVO
   Athletics – equipment or going to games
   Spring Break trip          TV / DVD player
   Ipod/radio/stereo
Part VI -- Services
   Cell phone service
   Hair cuts
Possible Extra Credit Items for
   Cable             Internet service
   Land line phone   Manicures
   Tanning           Brow waxing
   Health care fee   Cell phone itself
Part VII -- Transportation
   Car insurance
   Oil changes
   Parking permit
   Gas (make it easy at 2.50 a gallon)
   Other means of transportation if not taking
    a car (metro, skateboard, bike, etc.)
   Air transportation if going out of state
   Be sure to have a total at the end of the
Part IX -- Presentation
   Everyone will present
       This will take only a few minutes.
   Part I -- College Information 20%
   Parts II – VIII Goods and Services 60%
   Part IX – Presentation 10%

   Earn extra points for a 100%

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