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									I know our students have risen to the challenge and we are all proud of them in helping Henryville. The
Counselor at Henryville, a friend of mine, passed this web site along, www.angelsanddoves.com. This
organization is endorsed by Ellen DeGeneres. They are trying to help Henryville rebuild their schools on
a national level. The High School turning in the most money will be announced and recognized on the
Jay Leno show in May. Renee the counselor at Henryville suggested those wanting to help use this web

I just wanted to pass this on.

Mark Clark
School Counselor
Floyd Central High School
Students Grades 9-12, Letters O-Z
812-542-8504 ext. 3016
812-542-4795 fax


The association is collecting gift cards to give to teachers that were affected by the tornado. If you would
like to donate a gift card, please get it to me by next Wednesday (March 14). The attached flyer outlines
the drive. Thanks!

Dear Mrs. Whaley and Staff,
As you know, last Friday, Henryville, Indiana was destroyed by one of many tornados that
went through the Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio.
Henryville's school was destroyed. Kim Lamaster is a 3 grade teacher at Henryville who is trying to
organize a "school supply" drive to aide
students, teachers, and families get back to a semblance of normalcy in their school and
their community.

Henryville needs school supplies. Things that others take for granted, pencils, crayons, glue,
paper, etc. Henryville School has lost everything in this devastating tornado.
They could use donations, monetary or supplies, and your help and participation in getting
the word out, to help Henryville students and teachers to replenish their supplies in this
time of horror. So, they too can continue educating students of all grades.

I realize there is a drive going on at FC to help the victims. But I wanted to pass along a
specific “need/request” from some teachers at the Henryville school. Please help with this
endeavor if at all possible.


Bea Rudy
HR Scheduling Technician
General Mills, New Albany,
To assist the East Washington School families (Pekin)
Make Checks payable to: "2012 Tornado Disaster Relief Fund" and mail the checks to:
East Washington School Corporation
1050 North Eastern School Road
Pekin, IN 47165

Hey Ms. Whaley…I’m not sure what radio station that you listen to, but yesterday the radio station that I
work for (102.3 The Max) kicked off “Crayons For Hope”. We are collecting school supplies for the victims
of Friday’s tornado that hit Henryville High School. As these kids start to go back to school soon
(wherever that might be) we are trying to re-supply everything that they lost in the storm, including the
supplies that the teachers lost as well. We know that many teachers buy their own supplies and teaching
aides and many of those were lost in the storm as well.

If Floyd Central and Highland Hills would like to help that would be great!! If it’s not a road that you would
like to venture down or if you guys have something else working for the kids and teachers of Henryville,
we totally understand. If you do decide to help out starting this Friday (3/9/12) you can drop off all
donated items at all Panera Bread locations or I would be more than happy to come up and pick-up all
donated items myself from the school. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the school since it’s been
remodeled anyway.

The items we are looking for are pretty much anything that the kids would have on their back to school list
in the fall (as most of these kids have lost everything). We are also looking for Gift Cards to parent
teacher stores, Hobby Lobby, walmart, target and so on to help the teachers re-supply their rooms.

If you guys would like to help out please let me know, If not that’s totally fine as well.

Thanks in advance!


Brad Bell
Traffic Dir. WDJX-FM/ WMJM-FM
Network Coordinator
Fill-In Personality on WXMA-FM
Main Line Broadcasting Louisville

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