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Management Principle and Organisational Behavior


Management Principle and Organisational Behavior Syllabus

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									UBA701                    MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES AND
                          ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR                                       3     0     0       3

UNIT 1                                                                                                      9

Nature of Management-definition-Theory and practice –effective management –Management :Science or Art-
Management in India .
Development of Management thoughts-Taylor’s –Henry Fayol-Hawthorne experiment-Barnard & Social system-
Herbert Simon- Peter Drucker-Various approaches –Management Thoughts.

UNIT II                                                                                                     9

Management Process and coordination-Functions of Management –
Managers and environment-external and internal. Business ethics-Planning –Fundamentals-Definitions & Features –
Steps in planning – Types of planning. Objectives – Concepts and features – Hierarchy of objectives- role –Process of
MBO, Policy & Strategy –Decision making –process-individual Vs group decisions.

UNIT III                                                                                                    9

Organizing –Theory & approach –Organization Structure-Authority & Responsibility –Delegation-Centralization &
Decentralization .Line & Staff Relationship-Staffing –Fundamentals-Systems approach –manpower planning –
Recruitment & selection- Training and Development –Performance appraisal –Direction –Fundamentals-motivation-
theories of motivation –Maslow’s ,Herzberg’s ,Maclelland’s Theory X,Y & Z Leadership –Theories and styles –
Communication –Types –Controlling-System and Process.

UNIT IV                                                                                                     9
Organizational behavior –Definition –organization-Managerial Role and Functions-Organizational Approaches,
Individual Behavior –Causes –Environmental effect-Behavior and performance, Perception-Organizational
implications, Personality –contributing factors-Dimension, Motivation-Need Theories-Process Theories-Jobcom
satisfaction .Learning and Behavior –Learning curves. Work design and Approaches.

UNIT V                                                                                                      9

Group Behavior –Groups-Contributing factors-group norms, types –causes-inter group relations-conflicts and
resolution-Change process –Resistance to change.



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