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       Wrapped in a Dolce and Gabbana fur jacket and suede shoes, Bridget

Summer’s is spotted coming out of the limousine holding onto the arm of none other

than Blake Storm, the incredible action star who has the girl’s going crazy. However

appealing this may seem, their bodyguards’ have to block the area off because of some

obsessive fans’ who insist on taking their pictures’ again and again even though

there’s a No Camera’s Allowed policy during this Live Coverage event, but still, they

continue to holler their name’s like they had just escaped from the county jail and

never seen a celebrity before, but they are one cool couple with major sex-appeal.

What once started out as a fantasy turned into something more--much more. A dream

come true. But it wasn’t always this way, and Bridget Summer’s wasn’t always a dream

come true.
Fri, Sept 4th 3:30a.m.

       The bell rang while I had my hand up against my chin dreaming of some other

place that didn’t exist where I come from. I mean Blake Storm and me coming out of

the stretch-limo looking so happy, so complete, and so out of this world in-love is far

out there. I live on a place called Planet Earth where stuff like this doesn’t happen to

people like me, but what a glorious fantasy—me and my Teen Idle looking like the

perfect Hollywood couple on the planet, a couple that stops traffic; a couple where

people have to stop and get a closer look; a couple that is undeniably hot.. And then the

worst possible thing happened to me. Mrs. Sinclair asked me to see her at the end of

class. This is it. I am doomed for good. There’s no getting out of this one. I mean what

I am going to say, that I just happened to go in a Blake-Storm-trance after pulling out

Teenie Bopper Magazine. I’m sure this is going to go over on her.

        She’s the same teacher who caught Andrea Zuma’s writing sweetheart notes in
class to her imaginary sweetheart, and what started as a an innocent act turned into a

public massacre when she read her fantasy-note in-front of the whole entire class, with

all her kissing scenes and gross details involved. And now I’m next…but wait she

asked me to see her after class. Maybe she’ll pity me for being a Hottie-Loser and

wants to console me for never being up to the standards of Hotties like Blake Storm.

       “Sit down dear. I see your heads in the clouds again?” She asked like while I

was having this amazing dream she just happened to come in at the right time to destroy

what could possibly be the best hook-up since Madonna and Guy Richie.

       “The clouds? No I was paying attention. I was just keeping my options open

that’s all. I was taught to always expand my horizons.”

       “And that’s what you were doing? Expanding your horizons Bridget?”

       “Yes. See I believe that true learning is seeing the world around you.”

       “Ms. Summers while you’re in my classroom the only world you’re going to

see is your English book. Now you may leave under one condition.”
       “And what’s that. I have to stop reading Teenie Bopper magazine, and stop

daydreaming so I can get into the college of my dreams.”

       “Something like that. From now on when you come into this classroom the only

face you will daydream about is mine.”

       Oooh gross. Why would I want to daydream about Mrs. Sinclaire when I have

plenty of daydreams without her that makes my face brighter, happier, and ON TOP

OF THIS WORLD? But that’s my problem too many daydreams, and not enough

action like daydreams of kissing; daydreams of Hollywood parties; and daydreams of

Blake Storm. Fantasies can only go on for so long before you want to bring them into

action PRIMETIME ACTION, major kiss kiss moments, and major Hollywood-of-

the- rich- and- famous moments with everyone’s favorite leading man, my man, Blake

Storm, the man who is The Storm of the Century; the man who can outdo any action car

stunt; can jump out of moving cars and still remain in one piece; the man who can kiss

you while putting the pedal to the medal at over a-hundred-miles-an-hour. It’s true. I
had seen it firsthand. He is a kissing genius! And makes it look so dam easy. I wish I

can make kissing look that easy. Um.. I have a lot of work ahead of me, and I’ve only

just begun.

Sat, Sept 5th 2:30p.m.

       Fantasies keep reoccurring in my mind constantly, and they only make real life

disappointing, and every time I have these continues fantasies I feel haunted by the

image of someone who doesn’t know I even exist. All I know is every girl would

absolutely go crazy if their arm was draped over the arm of Blake Storm as you come

out of the limo, and the whole world is staring at you.. It’s only a fantasy, but hey at

least it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside of me. Hollywood Tales of the Rich and

Famous is on the tube as I get ready for school--my obnoxious school where everyone

is in a clique EXCEPT for me and Janice, and the popular kids get off the hook for

anything they do even smoking in the girl’s locker room like the guilty goes free while

the innocent gets busted for little stuff like chewing gum. This is so unfair if you ask
me. When the narrator goes off on a tangent about the exquisite house that the

Kennedy’s lived in--totally elegant and sophisticated--Janice IM’S me about my

adventures as an actress.

PopCandy: So what happened with This World? Did you get the part? Are you famous

GlamGirl21:Famous? If you count the times I fell, tripped, and hurled all over the
place, and oh called the casting director by the wrong name.

PopCandy: You didn’t get the part. Those little slimes. (It’s nice to have a friend who’s
so on your side).

GlamGirl21: I know. And you know who got the part?

PopCandy: Who?

GlamGirl21: She’s tall, blond, and has big boobs

PopCandy: That’s it. I call that sexual discrimination.

GlamGirl21: And she’s not even smart. Life is so unfair.

PopCandy: Don’t give up. It’s there. There’s a part that you were born to play.
GlamGirl21: What is that? Muppet Girl on Saturday morning cartoons.

PopCandy: Just watch. You’re a natural. Gotto go. I’ll see you in school

Log-out 7a.m.

Mon, Sept 7th 7:30 a.m.

        School wasn’t exactly my favorite place to go. I watched every person walk

by not even coming close to Janice. There was The Bubblegum Girl who obsessively

popped bubbles; the Diva Queen who didn’t even give you a second look if you didn’t

have a wardrobe consisting of Christian Dior; The Crazed Shakespearean-Girl who

recited Romeo and Juliet like it’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show; the King-Kong jock

of all muscle, and no brains; and the band Turmoil who was like the medal-rock band

type who consisted of a guy who made my heart sing since elementary-school, but then

he only started making my heart ache. Janice then jumped around my locker stuffing

her face with Twizzlers. “The Anna-Maria socio-pathetic gang have just arrived.”

       The Clique finished walking by.
        “I know. Janice don’t you want to get out of here.”

        “You mean like skip school. You rebel.”

        “No, I mean get out of here. This school totally sucks. Don’t you find that Anna

Maria is weird.”

        At that moment The- King-Kong-Jock started admiring his biceps in his locker

mirror smiling with all his pearly-whites.

        “Yeah. I guess you’re right.” Janice said. “But that’s why you’re going to be a

star? Everything will be better then right?”

        “Except we’ll have bigger jocks, and bad boys to deal with.”

        “There’s nothing wrong with living on the dangerous side.”

        “That’s if you want to be a Dateline: Exclusive Report.”

        We parted are ways after that and I wondered if there was anything better then


1. Show me running away from anything King-Kong.

2. Notice my selection of man-geniuses who car race, and still have a gorgeous

3. Catch me burning a fire-pit while I throw in every Valentine’s Day card, love letter,
and a mix-tape of Sweet Hits From the Nineties.

4. Reveal the hidden-truth behind the early years of stardom.

5. Find me venting about some no good slime ball who dissed and dismissed me
without a minute’s notice.
Tues, Sept 8th 10:30a.m.

        “She’s a star. She’s not. She’s a star. She’s not. She’s a star. She’s not.”

There it was one lifeless petal that beheld my fait--a pink tulip that represented more

than Spring, then love‘s pure divine, then a nice walk in the park listening to the

trickling water falling from a monument as the swan’s dance amidst a sea of green mist

I was doing this ritual ever since I knew how to walk. Mother thought I would suddenly
grow out of it--like it was a phase, but as I grew up the roses followed me to a magical

place in my mind…performing the same ritual underneath the same old Oak Tree that

never changed only the person sitting underneath it. And there I was fifteen years-old

with the same fate staring right at me in the face. “She’s not.” As I stared at it for what

seemed like an eternity the light frost in the air evaporated, and the twilight of winter

seemed to disappear all together with me still wishing that that rose petal held more

than some wishful token from a childhood fantasy, but this time it was much more

serious then Cinderella meets Prince Charming at an enchanted ballroom for a night of

romance and sweet love (even though the fantasy still never killed anyone) but this

revolved around the burning desire for lights, camera, and action, and I just knew that I

was destined to be a star.

Wed, Sept 9th 6:30 a.m.

       In a bluish-gray fog Blake Storm’s face was moving towards mine. You could

see a twinkle of stardust. It was a night where dreams are made of. And then our lips
touched so magically. It felt like heaven. It felt like our lips were born to kiss. Then

suddenly the Dirty Dancing soundtrack began playing in the background. I didn’t want

this moment to end. I wanted this dream to go on forever…on second thought I think I’ll

stick to dreaming of Blake Storm then living it because all of a sudden he started licking

my face.

       “Daisy get down!” False alarm. It was only my dog. He ruined it for me. I was

having the most amazing dream. Then Daisy whimpered and ran way. Okay, I didn’t

mean to sound selfish, but it’s not every day where I get a lot of lip-action in my

dreams. Dreams like these make me eager for the real thing. Kissing!!!! Yes, kissing

underneath the little white church chapel while rain is falling, and Prince Charming is

holding his letter jacket over your shoulders so you don‘t get wet. If only Prince

Charming existed and we would live happily-ever-after... If only.
This was not the time of my life because

a. I was running out of pink tulips, and I was not getting any younger.
b. I had a better chance of being struck by lightning then mingling with my boy toy
Blake Storm, and the cast of Laguna Beach.
c. I still hadn’t received my Teen Dream magazine the Deluxe issue.
d. No one had asked me to the spring formal like I am so undatable? What if. I just
stayed home eating bon bons, and watching The Chainsaw Massacre.


The above account with me rambling, and all shows that my life is anything but a
fairytale. With no dates on Saturday nights, my butt growing into the shape of a
bon-bon, and Laguna Beach moving to the nine-o’clock slot instead of the eight-clock
slot showed that my life had a life of its own and it didn’t seem to include me.


e. My parents were having a mid-life crisis, and I was The Eyewitness News who got to
witness it firsthand up-close-and-personal.

Thurs, Sept 10th 1:15p.m.

       During class I couldn’t for the life of me get into Ms. Donna’s lecture on
quadratic formulas so I pulled a signed photograph of Blake Storm out of my backpack.

I won it last year in a Cool 93.7 Blake storm Trivia Pursuit contest on the radio. I

couldn’t even believe we got through. Janice and I kept jumping up and down like total

juveniles, and then when they announced that we also won a meet-and-greet at The

Palm Springs Mall with one of the hottest stars to hit the silver-screen I nearly passed

out. Blake Storm looks like a million bucks. He fills me up with sweet joy and dances

in my soul, but just when I was about to dance across a Starlit Ball with Prince

Charming Janice throws me a note. She’s so bad. Okay, sometimes I can’t help myself

and write notes in class myself but only when I’m desperate like when there’s

equations involved, or am totally self-conscious of my hairdo and need some major

coaching to get through the day. Geeze. This whole teenage-thing is hard work.

If you were stranded on a deserted island who would you take with you NOT my reject
brother. Someone Ultra-original, and Ultra-fine.

a. Blake Storm the hottie of all hotties. The one who brings new meaning to
happily-ever-after. I would fit him just perfectly. We would be the perfect match all the
b. The Blondie form The OC. He can just surf his way to the mainland.
c. Luck Perry. Okay, like he’s not really doing shows anymore since his famous
rough-guy role on Beverly Hills 90210 what I know from reruns, but there’s no denying
he’s totally hot.

       Does Janice really have to wonder? Okay, Blondie is like so not me I go for the

dark mysterious hotties), and Luke Perry is so 1980’s. Blake Storm! Blake Storm!

Blake Storm! Call me a girl of passion, or what. Gosh, If I was lucky enough to have

my boat land on some sacred place off the Pacific coast with Blake Storm, I would get

on my hands and knees and thank God, and wish that no one finds us. You know until

we become boyfriend and girlfriend that is.

Fri, Sept 11th 9:30 p.m.

       I was listening to this radio show on 92.9 Love all through the Night with

Doctor Joy Love. It’s talk radio where people write into express their heart-felt regrets
about break-ups, and other more dramatic stories like lost loves, and forgotten soldiers

at sea hoping to get back to their loved ones for just one day to say “I love you.” This is

so sad. It’s true to my heart. That’s why I always have Kleenexes with me. Well, this

one discussion has really stirred up quite a raucous, and Janice dared me to call up the

radio station because we were having this major argument about the Teen Harlequin

book series and we NEEDED a professional opinion to end our argument fast because I

couldn‘t get through to her. . .

        “Hello, welcome to the Doctor Joy Love radio show. Who am I speaking to

today, and what is your trouble on love. Lost love. New love. Old love. This is a

peaceful place we are in today. We are here to help love grow especially within.”

        “Yes, my friend and I are having a debate about Teen Harlequin.”

        “Oh, love them. They’re some really juicy stories aren‘t they?”

        “I know. My friend is obsessed with them, but I take it from a different view. I

think they feed your fantasies, and gives you false hope.”
        “I see. Well, there’s nothing wrong in engaging in fantasies. Studies have

shown that fantasies can actually trigger cortisone levels in your brain that can help

build strong white cells and ward off infections. Obsessive fantasies’ on the other hand

can make you lose touch with reality, and you can start to deny everything around you.”

        “I see doctor.”

        “Is there a fantasy you’ve been having lately yourself?”

        “Me? Well, actually, since you asked, yes sort of.”

        “Does it have to do with a boy?”

        “Everything has to do with a boy?”

        “Then please do share. What’s this lucky boy’s name?”

        “His name…um…his name.”

        “Yes, his name. Not to complicated Bridget all you have to do is spill the beans

in front of 2.5 million listeners.”

        “2.5 million listeners! They’re listening to me right now?”
       “Yes, they are. Who is your secret crush?”

       “Now I guess it’s not going to be a secret anymore. His name is Blake, you

know Blake Storm.”

       “Honey, he’s not just a boy he’s a movie star. Back to reality sweetheart. Movie

stars like him swoon over models, or fashion designers not high-school kids like you.

I’m sorry that I have to be the one to tell you this.”

       “But I’m going to be a star. I am.”

       “When honey?”


       “Okay, whatever you say. And why don’t you tell Blake Storm I said hello.”

CLICK. And all I heard her say was, “Next caller.”

Sat, Sept 12th 7p.m.

       When I finally got my agent Katie Hines, the top talent agent in the word, I was

so excited I did a couple of cart-wheels in my yard while the geeky lawnmower guy
from next door practically ran over the flower bed with beautiful Daisies and

Lavenders because he was looking at me the whole time as I went over the deep-end of

my egocentric-dream of mine. It’s true. Everything evolved around this dream of mine

because I was born to shine. Mother said that when I was born she saw star’s in my

eyes, but then she said it could’ve been her imagination since they pumped so many

drugs inside her, but I think it wasn’t her imagination since the moment I started talking

I was singing show tunes.

       My agent just got me an audition for a WB drama. Time of Your Life is

supposed to come out next Fall, and they’re looking for a Felicia, an overbearing

socialite for a top sorority at NYU. That is so me. I didn’t know what to think until I

read the script, and knew that I wanted this part more then anything in this world. She’s

a girl trying to figure out this guy Kyle who is so giving her false expectations for his

affection for her. Total scumbag. I mean you either love the girl, or you don’t. It’s so

not complicated. He totally breaks her heart. When I reach the end of the script I find
myself crying, and hating him at the same time. And this is so not the time of my life let

me tell you. I never knew how intense this whole acting-thing can be.

       I practice my lines nonstop: in the shower before class, walking through the

halls at school, during class, after-class while eating dinner with my family, and before

bedtime. At the end of the night I’m so exhausted I fall asleep as soon as my head hit’s

the pillow.

Smiling will bring sunshine to your audition which will brighten the day, and will show
the casting directors’ that you would be a joy to work with. I complied a list of
sequential tips and ideas that will help you in that nerve-wracking time to come out on

1. Arrive at least 15-minutes early. Give yourself plenty of time to feed your pet,
shower/dress, and drive to your destination. There’s nothing worse then running late on
the most important day of your life. Professionalism will go a long way.

2. Chatty Kathy’s out there know when to put a sock in it. When you’re invited to a
Grande red carpet event then you can talk to whoever you please, but until then zip it!
(That was kind of harsh don‘t you think)..

3. Create a wall dividing the casting director, her space, and you and your space. Works

4. Actually love the character you’re auditioning for. It’s hard to create love when you
hate something so much.

Sun, Sept 13th 11:15 a.m.

       Today is going to be the day where everything falls into place. I can totally feel

it. It’s like every play rehearsal and every Teen Dream audition tip has led me to this

moment at last. Here I am at The Hollywood Planet Studies in Burbank, California for

my audition for The Time Life of Your Life. I am so nervous, but I’m trying to be coy

and act like I’m an audition genius, but it’s not the easiest thing in the world to say the

least but I say a silent prayer, and go in there like a Grade A PROFESSINAL

       The first thing I noticed when I walked into the building was the gold

inscriptions in the doors along the wall. I moved my hands across the doors in pure

bliss. Sandra Hara, Dorothy Bell, Timothy Lauer. I was in my own little heaven. These

were the people I dreamed of working with since I was a kid. Not that I’m any older
then before but at least now life is taking on new meaning.

        I held the paper they had sent to me with the necessary information. It said I had

to turn into the Mezzataine Building, and turn right at the water fountain. I was so

amazed at the building itself. It was filled with Planet Hollywood stuff. Planet

Hollywood shirts and hats were plastered across the walls. When I find my destinations

I take a giant breath. Without a minute’s notice the director said, “Tell me your name,

and the part you’re auditioning for?” Oh God. I drew a blank. I couldn’t even remember

my own name.

        “Hi, yes, yes, my name. My name is Bridget. Bridget Summers and I’m hear to

audition for the part of Felicia.”

        “Felicia. That’s a tough role.” One of the directors says not even looking at me.

At least she could’ve looked me in the eye. Just one glance that’s all.

        “Begin whenever you’re ready Bridget.” She says.

        I took a deep breath in and exhaled all my doubts, fears, and insecurities. “Kyle
our love will stand the test of time. I know it will. Is it me? Is it that you don’t believe in

us anymore…” And then there you have it I forgot the rest of my lines. The WB went

out faster than a speeding bullet. I knew I should’ve worked with some cue cards.

Mon, Sept 14th 2:30 p.m.

        I can’t deal with this much reality. I mean that’s why they have Reality TV so

that people like me can live care-free with no stress, and agitation for the motion

pictures because of some guy, and some character who DOESN’T know how good she

is for this EGOTISTICAL JERK, and you know I studied for this role like no

tomorrow, and still Felicia had no bearing in my psych. Felicia is so me. I mean to be

digging a guy that is so not into you. What a total LOSER. Yup, I’m totally going

Clueless and have the L symbol across my forehead to show how grotesque I feel on

this subject matter--you know of guys you make you feel invisible like you don’t

matter. At all. I mean doesn’t all my former boyfriends’ appreciate all those e-cards on
myspace? Loser exactly. And I can’t believe they were totally lost from the cortex of

my brain that stores those heartbreaking moments of lost love, and guys who dig you

but don’t dig you back. They were my sense memory for crying out loud. I didn’t even

know what do as if I wasn’t even here. I mean casting directors’ are like the hierarchy

of the film industry, and I have nothing to show for it and my audition was

SENCELESS, and will forever be my worst casting call experience on the planet. The

next one just has to be better.

       So the road to stardom isn’t always champagne (or should I say sparkling apple

cider), feather boas, and You Tube extravaganza. It involves so much more then that.

The road to stardom takes a lot of hard-work not to mention a social life that is little to

none (and I am like a total social butterfly), and doors being slammed in your face. I

mean anymore doors that are going to slam in my face I am totally going to look like

one of those Koala Bears for sure. Anyway Janice told me about an article that nearly

made me fall right out of my seat. I pasted it here in this journal. I hope this will take
you from hopeless to hopeful.

               Brenda Caruso

 (She’s a Teen Dream Staff writer. She’s so cool. She’s written for magazines such as
X14, Teen Scene, The Hollywood Edge, and has interviewed only the hottest stars. And
here she is for yet another hit).

         Hollywood has always been a name that stood by their earth-shattering flicks,
and will forever be famous for the sign that thousands’ of tourists visit every year but
they have proven to be more than that. In Teen Dream magazine they are listing an ad
that will enlighten any inspiring-actress today, and will bring them into the doors of
Hollywood. Hundreds-of-thousands’ of actresses move out to LA every year in search
of a dream, but many leave with disappointment in their hearts as they realize how stiff
the competition is and only the select few stay to accomplish a career for themselves,
and Hollywood is giving one lucky lady the chance to follow a childhood dream that
will take place at The Hollywood Roosevelt hotel. This will prove that there is still
talent left in today’s youth, or that Hollywood has all the talent they need. We’ll just
have to see that one special face to capture the screen, to bring a little spark into our
eyes, and hope into our hearts.
         Three-years-ago they had discovered Anna-Belle Campbell, and she went on to
have a wonderful career for herself. She starred in movies with Jim Carrey, Owen
Wilson, and Adam Sandler, and will always be remembered as the girl who picked up
the ad, and didn’t put it down, and went on to become a success and that could be
anyone but she choose to not only dream, but to follow that dream.
Tues, Sept 15th 10:30a.m.

       I bought a copy of Teen Dream magazine at the local mart around the corner

from where I live, and circled the ad with a red magic marker. It was a dream of a
lifetime, but of course with every dream lies things along the way that wasn’t a part of

it like kissing for instance. Not that I wouldn’t mine kissing Blake Storm on-screen

because he’s a Sex God with nice lips that are nice to look at, but what if your history

comes down to THIS, that kissing has never been your strong suit, and hits you right

between the eyes and you have nowhere to turn: I had never kissed a boy before.

Serious dilemma. Major catastrophe. And I’m so afraid I think I might hurl all over

the place, and then Hollywood will never answer the door as long as I live. Why

couldn’t I have kissed that one kid in seventh-grade at the Winter Wonderland dance?

He wanted too. I totally know it, but I was too embarrassed so now is the


   My best friend never really cared about the whole Hollywood-Buzz not the way I

did. She only cared about some Harlequin teen romance novel where some

Fabio-character would sweep her in her arms, and declare his true love for her. She

lived on some adolescent-cloud where the prince actually finds you and rescues you
from whatever you need rescuing from (schoolwork, curfew, nagging parents, and

13-year-old blood suckers). You could see why a girl could need some rescuing.

Whatever happened to romance like pure unadulterated romance where the guy

actually throws his jacket around you in the rain to keep you warm, and goes in for the

kiss that melts hearts and leaves you at his mercy? Whatever happened to these kinds of

guys? I mean do they even exist? My take on this is that these kinds of guys lived on in

another time all together when an atomic bomb went off, and set off some type of

fumes that destroyed anything that a good guy stands for, but lucky for me my dream

man came in, and showed me beyond high school boys. It’s a miracle. They’re not all

bone heads; they’re not all in it for one-thing; and they’re not all selfish-medal heads.

       “Blake made this card for me. Isn’t he so romantic?”

       “He is. And he’s so cute. Look at him.”

       We both turned at the moment Blake Storm walked in for his screen-test

looking so loco suave. He’s doing the screen-test for a new thriller he signed on for.
And then he took off his leather jacket. His strong arms make us go totally crazy. He is

a one in a million that’s for sure.


Jake and Jennifer (his current girlfriend. I hate her! And they are way serious. I‘m
hearing wedding bells).

They were spotted on Santa Monica with such a happy face at 6pm for the Orange
County Young Achievers Film Festival.
       Jennifer is so pretty, but I think she paid for it only because California has every

surgeon on every block; plus I saw that special on plastic surgery, and she was the

spokeswoman for Doctor Lawrence’s Infomercial for his new product Real Women a

lotion that’s supposed to enhance those places that are supposedly enhance able. She’s

most recognized for her role in Good Night, a slasher flick, a movie I couldn’t for the

life of me watch. Sometimes they co-star in movies together, or well that’s what I hear,

but I don’t see any of them. I just don’t have it in me to sit down for two-hour straight,

and watch my teen idol swooning some blond chick. Sorry. It may seem selfish, but

that’s how I feel about this. Okay, yeah, I know that they look like the cutest couple, but

they definitely don’t look act like the cutest couple. I mean every time they’re spotted

Jennifer’s always looking away and Jake’s hands are in his pockets, and looking at his

feet. Body chemistry is way important. I mean this is not rocket science you know.

Okay, I’m not like an expert on love (not like my best friend Janice), but I do read Teen

Romance magazine (whenever Janice leaves it in my mailbox. Maybe she’s trying to
give me a hint about something), and I get some really great advice aside from Janice,

and explore the heart more deeply. I am a HOPELESS romantic emphasis on hopeless.

I mean what am I doing wrong in the love department? I don’t have a clue.

       Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be Jennifer, and how it would feel

like to actually kiss Blake Storm. Maybe it would feel like a dream. Maybe fourth of

July fireworks would go off…Or maybe I’m just insane

       Okay, I’m definitely watching to many movies…

       By Lani Hills (the hottest celebrity-writer yet)

With Blake Storm’s mega-hit Teen Warrior the young
 actor is paving his way for an unstoppable sequel.

       Blake Storm is a guy who out does himself time and time again. Paramount tells
US that he’s optioning a second movie that will come out in theatre’s next Fall. “More
action, more heroism, and more kissing scenes with the ladies,” Blake Storm tells US
magazine during the after-party of his first world-wide premier. Teen Warrior not only
did great beating out legendary hits such as Terminator and Rambo, but his face on the
cover of US tells another side of him all together. He has the abs that make the girls go
crazy, the smile that melts hearts, and the charisma of like heaven. It’s no wonder every
girl in America is in love with him. It’s been reported that things are on shaky ground
with his current flame Jennifer Weiner, another Scream-Queen, and is looking for
another flame to light his fire. Reports say there’s someone special he’s hiding from all
of us. I sat down with Blake Storm who’s wearing a white muscle-t, and blue jeans, and
I can’t help blush; for he is a mega-super-star you know.
         Blake Storm has given all of us what we want. He’ll be starring in the next story
of his genius Teen Warrior: The Secret Legend of the Dungeon of Dragons. coming out
this May following the journey of The Red Dragon, and The Magic Stone that can
change time, but with Blake Storm we’ll never know what will be in store for us next.
Let’s hope in real life the only thing that changes is our time spent in the front row of
the theatre eating day-old popcorn watching a star who isn’t afraid to take chances, a
heartthrob who leaves us with stars in our eyes, and hope in our hearts.

       After reading my article/interview in US magazine I flipped open my phone to

text Janice who has been inseparable with her new I-phone lately that she’s been

driving me crazy with all these cool features it has. But my biggest concern is that she
didn’t take a moment a second to view my most desirable interview. She reads all the

hottest interviews and I wanted to make sure she’s reading this one.

To: Janice

Msg: Reading my interview in US magazine you just got to take a look as soon as

       A moment later my phone beeped, and I saw smiley faces on the screen.

Reply: Me too.

       I flipped my phone back, and left to pick up these cute open-toe shoes on Rodeo

Drive. My driver was listening to Lionel Richie and was swaying his head from


       “Walt, Rodeo Drive please.”

       The next thing I knew we were off. It was kind of weird because every person

walking along the side walk was reading a magazine with me on the front cover. My

life will never be the same again. I wonder if I’m like ever going to get used to people

walking up to me, and are interested in my Hollywood-lifestyle. I wonder if I have what
it takes to make it through everything that life has handed me.

Wed, Sept 16th 7:30 p.m.
       “This is it.” I said pausing a kissing scene between Jason and Liz in Teen

Warrior. They had kissing sparks that I could actually see the sparks. Movie magic at

it’s finest. I wonder if they came across that ancient love potion, and can get me a

bottle. I need all the help I can get, but then for some reason optimism crept in like I

think tomorrow I’ll be ready to kiss Blake Storm on-camera. I mean it’s only a kiss

right? Okay, yeah a kiss that millions of people will see day-in-day-out, and judge and

critique, and minimize into some FRACTION of a kiss but it’s only a kiss right? What

am I kidding? It’s far more than a kiss. It’s my whole life. God, I don’t know if I can go

through with this. Way too much pressure.

       “What is it?” Janice asked. She was plucking her eyebrows cringing, and

venting at the same time saying things like, “I absolutely hate plucking. Why can’t

bushy eyebrows be the in-thing?” And then I reminded her that it was at one time think:

Brook Shields), but some big shot came around and said that it’s taking a new turn for

now, and anyone who wears the bushy-eyebrow-look will be an outcast. And I mean
who wants to be an outcast unless you’re like a part of the band.

       “This is it. When Jason and Liz have the moment. When they look into each

others’ eyes, and realize that they only need each other.”

       “You’re doing it again.” Janice says throwing the tweezers down. She then

picks up a copy of U.S. Weekly, and starts to read the blurbs.

       “Doing what?” I want to know glued to the tube at the stilled-image when their

lips are about to touch. The magic in that moment I’ll never forget.

       “Your heads are in the clouds again. The Hollywood Clouds.” Janice flipped

the page, and looked up with complete contempt.

       “I think I have a healthy appetite for movie stars who know how to kiss.” I said.

What’s with her and her judgments about me and Blake Storm?

       “Movie Stars? You mean one star. Blake Storm. Isn’t that what you mean?”

Can she read me like a book, or what?

       “Hey, I can’t help it if I have a healthy appetite for Blake Storm.”
       Janice flung a pillow at me. “A healthy appetite for Blake Storm?. You are so

out of it. You just want to smooch with him.” And then she started making these

annoying kissing noises.

       “Hey, I can’t help it if our lips are whispering to each other.”

       “You got it bad. Did you ever think he might be a bad kisser?”

       “That’s impossible. He’s a kissing genius. And I have proof right here.” I

turned the scene back on, and went back to watching Teen Warrior, and his kissing was

breathtaking I had to rewind it, and watch it all over again.

        Jason Higgs seems like your ordinary teenager but when he discovers a
dungeon that can change time his whole life as he knows it is over. The story goes that
there was a cave build back in the 1600’s by a Gypsy-God who cast a spell on the cave
after her town was invaded by pirates and Indians, and the cave turned into a morbid
under-ground dungeon that over-time became buried in a bunch of debris. When he
discovered it he also discovered his ability to change time, but when he finds this to be
a curse is it to late to fix what is broken, or will he forever be tied to the past and live
with the grotesque images and horrid events of a life that came with a price?

Ebert and Roeper: ***


Three stars! That’s it. I mean come on. For one it has Blake Storm in it so that should
make a difference, and another it’s a great story, the only story that needs to be heard.
Thurs, Sept 17th 8 p.m.

       I heard some really good news--that Teen Warrior: the Legend of the Dungeon

of Dragons is coming out this Saturday, and that the first hundred people at The

Bayside Cineplex get a free screening, and also those really cool 3D glasses for you

know those moments that will blow your mind, and also warp your sense of perception.

Here I was in my living room while the preview was showing. I turned up the volume.

       “What would happen if you discover an ancient cave and find out that it’s

really a dungeon that can change time. But what starts out as fun turns to something

much more dangerous when the curse that was put on the cave turns against the one

who discovers it for the first time.” And there was plenty of non-stop action.

       “What do you say Janice? Friday night. It’ll be a Teen Warrior party. A free

screening!” I said emotionally-engulfed in the one time we’ll get to witness this really

cool screening, because screenings like this are rare.
         “Okay, but under one condition.”

         “And what is that?”

         “We have to sit at least three rows back and you have to promise me that you’re

not going to go all goo goo gaa gaa over him. That’s what happened last time and I

missed half the movie.”

         “You got a deal.” And we shook on it. I couldn’t wait to see the screening of

Teen Warrior: the Legend of the Dungeon of Dragon. This will be the night of my life.

If only the Teen Warrior could come, and rescue me. That would end off my night


Fri, Sept 18th 8a.m

         Janice had this really crazy idea crazier than usual. She thought we should pitch

a tent outside the cinema the night before the screening so we can make it in and beat

the hundreds‘ of other Blake Storm Junkies, and so we can get first-seat privileges.

Why is it I always find myself falling for her ideas? So here I was in my Hello Kitty
tent, and my book of a thousand pictures of my on-screen hottie. Sometimes I just have

the urge to scream his name out loud.

        “Are you reading that book again?” Janice asked.

        “What book?” I shouted back.

        “The book you’ve been looking through the last hour.”

        “Okay, you caught me. What is the crime anyway? Can’t I read a book without

being scolded like some eight-year-old groupie?”

        “How about a fifteen-year-old groupie?”

        “But I’m his biggest fan. There’s nothing wrong with showing him how much I

care.” I said.

        “Whatever you say Bridg. There’s something they call girls like you.”

        “And what is that?”

        “Obsessed. You know like that movie?”

        “Whatever you say, but if I’m obsessed then you’re possessed.” And we both
bursted out in laughter.

Sat, Sept 19th 9a.m.

         The next morning Janice and I woke up bright and early with the sunshine

spilling in the tent in streams of yellow and silver. The night before I had fallen asleep

right on my book when I was reading about Blake Storm’s sexiest looks, and his most

romantic dates in Hollywood to-date when I went all dreamy and fell into a sleep that is

heaven sent. We were dancing under a moonlit sky. Um…I smelt his warm sweet scent,

and felt his strong arms holding me, swaying me across the city street.

         “Rise and shine Bridg. What is it? You can’t even part from your most precious


         “No. I must’ve fallen asleep while I was reading.” I said stretching my arms out

behind me.

         “Yeah, right. You think someone’s going to come in here in the middle of the

night, kidnap your book, and ask for a ransom upon its return.”
       “That’s crazy. Where do you think of stuff like this?”

       “I don’t know. You.”

       “Come on. I’m not that bad. I bet you there’s a lot worse people then me.”

       “Who love Blake Storm more then you?”

       “I guess not. But who can blame me?”

       “You’re right. Who can blame you? He’s Blake Storm. He’s 1 hot, 2 famous,

and 3 super-talented.”


       “So when is the screening taking place anyway?”

       “Well…the screening is at three o’ clock, but I say we arrive by twelve.”

       “One? What are we going to do for three-hours?”

       “Stand there and look pretty.”

       “Geeze that’s comforting.”

       “Come on. We have to go to the mall and use the bathroom to freshen up.” I
pulled my makeup bag out.

       “That’s your make-up bag. What the hell is in there? The whole Sephoria

store?” I asked pulling out a Max eyeliner, and holding it up to the light to notice the

Raspberry-swirl inscription on the side.

       “Ooh, great just what I needed. This will definitely make my entrance. You

know for screening like this you never know if the star could be sitting in the same

row as you ready to embrace you with kisses right Bridg?”

       “Kisses that will steal the show.” I replied back. “So anyway what did you think

we were going to run away to a small island off the coast? What do you have in here?”

       “Just the essentials: my curling iron, my hairbrush, eye-shadow, lipstick, and

some more lip-stick that’s all. Nothing more than the usual.”

       “There’s more then curling irons, and lip-stick in there.”

       “Um…maybe I threw in a couple of lip-liners in there, and a few bottles of nail

polish.” Janice poked her head in her Beauty Case, and said, “Beauty does come with a
price you know.”

          “Whatever you say. Let’s go and get beautified for our once-and-a-lifetime

opportunity for a free movie screening to see your favorite person


          “Okay, let’s go.”

          We unhooked the tent, and started for the mall when we saw the parking lot

filling up quickly.

          “Let’s go! We don’t want to be late.”

          “We only have about four-hours to kill.”

          “This is no joke. Serious business. You hear me!”

          “Yes, yes executive producer of This is our Life based on Janice and Bridget’s

in-sane quest to make Hollywood their own all though one is more in-sane then the


          “I’m in-sane.”
       “You said it I didn’t.”

       “But the in-sane one is going to get us the best seats in the house.”

       “I’m going to hold you to it.”

       “No problem. Now let’s get ready. I pulled Janice in the bathroom and I spread

out all my makeup that I’ve been hoarding since the fifth-grade (even though I wasn’t

like allowed to wear makeup), and began to brush Lavender eye-shadow across my

eyelids. Janice grabbed a hold of Watermelon lip smacker and applied a little bit of

eyeliner, and called it a day. We were off to see the man of our dreams.


       We just barely made it into the movie because my mom had called, and said to

enjoy my fun now because I was grounded for a whole month, and that kind of threw

me for a loop. Groundation for me was torture because she took away everything that

had true meaning to me like my cell phone, my incredibly-neat I-phone, and my Blake

Storm picture-books that had me up all night admiring. I mean how could a guy look so
gorgeous. It should be illegal to be that fine. I tried to explain to her that this was not

just any premiere, but she didn’t buy it one bit. She didn’t care that Blake Storm was in

the movie; she didn’t care that this was the greatest movie to ever hit cinema’s

nationwide; and she didn’t care that only a hundred people could get in for the


        “Come on. We have to go Bridg before it’s to late,” Janice called for me.

        “Okay. Mom I know what I did wasn’t right, sneaking out of the hours for this

premiere, but I gotto do this. I’ll see you when I get home.” And I hung up, and there

we were, Janice and I, running through the mall to get in-line before the line could get

any bigger. When we arrived Janice was ninety-six and I was ninety-seven.” We finally

made it in. What a total relief. The usher gave us these really funky 3D glasses, and we

headed to the concession stand.

        “Sour patch kids and cola,” Janice said.

        “Small popcorn, no butter, Swedish fish, and a bottled water.” I told the boy
behind the counter. When our snacks arrived the anticipation grew even deeper. We

were off to see Teen Warrior: The Legend of the Dungeon of Dragons, and we couldn’t

wait. We found a spot mid center and the lights dimmed showing us major major

creepy flicks including The Uninvited Guest and Deeper into the Blue (a killer shark

movie that left my face frozen in fear), but then a romantic comedy Double Whammy

eased my fears, and I sunk into the cushioned seat.

       “It’s starting,” I whispered, and the foggy blue screen drew my attention

especially when Bake Storm appeared on-screen. So amazing. Of course I gushed, and

had one of those epiphany moments. Blake was really the most exciting guy I ever saw

in my entire life. I’m so excited I can hardly write.

Sun, Sept 20th 7:30 p.m.

       I got swept away in E News when Donna Harris was reporting about my man

(okay, my fantasy man) Blake Storm in his up-and-coming movie. I couldn’t take my

eyes from the television set.
        “Hello to all you Teen Warrior fans out there. There are reports that Blake

Storm is planning on taking on the task of making another movie called Teen Warrior:

The Secret Legend of the Dungeon of Dragon that is set to come out in the fall of 2011.

More action, more love, and more heroism. Dan Kelly sat down with Blake for a

heart-to-heart talk.

DK: I see you brought with you you’re heroism locket.

BS: Always. You want to hear the story behind this locket.

DK: Sure. Does it revolve around lost ships, or cute girls?

BS: Sort of. I found this on a trip to Bermuda. When I was filming the last scene of
Teen Warrior the second in the trilogy. I was scuba diving when it was hidden behind a
few rocks. Legend has it that this locket wards off the dark forces of evil and brings
forth karmatic spirits of energy and good will.

DK: And has the lock brought forth good karma in the making of your movie.

BS: Yes, it has actually. Smooth sailing.

DK: I see you’re an action-star, but what do you see happening in your career say in the
next five-years?
BS: I would love to work on lower-key movies like maybe a drama, or a romantic
comedy. Who knows? Hey, I can’t even decide what I’m going to have for breakfast
in the morning.

DK: Well, it was nice for our little bit of Q&A for you and your movie that is going to
hit cinemas next fall. Nice talking to you.

BS: Hey, man thanks. I’ll see you at the movies.

       Donna Harris was then back to reporting on the E News Newsroom.

       “Wow. I can’t wait to see that. Thank you for watching at your news desk. This

is Donna Harris for your E News Entertainment.”


Blake Storm and Jennifer Weiner are reporting to be getting hitched into a little
white-chapel in Scotland (How lame. I mean just because you’re part Scottish doesn’t
mean you have to get married somewhere so bazaar. Um…that’s it. It’s that movie with
Patrick Dempsey. He gave them that idea).
Blake proposed to Jennifer in the Empire State building, and had a heart light up
imitating Sleepless in Seattle. What a show off. Do you have to embellish your love in
such a territorial way? Whatever happened to bended knee? I mean Boys 2 Men knew
what they were talking about. Auggg. Blake is way to good for her. There’s got to be
another way to win his heart. I mean I would even think the same thing even if
Sleepless in Seattle wasn’t my favorite romantic back-in-the-day movie that made me
want to marry a younger version of Tom Hanks except he would have to have eyes like
Jared Leto, a smile like Tom Cruise, and a body like Vin Diesel.

Mon, Sept 21st 7:15p.m.

       Here I was watching Sleepless in Seattle digging into a half-gallon of Chunky

Monkey Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream. Janice was with me because I refuse to cry alone.

       “Here it is.” I said pausing Sleepless in Seattle. A bright red heart lit up the

Empire State building. “So romantic.”
       “But this is like old-peoples’ movies,” Janice said. “You can’t be serious.”

       “But I am. This is my all time fave romantic movie. It has all of the essentials of

a romance that’s timeless for ages: great characters, vivid plot, and the extraordinary

Valentine’s Day ending that will live in my heart for eternity. The lead could use some

improvement, but I took it upon myself to recreate him with some younger more

spunkier actors.”

       “You really thought about it haven’t you?”

       “Yes, I have. It’s the only movie that makes me run to the Empire State

building, and wait for my one true love.”

       “You are so weird.”

       “I know, but I love it. Now watch.” I paused the movie, and was in awe. You

couldn’t move me.


Boy runs to his father at the state building, complete bonding between father and son,
and then the mysterious stranger sweeps in at the last minute when the father and son
are leaving. And the mysterious stranger finds nothing, no love, no life, only an empty
space…then last minute the father returns to get his son’s backpack. It was quite a
shock. It was love at first sight.

FOUR STARS          ****


So much sensitivity to his personality which shows that he’s definitely
Blake never dated more than one girl at a time which shows his devotion to his lady.

Loves to court his ladies to fancy restaurants like D’ Lorenzo Havana Casa a very hip
hot spot for the 21, and under. He’s into wining and dining his ladies.

Enjoys volunteering his services to children’s hospitals, and in his spare times he reads
stories to disadvantaged kids.

He walks his dog Lucky down the Sunset Strip every morning before sunrise.

He has a sister named Ashley, and is wicked close. He flies down to see her every
weekend. That is so cute.

Wears sneakers like they’re going out of style. Has about twenty-sneaks, and names
them after his favorite basketball players.

Next fall he’ll have two-movies coming out back-to-back that will have the girls
swooning including me of course.


1. Practice lines in-between Gilmore Girls.
2. Read pages 3-10 on Slawensky’s theory on sense memory.

3. Meditate to the soothing soundtrack of Enchanting Bliss.

4. Meet with my personal acting coach Kathleen Star.

5. Go on a major shopping spree at Celebrity Look-alike. It’s a thrift store that holds all
the famous outfits from the stars. It’s in West Hollywood near Target and a little family
owned boutique called Sunshine.

6. Review the contract for An Unexpected Prince with mom, dad, and my family

7. Study the script with utmost professionalism.

8. Review my book Kissing for Dummies

9. Count on my Love Bird Calendar how many days I have till the big day.

10. Take a bubble-bath without any distractions. And light three special candles: one
for serenity, another for happiness, and the last one for love. And lastly dream away…

Tues, Sept 22nd 6:30 p.m.

       During my obsession with Gilmore Girls I totally got hooked on this new
bestseller. Kissing for Dummies made number two in the New York Bestsellers list. I

almost cried because it meant a lot to me to see some real literature up there for once in

my life. Kissing is an art that needs to be practiced again and again in order to be good

at it. So while Laura-Lei was lecturing Rory about the whole Dean-thing her

pretentious boyfriend who sees stars in his eyes) about not leading him on, and to be a

good girlfriend which really isn’t that hard to be) I was reading about moue and

lip-action--or lack of lip-action should I say. I don’t know one of those things.






Breath Mints

       You must be a real dummy if you can’t figure this one out so I threw the book
across my bed then picked it back up again and flipped to Chapter 3 .


       Capturing that mind-blowing kiss takes vigilance, determination, and above all

else patience. Like duh).


Smooth his lips with your own bringing harmony to the core of your being.


Partially open your mouth then wait on your guy to lead. It’s just like waltzing at
Cinderella’s Ball.

       Okay, maybe this book isn’t so bad after-all.
Wed, Sept 23rd 10:30p.m.

       When you bomb an audition it feels like the end-of-the-world, or in my case

anyway especially if you’re unprepared. It’s like the TV commercial that flashes

WARNING in bright bloody red print. Anything remotely close to an audition feels

like pain, UNDENIABLE pain because come on this is your one shot to impress, and

then in my case I obsess about the whole Gondarn-thing for days driving everyone up

the wall. If anyone is in earshot believe me they are gonna hear it. This is the life of an

inspiring artist. Bombing an audition takes days even weeks to get over.


1. “No I’m sorry you’re not what we’re looking for” turns to “You suck and you should
never show your face around this town again.”

2. A rocket just exploded, and you were in it.

3. Life with the guys on the container of Ben and Jerry’s looks pretty good right about

4. Despicable
5. Making it in the embarrassing moment’s page in Teen magazine..

       When I bombed the WB audition I almost died. It was my dream to be in that

show to swoon, and to pursue some gorgeous jock with amazing green eyes, and biceps

that can lift steel. It was my dream, and now I have to take that God-Awful experience

and follow the next gig even though I want to curl up underneath the sheets, veg out on

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice-cream and ask the Gods why did I ever want to be

an actress in the first place--to face rejection, to be laughed at, to have your name be

dragged through the mud like some creature of the night Why? Oh, and then I realized

because this is the only thing I ever wanted to be, and was the only thing I was good at;

well I thought that I was good at it up till my fatal audition.

       But things are changing for me. I just got a call from Katie about a new movie

coming out. I couldn’t believe my ears. Then she said those perfect words: Romantic

Comedy. When she said that it was a Romantic Comedy I had a fit.

       “A Romantic Comedy. Totally outrageous. I can’t wait.”
       “You first have to audition. There’s four other well-known actors going out for

the role so you have your work is cut out for you.”

       “I’d do anything to be in this movie.”

Thurs, Sept 24th 7:15 p.m.

       It feels finally nice to have time away from the set so I plopped down on a giant

beanbag in my room, and called it a day. It felt like I was about to be eaten by these

giant pillows that is pretty to look at, but that look like they’re about to swallow me

whole. I think I got them at Target. I remember because I was drinking a Vanilla Bean

Frap, and listening to The Jones Brothers on my I-pod. This is like my Egyptian corner

where the world melts away, and the only think matters is acting, lights, and the little

clapboard that I have hanging over my window that I actually got at an auction for

three-hundred dollars. Why might you ask that I spend three-hundred-dollars on a rusty

clapboard because Alfred Hichcock supposedly used it on the film The Birds, and

donated it to The Museum of Creative Arts, and they decided to auction it off. Legend
has it that Alfred Hichcock used different clapboards for every movie he ever made, but

you know how legends are. They are usually made up by the kid that sits in the back of

the classroom drawing comic strips, and sipping milk out of a straw.

        I couldn’t wait to begin my sides. The Unexpected Prince was a story that had

to be told. Anything with a prince in the title had to be told. I mean prince’s are every

girl’s fantasy; except prince’s come from a place that lives so magical, and unrealistic

that it’s hard to fathom that it could actually happen for real. Take Cinderella for

instance. Yes, she was just an ordinary girl living her ordinary life which revolved

around heinous chores like cleaning chimney’s and scrubbing floors when she sneaked

away to the garden to shed a few unnecessary, but realistic tears (um, so familiar to a

wisher, A dreamer, and an underachiever. Think Todd from the band Turmoil. How

could I lower my standards like this?) But just maybe there is an unexpected prince in

real life. Let’s just hope that they do exist, or I’ll forever be torn by injustice for true

and everlasting love. Here I go. Ready to dive into the sides for my audition.
                              PRINCE ALAN
               Such a lovely evening.

               So wonderful. It feels like heaven. (She is so into him I can feel it).

                             PRINCE ALAN
               Only when I look into your eyes.

               I can’t believe this. This seems so sudden.

                             PRINCE ALAN
               I don’t know what happened, but I fell in love with you.

               It doesn’t feel real.

                            PRNCE ALAN
               Then maybe this does.

       Nothing. There was no, “He pushed his face forward, and wrapped his hand

around her neck, and gently laid his lips upon her cheek, then swept his lips across

hers.” Okay, I admit it. I read a chapter in Janice’s Teen Harlequin novel, but it was
only that one time. See curiosity killed the cat, because now I’m hooked to romance

like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

        Don’t leave me hanging now? Please for the love of God!!!! But unfortunately

there was no kiss waiting on the other end. That stinks. At least if I don’t get the part I

could say that I kissed a Hottie of the Century, and it was a real good one too even if it

is a complete lie. I just can’t tell the truth this time. Can’t I get a way with a little white

lie just this once? A kiss must come next, or I’ll forever hold my peace.

Fri, Sept 25th 3:45 p.m.

        This role is taking a lot out of me. Since the day I found out that I got the part I

headed over to The San Francisco Public Library, and stacked up a whole bunch of

books on royalty including a book about Prince Harry and Prince William and the story

behind England’s most beloved prince’s, and what it’s like to live in their shoes. You

know they’re asked that a lot. And dating must be totally exhausting. I mean you want

to take a girl on a date and you have The Village People hawking at you, Nancy Drew,
the press, and the paparazzi. It was so fascinated in Chapter 6.

Chapter 6
The Life of a Teenage Prince

        Prince Harry and Prince William are two of the most celebrated teenagers in
England, and in all over the world. The sons’ of Princess Diane and Prince Philip has
caused quite a stir when they go out in public. Dating isn’t exactly a normal part of their
life. With screaming girls, and bodyguard’s, life as they know it has completely
        “It’s really wild,” Prince William quoted last years in Crown and Royalty.
        These two brothers have come a long way in just a short time. From tiny tykes,
to gorgeous heartthrobs they are unstoppable. The heir of the throne of a multi-million
dollar estate a lot is riding on these two-teenagers to live up to their royal name.
        But “wild” is an understatement. Sensational, glorious, and unbelievable are
only some of the adjectives used to describe these two teenage boys. And this is only
the beginning…

       This is only the beginning….I tried to read further, but I couldn’t get past this

sentence. I couldn’t go on any further because this handsome stranger of the night

swept in out of nowhere, and took me by surprise. He looked like he could be the next

handsome vampire, and wanted me to play his love interest. It would be our Final

Trilogy‘s, because Final Trilogy’s always get the best kisses on the planet. We’d live
happily-ever-after….and I’d wear the pants in that family…or whatever vampire’s

wear I don’t know. I’m not a vampire-expert you know. I only know that they sleep

during the day, and turn into bats at night. Um…I don’t know the

whole-vampire-love-interest-thing has my name written all over it because I’m more

like a mortal-love-interest-thing kind of girl even though I lack experience, and feel

immortal around any guy I find remotely cute. It sucks being the invisible girl, but I can

only imagine being the invisible vampire unless you’re in-front of a mirror then you’re

allowed to be, but not in real life. In real life you should have some visibility to you,


VISIBILTIY. You are so not a ghost. I don’t think the guys out there will ever get the

picture of The Ghostly Conquest of Visibility. Am I human? Do I have ten fingers and

ten toes? Can I stay awake during the day and sleep at night? Can I see my reflection in

the mirror? Then why can’t a single guy take notice of all this, and find me remotely

attractive, and will co-exist with me. Am I that bad of a kisser??? Do I smell? After
gym-class I make sure I use my Teen Splash deodorant, and spray myself down with

Forever Fresh so I don’t smell like moldy sweats so I don’t think this is the issue.

Maybe it is my lips, and they’re just unattainable. I just have to have hope. I just have to

have lips to die for not literally, but figuratively; lips that scream KISS ME! KISS ME

I’M IRISH! Even though I’m a half this, a half that, and a three-quarter somewhere

over the pacific.

Sat, Sept 26th 6:30 p.m.

        I’ve been marking off my Love Bird calendar every day, and each day gets

closer to the big day when fait will reveal to the world whether I‘m a good kisser, or

not? I can’t believe everything I’ve worked for has come down to this. Kissing has

become the mantra of my life like my world is going to only come down to these--these

unstoppable lips like that train movie, except no one saves my day like that fine

conductor. I have to save the day, and I don’t know if I can handle all that pressure. I bet
no one ever wondered if Blake Storm knew how to kiss. Okay, he’s Blake, a God, a

saint, an unruly master of kissing, but I’m sure he didn’t start out kissing like a pro. I’m

sure he had to find himself just like the rest of us. I mean no one just comes out

knowing how to kiss. It takes time and patience which I have absolutely none of.

         “Bridget, darling are you still practicing on your hand?” Mother wanted to

know. How insensitive.

         “Mother I’ve grown from there. Don’t you have any faith in me whatsoever?”

         “Bridget why don’t you come down for dinner?”

         “I’m not hungry. Can’t you see that I’m busy? Mom look at the calendar. I don’t

have a lot of time before the kiss of the century. Do you know how many kisses get bad


         “I’m sorry it wasn’t on the top of my list this week.”

         “Dozens mom. Hollywood is full of them.”

         “Okay, honey whatever you say. Come down when you’re ready.”
       Mom closes the door behind her, and I go back to work. They say that when you

love you kiss but when you don’t love you don’t know how to kiss. Genius. Pure

genius. And I loved Blake Storm for like ever so I think kissing him will be a snap.

       I pulled out a very cool diagram of a man’s face from Eat your Heart Out with

three crucial areas of importance to a guy: 1. His lower lips 2. His earlobe and 3. His

neck. Ooh gross. I am not kissing a guy’s earlobe even if he’s the best looking guy on

the planet, and has the most perfect lips imaginable.

Sun, Sept 27th 10a.m.

       When I told Janice about my huge kissing scene she went crazy. Even though

we were IMING I knew that if she was in-front of me she would be screaming.

PopCandy: Aren’t you like psyched? You’re going to be the It Girl from now on.

GlamGirl21: I know. Talk about the pressure. It’s killing me!

PopCandy: Remember stock up on gum, and lip-gloss.

GlamGirl21: Where did you get your formal training on kissing etiquette.
PopCandy: From the school of life.

Mon, Sept 28th 5:15a.m. WAY TO EARLY TO BE AWAKE

       Getting the part was so exciting I couldn’t believe my ears. My soul was

fluttering around in circles, and my heart was racing so fast that I had to sit down, and

take a few deep breaths, and now I’m here with a mega-super-star, and lips that live,

and breathe kissing. BLAKE STORM LIVES KISSING!!!! Like his whole life

revolves around kissing beautiful girls and I just happen to be the one he will be kissing

next. This is not just any guy. This is not just some random guy off the street who wants

to pucker his lips, and kiss me. This is a man who has lips like Spiderman’s who can

kiss upside down, side-ways, backwards, and anyway in-between. Sometimes I feel

like screaming, but resist the urge because I don’t want to scare everyone around me.

This is a once-and-a-lifetime opportunity to be a star, and to be one of the greatest

kissers in the world. I want to top every good kisser in Hollywood even if it means I’ll

have to practice, and all my weekends are shot to hell. Being a great kisser involves
sacrifice for sure.

        “Bridget is it?” Blake Storm said. And then the weirdest thing happened. I was

speechless. The girl that could out speak every guy could out-scream anyone at pep

rallies was speechless. I had lots to say, but no words could make it out of my mouth.

“Are you okay?”

        “Um…yes I think.”

        “You think,” Then he put his most adorable lips next to my ear. “Relax. You’ll

do just fine.” Oh MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His lips were that close to me I could feel his

breath on my neck, hot and moist, and breathtaking.

        Claire Woods walked over to us with a smile for days. “Hi, Bridget. Blake you

know your que. Your lines. This is the moment where all the bets are off. Take places

everyone.” Claire hustled behind the camera. “Okay, background. And action.”

        “Such a lovely evening.” Blake who’s playing a fine-ass prince of the decade

wrapped his arms around me.
       “So wonderful. It’s like heaven.”

       “Only when I look into your eyes.”

       “I can’t believe this. This seems so sudden.”

       “I don’t know what happened, but somehow I fell in love with you.”

       “It doesn’t feel real.”

       “Then maybe this does.” And he leaned over to kiss me, and I almost died.

I licked my lips like I was a sex kitten in a Pepsi commercial my hair blowing over my

shoulders on this cool night. The stars shined like tiny gemstones only I missed his

mouth, and something so impossible happened that could only happen to me: I missed

his lips, and landed right smack on the floor. This is an embarrassing moment that will

break all others. It looks like I’m out. I think the God’s have something against me,

because I’m vacating myself under the covers, and never coming out as long as I live.

Tues, Sept 29th 9:30a.m.

       Yesterday, we had the chance to do the kissing scene all over again. And think it
only took eleven takes. Thank God for retakes. You know I didn’t want the entire

nation laughing at me. On that day I didn’t have Janice to run to. Even though I’m only

a trainee in the business, and this is my first on-camera smooch people really slam you

for not having the ability to use tongue in a conventional manner with confidence,

relaxation, and total passion. So today, after my workout with Giovanni, I IMed Janice,

and hoped the news didn’t already spread. Things like first kiss bloopers spread fast.

And this is totally the hard truth to kisses in Hollywood.

GlamGirl21: The world as far as I know is totally over.

PopCandy: Bridg, I think you need to wait before you say that.

GlamGirl21: Why? Can’t a movie star have a bad day?

PopCandy: It just got worst. It’s all over The National Enquire.

GlamGirl21: Shut up! Please say you’re joking with me.

PopCandy:: Sorry Bridg I wish I was. Is there anything I can do?

GlamGirl21: Shoot the paparazzi. No. I just have to figure out what I’m going to do
PopCandy: Okay, good luck. Remember don’t sweat the small stuff. I thought I left
Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for the Teenager in your locker last year.

GlamGirl21: Small stuff! You’re calling The National (bullshit) Enquire small stuff.
It’s my lips for God’s sake. And these things are not small.

PopCandy: But just remember you’re real friends know you. You’re not that bad as a
kisser. You’re just prone to accidents that all.

GlamGirl21: Well, thanks.

PopCandy: Anytime. Lol

Log off: 10:30a.m.

Wed, Sept 30th 4:30 p.m.

       There are some things in life that should not be photographed. And my lips are

one of those things. What will mother think when she sees my disastrous kissing

moment in history on the cover of The National Enquirer, the top tabloid magazine in

America with the captain that reads Caught in the Act. Tabloid drama isn’t me. But

figures the one thing in life that should be restricted came out of my mouth. And the
paparazzi hit a golden moment for my squeaky clean image. My fans should definitely

sympathize with me. It’s not my fault I had to have my first kiss on-camera. Usually

disastrous kisses happen off-camera. When I walked by newsstands I couldn’t help buy

all of the copies of The National Enquirer. I didn’t dare look inside. They probably put

a bubble beside my mouth that reads “Um…I think I need someone to walk me through

this. Do you start off with tongue first?” People can be so rude sometimes.

Thurs, Oct 1st 9:30a.m.

        Eleven takes to kiss the man of my dreams! That’s right you heard it right

here--eleven! I don’t know why I’m so bad at this. This should be the easiest thing I

ever do, kiss. I mean they make kissing look so easy on all those perfume commercials.

I didn’t know how excruciating painful the process really is. They definitely need to do

a Behind the Scenes look at kissing scenes then maybe the audience could get a real

look at kissing scenes, but until then I’ll list all eleven fatal kisses that I will live down

as long as I’m in the public eye.
Take 1: Here you have me. Standing just inches from Lips of the Devine when I went in
for the kill (literally), and find how beautiful and wonderful an earlobe is. Yuck!

Take 2: Um…I wonder if I’m going to be like charged with assault with a deadly
weapon for injuring Blake’s gorgeous tanned forehead with my own forehead for
crying out loud like such a doof that is actually made of steel. Instead of kissing why
don’t I just like a bunch of hot males in a row, and butt heads with them? That sounds
like a plan.

Take 3: Slobber. Slobber. Slobber. Especially me. I’m the slobee one which I hate to

Take 4: Missed to kiss. Yup. I think I was thinking too much.

Take 5: Going, going, going…gone. His tongue got all slimy like a reptile, and I started
cracking up. I mean I thought he was supposed to be a pro at this.

       “Is there something wrong with you, and kissing?” the director said all stern,

and stuff like it’s my entire fault that we had to have five takes. What about my co-star?

Let’s put the blame where it should go. A guy is always supposed to lead. This is the

way it’s been since the cave ages.

Take 6: Kissed his eye.

Take 7: Bit his lower-lip. Ouch. I really didn’t mean to do that. Really.
Take 8: Went all Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon on him.

Take 9: Smacked heads with him again.

Take 10: Smashed my mouth up against his lips.

Take 11: Was chewing gum in-between takes and Blake didn’t know, and he nearly
choked to death. My heart beat. My reason for living.

     Okay, I take that back.

        I think the angels in heaven were like having a party and were saying things

like, “Finally this girls got it right.”

        Halleluiah! Halleluiah! I’m not a kissing reject anymore!

Fri, Oct 2nd 7:30a.m

        You’d think I was a queen at kissing from all those kissing best-sellers I bought

including How to Kiss the Man of your Dreams and not Lose your Cool? Janice came

over with her emergency kit to comfort me the following week when she heard about

my in-sensitive lips that had swept the nation. My lips had made national news. She
held onto The National Enquirer, and said, “I think we need to talk. Look.” And she

pointed at the most horrific experience of my life. I don’t think I’ll be able to live this

one down.

       “Those imbeciles. Those scoundrels. How can they be so cold and calculating?”

I asked. The cover showed me missing Blake’s mouth, and puckering up with his

earlobe instead of his beautiful lips, and the next picture showed me kissing the

FLOOR. I can’t believe someone would much rather take a picture of me screwing up

kissing the hottest, most edible neighbor to hit Hollywood since The Golden Age,

instead of some rock star, or something. This to me does NOT make sense one bit. I

don’t think I am of comparison to a rock star. Am I??

       “That’s their job,” Janice reminded me.

       “Can they really get away with this?”

       “They can, and they have. Your front page debut proves it.”

       “No one’s going to ever live this one down.”

Taken from The Encyclopedia of Disastrous Kissing Moments in History--Volume 3


Date of January 5th 2001

Martha Becker from Phoenix, Arizona met her boyfriend at Hey, Sally Diner for a
shared Coco-Cola float. It was a nineteen-fifties dream lovers’ diner only when they
left things turned for the worst when they gazed at the stars underneath the Skylight
Bridge, and went in for a good night’s kiss. The boy who will be anonymous for
reasons can’t disclose at this time) went in to soon and almost smashed his head on hers
landing her in the hospital. She almost faced a concussion. She still has no recollection
of Dream Lover’s Paradise. Her dream of the perfect kiss quickly turned into a


Date of February 14th 2003

Donna Lenner fell head over heels for the star quarterback of The Raiders. They went
out one night, and decided to make out underneath the bleachers when Donna Lenners
necklace got stuck in Gary Steven’s braces. Horrified, to see people walking into The
Pep Rally they just had to sit, and wait for someone to rescue them while crowds of
bystanders were cracking up laughing.

Date of December 4, 2004

Sarah Brenan met her boyfriend at Roller Derby to watch him do some major stunts
with his skateboard. After winning second place Sarah went in for--what she thought
would be the kiss of the century--and had missed his lips. Both danced for about
ten-seconds before they found the right rhythm and got it right.

         See CASE CLOSED. I am so not the only one with a kissing bloopers now I

think I deserve an apology for all the slack I’ve been getting about this. Don’t you


Sat, Oct 3rd 10a.m.

         I met Janice by the pool in deep-distress about my kiss that I can’t do anything

about. I can’t turn back time, and give the public something wonderful to dream about

(well, the final-cut is something to dream about), but the bloopers makes you wish your

lips never stop foot near my lips because you just never know. Janice was sipping on a

Pina Collada with Hollywood-inspired Marilyn Monroe sun-glasses. Nothing has

changed since the third-grade. Her head was more in the clouds then I was, and I was
the actress. I plopped down on the lawn chair next to her, and noticed the array of men

sweeping across rolling green hills on white horses carrying swords, and a gorgeous

blond receiving his TLC. I started to pick up her books reading the titles,” Forsaken

Hearts. Lover’s Quarrel. The Last Dance. Janice you have got to be joking right?”

        “Sh. Julias is about to propose to Julia while they’re stargazing at the beautiful

night sky. How romantic!”

        “I’m sorry for interrupting, but don’t you think you’re getting a little carried

away?” I asked plopping down on the lawn chair beside her.

        “Not as carried away as your kissing books.”

        “Give me a break. We can’t all be talented kisses can we now?”

        “That’s right I am a talented kisser. But you know how many practice shots

before I hit a bull’s eye. A lot! I thought I was never going to get it right.”

        “Janice, you had your first kiss years-ago. I remember because you told me how

magical it was.” I said picking up Forsaken Hearts, and speed-reading through the
summary of the book. This is how low our female-race has stooped too.

        “Was that me?”

        “Yes, it was you. And you told me you had a genetic-gift. Whatever you meant

by that I don’t know.”

        “Okay. I forfeit. It was magical--like a dream come true.”

        “Can I hold your books?” Todd Wilkins said as he gazed into Janice’s eyes.

        “Sure. I only have a block away.”

        “I could use the exercise.”

        They walked hand-in-hand a love forming with each step. When they reached

Janice’s house Todd handed Janice her books. It just took one look in each other’s eyes

to lose themselves. Star’s danced around their eyes, and then Todd went in for a kiss, a

kiss that lifted to the heavens, a true kiss made only in fairytales.

        Janice was in seventh-heaven. When we came back to Planet Earth Janice was

totally captivated by her fifth-grade stud.
      “Janice, Earth to Janice.”

      “Oh, sorry. So there you have it?” My first kiss out in the open.”

      “That was so much better than mine that’s for sure.”

      “Bridge, kisses are not supposed to be planned they’re supposed to just


Chinese people take delight in meeting the whole-family before they engage in any
activity including kissing. They are definitely family-oriented to say the least.

The African honeys pack their bags with every-flavor of breath mints, gum, and sprays
to be rest-assured they are well-prepared for a midnight rendezvous. And so they can
help their guy out a bit.

Swedish Lovers (who were the mastermind behind Swedish Fish) engage in courtship a
lot gentler then others. Their kisses are a lot softer, and actually they take their time in
everything they do. We could learn a lot from these Swedish lovers.

The Salsa Sweeties are again based on the unity of family, and the unity of their tribe
that will forevermore be captivated through song and dance. Take: The Salsa Dance.
This dance will shake you lose, make you sweat, and make your tribe dance like it’s the
last night of your life.

We rush into kissing like a gazelle pouncing on a deer. Wonder why we need to brush
up on your kissing skills, and our romanticizing skills, and our, well, everything skills.
I mean can’t love, and kisses survive through the ages. Can’t the American-people have
love that lasts forever and ever like famous names of Royalty who found love, kept
love, and grew with love not without love?

Sun, Oct 4th 11pm

        Sometimes I wonder why mother is so uptight about me being a teen star. It’s

not like I told her I was joining the circus. Geeze. She thinks that teen celebrities aren’t

“appropriate for our society.” Hey, Amy Lawson, the new Disney-Girl is doing alright

for herself plus she gets the best of both worlds. You know what. It’s all about the

kissing. My kissing scenes are making her squirm, and now she wants to ruin the best

job in the universe. I think she watches to many episodes of Stardom in America: the

uncut and raw version. Can’t she like watch The Today Show or even The Food

Network for the love of God like a normal parent? Kissing is an act of affection.

Kissing lets one know your undying passion for your one true love. Without it our
boyfriends would never know how we truly care…and the human species would be

extinct. For sure.

       One time I saw this tribe on the discovery channel who actually worships

women’s lips like they were a sacred emblem sitting up in The Boston Museum of

Science. So true. I remembered sitting there with my large spoon dug deep into a

Haagen-Dazs container unable to compose myself. They do it every hundred-year. See

the legend goes that the Queen of the Arabian Jungle Sophiella found a water spring

that was filled with these famous flowers called The Magic of Eight because they wrap

around like the number 8) that give off these Nero-waves whenever one approaches

them. And while she was thirsty she took a pail, and dipped it into the water spring, and

began drinking from it not knowing that the water had been blessed with these magical

flowers turning ordinary Spring Water into a Love Potion that turned her lips into a

beautiful enchanting sight to see. Whenever the men saw her they bowed down at her

presence. And if men kissed her sparks left their lips in a flash, and the whole tribe saw
the ray of light move throughout the jungle. This was the start of the miracle of kissing.

But what I really want to know is how do I get a hold of something like this?

Mon, Oct 5th 9:00 To Early to Be up at this hour.

       So anyway I think mother needs some more time. She was such a prude. I mean

all the way prudish to the MAX. And plus you shouldn’t listen to everything you hear.

I mean they have RUMOR CONTROL for a reason--to control the injustice of

America. Hollywood sure gets a bad rep just for being Hollywood. Can’t they take a

break for a change, and do something worthwhile like take care of the environment, or

rescue kittens from imprisonment.
               CELEBRITY FILES


       A secret undercover spy for The Hollywood Insider says that Blake Storm is

optioning for another movie that will show another side of him all together. His fans

normally see him as a tough character rescuing petite-girls from flaming buildings, but

this year Blake Storm might need some rescuing himself. As an A-list actor he refuses

to be typecast, and is going to show Hollywood that he’s more than a cute face, and an

adorable smile, because Blake Storm can play a jack-of-all-trades in hit-after-hit. And
we can only wait to see what’s next. Blake Storm has been known to attempt all his

stunts. Reports have shown that he doesn’t have a stunt double, and works out with

top-notch trainers from magazines such as Muscle and Ripped. Every day at the gym he

punches a three-hundred pound bag, and does several laps around Central Square. He

may be young, but he has more heart than any old-person and proves time and time

again that Blake Storm can really kick ass.

Tues, Oct 6th 10:00a.m.

       The one thing I learned about the film business is how a movie is made. It’s so

interesting that I observed everything from the stand-ins, to the cameramen angling on

every fine detail, and how they maneuvered the camera to fit the scene, to the makeup

and hair crew (which is like my fave since I’m like obsessed with makeup and hair

products. Okay, I almost went to Cosmetology school, but Gillian’s Cosmo’s School of

Pizzazz was booked, and I couldn’t get a spot). I learned that you never film the whole

movie in-order, that you film in bits and pieces at a time, and the edit room is where it
all comes together, perfectly and beautiful just like a blockbuster should. Today on-set

I felt a little tired because I was dreaming of Blake all night long, and I couldn’t get him

out off my head.

        “Hey Bridget.” Blake kissed me on the cheek, and I felt my cheeks turn pink.

“There was a write-up on you in Art in America. It turns out you are charming, and a

delight to be around.”

        “Let me look at that” I said.

        “It does. Oh my God it does. Wow I can’t believe it.”

        “Believe it. Bridget your life is beginning to change.” And Blake walked away.

I felt everything from excitement, to panic, to not knowing if I could handle that much

success, or if I would break under the pressure.

Wed, Oct 7th 2:00 p.m. This Day is like Never Ending

        The entire nation is going to find out that I’m dating a prince, or my character

Lacey is dating a prince, and I have to act all shocked and have to scream and be all “In
your face--” like in-front of a roomful of strangers. How totally embarrassing. I mean

yes I’ve been at a place where “Oh my God I can’t believe this is happening to me” like

when I found out that Blake Storm was the mystery heartthrob, and I had to kiss him

like an expert and all, but now I have to take acting on a whole different level.

       “Prince Alan! Prince Alan!” The people stormed into the restaurant flashes

beaming, and microphones lifted.

       “They know. How did they find out? What did you do? This is supposed to be

top secret.” Blake Storm took the role of Prince Alan, and ran with it.

       “You have to believe me. I didn’t tell anybody.”

       “Then how did they find out?”

       “I don’t know. You gotto believe me!”

       The reporters showed no mercy. I chased after Prince Alan, but his bodyguards

had him out of there in no time.

       “Cut.” Claire Woods hollered.
         “That’s a wrap. Good Job all.”

        My driver was waiting for me outside the set, and I couldn’t wait to tell Janice

how the day went. Everything seems to be happening so fast. I wonder what’s in store

for me next.


1. Guys can really be romantic when they want to be.

2. The long-standard tradition of taking your bride to become a princess is
the truth not a myth or a fabricated tale from The Duchess: the life of
royalty. (um…I thought it only happened to real people you know not
high-school people like me).

3. True love can come from anywhere even my loser high-school.
4. Prince’s are really just regular people except they a) own a horse-drawn
carriage b) own a castle--not like Cinderella or anything--but the kingdom
sure does make my house look like a shack and my house was reported in
Beautiful houses magazine.

5. Fame comes with a price.

Thurs, Oct 8th Proclaiming True Love

      Prince Alan was revealed all over the TV with insane reporter’s screaming

RIGHT in his face. I mean don’t reporters’ know how distressing these moments are.

They don’t feel very compassionate about the need to cool off after the world just

discovered you’re a prince who’s disguised as a high-school student who’s hiding from

the mob. I guess that’s true life right? And everyone caught it on TV: Principal
Mcguiver; students at the local diner; the jock and bimbo crowd; and Lacey and her

unbearable parents. The last scene we did nearly cost me my TV-boyfriend, and I can’t

imagine what it would be like to lose something so precious when you’ve been waiting

for that person all of your life. Well, good thing I fought, and WON because Prince

Alan is one to fight for. He’s a prince with major connections in the Royal Kingdom,

always pulls out your chair at fancy restaurants, opens doors for you, and never forgets

to make sure to throw a tic-tac in his mouth at the end of a Royal-dinner.

        “How could you keep this a secret for so long?” My TV-parents said played by

Arnold and Joy Spellman two of the richest actor’s in Hollywood today.

        “I didn’t keep this a secret mom. You have to believe me. I didn’t know.”

        “You didn’t know that you were dating a prince of an entire country.”

        “No. He’s…well very…ordinary. And mom, dad I’m in-love with him.”

        “Don’t tell me you’re planning on going off, and eloping now.” My TV-dad

said flailing his hands in the air.
       “Elope dad. No. I’m still going to finish high-school.”

       “That’s good. I’m happy to hear you have some sense.”

       “Dad. I know you don’t approve that he’s a prince, but I love him, and

neither you, or mom is going stand in my way.” I walked off from the scene at

once in a teenaagery-way with major attitude, and the will to stick to my

convictions no matter what anyone said.

Fri, Oct 9th, Award Shows

       Award shows are very thrilling for any movie star. Turns out I was nominated

for an award for my role as Lacey Woods in An Unexpected Prince. It’s such an honor

to actually be among so many talented actors that I’m afraid I’m going to say

something stupid, and goof up, because I usually do just because I‘m not that

put-together as an actress in-front of the world. Honestly, I had to stand in-front of a

mirror, and practice being a charismatic, sure-of-herself, confidant woman like I’ve

been to dozens of award shows at the theatre when this is my first one. Note-to-self: put
yourself together not only for your outer-picture, but your inner-picture as well so you

really do have it all.

        “Here we are at the latest red carpet event at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in

Los Angeles as the stars get ready for their entrance. As you can see from behind us we

have legendary stars, seasoned newcomers, and a list of screenwriter’s and director’s

who make all this possible. Oh look what we have here.” Kara O-Neil stopped me as I

began to walk by. She looked so beautiful. She wore an ankle-length turquoise

silk-dress with feathers around the seams across her neck. I was so nervous I started to

take deep breaths. “Look who has stopped by to visit us. Bridget Summers. Hi Bridget

how’s it going? Are you enjoying yourself tonight?”

        “I’m having a great time. I’m meeting so many people it’s really exciting.”

        “And if you don’t mind my asking who are you wearing tonight? Give us a little

spin why don’t you?” She asked, and I obliged since I was on TV, and wanted to

make a great impression for TV-viewers everywhere. The ruffles on my dress spun
around with me. It was a lavishing Pink-Delight number that I found at Bloomingdales,

and the best part was I got a 25% discount just for being me.

       “I’m wearing Donna Karen tonight.” I said enthused by her smiling face.

       “Donna Karen. Well, you look absolutely wonderful. Why don’t you go enjoy

yourself tonight? I hope to see you again later.”

       “I will. Thanks Kara,” I said. When I left her marvelous-presence, I found my

seat that was surprisingly near the stage. Steve Myers who has been a comedian for

decades started the show. He was totally laid-back, and cool.

       “What a great theatre. We have so many great entertainer’s tonight that it seems

a bit intimidating standing here today. Wow, could this girl could look any hot in the

front row here.” Oh, my God so embarrassing. Why me for the love of God? He was

talking about me in-front of all these people. My face turned so red I wanted to run so

fast, and hide somewhere where no one could find me.

Sat, Oct 10 Fashion to the Stars
       Oh my God It’s weird to see people scrutinize everything you do, and

everything you wear. I never was much a dresser in high school and I definitely never

won The Best Dressed category in my school yearbook. Those kinds of honors go to

people like The Prom Queen, or the captain of the cheerleading squad not drama geeks

who don’t know how to dress to save their lives. Those high-school years really wore

me out. I never could keep up with the latest trends and resorted to wearing what I was

used too, but now I compiled a list that could spare your soul from much ridicule.


LOOKS TO KEEP                                                   LOOKS TO LOSE

Baby doll dresses                                          Summer scarves
Ballet flats                                               Tied Shrugs
Metallic bags                                          Bangles
Large headband                                         Polk-a-dotts
A skinny headband tucked                               Ripped jeans
behind a shiny bun

     Hope this will take your wardrobe from banned, to fabulous.

1. Eighties Retro. This is so out. Didn’t you ever see The Rivers on E Entertainment
Television? So good. Even better if you’re not drooling over some Blondie in the back
looking like a hot Calvin Klein model ready for the runway.

2. Spandex. Jane Fonda was so 1987. I have to makeover my workout video collection
ASAP so no one will discover Jane Fonda, or any old Jazzercise Maximum Workout.
They’re actually my mother’s video collection, but I live with her so I guess they
become mine as well.

3. Fishnet Stockings. The only time you’re going to use a net is to go fishing. I don’t see
any point in the invention of these things if you ask me.

4. Bell Bottoms. The whole-point of being a female is to accentuate your curves. And
bell bottoms doesn’t do it for you. You hide everything about being you, and YOU is
not something you should want to hide.

5. Leather-Retro. So not an attractive outfit that you should consider going with.
Leather--Retro leather--says “I’m mean and I’m going to kick your behind all the way
to kingdom come,” and we don’t want to give any negative statement to the world that
is so not us, and so not pretty, and polite.

Use bronzer that is targeted specifically for your face-type. Even the tannest looking
stars are actually pale, so Casper is totally out.

Don’t wear all-over foundation. It’ll only cover up the natural glow of your skin.

Use gloss on the center of your lips to give yourself puckering lips.

Wear many shades of color. Don’t get into a one-shade-fits-all rut.

A leave-in conditioner will keep your hair moist through-out the day.

Never throw away the diffuser that comes inside the package. This is the most
important part. It’ll keep your hair smooth, and free of flyaways.
Sun, Oct 11th Low Moments of Celebriitism

       I was just about to give myself a manicure when Beach-Time- In-The- Sun sent

me the e-newsletter for the up-and-coming shades that soon will be hitting stores

nationwide. I mean to get that PERFECT shade all-year round that doesn’t mix-match

with our skin-tone is a miracle, but for me personally I prefer environmentally friendly

products myself. I’m a total animal lover. And what some would call an animal activist.

I don’t like picket over research labs where they do these sick experiments on God’s

most precious creatures, or anything. I mean I did that last year. And where did I end

up, in the county jail, next to Jailhouse Barbie, and Retro Betty, two of the most

obnoxious girls on the block who were nailed for toilet papering their EX-boyfriend’s

car to get, you know, much deserved revenge for, well you know for being them, total

guys. Can’t they be satisfied with one chick?? I mean they have a little bit of Monica

here and Erica there you would think they were ostracized by their fellas for having
ONE CHICK. HELLO, I call monogamy the new in-thing. What’s with all of the

ta-jazz with roller-skating around the issue of ONE RELATIONSHIP?

       “You know Bridg they say that polygamy is on the rise. I saw it on TLC. Or

TNN. Or something like that. This guy was living with three women (totally

emphasizing the word THREE like it was a deadly fungus growing on the bottom of

your foot, and it‘s growing into a giant mutant life-force). And wining and dining three

women (And she does it again with that word THREE--Enough I get the picture), like

they were all his soul mates.” And my question is how can THREE (Okay, I think

Janice is rubbing off on me.) women be your soul mate. Isn’t it impossible to be so

divinely-connected to more than ONE human being? I don’t know that’s why Janice is

supposed to be an expert on all this soul-mate stuff.

       “Ooh, gross. You mean he shares all three women. I mean what if one woman

wants to make a date-night are all of them going to come for the show. I consider this to

be an invasion of your God-given right for privacy with your man. Shoot, I will not be
sharing my man with anyone. I mean would you?”

       “In the next lifetime maybe. And maybe I’d come back as a wizard with these

super-powers, and he’d think he’s married to three other women when he’s actually

only married to me. I’d be like Houdini only cuter.”

Summer Breeze

Shier Rose


Pink Lemonade

Sparkling Sun

Silver Nights

       Enjoy with the latest shades. All you have to do is strap on some sexy sandals

and go. I hear that that new sherbet place around the corner of Bathing Suit Paradise is

to die for plus it brings in only the most cutest, and mouth-watering guys. Okay, it’s
Teen Harlequin’s fault for turning me into a romance-crasher. Every week I go to that

sherbet place around the corner of where I live, and find my Teen Harlequin dream

coming true. It’s all Janice’s fault. She’s the one who’s turned me to the other side, a

side that I thought I didn’t belong until I caught a glimpse of his raving black hair,

strong blue eyes, soft tanned skin, and lips that screamed “Kiss Me.” He was hiding

beneath a dark moon, and a mist of grey clouds, but then I investigated, and realized

that you should never judge a book by its cover. Love is more than skin-deep. Love

takes out all the exterior hoopla, and zeroes on true character that in-turn brings true

love. Speaking like a true expert. Oh, I only wish…


1. A time where I lose myself in the music, preferably a Radical Five CD, and totally
rock out to the end of a long, and tiresome journey, but also totally A-mazing one while
I hold onto the one man that brought me to the epiphany of stardom, Blake (heavenly)
Storm. God, I love the sound of that

2. Reflect on An Unexpected Prince’s success which goes something like this.

a. Major celebrity. I can get VIP to all of Usher’s concerts.
b. Casting agents are calling me off the hook, but I guess I’m off the hook now from
doing tweety-bird voice-overs on Saturday morning cartoons. THANK YOU GOD
EVER SO MUCH. Not that I have anything wrong with Tweety, or The Road Runner,
but I don’t think Hollywood will take me very seriously as a SERIOUS actress.
c. Veteran-Actor is loving me off-screen which is getting major publicity.
3. When Blake and I give each other a celebration kiss, preferably in front of the whole
entire world! I want people to know who my boyfriend really is, and how I get to kiss
him ALL THE TIME. Not only in the movies. I am the luckiest girl in the world.


Because it’s not every day a party is thrown because of my contribution to the film

society. Wow, I really like the sound of that. My contribution to the film society. It

didn’t come easy let me tell you. And now I’m actually here I’m going to enjoy every

minute of it. You know my after party should be a party that is more than the cliques at

Anna Maria High which its foundation is built on a socio-pathological learning

environment. Even though I was taken from a regular high school I feel better off.

Yeah, I know what all the debates are, that I won’t function as a well- rounded

individual that I’ll be taken away from different ethnic groups, religions, personalities

and so forth but I would be able to spell corvette, without just knowing how to drive

       When our limousine pulled up to The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel our chauffer

opened our door, and all these lights started flashing. It seemed like the dream I had

except I didn’t wake up to my dog licking my face. THANK GOD. This was the real

deal better then the real deal not like Deal or No Deal that atrocious game show where

most guests walk away from Mega Bucks because the Greedy-Bug hooks onto them,

and refuses to let go. But if this was a game show I would choose to make a deal, but

it’ll be hard to walk away from a man that looks like a million bucks.

       “After you,” Blake says taking my hand like the prince he played in An

Unexpected Prince. I didn’t know that one movie could change him and make him the

man of my dreams. I didn’t know how incredibly romantic he is. For this night I chose

another Monica Lulliar dress, a passionate red across the shoulder mumba number that

I fell so incredibly sexy in with the PERFECT makeup job.

Max Factor Pink Sunshine Blush $5.95
Loreal Mystic Red $3.49
Loreal Eyeliner Purple Rain $3.99
       All this and you have a look taken from Page 79 in Life and Style magazine.

       Blake wore his blue fitted jeans, and a Hawaiian shirt that was partially opened,

and showed his well defined chest muscles. He walked over to me and said, “Hi, honey.

Are you enjoying yourself? You were standing over here all by yourself, and I thought

maybe you were a bit lonely.”

       “No, Blake I was just observing the crowd. Wow, there’s like so many people

here to support me. It’s really amazing. All this for me.”

       “You deserve it Bridget. There’s no one that worked harder than you. And you

made this happen for yourself. Now, I think this is the perfect time for a toast. Don’t

you think?”

       “Yeah, Blake and I think it’s my time. I got this one. Hello, everyone. Thank

you for coming. There were many fun times, but blooper moments along the way. And

working with Blake Storm was too wonderful for words. But in all An Unexpected

Prince will be a movie that’ll be treasured forever in my heart. No matter what film
project I will take on, I’ll always remember where I started out. Cheers.” The clinking

of wine glasses symphonized a tune. Then I looked into the mysterious glimmer in

Blake’s eyes. And right there Blake Storm bent over, and kissed me, and I kissed him

right back, since he’s my boyfriend, and since I was in the presence of movie stars. It

wasn’t in front of the entire world but the after party at The Hollywood Roosevelt was

a good start.

       I knew something changed for me the moment I saw the LARGEST billboard to

ever exist in mankind flashing these enormous rays of light. The red and silver glitter

shined so bright I couldn’t help, but notice. I was afraid to look away as if I would miss

some hyped-up advertisement probably showing Puffy Daddy, and his new

cologne-spray. NOTE-TO-SELF: pick up the new Puff Daddy cologne-spray, and slip

it in Blake’s underwear draw when he isn’t looking. I didn’t want to forget this moment

because there I was next to a Chanel, and Versachie looking so glam. It’s so different
now that I’m up there then someone walking by seeing it for the first time. It even looks

different. The sign rose above Time Square that was right near the MTV and NBC

studios, and Blake’s new underwear ad that I blush whenever I see every time like a

total third-grader discovering guys for the first time, but ooh it’s so

up-close-and-personal I can’t stand it. At least they could’ve provided a “package

shawl” with his undies so I wouldn‘t blush so much, and not be able to look at him. I

don’t think I’ll be able to look at him the same way anymore.

       “Blake I didn’t know you were going to expose yourself like that so soon.” I

said looking far away from his

half-naked-and-looking-like-he’s-loving-it-underwear-ad hoping that my sad brown

eyes would change his career around.

       “Exposing myself?” He raised his sexy-eyebrow, and I melted, and looked

away. I still can’t believe he’s my boyfriend. What a dream come true? Maybe I should

pitch myself before I go to sleep just in-case this is one of my most fabulous dreams
yet, and I’m reliving that wonderful, yet horrible dream at the same time.

       “Yeah, you know taking your clothes off, and looking like you belong in an

exotic-desert somewhere.” I told him hoping that in some way it would click, but it

didn’t. He acted like it was normal for him to be so raw.

       “It’s great isn’t it?” He pulled me to his side. “Hey, relax you’re the only girl I’ll

ever need. It doesn’t matter how many girls see that billboard because you’re the light

of my life.” And he looked down to kiss me, and I cherished his luscious lips, and knew

that I would never find someone so right like this moment now, and it made me go back

when Blake was only a dream.

       “Bridge snap out of it. The question is who is your favorite Hollywood movie

star?” Janice had her hand in a Jiffy-bag, and threw a kernel in her mouth then

another and another. Popcorn is her favorite late-night snack. I found that out last year

when we were playing Your Inner-Most Secrets. Mine, of course was ice-cream

sundaes. She likes salty foods, and I like sweet; we’re like oil and vinegar, but for some
strange reason we mix just perfectly.

       Out of fantasy-mode, the world stopped The hourglass was pouring out an

ocean of sand. We’re playing our favorite board game: The Prince, The Carriage, and

The Glass Slippers that we play every Friday night in our

Slumber-Party-Teen-Queen-Riot that does not include boys because that would ruin it

for us. “What?” I asked. And I noticed a black and white photograph on my nightstand

the love of my soul Blake Storm.

       “Come on you’re running out of time.” Janice beckoned me like we were on a

game show, but I just sighed and said. “Do you even have to ask? Who do I talk about

seven-days a week without taking a single breath?” I took the frame from my

nightstand, placed it on my chest, and stared deeply into the eyes of my one true love.

       “You mean Blake Storm?” Janice asked like she doesn’t know. I’m pretty sure

the whole school knows my deep passion for the Screen-God.

       “Well, duh. It’s like we’re made for each other.” I say. I hugged the photo with
all of my heart. I heard that the power of one’s love will bring psychic-powers to the

other person, and make him feel the same way about you. So far nothing yet.

       “Made for each other. Bridge he doesn’t even know you.” Janice said

       “Yet. He doesn’t know me yet.” I reminded her. We’re BFF’S yet it seems as if

I’m always reminding her about my passion what she likes to call obsession.

       “What are you planning on doing?” Janice asked. She rolled the giant-sized

dice, and smiled once she noticed the fuzzy eight that means she’s in the lead as usual.

       “That’s because I’m a romance writer. I know these things.

       “Yeah, for our high school. It’s not like the boys are going to turn into Prince

Charming anytime soon.” I said taking my turn. “Anyway he’s signing autographs at

the mall. This is my one, and only chance to meet him.”

       “You and about a gazillion others.”

       “This is my one and only chance. Janice I just have to meet him.”

       “But he’s a superstar? I think I’ve seen him in his underwear more than I’ve
seen his face.” Janice grabbed a handful of popcorn, and threw it in her mouth. “He’s

a super-star!.”

       “He’s the one who inspired me to go into acting. He’s my hero.”

       “If I see you on the ten o’ clock news remember I changed my digits to

1-800-I-told-you-so.” Oil and vinegar.

       “Bridget we stopped kissing about seven minutes ago. What’s gotten into you?”

There I was with my lips in the puckering-position and no lips to kiss.

       “Oh, my God this is so embarrassing. I guess I got lost in the moment.” And this

was no Debbie Gibson moment let me tell you where losing yourself in the moment is

so enchanting and sweet and incredibly romantic. Debbie was a 1980’s Pop Icon from

what I hear from my cool cousin Auora who used to do promotions for concerts and got

me in free for live shows. I was in Ultimate Heaven.

       “Lost in the moment. Well, I’m happy I can still do that to you.”

       “You’ll always Blake.” We started walking down 5th and Madison. “You were
my Teen Idle. I talked about you more then I talked about anyone in the whole entire

world.” I said.

       “That’s so sweet. You were my loyal fan.”

       “You can say that again. Loyal is not even the world. I worshipped you.” I said

placing my hands passionately on my heart.

       “Worshipped me.” And Blake started tickling me, and I chased him down,

passed wiener-stands, and men selling jewelry inside their coat jackets. So New York)

until I finally caught up with him, and jumped on his back--when the hidden paparazzi

snapped another photo. At least this time there’s no bad kissing involved.

       Oops…I hope that didn’t make the tabloids. I would just die for yet another

time. And what would that do for the mental-state of the American-Public.

Tues, Oct 13th The Interview-Lifestyle
       The interview can take a toll on you ESPECIALLY when they start trying to

grope you for those real deep personal questions not that I have a whole lot of personal

answers to give since the only personal thing I had was my lips, and that made front

page of The National Enquire so there’s nothing new since then. I remember reading so

many interviews in Teen Dream magazine from stars that have come and left us, to

others who have come and stayed for a lifelong career which isn’t exactly the norm

since Hollywood keeps bringing in new stars every day, and people begin to forget

about the old stars, and never remember them again.


1. Kevin Lawrence. He did a couple of 80’s horror films, and was probably to
traumatized to go any further. To bad. He was quite good-looking.
2. Tyler Calaber. Early singer/guitarist. He was alright, but suddenly he stopped
making music, and started living in his Scooby Doo Van, and stopped all contact with
the human life force. So bazaar.
3. Quinton Star. He was a Mexican Soap Star. He had some disputes over his contract.
Rumor has it he beat his lawyer up, and ran for the border until the police caught up
with him, and got busted.

1. Blake Storm. Sorry ladies. This one is taken. The only lips he’ll be kissing is mine.
2. Rainy Miller. Got his big break on Standing Soldiers about four guy friends who
travel cross country to discover a secret treasure that they say is the treasure of a
long-lost pirate ship that was never recovered. It was based on a true story. I caught it
one night on the Discovery channel.
3. Wayne Hood. People had mistaken him from one of the characters from Boys in the
Hood. But no not exactly. He’s a rapper, and got his first break rapping in a hip-hop
group called Double Your Money.

       So I sat down with world-renowned reporter Jenny Stevens for an intimate view

of my life, and the story behind the scenes (Taken from VH1 because they were

interested in my story, but I declined. I told them it wasn’t the right time to do

something as big as this.

TD: Growing up you went to Anna Maria High in San Francisco. How was that
experience? Did it mold you into the person you are today?

BS: Yes. I learned that you have to have thick skin.

TD: So were you at all popular?

BS: I definitely wasn’t popular. The kind of girls that went to my high school had great
clothes, rich parents, and great friends. And I was totally the opposite.
TD: So you didn’t feel like you belonged?

BS: Sort of. I only had one friend. I wasn’t a part of the cool clique. It just never
happened for me. When you start school I think you realize who’s going to be popular,
and who’s not. And if not you learn how to get through the years. I wasn’t totally sad
about it. Having one good friend was better than a hundred of phonies. Janice is a total
keeper. She’s a friend for life.

TD: So any high school drama we should know about?

BS: You bet. This is Anna Maria High. Too much drama. Really, really catty. But
that’s the way it is. You have to find something to make it through those years.

TD: So how is Hollywood like now that you made it?

BS: Okay, Hollywood is like high school in some ways, only this time I’m popular. The
only thing I can think of is how our culture is based on thin-thin girls. This totally bugs
me. Why aspire to be stick thin? It’s not healthy and unattractive. Being compulsive is
ridiculous. Life is to fun to be worrying about looking like models who eat ice cubes,
and spend the whole day at the gym. Girls should not idealize those kinds of girls.

TD: How does Blake think about this topic?

BS: He totally agrees with me. He loves me for just the way I am, and wouldn’t want
me to be any thinner.

TD: Where do you see yourself in Hollywood in the next year, or two?
BS: Making movies I can be proud of that shows the power of being a girl. I definitely
want to challenge myself so I don’t get typecast, and I always want to follow my heart.

       This is my interview you can find on Page 4 in Teen Dream magazine. Just

remember it wasn’t that long-ago I was on the other end. Now, since this interview I

have every magazine calling me including Sass (like this is totally me), People, Teen

Beat, and a gazillion others. But I think I’m going to stay low-key for awhile. One

interview is enough.

Wed, Oct 14th 8a.m. Shopping Till I Drop

       Today I decided to go on an early morning shopping spree. Mother says their

should be a mall named after me since I shop so much, but I tell her it’s my job as a

citizen of the United States to keep the economy going, but she didn’t buy it one bit It’s

not like I always shop, and that’s the only thing I do. I mean there’s meaning in my life

too. I’m an Brand Ambassador for The Clothing Drive of America to help low-income

families afford clothes, and I also sponsored with Kholes to bring awareness to schools
in America who are in-need of clothes and shoes. I want this to move across the nation

maybe even South Africa, and Nigeria, and anywhere else. Isn’t this our right to help

out in any way I can, and to never stop our voice from being heard?

       I noticed the cover story of The Los Angeles Chronicle. The heading read: The

Sweetest 16 Bash to Hit MTV so I picked up a copy, and read the article. Then Otis

said, “See you will always be a light in the media,” which put a smile on my face, and I

silently read the article in the newspaper.

The Sweetest 16 Bash to Hit MTV
     Sasha Wilson
Staff writer

        The Green Room they say is party central. All the well-known celebrities come
out to party into the peak of dawn. Celebrities such as Puff Daddy, Mandy Moore,
Randy Jackson, have been spotted on the dance floor showing their So you think you
can Dance dance moves. And I think they could have made it through a couple of
rounds on this hit show. But Bridget Summers is one girl who knows how to deliver the
goods, as they say. She threw one hell of a party. Party The Night Away I think is her
automata for life. She is the first celebrity to host a party on Super Sweet 16 which I
think will attract other Teen Celebrities. When the time comes they will be inspired to
show the world their own Sweet 16 Fairytale story just as Bridget has done. She was
the star of the show, and the star of life.
       So I guess she like totally loved the episode. And I may have gained another fan

to add to my already loaded fan base. All I can say is Bridget Summers knows how to

throw a party.

Hollywood Insider


 Blake Storm and Bridget Summers is officially a couple.

        The other day while walking down Hollywood Boulevard The Insider spotted
two of the hottest young stars to-date: Blake Storm and Bridget Summers. They were
play fighting, and giving each other sweet kisses while on-lookers stopped to watch.
Things are definitely heating up between the two stars, and we can only wonder what
their future holds, but my prediction is that it’s a big one.
        You all may remember them from the Romantic Comedy An Unexpected
Prince, but they’ve talking about doing another film together in the near future. “We’re
definitely looking at a bunch of scripts,” Bridget says. There’s no denying their
chemistry is great on-camera, and from the looks of things off-camera as well.
        When they took the project for An Unexpected Prince Bridget had just been
given the role by the in-famous director Claire Williams. She was just like every other
girl on the block who wanted to play Lacey, and went to audition, but with Bridget she
had that special something, a certain spunk about her, a spark and now they had found
what they were looking for. And Bridget had found what she was looking for, a new
career path, a new life to make her childhood dream come true. And it just so happened
that her co-star was her childhood idol. I say it was a match made in heaven,
Hollywood Heaven.

(from self-proclaimed author, and the star of the hit show Let’s Get it Right Amy

1. Never talk about your relationship to the public.

Bridget’s commentary

They’ll slam you for anything. I mean just because I couldn’t use my tongue in a
conventional manner doesn’t mean there’s no hope.

2. Take it slow. Become friends first, and see where it leads.

3. Be super-private when you have a break-up so you don’t have a break-down. If not
you, and him will make national news, and that’s never a good thing.
Thurs, Oct 15th Episode In Star Magazine

       What a beautiful day to hang out on Malibu Beach until I noticed a guy with a

camera hanging around his neck. I looked over with annoyance, and looked away at

once. Today I definitely needed privacy. I’ve been working all week: shoots,

interviews, workouts….lord, I needed a rest NOW. I swear the paparazzi have radar for

stuff like this. Down time is a prerequisite for a Hollywood career. If I don’t relax, and

catch some zzzzz’s I’ll look like Raggedy Ann on-set (and believe me no one will want

to see me then. They’ll just send me home for disturbing the director) I wore my cute

sherbet bikini WITHOUT any straps. I’ll be okay when I want to go on the boogey

board. I mean it’s not like I’m a Double D, or anything. I’m measly a 36A not exactly

something that will pop out (a total EMBARRASSING tabloid moment. I can even can
handle a power run on the beach which ended up in Star magazine, and my relaxing

time just chilling. This is outrageous if you ask me. Are they trying to catch a

booby-moment for all to see? Why do this to me? Why torture me anymore????

 The Hottest Beach Bodies is Here
Don’t Look know more. For the
Best Beach Bod for the Summer
of 2008. They’re Beach Princesses.
You don’t Want to Wait.

       They captured me, and other celebrities bathing in the sun like total eleven

year-olds. I think these pictures will have everyone talking.

Fri, Oct 16th The Day When All the Scripts Start Rolling In.

       Okay, so I was thinking. How do you decide your career that everyone is going

to remember you as even after you’re dead like whatever you decide is going to be the

mark you set for your entire life? You know there’s only one character that never really

appealed to me. She’s a warrior who finds kicking-ass fun except you know

macho-egotistical-medal head guys), but when I catch the trailer of Teen Warrior takes
over LA everything stops. What happens when you’re worst nightmare comes true, and

the only person that can save mankind is a sixteen-year-old high-school boy, and time

is running out! You leave it up to some sixteen-year-old high school kid the whole

world would be destroyed that’s for sure. What are they thinking? But then kicking-ass

doesn’t look to bad because I’d be next to the main star, and we’d both kick-ass on the



1. Girly and glamorous

2. Weak and sick

3. Strong and powerful

4. Funny and outgoing.

       And all I can think of is God, there’s so many roles, and so little time! There

must be someone up there looking out for me, and my best interests.

       My agent Katie Hines is one of the best in the industry. I feel so lucky to have
her. She just called me, and said there’s this up-and-coming pilot in the works for the

WB, and if I wanted to take a look at it.

       “Wow. Really cool. The WB?”

       “And it looks like their looking for a Chloe. The show is yet to be titled, but

they’ll be shooting it right on the beach. Why don’t I send you the script? You can take

a look at it, and then get back to me?”


       “Okay, darl I have a three o’ clock nail appointment. I’ll talk to you later.”

       See the WB stands for a lot of things. To me they are the hierarchy of anything

good on television today. They so do not pigeon-hole the network, and bring to life

shows such as Gilmore Girls and Angel. They are total geniuses.

       Katie is always on time with everything. There in the in-box were a

hundred-and-thirty-nine messages so I clicked on the last one and read



                     UNTITLED PROJECT
                       Kerry Anderson

EXT: Chloe and Miranda are on Sunset Beach sun tanning.

            The sun keeps going in. How am I ever going to be able to get a tan? The
            tanning salon looks pretty good right about now.

            You’re telling me.

            You’re kidding right. You are naturally tan. You do not I repeat do not
            have to camp out underneath the sun all day.

            Yeah I guess you’re right.

Brian is WALKING towards them wearing only beach shorts. He’s holding onto a
couple of glasses.
 Hey I thought you two could use a drink. Pink lemonade. (He handed the
 two glasses to Chloe and Miranda).

 I hoped you spiked it. You know I could use a real drink.

  Nope. Straight will have to do.

Miranda is that true? Did you make a pass at my boyfriend?

He made a pass at me too. It was a mutual thing. He wanted it. He kissed
me. What was I going to do? I liked him since Freshman year you know
that. You got everything I wanted, the grades, the fancy car, the rich
Malibu Barbie’s suite, and the handsome boyfriend, and I have nothing.

That’s not true. You have everything going for you.

Like what?. Name one thing that’s going for me?
            Like your paintings. They’re incredible. You have a lot of talent.

            But mom says I have to concentrate more on my studies because a fraction
           of painters actually make it in the industry..

            But you are different Miranda. I see that glow in your eyes when you paint.
           It’s something great. Don’t lose that.

            You really think so Chloe?

             I do.

            Sorry Chloe. I didn’t mean to come between you and Brian. It was a
            stupid move on my part. Friends.


       This is something I would totally love to be a part of. Yeah, I can see myself as

a Chloe, the girl trying to figure out what path she should take just like her artistic
friend with adorable men in swim shorts, and the wide-ocean view. I mean why would

you have to wonder if you have all of this? Just live on the beach, and drink frozen

drinks all day; yes, not typical, but the beach is the only way to go so I couldn’t wait to

tell my agent that I wanted to be a part of this project so I called her ASAP.

               “Katie Hines.”

               “Yes, I would love to be a part of your project.”

               “That’s great to hear.”

               “Just one more question?”

               “And that is?”

               “Are there any kissing scenes?”

               “Lots and lots of them. This is the WB remember?”

               “Oh, yeah, I forgot. In that case sign me up twice.”

Sat, Oct 17th 7:30 p.m.

       I knew I should have waited to tell Janice. I kick myself every time. Janice went
totally berserk on me. I guess they were talking about the show in the November issue

of Teen People. The staff writer with her most eloquent writing-skills imaginable said,

“A new upcoming series will be hitting the WB that is yet to be titled. With its teen

quirks, and dramatic scenes it will leave the audience spellbound.” They actually used

the word spellbound--not terrific; not extraordinary; but spellbound with a capital S.

Spellbound is a word they used to describe fantasy flicks, but now the word has taken a

new meaning, because I’m in the same category as The Lord of the Rings, and Star

Wars, and even though guys little-brains’ don’t think that the WB counts in the same

category should be banned from any WB-After Party.

       “Spellbound?” I asked.

       “Spellbound! It’s right here!” Janice handed me the copy. “The WB is

proposing that a new season of shows is on including a hot beach-side edition that will

take this season off on a full swing. And we know that this show will keep you

spellbound.” Janice read the article like she was a WB-narrator.
       “I think they think you’re going to like cast a spell on the audience and

hypnotize them with your beauty.”

       “Dream on. The only reason they want me to do this is because of my last

movie was a hit….and besides from One Tree Hill and The OC I think they’ve cast

enough spells for one decade.”

       “Suit yourself, but when you start getting fan mail don’t come crying to me that

every 12-year-old in America has your poster on the wall of his bedroom.”

       “Oooh, gross. I don’t want to barf now. I get enough of that from The Princess

Fan Club.” I said.

       “The Princess Fan Club?”

       “Yeah. Some girls at Beverly High created this for me. There are over

seventeen thousand fans. I guess they didn’t like the idea of me not taking the crown

glory of Princess-hood, and decided to make my own Princess- Page in real life.” I

concluded my story.
       “Wow. They’re really dedicated.”

       “You’re telling me. Gosh, do I have the best fans, or what?”

       “The best and still growing.”


PopCandy: Are you ready for a day of filming? More love scenes. You’re job is
incredible. You get to make out with all the cutest guys.

GlamGirl21: As ready as I’m ever gonna get. My scene with Brian is getting heavy.

PopCandy: Really heavy. I just hope your boyfriend can handle it.

GlamGirl21: What do you mean?

PopCandy Well, it’s just most guys get really jealous of these kind of make out scenes.

GlamGirl21: Yeah, but Blake, and I have a understanding that this is part of the job.

PopCandy: You’re lucky. My boyfriend nearly had a heart attack when I kissed a boy
off-screen for my English assignment.

GlamGirl21: Yeah, I am lucky. Blake is a dream come true.

Mon, Oct 19th 8:30p.m.
       I over-heard someone say that Sunset Beach is filled with all snobs, and

pretentious wannebees, and that anyone who watches that show is a snob, and a

pretentious wannebees right next to The OC, The Hills, and The Beverly, and that’s

what she said The Beverly like she didn’t even know the name of the show, and who’s

Ms. Illiterate now? But hey my character is way grounded in that she sees beyond the

everyday circumstances. I mean she’s not just thinking about makeup and partying at

the hottest clubs she’s a smart chic. Totally Yale and Harvard smart. I can see her

getting in at Harvard’s undergrad program in like something like Social Sciences or

Women’s Studies something of major importance for human kind. I was also so drawn

to her based on the fact that she’s Ultra-Hip, and Ultra-romantic. She gets to kiss all the

hottest stars on-set…or is that me, and then has her nose in a book studying for one of

her TOP exams. There are so many different elements to her personality that caught my

attention immediately. I like character’s who aren’t all one-dimensional. When I came

home Janice was sitting on my bed with a Kleenex in her hand taking one after another,
and crying her eyes out as if Jake had just broken her heart, but I know everything is

like perfect between the two of them since she’s always telling me how the yearbook

named them The Most Desirable Couple. But something is definitely different today. I

can feel it. Something has to have happened with her “perfect” relationship.

       “Janice what’s the matter? Are you still upset about Chloe and Brien’s

breakup?” I asked.

       “No this is more than your celebrated TV-show. This is real life. It’s Jake”

       “What about him?”

       “He broke up with me. He supposedly fell in-love with a Brazilian model when

he was shooting in Brazil.”

       “A Brazilian model? Oh know.”

       “Yes. He’s not who I thought he was. I thought we were destined to be together

like you and Blake. I should’ve known not to date a model. He broke my heart, and he’s

happy with some Brazilian slut.”
       “Hey, cheer up. What does she have that you don’t have? It’s his loss anyway.”

       “I guess you’re right. I still feel hurt. It’s like the whole world is caving in on

me.” Janice buried her face in-between her legs.

       I wrapped my arm around her. And let her cry.

       The next day Janice called for me for some pre-episode help. She hates

cliffhangers with a passion. Sometimes she writes down her own ending to Sunset

Beach. She says it helps her cope with the fact she doesn’t get to know excruciating

facts to her leading characters’ coming hours. And you know sometimes I wonder

what’s going on inside that head of hers. And I think she wonders the same thing about


       “I want to know. You got to tell me. Is Chloe and Brian gonna break up?”

Janice was so close I could smell her perfume Butterfly Wings, and then I wondered

why she wasn’t wearing Indulgence. I guess I was kind of jealous.

       “New perfume?” I asked.
       “Yeah. Don’t you like it?”

       “It’s fine…but have you smelt Indulgence lately?”

       Um…maybe she doesn’t have anyone to indulge after all since the breakup.

Trouble in Paradise.”

       “You know I have Bridg. It’s just Butterfly Wings smells so much better on me.

You know they say our body chemistry is different.”


       “Yes. I heard it on Beverly Hills on Beauty. It’s on E.”

       “Okay, so what is this about? My on-screen relationship with Brian?”

       “Yes, don’t tell me their relationship is over? You know how the WB is like,

from Felicity to 90210 breakups are so common.”

       “Janice, I don’t think I can discuss with you future story lines.”

       “It’s just one. I’m sure they won’t mine. I’m your best friend.”

       “It has nothing to do with them Janice.”
       “Then what is it? You know how I feel about love, and where it’s going. I can’t

stand to wait till next week’s episode.”

       “Okay, I’ll give you a hint. Love comes and goes, but friends last a lifetime.”

       “Love comes and goes, but friends lasts a lifetime. What is that supposed to

mean. She’s going to get rid of Brian and keep the friend who spitefully went after her

boyfriend. If it was me I totally would kick her to the moon.”

       “Let’s just say they learn a lot about themselves and about love more than they

ever did before.”

       “Thanks that answers a lot Bridg. Got to go. Jake is waiting for me at RollerGirl

then he’s taking me mini-golfing.”

       “Like a date.” I implied.

       “Yup. My boyfriend is really sweet. He knows what I’m thinking before I even

say anything.”

       “Maybe he’s your soul mate from the sixteenth century and has come back to
rescue you from the culture shock, and he looks into your eyes…”

          “He looks into my eyes, and what?”

          “Declares his love for you.” I said.

          “Only in the movies. Nothing that great ever happens in real life. Only at one

time I thought life was this giant blockbuster. How times have changed.”

          “Janice sometimes life can be just as magical as a movie. It’s the moments, the

moments with friends, with our boyfriends…”

          “I guess you’re right. Okay, got to go to see my knight and shining armor.”

          “Fine mock me if you want. But I’ll bet you your guy has something more than

mini-golfing in mind.”

          “You think Bridg. Jake did sound different on the phone. Guess I’ll have to find

out. Talk to you later. I don’t want to keep him waiting. The Mean Squad still rehearses

at RollerGirl. I don’t want this to be detrimental to his psyche you know. See you

         Later that night Janice came over for a late night chat. She couldn’t stay long

because she had an eight-twenty exam tomorrow in Western Civilization her most

unlikable subject with Mr. Falls who gives you detention even if you’re a minute late. I

know this because before I became an actress I became acquainted with his NO

TOLERANCE rule quite often.

         “You were right Bridg. He had something so beautiful planned. He covered the

golf course with white roses, and he planned a nice picnic. It felt like…well, it felt


         “The movies?” I asked.

         “Yes. A love story. I think I noticed a guy taking our picture.”

         “The paparazzi. You weren’t going out with Jake Reynolds you know. You

were going out with supermodel Jake Reynolds. There’s a difference. Now you got a

taste of my life for a change.”

         “Please don’t remind me.”
Tues, Oct 20th 9:30p.m.

        That night I went out for drinks with Katie; only she was the one drinking and I

was the one slurping on a couple of Shirley Temples. She wanted to discuss my career

goals. We met at a little Italian Bistro called Italiano’s owned by a little Italian couple

who fell in love at first sight on an Italian excursion through Naples Valley. Their story

is totally a hit.

        “Bridget, darl. Glad to see you.”

        “Katie, hi.”

        “Did you get here alright?”

        “Suze. Did you order yet, because I am starving?”

        “Nope. But here. Order anything you like it’s on me.” She handed me the

velvet-felt menu with a string of rose petals along the edge.

        “Thanks. Um…that looks good. The Chicken Caesar salad.”

          “That does sound good. I think I’ll order the same.”
       The Italian Stallion who resembles Antonio Sabado Jr, some stud who plays in

these incredible action movies, approaches us. “Can I order you ladies some drinks


       “Yes, I’ll have a Pina Colado minus the 2% alcohol.” I said.

       “Bloody Mary on the rocks for me.”

       “Oh, girl you are dangerous. I’ll tell you Bridg It’s been a long week.” The

Italian hubba hubba takes our menus.

       “So Bridget everything is so exciting for you. Let’s see An Unexpected Prince

was a big hit, Sunset Beach couldn’t be better I mean the ratings are off the charts) and

the public is loving you.”

       “I know. It’s so hard to believe. All of this for me.”

       “So my question to you is where do you see yourself as an actress? Where do

you want to take your career?”

       “Um…I never really thought of it. I was just taking it as it comes.”
       Atonio then approaches us again with our drinks. “Your salad will be out in one


       “Start thinking darl. You are one in a million. You’re a gem. And might I add a

pleasure to work with.”

       “Thanks so much. It’s been a journey alright.”

       “That ended with happily-ever-after.”

       “Yes and no. Sure with my career, but dating in Hollywood isn’t everything I


       “Is it so much better?”

       “Worse. I miss Bake. I wish I can see more of him?”

       “Um….dating sure has it’s crutches.”

       Antonio-man then hands us our salads. “Enjoy ladies.” And I do a quick

butt-check. Hey, I couldn’t help myself.

       “Well, I think you should market yourself to the 15-18 crowd. They really love
you. They really do.” Katie says stuffing her face.

       “I know. All this for me. My fans are the best.”

       “They are Bridg. Maybe your next movie should be a drama say a

Sandra-Bulllock-sh picture only for the younger crowd.”

       “You think.”

       “I know. I’ll be shopping around for scripts soon, and then you can let me know

what you think.”

       “Great!” And I swear Antonio gave me a smile, and a grin the size of Mount

Everest. What a flirt! Okay, I smiled back because hey he’s way hot plus he’s a twin.

Wed, Oct 21st A Beautiful Day With My Man

       Blake and I decided to chill out today at his Maui-Suite vegging out on pretzels,

and vegi-dip. See I wanted to watch some Mathew Maconahay swoon some cute Blond

Angel, but all he wanted to do was watch every action movie to mankind like he

doesn’t get enough of that with his friends back home. But I once heard through an
unnamed source that compromise in a relationship is what makes relationships work,

but I never listened to her because I never had a relationship that was important enough

to take her advice so I think this might be the time to take her advice, and give it a

chance to actually work. .

       “Babe. Come on. For me. Next time we can watch whatever you want to

watch.” Blake said his eyes swooshing into a brown-green funnel, or was it just my

imagination and I was the one going down--all the way down.

       “Next time. I don’t even know when there is going to be a next time. With both

of our schedules we’re lucky enough to be able to spend any time together.”

       “Okay, fine we’ll watch whatever you want to watch.”

       “Great!” And I plugged into the DVD-player How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

And when they were totally making out in the shower scene I did a rendition of the

song, and belted my heart out to my one true love. This love I can tell will last forever.

Thurs, Oct 22nd More Sunset Beach Scenes
       Sunset Beach is taking on more scenes then I think I can handle. I hope I can

succumb to the pressure of the number one show on television next to Pretty Little

Liars, but why bring that up. We’re doing so many scenes I feel like the energizer

bunny…I keep going, going, going…until I like crash and burn. I can’t wait till this day

is over then maybe Janice won’t be asking me so many questions. She’s like totally

obsessed with my on-camera romance, and won’t shut up about it. So today is the day

I’m going to have a big blow out with my on-screen hottie by breaking up with him. I

don’t think he’s going to take it lightly because he’s in love with me, well supposedly,

but I don’t see hitting on some other girl as being in love with the girl you’re with. So

Alan Drake, the beloved, director says, “Action and I’m in the crowded hallway

approaching the guy I, at one time couldn’t get enough of, and now the relationship has

changed for the worst. He was supposed to be “the one,” you know the one who is with

me though it all, you know like Blake who is my date to every school dance, who

always kisses me the first thing in the morning, and doesn’t mind morning breath.
       “Brian. Can we talk?” Brian is putting his books in his locker.

       “What do owe this surprise?” Then he puts his lips up against mine, and I

spontaneously push him away.

       “Brian this isn’t the time nor the place.”

       “What’s the matter? What did I do this time?”

       “I think we need to break-up. Chloe if it’s Miranda. She’s lying. She’s just

trying to break-us up.”

       “And why would she want to do a thing like that?”

       “Come on look at me. She wants me, and she’ll do anything to get me even if it

means ruining the friendship she has with you.”

       “This is what I mean. You think every girl wants you. I mean you look in the

mirror more than I do…and…and you flirt with every girl who passes you in the hall.”

       “Come on baby. Don’t do this. We belong together.”

       “No we don’t. It’s over Brian. For good.” And I walk off to proclaim my
single-status all over again when Alan says, “Cut.” Wonderful. Superb. I mean how

Chloe told him off like that is one moment I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.

Sat, Oct 24th 10:30a.m.

       Janice tells me about this amazing acting-coach she ran into on the street of

Hollywood Boulevard while she was rushing for an interview for some major

Hollywood news station that she unfortunately was late for, and didn’t get the job.

Janice didn’t even take a breath before she was rambling on crazy waving her hands in

the air. “So listen her name’s Kathleen Star, and she’s worked with the best actors in

the world, and does one-on-one coaching regarding your little issue with the opposite

sex.” What a nerve Janice has to say that I have an issue with kissing? Okay, even

though I do have SOME issues, it’s so unfair to take my whole-life, and pinpoint one

miner crack in the genetic-code of my existence: kissing.

       “My little issue? Haven’t you seen the last episode of Sunset Beach?”

       “Exactly. I was behind the camera the entire time. It took fifteen takes to kiss
Brian.” Janice said.

       “Not Brian. Tatem Christopher.”

       “Tatem Christopher? They’re the same person.”

       “No, they’re not. Brian is a character I’m kissing who is a stupid college kid,

and Tatem Christopher is super-gorg and keeps a trophy beside his bed for winning The

Best Kiss of the Universe Award.”

       “This is definitely An Unexpected Prince moment.”

       “That was totally different. An Unexpected Prince has so many unrealistic

expectations for a new actress.”

       “And Sunset Beach doesn’t?”

       “I don’t know. It’s just different that’s all.”

       “Anyway, Kathleen wants to meet you for an acting session today at 2. It was

the only slot she had available.”

       “Today at 2. I have a photo shoot, an interview, I have to meet mother for
brunch, and I have to see Blake. He has this incredibly romantic dinner prepared for the

two of us.”

       “But you have to. She’s doing this as a favor for me. You know how many

actors are on her waiting list?”

       “No, I don’t. I’m sorry but I can’t”

       “There are dozens. You can’t blow her off. You’ll never get a second chance.

Not in this town.”

       “Okay, okay. I’ll go but I’m not gonna wear my happy face.”

       “It doesn’t matter what face you wear as long as you show up.”

       “Okay, sergeant. I hope you’re right. She better be the best in town.”

1. Cory Haim.
 License to Drive was my favorite adolescent-movie that gave me real meaning to
“love at first sight.”

2. Ralph Machio
Karate Kid is another all-time favorite of mine. I have the full Karate Kid-collection at
home. He can rescue me anytime of the week. I’m so not picky; Monday,
Tuesday…Hell I’ll even give up my Saturday nights.
3. The Male Cast of Beverly Hills of 90210
There’s not much I can say here. They are so delicious. I don’t know what I’d do if
anyone of them stepped foot on my doorstep. I remember buying all of the posters at a
mini-mart and dreaming of them at night…la, la, la, la. Then waking up to find it only
was a dream, a cold and lonely dream.


       I know that Janice was trying to be nice, and help me out, and all, but this matter

was supposed to be worked out between us. It’s so humiliating bringing a third-party

into our Kissing World. It wasn’t what I expected meeting Kathleen Star. She was a lot

younger then I imagined, and so kissable. I could tell that she probably kissed
hundreds’ of boys. There were at least five photos hanging on her wall of her kissing

famous guys. One picture she was dressed as the blond bombshell Marilyn Monroe,

and puckering her deep ruby lips. I felt inspired by her already.

       “Bridget.” She said. She sounded like she was the secret service.


       “Come this way. You’re the one with the kissing problem.”

       “Well news spread fast doesn’t it?”

       “This is LA. Gossip spreads as fast as forest fire around here and no one’s going

to be fanning the flames anytime soon.”

       “Kathryn. I’m really not that bad of a kisser. I’m really not. See yes my first kiss

was on-camera, and I totally freaked but those days are long gone.”

       “Okay then I’ll be the judge of that. There are four doors. Behind each door are

four guys.”

       “Okay that’s fine.”
       “Four gorgeous guys.”


       “This is your chance to test your chops.”

       “So what do I have to do?”

       “I’m glad you asked. Each of the four guys are going to ask you a question if

you get it right you’ll hear a bell ring. But if you get it wrong you have to make it up by

kissing one of these lucky boys for five-minutes. Here on the left is a Kissing Meter

that reads from right to left On Fire, Hot, Not Even Close, and Ice Cold. This will show

me how much work you still need.”


       “Seriously.” Kathryn Star said.

       “I thought you were an acting coach. I didn’t sign up for all this now.”

       “I am. I worked with the best in the industry and all of them had four-stars when

it came to kissing. You have to understand that kissing is a part of Hollywood whether
you want it to be or not.”

       “I know. I know don’t remind me.”

       “Kissing could be a fun part of Hollywood if only you relax more, and take it as

it comes. Look you’re too tense.”

       “I am not tense…I’m just cautious that’s all.”

       “Cautious. This is not cautious.” Kathleen Star pulled out The National Enquire

with a picture on the cover that should have been burned. I pulled it from her.

       “How did you find this?”

       “I picked it up at a newsstand. It was the topic of discussion at every Hollywood

event. Bridget Summer’s big fall-out in-front of the camera.”

       “It could have happened to anyone.”

       “But it didn’t. It happened to YOU. And this little kissing matter has to be

solved before you make a mockery out of every actress known to mankind. Now are we

       “Ready? You just insulted me.”

       “What door will it be. Door number 1 door number 2 or door number 3?”

       “Um…door number 3 I guess.”

       “Door number 3 please reveal yourself?” The door opened. Standing there was

Blake Storm my ex. I was horrified.

       “During our relationship on-screen and off what was my favorite kiss.

a. All lip no tongue.
b. Partial lip and more tongue.
c. Half-lip and half-tongue.
d. None of the above. “

       “Come on Bridget. A b c or d are your options.”

       “The pressure. Um b maybe c.”

       “Your final answer is.”

       “B that’s it. That’s gotta be it.”

       “The answer was C. And that makes you a kissing loser.”

       “Poor little Bridget.” Kathleen Star says. Then the other two-doors open. Blake
Storm was on every one of them and they recited the same mantra. “Kissing Loser.

Kissing Loser. Kissing Loser. And then I heard mother’s voice in the midst of my cold

and lonely fait. “Bridget Bridget wake up. You have to be on-set in twenty-minutes.”

Okay, it was only a dream. I’m still Blake’s girl. Phew.

Mon, Oct 26th 11a.m.

       Katie just dropped me a line today telling me about a new project she thought I

might be interested in as usual. She’s always trying to broaden my horizons of my

oh-so-typical Bridget Summer movies so I don’t become type-cast as the All-American

Girl. Not that there’s anything wrong with being All-American but being All-American

when life is so Un-American (think My So Called Life. Yes, a show way back when

(you know when MTV had shows I could actually sit through the entire hour, but the

ratings failed and ended. They only made it to one season) can really ruin your career.

The one thing I do remember about the show is the make-out sessions in the boiler

room for some total lip-action with Jared Leto the key star who made Angie so hot like
you needed to hose her down. She did become an expert at kissing though. I think she

had plenty of practice. She could even teach some classes. .          “So what do you

think” she asked me putting me right on the spot while I was critiquing my An

Unexpected Prince performance. Okay, even though it was about being totally in the

moment, to not let the moment pass me right on by, and then it happened. We kissed.

And I melted all over again like it was just yesterday.

       “I know the horror-genre isn’t your cup of tea, but trust me when I say that this

script has your name written all over it. It was written with you in mind so you just have

to give it a chance.”

       “Horror? Like Nightmare on Elm Street? Like Boogieman?”

       “This is more like I Know What You Did Last Summer. How about this? I’ll

send over the script, and then you can sleep on it? What do you say?”

       “Okay. I’ll give it a shot.”

       “Great to hear that. See now you’re not just an actress you’re a movie star. The
difference between an actress and a movie star is that actresses see blocks, but movie

stars take chances.”


MOVIE: The Shadow

CAST : Bridget Summers, Donna Woods, Brook Emerson, Barren Hall, and Will

PLOT SUMMARY: Stacy Winters is being stalked by someone in a black cape
who keeps whispering her name. This began ever since she was ten-years-old. Now
that she’s a journalist student at USC her life couldn’t get any better. She has three best
friends who are super-close, and the perfect boyfriend, until the voice from the past
returns. She has to rediscover her younger self, and the link between the past and the
present, and the voice that haunts her soul. This is a story between friendship, trust, and
a voice that comes from beyond the grave

       We want to bring this picture to life. So if you like horror movies this one sure

won’t disappoint you. We start filming this coming week, and are going to put our all in

making this film a great success, so I hope you’ll enjoy watching it as much we enjoy

making it.
Lots of Love, Bridg

Tues, Oct 27th 9:30a.m.

       They say sometimes when actors do horror-movies there’s a curse that’s placed

on them. Janice who’s a Research Nut told me she looked it up on Web Life, and found

that that blond girl from the Poltergeist died after the third movie scaring the living

daylights out of me, but then a Poltergeist-expert says only if you inhabit the spirits (or

the pretend spirits) after the filming is over. That’s a breeze. I mean I’m here to do a

job, and that’s that. I can tell between fiction and non-fiction right? I can leave the

spirits behind me even if it’s calling me day-in, day-out during the film. I want to at

least marry Blake, and have three Blake’s running around the studio. Okay, I think I’m

thinking way too much into this. Marriage? Me and him? Like together for the rest of

our lives? Yes, I’d take Blake any day of the week, but I don’t think he’s even thinking

what I’ve been thinking since the moment I spotted him in Teen Dream magazine.
       We’re beginning to shoot The Shadow, and I’m so anxious I couldn’t eat for

two-days straight. I didn’t mean too it’s just when I’m stressing I tend to lose my

appetite. Mother kept leaving fruit parfaits on my nightstand every morning, and I kept

returning them back to the refrigerator.

        I got some really great advice from screen legends like Jamie Lee Curtis, and

her mother Janet Lee who did that Psycho shower scene. When I saw it I couldn’t take

a shower for a week, but then I started smelling really bad, and nobody spray could

wash away the odor. Then I got a really cool note from Sarah Michelle Geller. The note

read: This is Sarah. Just want to wish you good luck in filming The Shadow. You have

come a long way, and I hope to see you on the red carpet soon. I was so blown away by

her act of kindness it left me giddy. Like a schoolgirl.

       It was time to film my first scene of my very first scary movie. I had to get into

character before I chicken out.

       Scott Woo gave me pointers before I began my first scene. He’s a scary movie
pro that’s why he was called in to work on this film with me. He’s worked with some of

our all-time favorite queens of horror movies, and I am so lucky to have him on our


        After he said things like, “flashbacks,” and “her nightmare returns.” he said

“action” and I began my scene sleeping in my off-campus apartment. Then my alarm

clock went off, and I reached my hand out, and shut it off, and I grumbled before I

made my way up. I had to head to the shower to do my naked scene only I wasn’t really

naked. I was wearing a string bikini; the camera only angles on my un-private body

parts like my arms and shoulders. When I finished my scene I threw on a pair of tan

dress slacks, and a cocoa-colored sweater, grabbed my coat, and headed straight to

class. When I arrived I was the only one on campus when I heard a creepy voice calling

my name, “Stacy! Stacy!” It sounded so distant, and eerie I started getting scared in real

life. I rushed to class.

        “Ms. Winters I’m glad you find taking a test so exhilarating.” The class started
to laugh like usual since all your peers only find you as the butt of the joke when you’re

getting scolded by a professor.

       I didn’t say anything, but took my seat in the back of the classroom. During

the test the class was silent. You could hear a pin drop. I looked out the window to see

a shadow figure lurking behind a willow tree. I finished my test, and rushed out of

school where I ran into my boyfriend Jeff.

       “Hey, Stacy.” He said. “You look like you’re in a rush. What’s wrong?”

       “No nothing. I guess I’m all shook up from taking the test.”

       “Hey, I know something that will relax you. My parents are going away. I have

the house to myself. We can soak in the hot tub.”

       “That sounds nice. But the year is closing. I have to hit the books for the final

exam. My GPA depends on it.”

       “You’re always hitting the books. There’s more than life than school.”

       “Yeah, Jeff. Tell my professors that. I don’t think I’ll get off that easy.”
       “I have class Stacy. I’ll come over tonight. Relax you’re to tense.” He said

running to class.

       “You’re telling me.” I said. “I have to relax. Shake it off Stacy. You’re losing it

as usual.” But my little pep talk didn’t help me one bit.

       When I went back to my apartment I drew myself a hot bubble-bath, lit a few

candles, took my robe off, and finally took a load off.. I closed my eyes. Suddenly a

noise made me jump up. I grabbed my towel, and crept out of the bathroom peeking

around every corner. Then Jeff jumped up from behind me pulling me to his side.

       “Hi, there did you miss me?” He asked.

       “You jerk. You shouldn’t creep in like that. And how did you get a key

anyway?” I asked fire building up inside me.

       “While you were sleeping I took your key and went to make a copy. I didn’t

think it would be a big deal.”

       “Well, Jeff it is a big deal. You have to tell me before you do something like
that. God you really freaked me out.”

         “Sorry.” He said kissing me. “Come on. I made one mistake. Forgive me will

you. I promise next time I’ll tell you. So what are we doing taking a bubble bath?”

         “No, I was taking a bubble-bath,” I said throwing on my bathrobe.

         “Hey, there’s a new club that just opened up how about we go and have a good


         “No Jeff not tonight. I have to study. Maybe some other time.”

         “You’re always saying that. Maybe we need to have a break.”

         “A break Jeff?”

         “Yeah, you never seem to have any time for me.” Jeff left the apartment, and

slammed the door. And that was the end of that scene. I think it went well. Overall, the

scene was a success. Thank God things turned out great. Geeze, and to think that I

didn’t have what it takes to do a horror-movie.

Claire Williams, director

2010: Sunset Beach (Television)
2008: The Doctors In (Lifetime TV)
2005: Suzanne’s Lost Diary (Film)
2000: In These Final Hours (Film)
Scott Woo, director

2010: The Shadow (Film)
2007: The Presence (Film)
2003: Cary’s Gone (FX Network)
2000: Forever is to Long (Television)

See I only work with the best in the industry. Top notch don’t you think??


         We have all seen a wide variety of films that either blow high school life way
out of proportion, or are right on the money. For me high school represented a time to
find myself, and to see where life was taking me. And this is what I learned during
those years (I’m not finished yet. One more year to go) that 1. Your real friends like
you no matter what if you’re rich, or poor, if you’re cool or uncool, if everyone hates
you, or if everyone loves you. 2. Stay true to who you are. 3. Have fun even if you look
goofy, and everyone singles you out as a loser. High School means learning about you
and what you are all about. There are certain films out there that have really made me
relate to their fictional high school atmosphere like She’s all That. See there is always
the geek that no one likes. And there’s always the stud’s who have fun toying with
other persons’ emotions. Yup, this is true. Hot guys like Freddy and Paul do bet on each
other’s weaknesses. Another film to be discussed is Cruel Intentions. I don’t know
about you, but when there’s cruel in the title you know you’re in for a ride. This movie
depicts males to be horn dogs that are unleashed to the public. What complete slime
bags. The Breakfast Club is a movie I can relate to. It shows complete high school
stereotypes: the medal mouth geek, the macho leather jacket jerk, the quarterback hero,
the dark gothic bride of Frankenstein, and the pretty little rich girl. This is Anna Maria
High all the way.
         Teen movies reveal truth about high school even though I hate to admit it.
Sometimes I see myself in the actors’ shoes. You never know how a teen film will turn
out just like high school. You never know how your high school experience will turn
out. It’s all about your own personal experience, but remember to always be YOU and
not someone else, because the real world calls for the real you. Will the real you please
stand up?

Wed, Oct 28th 9p.m.

       Just checked out Transformers with ultra-fabulous Shia Labeuf. He’s such a

cutie. I mean at first I declined Blake’s offer since most of my movies revolve around

pink prom dresses, magical pixy dust, princesses, and kissing (except for the occasional
Teen Scream horror flick), but Blake is usually holding my hand and I’m like

squeezing the life out of it. I never was really into action-packed stuff. Okay, yes I

know for the thousandth-time Lord of the Rings sounds cools, and all and J.R Tolken is

a name that will probably live on, but the whole focus of the film is finding a RING. I

think this ring is supposed to be magical, or something. I don’t know. I didn’t really

follow the whole plot of the movie. So I sat in the cinema with cars transforming into

these giant robots, and was like, “How can that even be possible?,” but Blake kept

hushing me. This whole Transformer-thing has gone to his head. The story goes he had

the whole Transformer collection as a kid and his younger brother sold them for a box

of milk duds, and Super Man comic books. He never got over the fact that his brother

could be so selfish and irresponsible for something that had some

sentimental-value--so I definitely let Blake off the hook with this one. Next time I

might not be so civilized with the whole hushing-thing.
Thurs, Oct 29th SCARY MOVIE TIME

      The Shadow is draining everything out of me. Sure I agreed to come into this
project, but I didn’t know how grueling it would be. Just yesterday I was running

barefoot in the pouring rain, and the day before that I was jumping off roofs for God’s

sake. And there was no body double either. But now we’re wrapping things up and

everything that we built up is finally coming to an end. It’s so sad though. The cast is

like a family to me. Scott Woo gave me some last minute pointers and then I was off

running in the dark woods with shredded clothes, and my hair tangled up with weeds

from my water scene that wasn’t exactly the most fun of my career, but the job called

for it so I guess you have to do it regardless of being dissatisfied with the scene.

       Running…running and more running. I felt the footsteps behind me and then

felt the speed increase until he was running even faster. Then the running stopped

suddenly. No running. No footsteps. All you could hear was my breathing. Then

beneath the shadowy moon something jumped out at me, and I screamed with

everything I had inside of me, and the scene ended just like that, but I couldn’t erase the

fear from my face.
Fri, Oct 30th 8:30 p.m. MY RELAXING HOUR

       I have this secret oasis in my bathroom with soft flickering flames, and

bubble-bath up to my neck. I’m telling you I’m engulfed in bubbles. Add to it a face

mask an eye mask, and soft sounds from the sea and you have a girl who has officially

called it quits--just for the day because I know my ass will be called to the set the next

morning if I’m even a minute past the hour because I am one of the main stars which

now feels like torture of the worst kind because everything rides on me being the

absolute best.

       “Bridget you don’t want to stay there to long and dry up like a prune.” Mother

said. Like that would every happen, and then I imagined I was a Magical Mermaid who

discovered a secret tunnel, and escaped forever. Living here is way too much for me to

handle. I’m drowning. I can’t be myself. I have to move out. It’s the only way.

GlamGir21: Take me away from here.

PopCandy: What is it now?
GlamGirl21: My parents are driving me crazy.

PopCandy: Why don’t you stay over here? I have the house to myself.

GlamGirl21: The house to yourself?

PopCandy: Yup. My parents are on a romantic getaway to the Bahamas. Ooh I can’t
even think abut it without wanting to puke.

GlamGirl21: Tell me about it. But hey at least you have privacy. No one telling you
what to do all the time.

PopCandy: Come on over. It’ll be like ol’ times.

GlamGirl21: I have to be on-set in the morning.

PopCandy: So what you’re the star.

GlamGirl21: I wish it was that simple. But I DESPERATELY need to get away. Be
over in a half-and-hour.

Log-out: 8:23p.m.

1. She’s all That

Note-To-Self and to others: Don’t compromise yourself for the cool kids, and the
coolest boy in school. Be yourself all the way, and that lucky boy will find you.

Worst Quote in the movie: “I’m going to be prom Queen. My sister was and my mom
was so there!” The double *%!$ of the film Taylor. Taylor and Candy would be a
match made in heaven. Ha, ha, ha!

2. The Breakfast Club

Note-To-Others: Breaking rules only results in detention with people unlike you who
only want to further your detention- status.

3. Clueless

Note-To-Self and to others: Material things are NOT the core of our self-worth.
Clothes, diamonds, and cars do not give us total inner-satisfaction. Have fun, but
remember what really matters is the friends we make, and the love we give.

4. 10 Things I Hate About You
Note-To-Self: I can probably name 20 things I hate about people like Candy Smith, but
this is valuable space, and listing the things I hate about her will only dredge up old
memories…Hey what the hell I’ll list a total of ten just so you can get a hint of her


Secret #1 Pranks are as common as Hollywood stars making their kids instant
celebrities. Maybe it’s because we work long hours, and the time gets to all of us, so in
between takes we joke around. Take last week on Sunset Beach. My costar put ice
cubes down my dress. You can say I jiggled until they dropped to the floor, so I got a
jug of water and poured it over his head from the top balcony. I got him so good.

Secret #2 Actors goof off a lot. I think they put something in the coffee in the
morning, because all day we’re laughing, cracking jokes, and having a blast.

Secret #3 The food is awful unless you order out. That is a big misconception that
on-set we have gourmet chefs preparing phenomenal dishes. Wrong! Think of the
school cafeteria.

Secret #4 More work, less play when you’re in the middle of a scene. The director’s
take every scene seriously. They like perfection.

Secret #5 More takes with specific details that we have to store away for that moment
when we have to give the performance of our lives.

       I wasn’t excessively popular. I definitely wasn’t a hottie big-boobed

cheerleader. See Janice and I were in a league of our own…and the hottie big-boobed

cheerleaders’ were also in a league of their own, a league made up of selfish two-timing

big-boobed cheerleaders yeah that are also hot that is if you guys out there think those

kind of girls are hot. HOTTNESS is a verb NOT a noun. Let me explain further since

I’ve been told my a certain crowd in high school that I am not hot, and any guy who

picks me out of a crowd to be his girlfriend is only desperate, because know guy could

possibility be interested in a frizzy mess. Is that hot? No point made.

1. Being nice. This is actually a cool thing. This shows your capability of relying on
more than looks to enhance relationships.

fact. It has been proven by relationship experts that your inner-beauty that thing that
makes people like you, and perhaps relate to you makes you much hotter).

2. Having an out-going spirit about them.

3. Dreaming about life after high school

4. Passion

5. Loving life.

        This is my hottness list. If every guy and girl puts these into action I bet they’ll

have a date every Friday night, and not have to sit home with a gallon of ice-cream and

a friendly movie. It’s all about getting yourself out there, and letting people see the real

you. Let that special someone see how hot you really are.
Sat, Oct 31st 11:30a.m.

       Janice just got the gig of a lifetime working for The Hollywood Tease as a news

reporter. She gets to report about all the hottest stars, and juiciest gossip--of who’s

dating who, who’s kissing who, and who’s walking down the isle. They’ll be

broadcasting the show on MTV, the coolest music show on TV to-date. So here’s what

our quick-before-school-computer-attack looked like.

PopCandy: Did you hear the big news? They should have broadcasted it worldwide.

GlamGirl21: Is this the same big news you told me about a hundred-times?
PopCandy: Oh, about my Pop Icon Troy Rogers who I am head-over-heels with who
has received more fan mail from me than any other person in the world. No, I got the

GlamGirl21: You mean the job, the only job, the job you’ve been dreaming about since
you were eleven.

PopCandy: Yes! I’m going to be the new reporter for The Hollywood Tease on MTV.

GlamGirl21: Get out of here!

PopCandy: No, really. I got the call today.

GlamGirl21: Wow, congrats! You’re going to be a hit!

PopCandy: You think?

GlamGirl21: Sure. Why not? You’re a born entertainer.

PopCandy: I was a born entertainer. I like the sound of that. .

Log-off, 6:42 a.m.
Sun, Nov 1st New Adventures in Hollywood

       Just went for a quick Starbucks run. The one that I go to is my favorite. There’s

a patio outside with an enchanting waterfall. They say it’s like a wishing well, and

every time you throw change in you are that much closer to having your wish come

true. My bodyguard’s stood behind me just so no one would cross me not that anyone

would but I don’t want to chance being the target of some sick kids joke.
       I ordered a Cinnamon-bun Dolche Latte with an extra-shot of espresso. There

were these kids wearing these shirts with my picture on them. Insane if you ask me so I

gave the Starbucks-Queen a “You better hurry it up because I have thirteen-year-old

about to stalk me” look which I think set off a bunch of bad vibes because she looked

over at me and said “Your that super-star aren’t you? I hope you don’t think you’re

getting this on the house” and slid my medium latte over to me.

       “No here.” I handed her a twenty and told her to keep the change. I hopped in

the limo, and off we went to my first autograph signing debut only we had a bit of a

problem. Those same girls started slapping their hands across the windows like beasts

screaming my name. My driver stepped on the gas and there they were still screaming

in the rearview mirror only they were far FAR behind. I wonder if this is what it feels

like to be Madonna.

       Janice started her training for the The Hollywood Tease at The Hollywood
Tease Journalism School, and she’s wicked excited. The instructors name is Melanie

Trudo and worked for The Hollywood Tease all through her high school years and then

college. For me the school is like boot camp. They are like really strict on reporting

Hollywood news to the public.

       “I promise to perform my duties as a reporter for The Hollywood Tease to the

best of my ability sharing facts, engaging the viewers with honesty and ethical

standards while sustaining fun dialogue peppy talk, and above all else fierce wit. It is an

honor to be a work-in-progress to be turned into the best reporter I can be to soar to new

heights and honor the journey toward Hollywood.”

       “Okay, girls please take a seat.” Melanie said clapping her hands graciously. I

think she thinks she’s like a house mother for a sorority. She just has that persona about

her. “Open up your Hollywood Tease notebook, and let’s get started. Now could one of

you tell me what we covered from last week?” One girl shouted from the far back of the

room. She wore pixy-tails, and shimmering eye-shadow. “Confidence always gets you
ahead.” Then another voice from the front row. “Mini-skirts never look good

on-camera.” Then one more voice “Always refer to The Star with his or her first and

last name.”

        “Great. Now today’s lesson is the red carpet event.”

        Melanie Trudo scrawled across the blackboard RED CARPET EVENT.

        “What makes the red carpet event s great for a journalist.”

        “Because you get to meet people like Tom Cruise.”

        “And find their dirtiest secrets.”

        “Sort of girls.” Melanie said changing gears. “It’s the chance to showcase your

reporting skills. That’s right girls reporting is a skill. And I’m sorry to say that few get

to carry themselves over the thresh hold, and report breaking stories at The Chinese

Guaman Theatre, or finds themselves reporting at the MTV awards and E

Entertainment Television. Few actually find the ticket to Hollywood live. Now there

are three key elements to reporting live in Hollywood and they are: 1. Persona 2.
Enthusiasm and 3. Sincerity. If you can capture al three then you’ll be a success and I’ll

see your face one day on-camera interviewing the stars.”

       God it’s like so exhilarating. Imagine she like had to interview me on the red

carpet. How are we going to get through an entire interview without laughing? Let me

tell you when we get together we DO NOT act like our age. I’m so happy for her. She’s

my bff…forever and ever. I can’t believe we stayed friends throughout everything I’ve

been through because most friendships in Hollywood end but our friendship is just

getting stronger and stronger.


               The Hollywood Tease
                               By Melanie Trudo

        All you girls something radically cool just arrived for all you
inspiring-reporters out there. The Hollywood Tease Journalism School will get you
from wishing to dreaming. Imagine bumping into Blake Storm, and looking into those
dreamy eyes of his for some totally exposed Q&A. Imagine shaking hands with a
mega-hottie and rubbing elbows with every teen sensation on the block. New Kids on
the Block maybe. Or how about Ludicris? Or Rascal Flats? Or From the movie end of it
Sandra Bullock? Or Bridget Summers?
        Newsweek is saying that this is the number one journalism school in the
country. Why? What is s different about The Hollywood Tease then any others? Maybe
it’s because of our intense programs that get our students out there working the red
carpet. Like undercover investigators we watch all the action from The Hollywood
Tease van and communicate with the students with an earpiece, but sadly only the
select few get to come back for round three, but I guess it’s all a in the name of being a
good reporter and shining light onto news television.

Mon, Nov 2nd 2:30 p.m.
        Mother just told me some startling news. She stood there with a smile for days,

and then told me that I was nominated for a Kid’s Choice Award. Like FULL

nomination. This doesn’t happen very often. I held onto the letter which seemed like

hours when it was only about five minutes the words swirling around in a sea of bliss in

my soul. I never thought I would live to see this day. Because everyone knows that

kid’s are the worst critics on the planet. They’ll definitely tell you like it is, and I am no


        “Honey, are you okay?” Mother wanted to know with her glasses turned down,

and her beady eyes squawking at me.

        “This is more then fine. I mean what more could I ask. I’m in. I mean I have all

the categories down: The elder folks, the hot studs, the punk rockers, the valley girls,

the smart chicks, and now the youngsters.”

        “I guess you’re right. But remember you are a role model.” Mother reiterated

for about a gazillion times.
           “ I know. I know Mom could you get away from your work just this once to

celebrate your daughter’s victory”

           “Honey, you know I‘m working on Teen Celebrities Fall-Out in American

Society 2 And I don’t want you to make the cover page so remember to behave yourself

at this awards show”

           “Behave myself mom? We’re dealing with a bunch of seventh-graders here. I

don’t even know if they even know the word behave yourself.”

           “Well, at least wear something appropriate, and stand up straight. You tend to

slouch. You know that’s bad for your posture.”

           “I know mom. I won’t turn into The Hunchback of Notre Dam overnight.”

           “So is Blake attending The Kid’s Choice Awards with you?”

           “ I don’t know. He better. I’ll need a date. Wait till Janice finds out She’s going

to flip”
Tues, Nov 3rd 6p.m.

       Janice wasn’t picking up her phone when I called her which suggested she was

at The Hollywood Tease workshop so I decided to IM her instead. She has one of those

cool phones that beeps when she has a message.

GlamGirl21: Girl is in. Nominated for a Kid’s Choice Award.

PopCandy: You’re kidding. I didn’t think you had it in you.

GlamGirl21: In me. I have it all the way in me.

PopCandy: But you get a surfboard. You don’t even like surfing. Remember last

GlamGirl21: Oh…

       “My hair. My hair. I am not stepping foot in that ocean again. You see what salt

water does to my locks?”

       “You’re such a wuss.” From the mouth of my one true love Todd Janice’s

bro--not and can I say double not.
GlamGirl21:(CONT) Okay yeah because salt water kills all the nutrients of Finesse and
Paul Mitchell.

PopCandy: Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah like you told me a gazillion times.

GlamGirl21: But it’s a souvenir a token of my success as a Acting-Diva so I must

PopCandy: Accept away. And one more thing Bridget congrats.

Log-out 6:45PM

Wed, Nov 4th The Big Night

       The place was packed with all kids of all shapes and sizes with some

super-duper lungs on them. Then the camera crew formed a spot in the midst of

hollowing-Betty and squealing-Susan when who would step out of the shadows, but

my friend the one and only Janice. Surprised? Understatement. She held onto a mike

ready to begin the show with The Hollywood Tease camera crew getting ready to film

live. I couldn’t help it but the thirteen-year-old jumped out at her spontaneously. I think

it was spontaneous combustion from the excitement that poured out of me. Then she
turned around, and we started jumping up and down.

       “Why didn’t you tell me of your big break?”

       “I didn’t want to spoil the surprise.”

       “Janice you’re like frickon reporting about The Kid’s Choice Awards.”

       “I know wild huh.”

       “Okay talk to ‘ya later.” I kissed her on the cheek and went to find Blake. When

I found him I plopped down next to him and grabbed his hands.

       “Did you see Janice? God I’m like so proud of her.”

       “I guess those workshops paid off.”

       “I guess so.”

       Then Cecilia Harris the host walked up to the podium. “Hello everyone. How’s

everyone doing tonight?” The crowd went wild. “Are we ready to have some fun

tonight?” There was more hollering, more chants, and more fun.

       “Now let’s get the show on the road. The first category is Best Female Lead in a
Television Drama. The nominations are Dana Sophia in Hollywood Nights. (short clip:

Something like ooh ooh aah aah that boy is s hot like so Hollywood) Kathy Menes in

Johanna’s Diary (short clip: The boy proclaims his love to a remarkable

Southern-beauty who turns down his invitation for ever-after) Bridget Summers in

Sunset Beach (sweet clip only because it was a major-lip-locking scene. Yes, yes all

that hard-work paid off--but it wasn’t kissing. “Why did I come here so you can make a

fool of me. Is that what I’m worth to you) and Casey Hills in Always Tomorrow (Casey

plays a girl sitting on the bed of her dieing boyfriend. “I’ll love you forever.” And that

was the end of the girl who loved, and lost.”

       This was a tough one. All the nominations were great. I didn’t have a chance. I

could hear the sound of the crinkling envelope magnified to my ears. “And the winner

is…Bridget Summers for Sunset Beach.”

       Did they say my name? They didn’t just say my name.

       “Babe they just called your name. Congratulations.” Just please God say I don’t

        I proceeded out of my chair and went up the staircase. Cecilia passed the hot

pink surfing board my way. “Congratulations Bridget.”

        “Hi everyone. Thank you so much for your votes. The reason I do the show

every week is because of you guys. You make this possible for me. Thanks. This one is

for you.”

        What a night. I went home with my very own Nickelodeon’s Kid Choice

Award’s surfboard.

        But before I left Janice stopped me on the way out. “Bridget how does it feel to

be standing here today?”

        “It feels great. Especially next to my best friend.”

        “Would you like to say any last comment?”

        “Yeah, the Kid’s Choice Awards rocks!”

        Janice turned around as I exited the building.”
       ‘There you have it. Reporting live at The Kid’s Choice Awards for The

Hollywood Tease. Until next time. Have a great night.”

       There you go. Two dreams come true. Janice sure outdid herself tonight.

Thurs, Nov 5th 8a.m.

       I did a couple of print ads which seems like a decade ago and I just noticed it

in Seventeen magazine. It was for a Candy’s ad which was so deceiving if you ask me

because there was no candy on-set which I asked but was shot down. They could’ve at

least given me a lollypop. I every place in the world gives lollipops even banks do.

Okay, the ad was for a cool clothing line with peasant’s skirts and such. I looked so

cute, but my hair looked awful so awful I felt like screaming. My hair was chopped off

with bangs. BANGS!!!!! And I’m not a bangs kind of girl. Oh, I remember now. The

shoot took place on July ‘08. There was a casting call at the A. Waters Modeling

Agency for this gig, and because I had the right look but not the right hair, they brought

a black wig on-set. They just didn’t see any potential for my hair. How absurd if you
ask me. I just couldn’t bare people seeing this ad so I did something so awful. I call it

temporary insanity. I brought like every Seventeen magazine, and hid them in my closet

just so no one would identify me--that God-awful hairdo that should be banned from

any magazine in any nation, country, or city everyday of the week.

Fri, Nov 6th 8:45p.m.

       I thought Janice was joking when she said she saw me at The Wax Museum

with the rest of Hollywood’s elite so amazingly stunning, but she wasn’t joking NOT

AT ALL. I didn’t think my career would come to this. Now, I’m suddenly a wax figure,

and people pay admission to see a replica of me, but all I’m thinking is what is so fun

seeing a clone when they really don’t look like you.

       “Like you got to be kidding.” I said getting my nails done at Rainbow Nail

Salon. “Nope. There you were in the window looking so glam and so…waxed from

head to toe and everyone was there looking at you.”

       “Me. Oh, my God!”
       “Yup. I snapped a photo. I’ll send you it.”

       “Sure. I’m getting a French Manicure. I would love to see how I look…waxed

did you say?”

       “All the way.”

       “Look forward to you later. Chow.”

       A moment later I was looking at a photo taken outside of me. I looked like a real

dummy. Not just any dummy though. This is like in the biggest wax museum in

Hollywood history.

On Location: New York, New York

Talent: Bridget Summers

9:30 a.m. Arrival at Teen Dream. Meet and greet with Alexander Dubois.

10:15a.m: Raiding the closet with all its fabulous outfits and dazzling

11:30a.m. Photographer Eduardo Francis arrives
       12:15 p.m: Shooting begins. Bridget Summers takes center stage for the front of
       Teen Dream magazine to the extreme.

       2:14 p.m. Wrapping up. Bridget jumps in to the car. Waiting for her outside the
       set and flies back to LA.

Sat, Nov 7th 7:30 a.m.

       After I got out of the shower the UPS guy was at my front door holding onto a

rectangular box. “Sign here please?” he said.

       “What’s this?” I asked taken aback. It couldn’t be the cover of Teen Dream

because they decide to hold off on my photos for a while.

       “Who was that at the door?” Janice asked. She was wearing her cute purple
bathing suit, sunflower flip-flops, and this gorgeous belly-button pendant.

       “Look what’s arrived? It’s from Teen Dream.”

       “Maybe it’s your cover debut.”

       “No, remember. Alex said they pulled my photos. It couldn’t be.”

       “Well, open it?”

        I ripped open the box, and there on the front cover was my smiling in heaven a

different kind of heaven, a heaven made in the stars.

Sun, Nov 8th 2:15 p.m.

       It’s so freaky that everywhere I go I see my face on the cover of some magazine.

Everywhere I look it’s me. Vogue, CosmoTeen, Teen Dream, Seventeen. I never so

saw many pictures of myself in so many different ways like on my shoot I was dreamy

and romantic (think Scarlet O’ Hara in Gone with the Wind) then another one I was

holding a volleyball with a baseball cap on and thick-framed sunglasses with lip-gloss,

and a killer tan then there was another where I was sexy and vivacious a real lady killer
which is kind of weird because even though I look like a lady killer I’m anything but

because I have all these weird quirks and sometimes I am a total loser when it comes to

boys like for in-stance in high-school I had a better chance of getting struck by

lightning then for a boy to kiss me like my lips have no real value to them. I mean my

lips are way kissable. And any boy who doesn’t see that doesn’t know a good thing

when it’s right there IN FRONT OF HIM. My lips are beautiful. Enchanting even. A

masterpiece. Hey, Michael D’ Angelo doesn’t have anything on these lips. .

       “This is incredible. There are more pictures of you on magazines then there are

pictures of me in my entire life.” Janice said flipping through Vogue. “You’re hot.

Listen to this my friend. The interviewer asks you what do you want to be remembered

and then my dear friend responds with, “I want to be remembered for contributing my

time and energy in great causes such as The Peace Corps and Humanity for Habitat.”

My friend is a real hero.”

       “Give me that. The interviewer. The chick was a real flake. The whole-entire
time she’s looking at her reflection in a butter knife.”

       “She just wants to make sure she can add up to your beauty.”

       “Get out of here Janice.” I said shoving her out of the way.

       “It’s not my fault if you’re beauty is so striking.”

       “My beauty brings stars into little girls’ eyes.”

       We both laughed and left at that moment before anyone could tell that it was us.

I was incognito wearing a scarf around my head, and red-diamond glasses. My life

really went totally 180. I wonder if one day I’ll wake up and feel like this is really my

life after-all, or I’ll just always be the ordinary-unstar-like-movie star. Um…I wonder.

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