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about me by huangyuarong


                    THEY CAN SEND ME SOME TOO! -Thanks

       I am Greg Saperstein who lives in New Jersey. I have many hobbies
including mountain biking, caring for animals, and of course, watching TV.
But, there is one hobby that is very different from those: collecting business
cards. I started collecting business cards around 1996, when my grandma
gave me some from places she's been. At the time I was 6 and, as any child
would say about something cool, I said "Wow...these are cool!" So, every
day I would continue picking them up from stores. Skipping a few years, in
February of 2004, I was on the Internet and searching "business cards". I
thought I was the only person who collected business cards. Then my search
showed the IBCC - International Business Card Collectors and I have been a
member ever since. I collect them to see where they come from, if any are
from celebrities, or just to look at them in my spare time.
     If you have any in your office, house, or even your car, please do
not throw them out! The will be archived in my collection. Are your
cards taking up space? I'll take 'em! Did you fire a worker who didn't
take his cards? I'll take them! I will take any amount, any condition!
Pin holes, staples, Scotch tape, anything, I'll take it! If you have a
whole bunch of duplicates lying around or even a box, I'll take those
too! I can use them for trading, which will get me even more cards!
Anything from anywhere from anytime...I'll take it! Just send 'em my
way! I'll even pay postage!

I am also a member of several clubs. These include:

American Eagle Business Card Collectors Society
(AEBCCS) #006

Bluewater Business Card Club (BBCC) #160

International Business Card Collectors (IBCC) #337

Midwest Business Card Collectors (MBCC) #002

Upper East Side Business Card Club (UESBCC) #001 <-
- (club is no longer active)

Youth Business Card Club (YBCC) #011

Tri-State Business Card Collectors (TSBCC) #001
    I have cards from all around the world. Some of
them are from: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China,
Cyprus, England, France, Greece, Holland, Israel,
Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Saint Maarten,
Singapore, Spain, Thailand, and of course, the USA.

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