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A homeowner


									1. A homeowner’s and renter’s insurance are the same except homeowner’s includes coverage for
    the building as well as personal possessions inside the building
2. Hazards, criminal activity, liability
3. At least half of the value of the building
4. Articles insured separately (jewelry, collections, portable computers), animals, motorized land
    vehicles, stereos, cell phones, music players, aircraft and parts of aircraft, property of renters,
    business property in storage, business property pertaining to a business that is conducted at the
    residence, business property away from the residence
5. Insurance adjustors determine the value of the property destroyed or damaged by a covered
    hazard. Insurance investigators look for the evidence of destroyed or damaged property
6. A provision that requires policyholders to insure their building for a stated percentage of its
    replacement value in order to receive full reimbursement for a loss
7. You would want to get HO-5 Comprehensive insurance
8. Swimming pool, amusement park, knife, bb gun, boxing arena
9. Model, style, age of car, driver classification, location of driver and car, distance driven, purpose
    of driving, age and sex of other regulars drivers of the car
10. Infractions are less serious offenses such as parking ticket, failure to come to a complete stop at
    stop sign, and improper left hand turn. A misdemeanor is a more serious offense such as
    speeding, driving without a license, or reckless driving
11. To protect the insured against claims for bodily injury to another person or damage to another
    person’s property.
12. Collision coverage is for protection against damage from accidents or vehicle overturning.
    Comprehensive coverage is for protection from causes other than collision or vehicle
13. So you can be protected of you get hit by a car as a pedestrian and also so it will pay for your
    injuries if the person who hits you doesn’t have insurance
14. Drivers involved in an accident receive reimbursement for their medical and repair expenses
    from their own insurer
15. The purpose of an assigned-risk pool is so that people who are unable to obtain automobile
    insurance can get it through various insurers in the state
16. They might purchase an umbrella liability insurance so if any really tragic event occurs they
    won’t have to pay the full huge cost for it

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