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									BLITZ SALE
"We did The WB Sales Blitz for 2 years and consistently add new advertisers to
our air. It's a high energy environment in which I ring the bell when sales are
made and have available a full line of prizes for the AE's when they achieve sales
goals. It's a day well spent and I encourage everyone to give it a shot.“
                                          Tom Breazeale, General Manager, WBG

"The WB Blitz Day worked great on several levels. It provides us with a significant
base of revenue and local advertisers; it's a great team building exercise; and it's
                                                 Teri Riley, Station Manager, KWFB
“The Blitz Day was a fun and energizing event for the sales staff. We closed
over $95,000 in 8 hours!”
                                           Bill Downs, General Manager, KWYP
• Pick A Date - Schedule a firm date for
  the Blitz with your CW Regional Sales
  Manager. Make sure no account
  executives are on vacation that day. The
  Blitz day begins at 8:00AM and
  continues until after 5PM.
•Create a Target List - Have each of your
account executives list 100 advertisers who
haven’t advertised on your CW station
before, and designate 100 ‘Hot Prospects’
for each account executive, along with fax
numbers and e-mail addresses. Sales
Management should cross-reference each
of the submitted lists for possible duplicates.
The individual lists should be reviewed and
approved no later than three weeks before
Blitz Day.
            2 WEEKS OUT
“Seed” the interest – Once the lists are approved,
  have each account executive send out five
  pieces of collateral material (postcards, e-cards
  &/or flyers) to each of the 100 Prospects in the
  two weeks prior to the sale date. This will ‘seed’
  their interest in the value of The CW
The material should also tease that a ‘special offer’
  will be made on the date when the Blitz Day is

Delivery of the collateral materials can be made
 either by e-mail or fax, and The CW will assist you
 in creating these materials. Confirm fax numbers
 and e-mail addresses at this time, for pre-call fax
 follow-up the night before the Blitz.
 “Samples” of E-Card Phrases on front of card:

“Some 93% of 21-year-olds carry credit cards…. Are they
      charging with you?” (with a picture of a Girl)

  “By the year 2010, more than 63 million Generation Y
consumers will be old enough to drive.” (with a picture of
Blair Waldorf from “Gossip Girl” )

  “Where can you find a receptive audience of trend-setting,
tech-savvy consumers with cash to spend?” (with a picture
of Peyton, Nathan & Lucas from One Tree Hill)

  “Do you want a high-frequency, cost-effective way to
reach customers who like spending money?” (with a picture
of Tyra Banks)

  “37% of Generation X is married with children.” (with a
picture of Debbie Wilson of “90210”

  “Generation Y is a group of 72 million Americans aged 10-
27 years old, spending $187 million a year…Are you getting
your piece of the pie?”(with a picture of Annie Wilson from

  “63% of first-time home buyers are under the age of 35…
18-34 year-olds account for 31% of domestic auto
sales…Where can you reach them?” (with a picture of Lana
& Clark from Smallville)

    Where can you find a
receptive audience of trend-
    setting, tech-savvy
  consumers with cash to

        On The CW…

     Are they getting your
           (Stay tuned…)

  Where can you find Clark
Kent, Tyra and The King of
 Queens all in the same

     Only on The CW.

 Your customers are there,
        are you?

       (Stay tuned…)
              1 WEEK OUT
Establish Financial Goals – One week prior to Blitz day,
    create your sales package and set overall goals for
    the station and for each individual account
Review with your CW Regional Sales Manager – One
    week prior to the Blitz Day, review your Sales
    Package, your pricing and packaging strategy.
Customize sales templates – One week prior to the
   Blitz day, take the Blitz Day sales fax sheet
   template provided and customize it to your pricing
   strategy. Continue to ‘seed’ the interest with flyers,
   e-cards and faxes to Potential Clients and Hot
Double check fax numbers.

Provide incentives – Create incentives for the account
   executives based upon pre-established milestones:
   first package sold, most packages sold, etc. We
   encourage you to create an incentive package for
   Account Executives with locally acquired prizes
   and/or bonus cash.
                    9 HOUR SALE
                  Only Available Thursday, January15 8am-5pm

The Hottest Station in Town
In only a short period of time, Stateline’s CW has established itself as one of the region’s
most effective ways to reach the highly desirable CW demographic. Of all new TV channels
(broadcast or cable) launched in the past decade, The CW has the most viewers. We at
Stateline’s CW are very proud to be able to offer another successful TV station to our
advertisers. For an extremely modest investment, you can harness the power of The CW
with this special, limited-time opportunity.

Powerhouse Programming
The CW features some of the best-known, fastest-growing prime time programs on network
television today. These programs include Gossip Girl; Smallville; 90210; Supernatural;
America’s Top Model and One Tree Hill. Along with a great prime time line-up, The CW has
also assembled a powerful mix of syndicated programs including; That70’s Show, King of
Queens; Still Standing and Sex & The City..

The Package
39 Premium commercials will run M-F 5-9pm, Sat 2-6pm or Sun 3-10pm
 PLUS, you will also get:
 30 BONUS* commercials to run in the Best Time Available (BTA) M-SU 6am-12am.
 Better than the Bonus spots you get on other TV, cable, or radio stations.
 On Rockford’s, your bonus spots are guaranteed to be placed between 6am and
                  TOTAL Commercials per Package: 69
                  Package Price: $345
                  Average cost Per Ad: $3.92

Sale Day Bonus
           Buy 6 packages and get 2 extra BTA spots per package (426 commercials)
          Buy 12 packages and get 5 Extra BTA spots per package (888 Total

          Reserve your space on Rockford’s Fastest Growing Station today....
          Contact: Joe Viglietta @ 304-622-9839 (phone) or 304-623-9021 (fax)

          Business Name:__________________Number of Packages: ______

          Customer Approval: _______________________________ Date:
          9 HOUR SALE
12   Pack   888   Commercials   $3,241   $3.65
11   Pack   781   Commercials   $2,968   $3.80
10   Pack   710   Commercials   $2,698   $3.80
 9   Pack   639   Commercials   $2,428   $3.80
 8   Pack   568   Commercials   $2,158   $3.80
 7   Pack   497   Commercials   $1,889   $3.80
 6   Pack   426   Commercials   $1,619   $3.80
 5   Pack   345   Commercials   $1,349   $3.91
 4   Pack   276   Commercials   $1,079   $3.91
 3   Pack   207   Commercials   $ 810    $3.91
 2   Pack   138   Commercials   $ 540    $3.91
 1   Pack    69   Commercials   $ 270    $3.91
“Sample” Incentive Categories
               Session 1:
          1st Sale of the Day
           Most Packages
              Most Clients

        Session 2 - Session 7:
           Most Packages
            Most Clients
         Most New Business

           Recap Session:
      Most Packages of the Day
       Most Clients of the Day
     Most New Business of the Day
 •Tuesday afternoon:   Call 100 Hot Prospects & Fax out package
 to those you want to have on their desk first thing in the morning.

  •Remember to use multiple fax   machines for an effective process.

  •Wednesday until 8am:   Continue faxing and e-mailing out package.


8:00am- 8:15am:        Set goals for Session 1

8:15am – 8:45am:       On the phone

8:45am – 9:00am:       Rally/tally/review/set goals for Session 2

9:00am – 9:40am:       On the phone

9:40am – 9:55am:       Rally/tally/review/set goals for Session 3

10am – 10:45am:        On the phone

10:45am – 11am:        Rally/tally/review/set goals for Session 4
Wednesday (cont.):

11am – 11:40am:     On the phone

11:40am – 1:15pm:   Break for lunch

1:15pm – 1:30pm:    Rally/tally/review/set goals for Session 5

1:30pm – 2:15pm:    On the phone

2:15pm – 2:30pm:    Rally/tally/review/set goals for Session 6

2:30pm – 3:30pm:    On the phone

3:30pm – 3:45pm:    Rally/tally/review/set goals for Session 7

3:45pm – 5:00pm:    On the phone

5pm:                Recap
  Good morning (afternoon)!
  This is (your name) calling from WVWB-TV, Rockford’s CW.
  I’d like to speak to ________________ please.

If unavailable, DON’T LEAVE MESSAGE. Say…
 When is the best time to call back? (Write down the time)

Otherwise, proceed…
 Hello, this is (your name) calling from Rockford’s CW (Insert person’s name here), the purpose of my call
 is to talk about an exciting marketing opportunity involving our CW station..

 Did you see the fax (e-mail) I sent you yesterday? (Whether yes or no, continue….)

 Well, while I have you on the phone, let me tell you what it’s all about. We have a special CW advertising
 package, which I want to make available to you. The pricing on the package is so extraordinary, let me
 give it to you right up front.

 You will receive 69 commercials for $345.
 The package guarantees placement in the popular 5-10 PM time period. This time period includes
 programs like “America’s Next Top Model”, “Gossip Girl”, “Smallville”, “90210” and “One Tree Hill”. Your
 commercials will also air in programs like “King of Queens”, That 70’s Show” and “Still Standing”.

 We can offer up to 12 packages to you. By committing to 12 units, you will get an extra 60 commercials
 added to the package. That’s 888 total commercials at $3.65 each.

 Can I reserve 12 units for your business?
If the client says “yes”
That’s great!!! To hold those for you, all I need is your approval on the confirmation. I will fax it to you and
you just need to initial it and fax it back to me. Let me confirm your fax number...........(confirm number)

Thanks, you have made an excellent advertising investment.

If the client says no to the 12-unit package, go to this script
Well, I’m sorry you can’t take advantage of the 12-unit package, but we can still offer this package on a
smaller basis. If you purchase 6 units, you’ll still get 12 extra commercials added to the package. That
would work out to 426 commercials for only $3.80 each. Would you be more comfortable going with a 6 unit
            SCRIPT FOR CW SALE
If the client says no to the 6-unit option, go to this script
  OK, I understand that even 6 units may be a little beyond your reach. However, even without the extra
  discount you get with a larger purchase, I’d still like to remind you that each package includes 69
  commercials for only $270. That is only $3.91 per commercial. I am confident this is the best buy
  offered for television advertising in this market. How many units would be within your comfort range?
If a client says...
  “Thanks, but I don’t think it’s for me.”
Then say...
  “You must have a reason for saying that, could you please tell me what that would be?”
If a client says…
  “I’m not interested.”
Then say...
   “That’s OK. I understand. Just so I can get a better idea of what it is that’s stopping you from participating
   in this package, could you please tell me what it is that you’re not interested in?” (Wait for response)

If a client says...
  “I can’t make a decision today, I need to discuss it with my partner,”

Then say...
  “I understand. Can I ask you a hypothetical question? If you were the sole decision maker, what would
  your decision be?”
Or say...
 “If I ask you to rate this program 1 to 10, what would your level of interest be in the package?”
If a client says...
  “I never make a decision on the spot.”

Then say...
 “I understand. What we’re asking for is an indication of your level of interest.”
    Available for after your Sales Day

‘Thanks’ E-Cards - Send out to advertisers
   who did and didn’t purchase packages.

Blitz date (including day of week):
Pre-Blitz preparations
(describe materials sent to advertisers prior to
Number of sales people who participated:
Number on prospect list per sales person:
Package used (pricing):
Number of units sold today:
Number of units pending:
New advertisers (by category):
Unique ideas/concepts used for Blitz:

Staff’s perception of Blitz:

Staff’s suggestions to improve next Blitz:

Unexpected Bumps in the road today were:

RSM’s thoughts on strengths & weaknesses of Stations efforts:

Next Blitz scheduled for:

Total dollars closed today were:

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