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									                             Just imagine how insurers would behave if we weren't here.

                                Policyholders of America (“POA”) is a nonprofit, membership-run association serving
15 Orange Street                consumers of homeowner and auto insurance. We assist members, at no charge, with
Charleston, SC 29401            claims so that our members have a far better chance of receiving benefits under the pol-
                                icy. This puts us at odds with the insurance industry.
Phone: 888-648-8823             We are not advocates of litigation and are not associated with trial lawyers, public ad-
Fax: 888-648-8823               justers or any other group that feeds off of the misfortunes of policyholders. Our only loy-
The best way to reach us is by alty is to the policyholder.
E-mail:                         POA is nonpartisan however we do take a stand on political issues, candidates and poli-
                                cies relating to insurance for one simple reason: You cannot separate insurance from poli-

                                                                                                    Isn’t it comforting to
                                                                                                        know that the
                                                                                                     American taxpayer
                                                                                                    will bail out the very
                                                                                                     companies whose
                                                                                                      bad judgment got
                                                                                                     us into this mess?

    MARRIED TO A CONTROL FREAK? NOT                                 surprising. He reasoned,      pendence to others.
    APPRECIATED BY YOUR FAMILY? GET A                               "Humans tend to be very
                                                                                                  Gavriele-Gold described
                  DOG.                                              disappointing - notice
                                                                                                  one patient as "a total
                                                                    our divorce rate. Dogs
Until recently, psychotherapists viewed those with greater                                        control freak" who be-
                                                                    are not hurtful and hu-
emotional attachments to their pets than humans as having                                         came a dog trainer.
pathologically misplaced affections and an inability to forge       mans are. People are
healthy connections with other humans.                              inconsistent and dogs         "It worked out really well
                                                                    are fairly consistent."       for him," he said. "He
Today however, researchers are reevaluating the bonds be-
                                                                                                  was able to marry a
tween humans and pets and a startling new theory has                He also has seen pa-
emerged.                                                                                          woman who was totally
                                                                    tients who turn to a cat
                                                                                                  laid-back, and he had no
A recent study by Lawrence Kurdek, a psychologists at               or dog for the uncritical
                                                                                                  desire to control her be-
Wright State University in Ohio, and reported in the April is-      support and love they
                                                                                                  cause he was able to do
sue of the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships,            never received in child-
found that college students who were most strongly attached                                       it with the dogs."
to their dogs did not show high levels of anxiety or avoidance.
And, according to Kurdek, "people strongly attached to their        Likewise, pets can pro-
pet dogs do not turn to pet dogs as substitutes for failed inter-   vide an outlet for more
actions with humans."                                               unpleasant traits, like a
Joel Gavriele-Gold, a psychoanalyst in private practice in          need to control others, a
Manhattan and the author of "When Pets Come Between                 refusal to compromise or
Partners‖, believes the bond between pet and owner is not           an inability to grant inde-
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