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Vampires are every where and they are hidden in the shadows. Is your neighbor a vampire? Are you ready for a walk on the darkside?

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									                                                All About Vampires

When you think of the powers of a vampire, you might think of how a vampire is able to control it's victims. Are
you ready to learn all about vampires? Maybe you like how strong a vampire is or maybe you like the idea of
eternal youth through blood drinking. Blood seems to be the vital part of a vampires diet for helping heal the
body. The blood is the life-force and any real vampire knows this, but what has recently become a controversial
topic is the psychic vampire. Through the study of vampirism one can find there are many different species of
vampire and yes, there are vampires who can drain your physical energy in your body. If you are to study the art
of Tai' Chi, which is a well known exercise for longevity used by the Chinese, you would learn about the Chi or
life-force. An expert in Tai' Chi is not only able to harness their energy, but can at will zap the energy of their

Many of us are familiar with the vampire getting it's strength from drinking blood. When a vampire is feeding on
it's victim, there is almost know way that victim will get away, because the vampire is getting stronger as it sucks
the blood harder and harder. One area that is overlooked is the ability of a vampire to have intercourse with one
who is not a vampire. This is something you really don't hear a whole lot about, because it's such a taboo
subject. Having these types of relations with another human was not desired by vampires, like what we see in
the movies today. Again, the Twilight Saga is a fantasy for young teen girls to get all worked up and excited. Why
excited? The opportunity for a plain Jane girl to be with an awesomely handsome and perfect vampire is very
alluring. It would be interesting to see Disney try making a new movie with vampires, the mere thought makes
me laugh inside. Any child born from the mother or father being with a vampire could have some nasty
repercussions, such as the child being able to sense a vampire presence and become a hunter.

What about the possibility of a vampire becoming human? Is it possible for a vampire to become mortal? The
term “langsuir” makes the inference that this is a real possibility indeed! The power which is being more talked
about today then ever before is the draining of energy. The vampire is able to psychically immobilize and
paralyze it's victims. The stories of young girls and boys being held down on their beds late at night by a dark
force may be of a vampiric origin. There are those who will scoff at the idea of psychic vampires, but yet I like to
keep an open mind. It may be possible for the vampire to exist in a noncorporeal form and even shape-shift,
which would make it a hard target to kill.

Have them ever been accounts of people waking up after a bad erotic nightmare with bites marks on their neck?
Here's my answer: Research it and see for yourself. It certainly seems hard to believe that a vampire can fly, but
yet it's easier to believe a vampire can move at lighting speeds like Ed Cullen in the Twilight movies.

Veronica Mordem writes young adult short stories in the horror genre. She adds a touch of romance and
sensuality to her short stories leaving her readers literally breathless and turning blue. Her latest book of short
stories is called, "Strange Tales of Vampires." She has also written a book called, "Bizarre Zombie Stories." Both
books are currently available on Amazon's Kindle.

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