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					Loving God, Loving People
Be imitators of God, therefore, as
dearly loved children  live a
                        2 and
life of love, just as Christ loved us
and gave himself up for us as a
fragrant offering and sacrifice to
                 Ephesians 5 : 1-2
              I. Loving God
A. Loving God through the Word
1. Reading God’s Word each day
2. Study it
3. Meditate it
4. Memorize it
5. Apply it
6. Use it to encourage and exhort others
7. Use it to defend and defeat Satan’s temptations
    and attacks
  B. Loving God through Prayer
1. Prayer is spending time with God (Mark 1: 35)
2. Prayer is an expression of a dependent heart
   (Philippians 4: 6-7)
3. Prayer aligns our desires with the will of God (James 4:
4. Prayer is the basis of God’s blessings (Matthew 7: 7-8)
5. Prayer is the basis of forgiveness (1 John 1: 9)
6. Prayer is the basis for divine assistance (Heb. 4: 16-17)
7. Prayer is the hallmark of the church (Isaiah 56: 7)
 Loving God through Obedience
1. In our attitude and action toward God
2. In our attitude and action toward ourselves (Temple of
   the Holy Spirit)
3. In our attitude and action toward the church (worship,
   fellowship, service)
4. In our attitude and action toward work (as an excellent
5. In our attitude and action toward our government (pray
   for them and a voice of morality according to Scriptures)
6. In our attitude and action toward our family (as husband
   or wife or as parent or children)
7. In our attitude and action toward our neighbours (both
   Christians and non-Christians)
         II. Loving People
A. Loving People through Oikos
1. Participating in a oikos group
2. Loving people through encouragement
  and support of one another
3. Becoming a member of RBC family
Loving People through Discipleship
1. Becoming a disciple
2. Helping others to become a disciple
3. Make disciples of all nations.
 C. Loving People through Serving
1. Find our your SHAPE
2. Serving God through your SHAPE
3. Serving people with a servant heart
  D. Loving People through
    Evangelism/ Mission
1. Train yourself to be an effective
2. Share the gospel with others
3. Becoming a world/ global

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