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                                                                             Jan 19, 2012

Sports Arena to be inaugurated on Feb 11, 2012, after the dispersal from the Auditorium.

Dear Parents,

         They say that a family that eats together, stays together. In the similar vein where
school, parents and students join hands and help parents revive the memories of their
childhood fruitful years spent at school grounds participating and enjoying the game of their
choice, would be laying the foundations for tomorrow to reserve their place in the Global
Sports Meets and win laurels for their country. So the new year brings more opportunities.
We value your precious ones and so we want to ignite minds. With this feeling in mind, we
have planned a sports Event that goes beyond what generally happens in such sports
The details are as follows:-

All the parents are requested to report to school Auditorium at 9:30 a.m. on Feb,11, 2012.
We shall have a very brief stage show followed by sharing of information of different games
slated for that day. All the details of those team games/ individual games in which parents
are going to be the participants be well briefed about the time and place of holding that

A photocopied schedule of events will be distributed amongst the parents. From the
auditorium we shall move to the new sports arena and having the following indoor games.
      Shooting Range
      Table Tennis
      Snookers- Billiards
      Well-equipped Gymnasium
      Dance and Music
      Judo Karate

The inauguration of the Sports Complex in the basement of the school be done from the side
of the ramp and we shall go there by passing through the reception area, and out near the
lawns while getting down from the auditorium.

After the inauguration we go out into the sprawling ten acres of grounds and first view the
competition on the skating rink. Here the students participating in the Roll Ball will be from
two teams of six each.
We request our parents to select any two games out of these team games and show their
preference as number 1 and number 2. indoor and outdoor games given below in which they
would like to participate, one game may be selected out of non-team games and shown on
the attached sheet. and permit their own school / college days to come back to their memory.

You can bring your friends and neighbours along with you and they are also welcome to
participate in any two of the listed team games and anyone out of the rest.

Following are the Team Games available:
a) Cricket         b) Football     c)          Basket Ball         d) Volley Ball

The non-team games are:-
  i)     Shooting Range                        v)     Lawn Tennis
  ii)    Table Tennis                          vi)    Horse Riding
  iii) Snookers-Billiards
  iv) Well-equipped Gymnasium

Let me share important five activities associated with Adventure Camp which is out of the
blue and be a part of the activities.

i) Valley Crossing         iv) Rappling
ii) Burma Bridge           v) Wall Climbing
iii) Zorbing Ball

Parents are free to participate or not in any of these five activities or participate in more than
one of these activities. It is left to the free will of the parents.

It is requested that the parents bring racquets, bats, skates etc. of their own choice if the
game opted by them needs any such item. However, if some parents forget to bring the
required item, we will try to provide that item from the school.

Required details as to the time and venue of start of different items will be available on that
sheet which they would be given.

Now we come to the activities of our students.

We shall also have races and jumps with full participation from Nur, K.G , Class-I to Class-
X. These would be of 20m, 50m, 100m, 200m and Relay Race. We would request and love
to see parents prompting, encouraging and friendly shouting our students of those classes
when these items are going on. Our students would bear serial numbered T-shirts for easy
identification. Our philosophy would be to declare all the students of Nur, K.G, I and II who
are participating to be declared as ‘FIRST’ in their respective items and awarded prizes. It is
for class-III to class-V that we will select first five and give them prizes. From classes VI to
X, we will identify the first three participants and appropriately reward them.
Here it may be mentioned that when these activities of our students are going on, the Team
Games and Non- Team Games of our parents would keep on going.

There would be counters serving different types of eats at very reasonable prices.

Our target is to produce outstanding academicians, best human beings, top class sports
persons and world class leaders for every human need and activity through the sands of time.
On Feb 11, 2012, from morning onwards all roads would lead to the Grand Sports Event at
JBM Global School. To invest in rare education and rare values, we have to invest our focus
on a variety of sports.

Also the FA-4 Progress Report would be given by respective class teachers towards the
end of the day when they are sitting with cards in their class rooms.

Please fill the sheet duly attached to this letter and let your child hand it over to his class


Please send this sheet back to us by or before Friday, Jan 27, 2012.

Student’s name:- _______________                                     Team Games:-

Class:-        _______________                                       Selected game (1) __________

Father’s name :-       ___________________                           Selected game (2) __________

Mobile:-               ___________________                           One non-team game

Mother’s name :- ____________________

Any friend/ neighbour coming :- ________________                     One – Two – Three ?

Date :-        ___________                                           Signature :- ________________

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