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            SMB Solutions for Engineers



    Question: 1

    Which two wireless devices acts as a communication connection between the client and WLAN? (Choose

    A. wireless adaptor
    B. access point
    C. antenna
    D. bridge
    E. Layer 3 switch

                                                                                      Answer: A,C

    Question: 2

    Which three platforms does Cisco Configuration Assistant support for multi-site use? (Choose three.)

    A. ISR 800 Series
    B. Cisco SA 520
    C. Cisco Unified Communications 520
    D. Cisco ASA 5505
    E. Cisco SR 520-T1
    F. Cisco Unified Communications 540

                                                                                    Answer: A,B,C

    Question: 3

    Which three WAN technologies does the Cisco SR 500 Family support? (Choose three.)

    A. Fast Ethernet
    B. Fibre Channel
    C. IPv6
    D. T1
    E. ADSL
    F. SIP trunking

                                                                                    Answer: A,D,E


    Question: 4

    Which two Cisco Partner Development Funds tracks are available for SMB Specialized and Express
    Foundation Specialized partners? (Choose two.)

    A. Commercial PDF EUC
    B. PDF Pro Basic
    C. PDF Cash Back
    D. Commercial PDF BE
    E. PDF Core

                                                                                    Answer: A,D

    Question: 5

    Which three deployment scenarios does Cisco Configuration Assistant support? (Choose three.)

    A. Cisco Unified Communications 500 to Cisco Unified Communications Manager SIP trunk
    B. Cisco SR 500 teleworker with Cisco Unified Communications 500 as VPN server
    C. Cisco SR 500 in secure router mode, acting as a front end for Cisco Unified Communications 500
    D. redundant Cisco Unified Communications 500 with primary-to-backup failover
    E. multi-site VPN with Cisco Unified Communications 500 platforms

                                                                                  Answer: A,B,C

    Question: 6

    Wireless components must work together for interoperability and performance. Which standard has
    specifications that are 2,4 GHz, 54 Mb/s, and a range of 150 feet?

    A. 802.11a
    B. 802.11n
    D. 802.11b

                                                                                     Answer: C


    Question: 7

    What is an important difference between the Cisco Small Business Support Center and the Cisco Small
    Business Support Community?

    A. access by partners and customers
    B. fast access to technical information
    C. telephone support during business hours
    D. real-time collaboration

                                                                                       Answer: A

    Question: 8

    What are three features that are included with the purchase of a Cisco SA 520? (Choose two.)

    A. VPN capabilities
    B. Cisco Small Business Pro Service
    C. DMZ
    D. business-grade firewall
    E. Cisco Intrusion Prevention System
    F. ProtectLink Gateway

                                                                                    Answer: A,C,D

    Question: 9

    What statement is true of how a customer acquires Intrusion Prevention and Content Security services in a
    Cisco security solution?

    A. The Cisco security portfolio includes a third-party IPS.
    B. A hardware module addition is required on the ASA 5510/5520.
    C. They are bundled on the ASA 5505.
    D. A hardware module addition is required on the ISR platforms.

                                                                                        Answer: B


    Question: 10

    If a small business customer wants to install a Cisco network-attached storage solution that provides a 2-
    Gigabit Ethernet interface and allows up to 16 FTP users, which model would suggest?

    A. NSS4000
    B. NSS3000
    C. NSS6000
    D. NSS2000

                                                                                          Answer: A




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