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									Build Leaders to Serve All Our Members!

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Fred Arnold         September 18, 2008
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    Ways to Think Outside the Box and
            Develop Leaders

•   Teach Leaders the basics
•   Most important lesson
•   Mentor
•   Help develop “Daily Disciplines”
•   Thinking “Outside the Box”
•   Cross Training made fun
•   Motivate
    The Communication Basics

• Words create only 7% of the communication
• Tonality creates 38% of the communication
  – Are you speaking at the clients level?
• Non-verbal Body Language creates 55% of the
  communication exchange
  – What’s your posture?
  – How are you dressed?
  – What’s their impression of your Credit Union?
Building Trust

Selling a pen
       Exceptional Companies
     Understand the Platinum Rule

• Golden Rule
   “Do unto others as you would have them do unto
• Platinum Rule
        “Do unto others as they would have you do
        unto them”
Dr. Tony Alessandra
      Exceptional Companies

Know your Members and Employees Highest
 Value Needs!
  – Ask Questions
  – Listen and Observe
  – Add Value
      The #1 Question to Ask!

What is important about_______________ to you?

What are some additional questions you could
     Exceptional Companies

Listen and Observe

  “If God had wanted us to talk more than
     listen, he would have given us two
        mouths rather than two ears.”

          Ken Blanchard
                       Great Leaders

 Developing People

“People who produce
  good results feel good
  about themselves.”

Ken Blanchard and Robert Lorber
Putting the One Minute Manager to Work

Leaders create mentor/mentee relationships.

                      Formal Mentoring

Six critical steps:
  1) Plan a mentoring session
  2) Create a motivational environment
  3) Reinforce good behavior
  4) Be prepared to discuss solutions
  5) Teach and build skills
  6) Agree on an action plan!
                        Questions to ask?

What can we do together to increase productivity?

What training can we give/get you to help you better
 serve the member?

What needs do you have or anticipate having that we
 can help you meet?
          Daily Disciplines

• Create Accountability Partners (Mentors)
• Evaluate their Priorities
• Create a WOW list – Create a Culture
 Three C’s of Correcting a Crisis

• Confess
• Climb
• Correct

What’s the Difference Between a Good
 Financial Institution and an Exceptional
 Financial Institution?
      Let’s Think Outside the Box

• Brain Storming Exercise
  –   High Cost
  –   Low Cost
  –   High Value
  –   Emotionally Connect
          Cross Training Made Fun

• Time to be the star
  – Team Members are center stage!
  – Play Jeopardy
    Team Members Are Center Stage!

• Presentations to the Team
   – Presenters – the experts
      • Operations, Lending, Back Office
      • 10 Minutes
      • Use PowerPoint, samples, - Keep it simple
   – Leader for the day
      •   Room Set-up – Motivational environment
      •   Are Presenters prepared
      •   Keep the meeting moving
      •   In charge of gifts

• Music
• Video
• Awards
Great Service Organizations

   “Providing Great Service is not
     something you do to people.
      It’s something you do with

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