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									                                     EMPLOYEE SEPARATION CHECKLIST

                                       For Official Use Only
                                       Date Received: _____________, 20__

                                       Completed by: ___________________________________

     Insert Your Company               Comments: _____________________________________
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                                               Background Information
Employee Name                                                    Division Name

Forwarding Address(es)

Phone Number
(    )              -

Supervisor Name

Last Day Worked                                                  Last Day on Payroll

                        Voluntary Termination
                         Obtain employee’s written resignation

                        Involuntary Termination
                         Send termination letter

                        Other
                                                        Department          Date Complete   NOTES
                                                        Responsible           (or N/A)
1.    Notify HR of termination/ resignation

2.    Schedule exit interview on last day of
      employment with HR or with supervisor.

3.    Send notification via email to all applicable
      parties (timekeeper, supervisor, administrative
      assistant, etc.)

           Employee Separation Checklist                                                            1
                                                PRE-EXIT INTERVIEW DATA
                                                        Department    Date Complete                Notes
                                                        Responsible     (or N/A)
1.   Verify outstanding employee debts (e.g.,
     tuition advances, payroll advances, hiring
     bonuses) and ensure amounts subtracted from
     final check.
2.   Verify money owed to employee (e.g., unpaid
     business expenses, commissions, bonuses)
     and ensure amounts added to final check.
3.   Remind office manager to run a property
     report on the employee, and to request a list of
     keys and/or passwords assigned to the
4.   Prepare letter detailing the effective
     termination date, get necessary signatures, and
     submit to payroll/benefits. Include the date of
     the exit interview and any special instructions
     for final paycheck arrangements.
5.   Mail the exit packet to the employee
     containing all exit paperwork to be completed
     and returned at the exit interview.
6.   Prepare letter outlining status of exiting
     employee’s benefit status on termination
     (including life insurance, health coverage,
     retirement plans, and expense account plans)
7.   Obtain final check from payroll.

                                             DURING EXIT INTERVIEW
                                                        Department    Date Complete                Notes
                                                        Responsible     (or N/A)
1.   Give the final paycheck if it will not be mailed                                 Contact payroll with questions.
     to the employee.
2.   Review any confidentiality and/or non-
     competition agreement signed by exiting
3.   Complete exit interview and review exit
     paperwork with employee.
4.   Confirm future contact information.

5.   Collect badge and/or parking permit

6.   Collect keys (e.g., office, company car)

7.   Collect corporate credit card and/or phone card.

8.   Collect company equipment (e.g., books and
     materials, cell phones, PDAs, laptops)
9.   Obtain written permission for reference

          Employee Separation Checklist                                                                    2
10.    Solicit final comments from exiting employee.

                                                           LAST STEPS
1.     File all applicable termination paperwork
       (including this sheet) in employee file and check
       software to confirm that employee is terminated.

2.     Close employee file and place in inactive files.

1.                                                              4.
2.                                                              5.
3.                                                              6.

      SUPERVISOR SIGNATURE                                              DATE

            Employee Separation Checklist                                      3

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