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					                       WELCOME to the second annual
                        Challenge for Charities
            Sponsored by the Lander Community Foundation
                        2012 Nonprofit Organization Packet
This packet of information is for nonprofit organizations interested in participating in a
proven model of community-wide fundraising. The Lander Community Foundation is eager
to support Lander’s nonprofit community and spotlight the tremendous work of our nonprofit
sector. Our nonprofit organizations reach all sectors of our community and deserve our

Don’t miss this opportunity to educate our community about your unique work. To be
included in key promotional materials, organizations must submit applications no later than
March 27, 2012.

Electronic applications can be found at If you have
questions or want to discuss your application, please contact Lander Community Foundation
Board Member Michelle Escudero at 307-332-7248 or

This packet contains the following information:
    Event Overview
    Eligibility Requirements
    Application Processes
    Donations
    Matching Grant Structure
    Marketing Materials
    Volunteer Opportunities
    Event Administration and Cost
    Grant Report
    Rules and Procedure
    Important Dates and Deadlines
    Challenge for Charities
    About the Lander Community Foundation
    Frequently Asked Questions
                                       Event Overview
The Challenge for Charities is a 2-month community fundraiser. The event peaks on July 4th,
when more than 400 people come together for a celebration of community spirit and nonprofit
support at the Lander Half Marathon and 5K race. The real power of this fundraising model
comes through the leadership provided by the Lander Community Foundation and participating
nonprofits and the matching fund incentive provide by Community Challengers.

The Challenge for Charities event day will incorporate a competitive half marathon, competitive
and recreational 5-K run/walk and a family fun jump rope competition for youth ages 5 through
10. Race participants from the local community and a far-reaching competitive running
community will be naturally attracted to register to participate in this event. There will also be an
awards celebration, entertainment, food and prizes and much more.

Following is a general overview of how the event will work (details to follow in this packet).

    1. Nonprofits complete an Organization Application—a simple, online form is available at
    2. The Lander Community Foundation reviews all applications and determines eligibility.
    3. The Foundation oversee marketing and administration of the event.
    4. Qualified nonprofits receive a packet of marketing materials, including event brochures,
       donor forms and a sample solicitation letter.
    5. Nonprofits independently solicit donations from their donors.
    6. The Foundation solicits Community Challengers to raise matching fund contributions that
       incentivize donors and enhance the impact of every individual donation.
    7. All donors make donations directly to the Lander Community Foundation and designate
       funds to the participating nonprofit(s) of their choice. The Foundation sends each donor a
       tax-deductible receipt and thank-you letter. Periodically updated donation lists are
       provided to participating nonprofit organizations.
    8. Nonprofits receive 100% of donations designated to them on August 7 at a community
    9. Donations are matched at a ratio* based on the money raised by the Foundation and
       Community Challengers.

        * The Foundation has set a target of 30-50% for the matching funds. This means for
          every dollar raised through this fundraiser, approved nonprofits will receive $.30-
          .50 more!

Marketing materials will be designed to raise awareness of local nonprofits’ work and promote a
philanthropic, engaged community. The Challenge for Charities’ impact is felt throughout the
year as the participating nonprofits put donations to work.

                                                                             Challenge for Charities 2
                                                                             Nonprofit Orientation Packet
                                  Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible to participate in the Challenge for Charities, organizations must provide programs or
services to Lander area residents.
Organization must also be one of the following:
       Public nonprofit organization with an IRS 501(c)(3) determination. A copy of the
        IRS determination letter must be submitted with the Organization Application.
       Fiscally sponsored nonprofit. An organization or group that is not listed above may
        be fiscally sponsored by a qualifying organization. Written approval from the
        sponsoring organization must be submitted with the Organization Application.
       Faith-based organization. All funds raised—both donations and match—must be used
        entirely for non-religious public outreach programming such as emergency assistance,
        youth outreach, public health programs or cultural programs. Funds cannot be used for
        any part of a physical building.
       Service club. All funds raised—both donations and match—must be used for
        charitable purposes such as public outreach in the form of emergency assistance, youth
        outreach, scholarships, public health programs or cultural programs. Funds cannot be
        used for any part of a physical building.
       Government entity. A town or county resolution authorizing participation in the event
        must be submitted with the Organization Application.
       Public school program. Each program must have participation approval by the school
        board submitted with the Organization Application, and each program must submit a
        separate Organization Application. School programs are eligible for a single matching
        grant of up to $10,000 given to the school programs as a whole. Funds cannot be used
        for any part of a physical building.
       Related entities must complete a separate Organization Application. Related entities
        are eligible for a single matching grant of up to $10,000 given to the related entities as
        a whole. Funds cannot be used for any part of a physical building.

                                      Application Process
Organization’s participation in the Challenge for Charities is contingent upon the following
    1. Submission of a completed Organization Application.
    2. Review and acceptance by the Lander Community Foundation. Notification will be emailed
       to the organization’s primary contact. Allow at least two weeks following submission of the
       application to receive a formal acceptance.
    3. An active email account for the organization’s contact person. Email is how the Lander
       Community Foundation will assure timely communication regarding the event.
    4. Commitment of 20 volunteer hours toward organization of this event. See Volunteer
       Opportunities later in this packet.
    5. Compliance with all event Rules and Procedures.
    6. Completed Grant Report as part of the Organization Application at the time of application
       submission for all organizations that receive funds in the 2011 Challenge for Charities.
       Failure to complete a report will jeopardize ability to participate in subsequent Challenge for
       Charities events.
                                                                               Challenge for Charities 3
                                                                               Nonprofit Orientation Packet

Organizations are responsible for soliciting donations on their own behalf. The unique aspect of the
Challenge for Charities is that donors can make donations on behalf of several organizations with
only one check and thus receive a single tax receipt. Further, donations made to the Challenge for
Charities will be eligible for the matching grant, allowing organizations to increase the impact of
donations from between 30-50%.

Donation Timeline
Donations to the Lander Half Marathon & 5-K Challenge for Charities will be accepted May 1
through July 11, 2012. Donations received before or after these dates will not be eligible for matching
grant funds.

Eligible Donations
       Checks: Must be made out to the Lander Community Foundation, accompanied by a donation
        form completed by the donor, and mailed to P.O. Box 113, Lander, WY 82520.
       Cash: Although the Foundation discourages cash donations, specific arrangements will be
        made. Contact Board Treasurer Deborah Kaufman or 307-349-
       Credit Card: Online credit card donations can be made through the Lander Community
        Foundation’s secure online donation system at
       Gifts of Stock: Donors wishing to give stock gifts should contact the Foundation Board
        Member Bryan Neely at or 307-335-8853.
       Corporate Matching Gift Programs: Matching portions must be received by July 11, 2012 to
        be eligible for the matching grant.

Ineligible Donations
       Event Proceeds: Funds raised through raffles, collections, drawings, auctions, dinners or
        other events
       Fees: Participation, teams gallery, event, uniform or any other type of non tax-deductible fee
       Membership Dues or Tuition
       Pledge Payments: donations in fulfillment of an existing pledge agreement to an organization
       Gifts made outside of the event donation timeline: May 1, 2012 – July 11, 2012.

Donation Reports
The Lander Community Foundation will provide Donation Reports to participating organizations in
the fist week of June and July and prior to the Awards Celebration on August 7, 2012. If updates are
required more often or more detailed information is needed, contact Deb Kaufman at, 307-349-4558.

                                                                               Challenge for Charities 4
                                                                               Nonprofit Orientation Packet
             The Challenge for Charities Matching Grant Structure
The Challenge for Charities Matching Grant structure ensures that participating organizations benefit
Matching Grant Cap
       Organizations receive 100% of all donations specifically designated to their organization.
       All eligible organizations receive a matching grant up to the first $10,000 raised.
       Related entities are eligible for a combined matching grant, up to $10,000 raised as a whole.
       The match percentage, announced at the Awards Party on August 7, 2012, depends on the
        ratio of the total amount raised from the Foundation’s Community Challengers relative to the
        designated funds received by each of the participating organizations. The Lander Community
        Foundation has targeted the matching fund to approximate 30-50% or $.30 - $.50 on every
        dollar raised! Funds will be distributed to nonprofits at the Awards Celebration.
Use of Matching Funds
       Matching funds are restricted to the guidelines in the Rules and Procedures presented in this
       Matching funds are restricted for current use and may not be placed in an endowment
       Matching funds cannot be given to another participating organization.

                                     Marketing Materials
In an effort to promote a cohesive marketing approach for the Challenge for Charities, and to help
donors associate organizations with the Community Challenger Matching Grant opportunity, the
Lander Community Foundation will provide participating organizations with event brochures,
donation forms and a sample solicitation letter.

Logo Use
The Challenge for Charities’ logo may be used in black & white or color. If used in color, the original
colors must be preserved; no color substitutions are allowed. The logo may not be altered in any
fashion, and must always appear upright. The logo will be emailed to the contact person, along with
the approval letter. The logo can be found at
The Challenge for Charities’ logo can be used in a variety of applications, including, but not limited
     Newspaper and periodical advertisements
     TV advertisements
     Newsletters, postcards, brochures and solicitation letters
Event Name Use
Acceptable references to the Challenge for Charities include:
    Challenge for Charities
     Challenge for Charities Lander Half Marathon & 5-K
     Lander Community Challenge for Charities
Unacceptable references include, but are not limited to:
    LHM
    Lander Fun Run
    Fun Run.
                                                                               Challenge for Charities 5
                                                                               Nonprofit Orientation Packet
                                   Volunteer Opportunities
The Challenge for Charities offers citizens an opportunity to get involved in a great cause that
benefits Lander’s nonprofits. This event is completely volunteer-organized. Each participating
nonprofit must commit to 20 volunteer hours toward this event. Event committee teams are listed
below. Sign-up for specific volunteer opportunities will be arranged through Lander Community
Foundation Board Member Lisa Lowham at or 307-349-2289.
Volunteer Opportunities: Pre-Event
       Promotional Materials: obtain, hang, and remove event banners and posters
       Race Packets: assemble event packets
       Donation & Information: provide information and take donations at pre-registration venue
       Food: acquire and transport food for the event
       Signs: distribute posters, brochures, and route notices before the event
Volunteer Opportunities: Day-of-Event
       Donation & Information: provide information and take donations at the pre-registration venue
       Entertainment: organize music and entertainment and event MC
       Food Prep: prepare and serve food the day of the event
       Photography: photograph the event
       Setup & Cleanup: garbage, recycling, set up work areas, and clean up park at end of event
       Registration & Donations: register participants and take donations
       Timing, Results & Awards: set up start and finish area, track finish, coordinate posting of
        times, and assist with awards
       Route, Traffic Control and Communications: set race-course markers, keep runners away
        from vehicular traffic at key traffic intersections, clear race-course of participants and trash
       Aid Stations: staff 1 of the 5 aid stations

                              Event Administration and Cost
The costs associated with marketing, event management, and administration of the Challenge for
Charities are significant for Lander Community Foundation, notwithstanding the generous amount of
volunteer time and in-kind donations. The good news is, by having one entity responsible for the
overall administration of the event, everyone benefits from lower fundraising costs.

To support more nonprofits, the Lander Community Foundation will put aside 5% of the Community
Challenger matching funds to be used in a new competitive grant program. This competitive grant
program will create an additional opportunity for any Lander-area nonprofit organization to apply
competitively for grant funding. Applications for this grant will be available September 1, 2012 and
will be due December 15, 2012. Awards for this grant will be announced mid-January 2013.

                                          Grant Report
All organizations that received matching funds though the Matching Grant Program must complete a
Grant Report by March 27, 2012 as part of the 2012 Application. The report is used to confirm that
organizations used the grant funds in accordance with the Rules and Procedures. The Grant Report is
also used to demonstrate the community impact of the Challenge for Charities to the public, donors
and media. Organizations failing to submit a Grant Report will not be eligible for the following year’s
Challenge for Charities.
                                                                               Challenge for Charities 6
                                                                               Nonprofit Orientation Packet
                                           Rules and Procedures
Important rules and procedures govern participation in this event. Rules make the Challenge for Charities
accessible and fair for all accepted organizations. Procedures guide organizations through the logistics of
preparing for the Challenge for Charities. Failure to follow any of the rules and procedures will result in penalties
up to and including disqualification from the Challenge for Charities event and may affect future participation.
The Lander Community Foundation reserves the right to verify compliance with all rules and procedures.
    1. All organizations are to operate within the spirit of the Challenge for Charities and to function ethically
       and honestly with mutual respect in order to promote community harmony.
    2. Faith-based organizations and service clubs may use donations and matching funds raised in Challenge
       for Charities only for non-religious, public outreach programming. Funds cannot be used for any part of
       a physical building.
    3. Matching funds are restricted for current use and may not be placed in an endowment account. Matching
       funds cannot be given to another participating organization.
    4. No event entry fees, organizational or membership fees, tuitions, existing pledges, or other non tax-
       deductible expenses may be channeled through the Challenge for Charities
    5. Organizations participating in the Challenge for Charities must commit 20 volunteer hours toward
       organization of the event.
    6. Lander Community Foundation will provide accepted organizations with promotional materials and
       donor forms to be used for soliciting donations.
    7. In compliance with the matching grant guidelines, funds may not be used for religious activities, debt
       retirement, political activity or campaigns, tickets or benefits, or lobbying.

1. All contributions received as part of the Challenge Charities are subject to the variance power of the Lander
    Community Foundation. Variance power: The Lander Community Foundation Board of Directors shall have
    the power to modify or eliminate any restriction, condition, limitation or trust imposed with respect to any
    funds or property the title to which has become vested in the foundation if, in the sole judgment of the Board
    of Directors, such restriction, condition, limitation or trust becomes unnecessary, incapable of fulfillment or
    inconsistent with the charitable needs of the community or area served.
2. Accepted organizations must not provide a tax receipt for donations made through the Challenge for
    Charities, because all donations are made to the Lander Community Foundation. The foundation has the
    fiduciary responsibility to provide tax receipts to donors. Organizations are encouraged to acknowledge
    contributions made on their behalf with thank-you acknowledgement letters.
3. Organizations must not provide any goods or services in exchange for donations made through the Challenge
    for Charities.
4. Organizations must not collect contributions to be pooled and delivered or mailed to the Lander Community
    Foundation. Donors must mail or deliver their donations directly to the Lander Community Foundation.
5. Only original donor forms and/or entry forms are allowed. Organizations must not, in any way, reproduce
    entry forms or donor forms in solicitation letters, newsletters, etc.
6. Door-to-door solicitations as well as “cold-calling” telephone solicitations are prohibited.
7. Selling products, goods or services at the Challenge for Charities is prohibited.
8. To establish a connection with the event, nonprofits are encouraged to use the Challenge for Charities logo in
    their advertising.
9. Participation does not guarantee that organizations will receive funds from the event. Organizations will
    receive 100% of funds donated on their behalf, plus the matching grant based on the match percentage.
10. The match percentage will be announced and final award checks distributed at the August 7, 2012, 6:00 p.m.
    Awards Party at the Museum of the American West.

                                                                                         Challenge for Charities 7
                                                                                         Nonprofit Orientation Packet
                   Important Dates and Application Deadlines

March 6th, 6:00 p.m.: Orientation meeting at the Lander Library, 2nd floor

March 27st: Organization Application deadline to be included in Challenge for Charities
          marketing materials–Grant report for all organizations that received funds from
          the 2012 Challenge for Charities must be submitted with the application

April 15th Event brochures available at Lander Community Foundation and local banks,
           businesses and nonprofits

May 1st – July 11th: Donations accepted to the Lander Community Foundation online
           secure donation service or mail to P.O. Box 1131, Lander, WY 82520

May 15th: Banners and posters distributed

June 3rd:   Final deadline for organizational participation in the Lander Half Marathon & 5-
            K Challenge for Charities. These nonprofits will not be included in marketing

June 6th: Final date for volunteer sign-up. Contact Lisa Lowham at,

July 3rd:   Race packet pick up an donation center Wild Iris Mountain Sports 5 – 9:00 p.m.

July 4th, 5:15 a.m.: Race packet, timing chip and bib pick up and donation center at
            Centennial Park, 200 block Main Street

            Event starting times:

                  Half Marathon walk starts: 6:00 a.m.
                  Half Marathon run starts: 6:30 a.m.
                  5k competitive run/walk starts: 7:30 a.m.
                  5k recreational run/walk starts: 7:45 a.m.
                  Family Fun jump Rope Competition for youth ages 5-10 starts: 9:00 a.m.
                  Free participant breakfast (non-participants can buy breakfast): 8 – 9:30
                  Results and awards: 9:30 a.m.

   August 7th, 6:00 p.m. Awards Party! Museum of the American West

                                                                        Challenge for Charities 8
                                                                        Nonprofit Orientation Packet
                            History of Challenge for Charities

In order to achieve the Lander Community Foundation’s mission of promoting philanthropy and
creating a stronger Lander community, the foundation sponsors the Challenge for Charities, a
community-wide fundraiser, which culminates in the Lander Half Marathon and 5K.

Nearly $150,000 was pumped into local nonprofit groups, thanks to the Challenge for Charities
fund raising event. The event raised $147,743 from more than 500 donors, including individual
donors and Community Challengers (who donated to the matching fund pool). The match went
to the 28 participating Lander nonprofit groups. Community Challengers made it possible to
match individual donors' gifts at 50-percent.

The Challenge for Charities fundraiser lasted 3-months and peaked with the July 4th half-
marathon & 5K road races. The Lander Community Foundation took over the operation of the
34-year-old race for the first time in 2011. In the months leading up to the race, the foundation
recruited local nonprofits to participate in the Challenge for Charities fundraiser. These
nonprofits then reached out to their donor-base and solicited donations to the Challenge for
Charities with the incentive that their donation would be matched up to 50-percent by the

Donors decided which of the 28 participating nonprofit groups they wanted to donate and
donation level. In all, 497 individuals gave $93,746 to the 28 groups in gifts that ranged from $5
to thousands of dollars.

The Lander Community Foundation board raised the matching fund pool. The foundation
solicited individuals and businesses to become Community Challengers, donors who give
upwards of $500. Twenty-six families and businesses stepped up, including five “Gold Level
Community Challengers,” who gave at least $5,000. Another 13 gave $1,000 or more at the
Silver level and eight gave $500 or more, the Bronze level.

Donations were collected until July 8th. The community foundation registered nearly 400
runners and walkers for the half-marathon as well as a new 5-kilometer race. Registration fees
went toward foundation fundraising expenses and toward matching gifts. Winner were awarded
charity bucks that they in turn donated to the nonprofit of their choice

The foundation’s fundraising goal was to raise at least $80,000 and match designated donations
at a minimum 30-percent level. By raising nearly $150,000 and making matching gifts at 50-
percent, the foundation’s leaders and participants were happily surprised.

The Challenge for Charities is modeled in part after Old Bill’s Fun Run in Jackson, an annual
event that raises millions of dollars for Jackson Hole charities. In 14 years, they have raised
almost $75-million. Although Lander residents might not have the deep Jackson pockets, the
inaugural Challenge for Charities event clearly indicates that Lander residents have a
philanthropic spirit. Leaders of nonprofit groups are already eager for next year’s fundraiser.

                                                                             Challenge for Charities 9
                                                                             Nonprofit Orientation Packet
The Lander Half Marathon has taken place every year since 1980—32 years—on July 4th, 2011. This
volunteer-run event was founded and organized by Lander residents and avid runners Carolyn and Phil
Gilbertson. The event has gained a reputation for community fun as well as a physical challenge.
Originally, the event was sponsored for local running enthusiasts and as a way to raise funds for a few
nonprofits supported by the Gilbertson Family. The Lander Community Foundation intends to continue
with the original spirit of the event with an even broader the impact on our community.

                        About the Lander Community Foundation
The Lander Community Foundation is a local philanthropic foundation whose mission is to promote
philanthropy and create a stronger community by encouraging and supporting effective giving and by
providing leadership on issues that are important to our community. We support all charitable
organizations, offer donors easy and effective ways to give and build resources to meet future charitable
needs in our community.

We are a resource to donors in the community in a variety of ways. Donors may use their gifts to
contribute to the Foundation’s unrestricted funds, knowing their money will be available in perpetuity to
meet the most pressing community needs or they may choose to set up donor advised funds.

The Foundation strives to be a catalyst in the community. Our goal is to help strengthen nonprofit groups,
by helping them to build capacity and by providing technical assistance. Our programs include nonprofit
workshops on topics such as grant writing, resource development, and governance.

The Foundation’s major event is the annual Challenge for Charities.

Lander Community Foundation Board of Directors
Lander Community Foundation board members are available to answer your questions. Please contact a
board member with any questions, concerns or feedback that you may have.
          * Andre Coulter
          * Leslie Calkins
          * Michelle Escudero
          * Rick Fagnant, Board Member Emeritus
          * Andy Gramlich
          * Deborah Kaufman
          * Lisa Lowham
          * Bryan Neely
          * Sky Phifer
          * Gary Wilmot

                                                                                   Challenge for Charities 10
                                                                                   Nonprofit Orientation Packet
                                   Frequently Asked Questions
How do nonprofits sign up to be a part of the Challenge for Charities?
Nonprofit organizations serving in the Lander area and residents are invited to participate in the
Challenge for Charities. To be eligible, organizations must attend the orientation meeting on March 6,
2012 6:00 p.m., at the Lander Public Library 2nd floor. Organizations must complete an Organization
Application found at The Lander Community Foundation will
review applications to ensure organization’s eligibility. An application acceptance letter will be sent to the
contact person of all eligible nonprofits. There is no cost to apply.

How do nonprofits raise funds through the Challenge for Charities?
Accepted organizations solicit donors to give to the Challenge Charities through the Lander Community
Foundation. Donors must designate funds to go to the organization(s) of their choice in the list of
accepted charities on the donor form or online. Donations must be made payable to the Lander
Community Foundation and received between May 1st and July 11th. The Lander Community Foundation
must receive all donations and donor forms. The Foundation will acknowledge all donors with a tax
receipt, and record donations for the designated organization. A big selling point to donors is the
Matching Fund that the Lander Community Foundation awards each accepted nonprofit.

What are the Lander Community Foundation’s responsibilities?
The Lander Community Foundation will
    Organize the Challenge for Charities with the help of community volunteers
    Receive and process all donations to the Challenge Charities and provide donor tax-receipts
    Organize the Lander Half Marathon & 5-K and process all registration
    Provide promotional materials and a marketing presence for the Challenge Charities an the
       Lander Half Marathon & 5K
    Solicit Community Challengers to build the Matching Fund
    Provide accepted nonprofits with a list of donors and donations designated to their organization

How can people in the community get involved?
This is a community-wide, volunteer-run event. There are MANY volunteer opportunities prior to, during
and following the event. Nonprofits must provide a total of at least 20 volunteer hours towards the event.
Community members may also register to participate in the event, make a donation, and/or help staff a
nonprofit’s volunteer assignment. To volunteer, please contact Lisa Lowham at or
call 307-349-2289.

What happens on event day?
The Lander Community Foundation uses the Lander Half Marathon & 5-K as a community event to
celebrate our local nonprofits and highlight the matching fund opportunity. Participants run or walk the
Lander Half Marathon or 5-K in competitive or recreational categories. There is also a Family Fun Jump
rope Competition for youth ages 5-10. There is a free breakfast for the participants and non-participants
can buy breakfast. There is music, entertainment, and an awards ceremony. All winners receive nonprofit
bucks that they donate to their favorite participating nonprofit. All members of the community are
welcome to attend.

                                                                                     Challenge for Charities 11
                                                                                     Nonprofit Orientation Packet
Who provides the matching funds?
The Lander Community Foundation raises matching funds from individuals, businesses and organizations
in the community, referred to as Community Challengers. These donations are specifically designated to
the matching fund.

What is the match percentage and how is it determined?
When all the donations have been recorded (donations close July 11, 2012) and acknowledged, the
Lander Community Foundation will calculate the match percentage based on the total amount of match
money raised through Community Challengers and the total amount raised by participating organizations
(up to the $10,000 cap). All participating organizations receive the same percentage match on the funds
they raise up to the cap. The match percentage will be announced and checks will be distributed at the
Awards Party on August 7, 2012, 6:00 p.m. at the Museum of the American West. Organizations will
receive 100% of funds designated to their organization. The Lander Community Foundation has set a
target of 30-50% for the matching funds or $.30-$.50 per dollar raised.

How are the funds distributed?
One hundred percent of all designated donor contributions are passed on to participating organizations.
Organizations receive the money donated to their organization plus a match percentage of up to the first
$10,000 raised. The match percentage is announced, and funds will be distributed at the Awards Party on
August 7, 2012 6:00 p.m. at the Museum of the American West. Additional grant money will be made
available to all nonprofits through the foundation’s competitive grant program. The Lander Community
Foundation puts aside 5% of the funds raised through the Community Challenger program, to be used for
the Foundation’s community-wide competitive grant program. Grant applications will be available on
September 1st and applications are due December 15st, 2012. Grant awards will be announced by mid-
January 2013.

                                                                                 Challenge for Charities 12
                                                                                 Nonprofit Orientation Packet

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