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					Panic Attacks - Dealing With Your Need To Escape

Panic attacks can be very crippling when there's enough in life that you have to deal with. If you have to
deal with stresses from work, family and more, then it seems that you are emotionally overloaded with
panic. You don't have to feel this way forever. The tips below can help you with your panic attacks.

Reduce hyperventilation through exercise. Hyperventilating will cause your panic attack to get worse, so
you need to get it under control. Vigorous exercise, such as jogging or a brisk cardio workout, will counter
the hyperventilation. Remember to breathe in and out of your nose while doing this. A regular exercise
routine will also help to reduce stress levels, which can in turn, decrease the chance of panic attacks.

What's the point in feeling bad about having a panic attack? You are already worked up from the attack, and
beating yourself up during or afterward, doesn't serve you any purpose at all. Instead, learn from the attack
and figure out how you can stop the next one from being so emotionally draining.

Dehydration is a key component to panic attacks, so make sure to drink lots of water every day, all day.
During a panic attack your muscles will require more oxygen as a result of the flight or fight response your
body is experiencing, so drink even more water (H2O - the "O" is for oxygen!) to keep your muscles fed.

A great technique when you have a panic attack is to visualize yourself as a bird. Fly through the blue, clear
sky on the wind until you reach a beautiful meadow. Fly into the meadow and through the grass, watching it
sway in the breeze. When you concentrate on all the details you're seeing you'll forget about the panic attack

Increase the your confidence by telling yourself great things about yourself. Telling yourself positive things
and passing positive compliments to others will deter judgmental feelings. These thoughts can lead to
negative thinking which can increase anxiety and diminish control. See the positive aspects of yourself and
others. Do your best to express these thoughts.

When you have a panic attack you should try to do an activity that a person gripped by fear normally
wouldn't do, especially if it can make you feel like you're the boss of your situation. When you complete it
successfully, have a little celebration for yourself and notice how amazing YOU are!

Grabbing for a bag of chips is NOT an appropriate reaction to being stressed out and studies have shown
that processed foods can actually make your situation worse - especially if you're stressed over poor health
of weight issues! Instead of junk food, grab a salad, or go for a run, and you'll kill two birds with one stone!

Dealing with panic attacks on top of just trying to survive a day, for various reasons, can seem like a never-
ending struggle. It doesn't help that sometimes you beat that struggle and sometimes you do not. The tips in
this article have helped others with their attacks and they can help you also.
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