Addendum-2-IFB-12-02-Janitorial by huangyuarong


									                                   ________________________________________Office of Purchasing

                                        IFB 12-02 ADDENDUM
                                             July 19, 2011
           Reference – Invitation for Bid:      IFB 12-02
                Commodity Code/Service:         91039 Janitorial Services
                                   Dated:       July 1, 2011
                         For Delivery to:       University of Mary Washington,
                                                Commonwealth of Virginia
                          Proposal Due Date:    August 9, 2011 at 3pm

This addendum shows a change to the due date and mandatory pre-bid date on the first page of the IFB.
Also shows changes to specifications of cleaning to the clubhouse as well as a change to the pricing bid
This addendum consists of three (3) pages.

Please note change to due date on page one (1)
        Sealed Bids Will Be Received Until August 9, 2011 at 3pm For Furnishing The Goods/Services
        Described Herein And Then Opened In Public.

Please note change to mandatory pre-bid conference date on page one (1)
        * PREBID CONFERENCE: A mandatory prebid conference will be held on July 28, 2011 at 10am
        at the University Apartments, Apt 111. 1010 William St. Attendance is mandatory for those
        submitting a bid. Parking will be in the commuter lot next to the Apartments on William St. No
        one will be admitted into the conference after 10:10am. If special ADA accommodations are
        needed, please contact Melissa Myers at 540/654‐1057

Please note change to specification in sect. II scope of required services for Clubhouse:
               Club House:
               Carpets shall be vacuumed DAILY Monday thru Friday
               Hard surfaced floors shall be swept and mopped DAILY Monday thru Friday
               Furniture dusted DAILY Monday thru Friday
               Windows cleaned as needed
               Sink and counters cleaned DAILY Monday thru Friday
               Bathrooms swept, mopped, sinks cleaned, toilets cleaned and restocked with paper
               products supplied by UMW. DAILY Monday thru Friday

Please note change to attachment A. Please use this bid sheet instead of the original attachment A.
(See page 2 of addendum)

                                                     1301 College Avenue            Telephone: (540)654-1127
                                                    Fredericksburg, VA 22401-5300   Fax: (540)654-1160
                                                               TTY: (540)654-1104
                                ________________________________________Office of Purchasing

                                                                                   ATTACHMENT A

Bid Sheet:        The Contractor agrees to furnish and deliver the services, as specified herein, in
accordance with all the terms and conditions of this solicitation, for the price stated below. Any bidder
who enters $0 on a pricing blank or leaves it blank shall be considered non responsive.

  Cost of Weekly Services for laundry Rooms, stairwells,
                                         and club house:
      Initial cleaning of Apartments at the end of Spring
                Semester and before the start of Session I
   Re-cleaning of apartments between Sessions I and II

         Re-cleaning/touch-up of apartment before fall

           **Cleaning and waxing of hardwood floors in
                      apartments, laying 2 coats of wax
**Strip and Wax (3) coats of wax on all Hallways and
Laundry Rooms
                   **Hourly rate for additional cleaning

             **Hourly rate for non‐scheduled cleanings
** Will not be used in determining award of contract.

                                                    1301 College Avenue               Telephone: (540)654-1127
                                                   Fredericksburg, VA 22401-5300      Fax: (540)654-1160
                                                                 TTY: (540)654-1104
                                  ________________________________________Office of Purchasing

Melissa Myers, VCO
Buyer Specialist
Phone: 540-654-1057

*Acknowledged receipt of IFB 12-02 Addendum #2 (and all addenda) must be included in IFB Package:

__________________________________________________                        ______________
                      SIGNATURE                                                   DATE

                                                   1301 College Avenue                   Telephone: (540)654-1127
                                                  Fredericksburg, VA 22401-5300          Fax: (540)654-1160
                                                                    TTY: (540)654-1104

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