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JULY 4, 2010         14th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME

                                                                   **BIRTHDAY GREETINGS**
                                                               July 4
                                                               Jeff Keogh, Lisa Wenzel, Maryjean Schaeffer, Lisa Curtis,
                                                               Gloria Lyons, Andrew Herles
 Saturday, July 3                                              July 5
 9:00am Fathers living and deceased                            Robert Kondas, Stephen Walsh, Mark Sheehan, Karen Plew,
 5:30pm The People of St Stanislaus Kostka                     Olivia Oberrieth, Robin Occhicone, Timothy Stabell, Joann
                                                               Mylod, Melissa Karchmer
 Sunday, July 4
 7:30am The People of St Stanislaus Kostka                     July 6
 9:00am Marion Donaldson                                       Kelli Schwarze, R. Andrew Rauh, Thomas Caruso, Jr., Sharon
 11:00am Thomas Malone                                         Niznik, Cassidy Robishaw, Glenn Battistoni, Michael Richard,
                                                               Allison Leigh, Brandon Poplees, Beth Mona, Abigail DePaola,
 Monday, July 5                                                Amy Swarup
 9:00am Robert T. Osika – Joanne and Mike Slater
                                                               July 7
 Tuesday, July 6                                               Maria Valente, Josephine Boyle, John Boyle, David Neumann,
 9:00am Special Intention                                      Brian Rossner, Caitlyn Salvagio, Alyssa Versace-Amoresano,
                                                               Susan Koenitzer, Jason Barrett, William Cargain, Shannon
 Wednesday, July 7                                             Gibson, Brian Berry, Sean Cawley, Denise Condon
 9:00am Anne Birkenmeyer – Adolph and Family
                                                               July 8
 Thursday, July 8                                              Stephanie Lyons, Allison Heasley, Danielle Laxgang, Jacquelyn
 9:00am Special Intention                                      Timberlake, Michael Janius
 Friday, July 9                                                July 9
 9:00am James Dunn - Family                                    Sarah Hof, Eric Schollmeyer, Brian Rivera, Richard Malicia,
                                                               Shannon Lambert, Tyler Sheffield, Allison Kostik, Izabella
 Saturday, July 10                                             Arraiano, Anthony Marotta, Julianna Cimillo, Nicole
 9:00am Shirley Sinon – Dale Dydo
                                                               Breitenbach, Joseph Scott, Jr.,
 5:30pm Dora and Serafino Ciccone – Dolores McDonnell
                                                               July 10
    ST. STANISLAUS IS A TITHING                                Tracey Donaldson, Joseph Fusca, Frederic Schaaf, Samuel
                                                               North, Valerie Connolly, Alexa Michalko, Parker Simoni, Jack
              PARISH                                           Koenitzer , Brian Corns, Sonia Pinto
                    God’s Plan for Giving
 In return for the Lord’s generosity, our people returned to           SECOND COLLECTION NEXT SUNDAY
 His Church the following                                                        Black and Indian Missions
                                                               Your financial contribution for this collection helps to support
 June 27, 2010                             $5018.00            Catholic communities on reservations, in rural areas and inner
 Thank you for your continuing generosity that enables us to   cities. Your donation funds evangelization programs to
 continue to serve the people of God                           strengthen the faith, continue the legacy and share the mission
                                                               with children and adults here in the Untied States.
The Parish Office will be closed on Monday, July 5 for the
               Independence Day Holiday                                          BANNS OF MARRIAGE
                                                                           Banns III: Bridget Lang and Ian Smith
                                                                        Banns III: Tabitha Fern and Kenneth Sambells

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            14th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME                                                    VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL
                                                                           We are very pleased to offer for the first time in many years
                                                                           here at St. Stanislaus Kostka a Vacation Bible School this
                                                                           summer. “Baobab Blast” will be a wonderful week for K
                                                                           through 5th graders. Each day from 9:30am-12:30pm Monday
                                                                           August 2 to Friday, August 6 our children will enjoy the
                                                                           various activities in our Catholic VBS. There will be music,
                                                                           story telling, Bible activities, games, snacks and so much
                                                                           more. REGISTER YOUR CHILD FOR VBS NOW- CUT
                                                                           OFF JULY 19!

                                                                                       RCIA- NOW IS THE TIME TO SIGN UP
                                                                           If you are an adult seeking to complete your sacraments of
                   ADULT FAITH FORMATION
                                                                           initiation ( Eucharist and Confirmation ) or one seeking to
If interested in any of these, please give Nancy Dunn a call at
                                                                           enter into the Catholic faith, please call the Parish Office for
                the Parish Office. 635-1700 x 12
There will be many different opportunities to increase formation in our
faith throughout the upcoming year
EPIC ( a 20 week DVD series on Church History ) Wednesday                                   DEFENSIVE DRIVING CLASS
evenings 7:30-9pm                                                          Once again we will be sponsoring through AARP a Defensive
Study of the Psalms: 10 week study Thursday afternoons from 1-3pm          Driving Class here at St. Stanislaus. Mark your calendar for
Footprints of God: A DVD series on Catholic faith topics for any           Saturday, September 11. The class will run from 9-5 with a ½
interested Religious Ed parents while their children are in class.         hour lunch (Bring your own). The cost is $12 for AARP
“Invitation : the Search for God, Self and Truth” ..discussion group       Members and $14 for non-members. The class could help with
with Father Brian : probable time and day, Wednesday mornings after        discounts on your insurance and or to remove points from your
9am Mass.
                                                                           license. There is also an online version of the class that some of
           Parish Mission during the first week in November
                                                                           you may want to utilize instead of the in person class. We will
                                                                           have more details over the next few weeks on this option. To
       WORLDWIDE MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER                                        register, call the Parish office. The class is limited to 30 – at this
“I am sending you like lambs among wolves…” The modern
                                                                           time we have only a few opening left.
world can do a lot to destroy marriage. Come away for a
weekend and fortify your sacrament. The next Worldwide
                                                                                     ST.STANISLAUS NURSERY SCHOOL
Marriage Encounter weekend is August 13 – 15. For more                                    Register Now for 2010-2011
information, call toll free: 877-NYS-WWME                                    3 year old program: Tuesday & Thursday 9:00-11:45AM $95*
                                                                           4 year old program: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9:00-11:45PM
                     K OF C YARD SALE                                                                   $120*
On Saturday, July 17th the Knights of Columbus will be
                                                                                            ******New Program********
holding their annual Yard Sale. At this time they arecollecting
“gently used” items. Drop off times will be Tuesday evenings                                  Kindergarten Enrichment
                                                                               A program designed to enhance your child's Kindergarten
6-8pm & Saturdays 9am-12noon. No clothing or shoes will
                                                                                        experience both socially & academically
be accepted.
                                                                                      . Each child's individual needs will be met.
                      CLOTHING DRIVE
                                                                                        Monday-Friday Afternoons 12:00-3:00PM
In conjunction with the K of C yard Sale, Fr. Perry would like to
                                                                                   (2, 3 or 5 day program available) $100, $125 or $195*
collect clothing for his parish in Africa. Please bring your clean,
                                                                            Bus Transportation will be provided from Traver Road School
gently worn SUMMER clothing and blue jeans. If you have any
questions please contact Fr. Perry                                          * discounts given for registered parishioners who regularly
                                                                                       contribute to the support of the Parish
The Touchdown Association at Our Lady of Lourdes High School will
                                                                                     Call Jayne Rossi for Information & to Register
be sponsoring a Youth Football Camp to be held the Week of July 26th                                    635-9312
through July 29th from 5:30 pm. to 8:00 pm each night. The Camp will
be directed by OLL Head Football Coach Brian Walsh and his staff.                          PARISH DATA BASE UPKEEP
 The camp is intended to provide participants with an opportunity to
both learn and improve their football skills and increase their            Now that the summer is here it is important to try to take time to
appreciation for the game. The camp is open to any student entering        be sure our records are updated.
grades 2 through 8. It includes instruction and a camp t-shirt at a cost
of $80. To register, please contact Christine Ryan at 227-6845 or          If you would like to register, have moved, new phone #, a change                                              in family members, children moved away and married with their
                                                                           own families, please let us know. Call 635-1700
Meetings: 3rd Monday morning of each month at 9:30
          3rd Tuesday evening at 7:30pm in Religious Ed
Call Marge Sullivan for information: 635- 2016                                                                                      432-Page 2
                      PASTOR’S NOTES                            was as divided as the states in which they dwelled. History
This weekend we celebrate the courageous decision of our        books, newspapers, and pictorial depictions reveal priests
founding fathers to declare their independence from             ministering to soldiers on both sides. Despite their loyalty
England. For months they listened to each other and their       to their country members of the Church came under attack
constituents recite what they perceived as injustices which     by groups such as the Know Nothing Party, the Orange
denied them their human rights. The document they would         Institution, and the Ku Klux Klan. Bishop John Hughes had
sign would only begin their effort to form a new nation         to seek the assistance of the Ancient Order of Hibernians to
dedicated to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”     protect the churches of the Archdiocese. The recent
Many of those who were present in Philadelphia that day         controversies about Moslems seeking to build Mosques in
would return to their homes only to pack that they might join   some communities recalls this period when in order to
the forces formed to make a reality to what they promised.      purchase property for a Catholic Church, front men who
They would only be the first generation who would defend        were sympathetic Protestants had to be found to cause a
our country, preserve the union, and promote the rights of      sale. Father Michael McGivney established the Knights of
man. Their sacrifices would be followed by those of many        Columbus to assist families who had lost the breadwinner
others. We must never forget.                                   and who were turned away by other agencies. Mother
                                                                Katherine Drexel, a child of privilege, left a life of comfort
It is unfortunate that too many of our countrymen, indeed       to serve the needs of the African American and Native
many of our co-religionists, are unaware of the place           populations of the prospering nation. More recent times
Catholics played in the successful revolution, formation of     would not be found wanting in terms of heroic figures of
our nation, and the growth into a world power of the United     abiding faith. Our own community was blessed by the
States. Before the events which we mark this weekend,           presence of Dorothy Day who constantly challenged the
despite an atmosphere of persecution, churchmen of stature      world to care for the poor and pursue a just peace, Fr.
such as Isaac Jogues, Junipero Serra, and John Carroll had      Vincent Capodanna, a Vietnam War Chaplain, gave his life
come to this missionary territory to preach, teach, and         for his troops, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen encouraged all to seek
sanctify those who lived in the New World and those who         truth and avoid the destructive philosophies of materialism
would come to settle here. The latter’s brother, Charles        and secularity. These are but a few examples of men and
would be present as the debates of the Continental Congress     women who have impacted our society with their religious
became more strident and its divisions more obvious its sole    values.
Catholic member would encourage all by his willingness to
give his all to the cause of independence. He demonstrated      Gratefully, we can say that our faith community has
such by signing his name as “Charles Carroll of Carrollton.”    prospered under our way of life and freedom. But it must
 He did so that the British would know exactly who he was.      also be said that, in turn, Catholicism has caused America to
He was the only Founding Father to do so. Though the            grow in every way. There are approximately 225 Catholic
name John Paul Jones is etched into history, his Catholic       schools of higher education in the United States with alumni
counterpart: Captain John Barry is no less famous. And one      of every religious tradition. Our parochial school system
can never discount the assistance provided by Catholic          still serves the purposes of not only the faith community but
France and Poland. Even as children we were taught about        society as a whole. Our health care systems oversee 625
the exploits of the Marquis de Lafayette, Count Casimir         hospitals in addition to many senior facilities. Catholic
Pulaski, and Tadeusz Kosciuszko among others, not               Charities throughout the country touch millions of lives.
counting those men and women known only to God who              Locally, Mayor Ed Koch has said repeatedly he would not
identified with our cause.                                      want to contemplate a New York City without the charitable
                                                                programs of the Church. Even in these difficult times we
From its infancy the nation was served by many who were         can still acknowledge the presence of over 40,000 priests,
enlivened by faith and the challenges of evangelizing the       17,000 deacons, 63,000 religious sisters and 5,000 brothers.
young nation. Bishop John Carroll, of the same family of         Their efforts are supplemented by 30,000 certified lay
the signer from Maryland, supported the efforts of the          ministers. This does not include over 150,000 teachers in
convert Elizabeth Baley Seton in establishing a religious       our parochial schools, As our population of Catholics
community to serve the poor medically and educationally.        grow, especially through RCIA, we know that the mission of
John Neumann, the Bohemian immigrant, following his             the Church will continue to strengthen the purposes of our
ordination went from New York City to Buffalo to                nation’s founding.
encourage his hearers to remain faithful as they built their
communities and in the case of many, the Erie Canal. Pierre     May the Lord bless our land. May it realize the hopes of its
Toussaint remained where he had been brought as a slave         founders and serve all members of the human family and
and reached out to provide charity to those struggling. The     preserve its principles for future generations.
industrialization of the nation and its expansion beyond the
borders of the original colonies provided many opportunities    Vivat Jesus,
for missionaries who not only taught the faith but formed
communities, provided services, and established structures      Fr. Brian
which provided bases for future cities. Sadly, two tragedies
affected the Catholic population: the nation divided over
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slavery exploded in civil war. The population of the faithful

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