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Paris Restaurants (DOC)


									                                 Paris Restaurants

Paris is undeniably the city of exquisite culinary dreams, with over 1,500
restaurants                 and                 eating                   establishments.
The variety of places to dine can be almost overwhelming, from the fine world-
renowned restaurants founded by famous chefs to the many popular neighborhood
bistros     to     casual      sandwich      shops      and       enticing      bakeries.
The best way to enjoy a fine dining experience without breaking the bank is to seek
out local restaurants in non-touristy neighborhoods. These eating establishments
cater to the residents who live and work here, so they must keep their prices
competitive and the quality of their food high in order to exist. Good examples are
Chez Georges on rue du Mail, where diners can enjoy a multi-course meal among
locals at a reasonable price, and Le Timbre, located in Montparnasse on rue Ste-
Beuve, a bistro offering delicious seasonal specialties at fair prices.

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