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Nortel Secure Router Rls. 10.1 Configuration _ Management


Nortel Secure Router Rls.10.1 Configuration & Management
Question: 1

Which two different rates of traffic can the Nortel Secure Router QoS classes provide? (Choose two.)

A. Burst Rate
B. Control Rate
C. Balloon Rate
D. Committed Rate

                                                                              Answer: A, D

Question: 2

The Nortel Secure Router 4134 supports performance monitoring and measurement. The feature,
known as SLA, provides performance measurements that include packet loss and round-trip delay. A
maximum number of active measurements can be associated with a single destination. What is the
maximum number of SLA active measurement(s) per destination?

A. 1
B. 5
C. 8
D. 16
E. Unlimited

                                                                                Answer: B

Question: 3

Which command delivered from SR/configure/interface/bundle wan/qos/class eng3> will remove
VLAN 100 from a traffic class?

A. del_vlan 100
B. no vlan_id 100
C. rem_vlan_id 100
D. delete_vlan_id 100

                                                                               Answer: D

Question: 4

Which factor affects the number of QoS classes you can create?

A. Router licensing level
B. Bandwidth on each T1
C. Number of WAN bundles
D. Total bandwidth available

                                                                            Answer: D

Question: 5

On a Nortel Secure Router 4134, the QoS operations can be performed on chassis and module
components. The QoS processing functions performed by the Module QoS are listed. Which two
functions are performed in association with the Module QoS egress packet processing? (Choose

A. Class of Service marking
B. Traffic shaping
C. Flow classification
D. Traffic policing
E. Scheduling

                                                                            Answer: D

Question: 6

Which minimum bandwidth amount does the Secure Router 1004 allow the administrator to define
to a traffic class?

A. 1Megabyte
B. 1 KB
C. 10Kb
D. 1Megabit

                                                                            Answer: B

Question: 7

During Packet Classification for QoS, the traffic inbound on an interface is split into the different
defined classes and is then queued. Where is the packet queued?

A. At the inbound interface
C. At the outbound interface
D. At an unused interface

                                                                                    Answer: C

Question: 8

Which two commands can be used to edit an access list? (Choose two.)

A. Edit
B. Insert
C. Delete
D. Include

                                                                                  Answer: B, C

Question: 9

Which two are attributes of a Nortel Secure Router access list filter? (Choose two.)

A. They are applied to an interface with a direction.
B. Filters can only be used on WAN side interfaces.
C. There is an implicit Deny at the end of every filter.
D. There is an implicit Allow at the end of every filter.

                                                                                  Answer: A, C

Question: 10

What is the definition of a Security Zone within the framework of the Nortel Secure Router firewall?

A. A separate firewall running on each interface individually
B. A logical difference between WAN interfaces for security
C. A virtual firewall with its own inbound and outbound database
D. A representation of each firewall in your WAN and branch network

                                                                                Answer: A

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