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Straightening curly hair


All you need to know about straightening curly hair and so much more free informations om how to look after your hair and get the best results using hair treatments products.

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									                           Tips on Straightening Curly Hair


Straightening curly hair involves a lot of processes. Getting your curly hair straight is
extremely difficult just by using simple methods such as brushing and shampooing. That is
why it is important to use the proper tools and techniques making curly hair look straight.
Some curly-haired gals are wondering how they will get over the hang of it. On the other
hand, enjoy having the natural curly hair but desire for a different look.

There are instances in which girls with curly hair have tried straightening hair, but failed.
Frizz is one of the problems of curly hair and it requires using various products in order to
overcome the condition. Obviously, there are plenty of hair products available, but it is quite
confusing choosing the right one. As much as possible, you should choose a product that is
specially designed to answer your problem.

Keeping curly hair well moisturized is very important for easy straightening curly hair.
Likewise, moisturizing your hair can take away frizzes, lesser possibility of developing split
ends and it grows faster. In this sense, girls with curly hair should use good moisturizing
conditioner that is available in any forms such as leave-on conditioners, rinse-out conditioners
as well as heat-activated conditioners. In the same manner, you should also choose
conditioners suitable to your hair type.

Cleaning and conditioning the hair makes the process of straightening easier. Straightening
hair involves heat in order to achieve the desired look. In this sense, it is necessary to choose
the right styling products to lessen the damaging effects of the heat. Adding extra moisture
by using straightening balms reduce the effects and at the same time eliminate frizz thus
makes hair glossy sheen.

Knowing the right technique of blowing curly hair is important in straightening. Likewise,
using large round brushes are ideal for straightening curly hair. You should use a brush that
can hold the hair tight while blowing it dry. Choose blow dryers that have various heat and
speed settings. The lowest setting of heat is the least damaging while the highest setting can
dry hair faster and straighter yet damaging. Thus, experiment the appropriate heat setting
that can help achieving the desired look without damaging your hair.

With the hairdryer and brush at hand, you can start straightening curly hair. Blow dries the
curly hair in small sections for easy straightening process. When using the hairdryer see to it
that it is eight inches away and pointing it at downward angle to your hair. Repeat the
process until finished.

On the other hand, blow drying is not enough in straightening curly hair. Using a straightening
iron is the best way to obtain the best result. Blow drying curly hair making it fluff while
ironing the curly hair provides realistic movement and slight wave. However, makes sure to
choose straightening irons that works best in your hair. Just like blow drying, ironing the hair
should also be done in small sections. Iron the section several times as needed in order to
obtain a smooth and straighten hair.

Nevertheless, using hair iron can weaken and break the hair. It is because the hair iron has
heating plates that offers uneven heat. To avoid such circumstances, you can choose the hair
iron with ceramic plates that permits equal distribution of heat into your hair. The ceramic
plates are more advantageous and gentler due to the functioning mechanism. Likewise, it also
gives off negative ions that allow extended duration of having straight hair.

Straightening curly hair can be done at home if you have skills doing it. However, if you do
not have time, you should seek help from professionals. On the other hand, when you go on
professional straightening, expect that professionals will use different hair straightening
products that contain chemicals. In this sense, before making your hair straighten
professionally, you should ask the hairstylist about the products they are using.

Nowadays, there is plenty of hair straightening products used by professionals. Likewise, they
are also using different methods of straightening hair such as the Japanese thermal
reconditioning and the Brazilian technique. However, these methods have the great
possibility of damaging your hair due to the chemicals used. As much as possible, a strand
experiment should be done in determining the texture, elasticity and strength of the hair. In
this way, you can avoid mistake in choosing the product suitable to your hair.

Indeed, in this modern world getting straight hair is not anymore a big deal. With all the hair
straightening products and tools available, straightening curly hair is obtainable.
Nevertheless, it is good to keep in mind that frequent straightening and using of chemicals to
the hair can break and damage it. Therefore, you should know the right time of straightening
curly hair in order to preserve the natural moisture and health of the hair.

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