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Flat irons may work and give you straight hair, but if you want lasting results, you should
consider permanent hair straightening. It is important that you know how this system works
before you choose the ideal method that can give you glossy and smooth straight hair. It
wouldn’t be a good idea to use flat irons every day because it can cause damage to your hair
over the long term. Find out the different options and you can achieve your goals.

Permanent Hair Straightening with Relaxer Chemicals

Most of the brands of relaxing solutions available in the market are available in three types. If
you have tightly curled and stubborn hair, you can look for a solution that contains sodium
hydroxide. This is also known as lye and it is the harshest chemical used to straighten hair.
Some people prefer to use solutions without the lye, and instead purchase solutions
containing guanidine hydroxide. Such solutions are gentler but can still cause irritations to the
hair and skin.

The third type is the solution used in Japanese straightening systems. The main ingredient
gently straightens hair, and this is called ammonium thioglycolate. The risk of damaging the
hair is quite low; hence this is the preferred solution by most women to achieve smooth and
shiny straight hair. It’s better to have your hair straightened in a reputed salon because the
professionals will know what to do with your hair. It is important to note that if your hair was
previously treated with lye or sodium hydroxide, applying thio will only frazzle you hair. Seek
expert advice first, and you can take good care of your crowning glory.

Permanent Hair Straightening Systems

At present, there are three major straightening systems you can find – traditional relaxing,
Japanese, and Brazilian keratin straightening. You should know the differences between these
systems, their advantages and disadvantages, and other important information. With a
thorough understanding of the systems, you can make an informed choice.

For many years, the traditional relaxing system was used to address curls and wavy hair. An
alkaline solution is applied on the hair, and once relaxed, application of a neutralizer follows.
This method offers greater flexibility because you can choose to simply ‘loosen’ the curls a
bit or you can have your hair straight. Even the tightest curls can be straightened with this
system. The only drawback is that the hair strands are simple relaxed, and you won’t get
super-straight hair. At times, you can still see the frizz and hair damage can be a

The Japanese system is one of the newest and it is more popularly called thermal
conditioning. Liscio and Yuko are some of the big names in the industry that spearheaded this
hair permanent hair straightening system. The thio-based formulations are used in the system
which offers a very gentle action. After application of the formulation, flat irons are used to
ensure poker-straight hair. The shape of the hair is enhanced with the application of the

The third system is the Brazilian keratin straightening. This system offers semi-permanent
straight hair. Keratin is used and applied on the hair before it is ironed. The effects would ne
smoother and softer straight hair. This is also preferred by many people because keratin is
not harsh, unlike the traditional relaxers. The only drawback is that some formulations of
keratin contain formaldehyde which is dangerous to health.

Other Concerns on Permanent Hair Straightening

You can never be sure that your hair is not at risk of damage even if you choose permanent
hair straightening. In fact, studies reveal that the various systems mentioned earlier can still
damage the hair slightly or severely. It is important that you know the pros and cons of each
system, so you can make a wise decision.

Consultation with a good, experienced, and reputed stylist is very important. Only a
professional can determine the most suitable solution that can make your hair straight and
shiny. A stylist can better assess your hair’s condition and determine the process or chemicals
needed to give you what you want while minimizing the risks of damage. An inexperienced
stylist can cause permanent damage to your hair, and so you have to make the right choice.

There are now DIY kits to straighten hair at home, but it is highly recommended that you seek
the help of reputed stylists. Straightening the hair is not the most important aspect. In fact,
anyone can have straight hair these days, but the secret is the aftercare. Proper maintenance
of treated hair is vital if you want it to last for a long time.

A stylist can provide you with aftercare tips. Another thing that you must know is that once
your hair starts to grow there is also re-growth of wavy or curly hair. This means that you
have to repeat the process of permanent hair straightening once or twice a year.

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