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Japanese hair straightening treatments


All you need to know about japanese hair straightening treatments and so much more free informations om how to look after your hair and get the best results using hair treatments products.

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									 Why People Go Crazy about Japanese Hair Straightening Treatments?
Have you heard of Japanese hair straightening treatments? Do you have curly hair? Then, you
might be a great fan of hair straightening tools and treatments. But if you are tired of hair
straightening and you are not satisfied with the results anymore, you should consider using
the Japanese hair straightening treatments. These are one of the newest hair straightening
methods that are taking the world by storm. Most people call the process as Japanese
straightening. But sometimes these are known by other names such as thermal reconditioning,
straight perm, Japanese straight perm, thermal restructuring, and also ionic retexturization.
The good news is that these treatments offer permanent solutions to transform your curly hair
into the straight hair style that you have been dreaming of. So, whatever name it is called,
you cannot deny the fact that these treatments are quickly becoming a trend in various hair
salons around the world.

Basically, Japanese hair straightening is among the latest forms of straightening techniques
that are intended to make your curly and wavy hair super straight without causing any
damage onto your hair and scalp. Compared to hair flat iron, this straightening method offers
a more permanent straightening treatment. So, if you do not like the temporary straight hair
solution of flat iron, this could be the best way to enjoy straighter and smoother hair.
However, it is important that you understand that this treatment has the tendency to make
the roots of your hair grow out curly. If this happens, you need to visit the nearest salon in
your area to retouch your hair so that the roots will grow straight again.

Most people who are curious about the Japanese hair straightening treatments usually ask
how long you can enjoy the results of the treatment. Well, the answer to this is that when
you chose to have your hair treated with this process, you can expect to have straight hair
everlastingly or until you cut your hair off. The roots of your hair may grow curly so the
results really vary based on how quickly your hair grows. When you noticed that your roots
tend to become wavy or curly, that only shows that you already need to go to the hair salon
for a touch up. Ideally, your roots can be touched up at least every six months or even longer,
depending on your needs.

How to Use Japanese Hair Straightening Treatments?

Japanese straightening is considered a very innovative way to make your hair straight
permanently. Generally, this treatment procedure may take about 2 to 6 hours to finish. But,
of course, this depends on your hair type, hair length, and texture. The curlier your hair and
the longer it is, the longer the process will take. Aside from that, the cost is also much higher
if you have a very long and curly hair.

How does the process work? Basically, the procedure starts by shampooing your hair and
testing its textures. In this way, the hairstylist will know what should be done to make the
treatment process work. Depending on how long or how curly your hair is there will be some
additional charges for other treatments that would be applied onto your hair.

Some of the most common treatments that are applied while having this procedure are the
hair protein treatment, which is necessary to strengthen and protect your hair. Then, some
form of solution is also applied onto your hair to make the texture more natural. After
applying the solution for several minutes, your hair would be washed and blow dried. Then, it
would be flattened using a thermal hair straightening iron. After this, a second type of
solution is applied onto the hair to serve as neutralizing agent. Then, the solution is again
washed and your hair would be blow dried again. You will notice that your hair is much flatter
now unlike when you just straighten it by means of an ordinary hair flat iron.

What to Consider on Japanese Hair Straightening Treatments?

Japanese hair straightening is the ideal choice for those who are looking for desirable results
when it comes to having a beautiful straight hair permanently. The best part about it is that
it works on almost any hair type. Whether you have a wavy, curly, or frizzy hair, this is the
straightening treatment that is perfect for you. But, if you want to make sure that everything
will work out just fine, it would be best if you go to the salon and seek advice from the hair
stylist who is expert on this procedure. This way, you will really know if this is just the right
solution for your curly or frizzy hair problem. But, overall, Japanese hair straightening
treatments are known to give you very straight hair that is so smooth and shiny.

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