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Effective Public Speaking

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Creating an effective speaking outline is the core essential to ensuring that you succeed in your
presentation. Preparation is a key element of success. The more time you spend organizing your
thoughts, your goals, your motivations, and the facts that you will present to an audience, the
better you will be at delivering these key items of interest. Here, you will be presented with a
sample of a basic public speaking outline. If you put this to work for you, you are quite likely to
walk out a success once the presentation has concluded and the curtains have closed.

I. Introduction

A.The first component of the introduction should get the attention of the individuals in the
audience. You have to consider creative strategies to successfully scoop the audience right up in
your hand and gain control of them. The interest of the audience is absolutely valuable to optimize
the effectiveness of the public speech as a whole.

1.You may choose to use an interaction strategy with the audience.

2.You may elect to start off with a personal account that is enlightening and exciting to the listener.

3.You may choose to do something that keeps the audience tuned in for your next move.

B.Now, it is time to establish credibility. People want to know who you are and why you are the
one that is issuing the speech. It is important that you handle this task at this point of the

C.Now, your speech outline should walk right into an introduction on the information that you will
be revealing throughout the course of the public speech.

II. Main Event

A.When you come to the main event in your presentation, it is important to ensure that you have
approximately three main points that you would like to convey to your audience.

B.While presenting facts and figures, it is important to provide various types of illustrations,
important numbers that are related to your topic, as well as many different types of testimony to
your audience.

C.It is important to ensure that you have an interaction event when concluding the presentation.
While conducting this interaction, reinforce as much as you possibly can to the audience in order
to ensure that their minds have been refreshed.
III. Conclusion

A.When creating a public speaking outline, it is essential that you take the time to restate
important facts as you conclude the presentation.

B.Now, it is important to create a "call to action" - this will inform your audience of what they need
to do next.

C.Now, it is time to conclude the presentation with any last minute emphasis and a basic "thank
you" to the audience that has been a part of your presentation.

Creating an effective public speaking outline can mean the difference between delivering a
memorable speech that will stay fresh in the minds of your audience, or creating a presentation
that loses the interest of the audience before the presentation is concluded. If you want to be a
highly motivated, successful individual who is revered when it comes to presentations, be sure to
whip that paper and pen out and create a public speaking outline that will assist you in delivering
your message.

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