HP LaserJet 2400p3005 series by HowardPWarburton


HP Visual Collaboration Technical
Question: 1

Which factor allows the printer to maintain print speed throughout the duration of a print job?

A. printing from Tray 1
B. printing a complex job
C. printing on transparencies
D. printing through a network connection

                                                                                     Answer: D
Explanation: The only possible answer is D. When you print complex job, the speed cannot be
maintained because a complex job takes time to print. Printing on transparencies mean that printer
has to disperse ink carefully and it always takes time to print on a transparent paper. Printing from
tray is not an applicable option for the question. Printing through a network connection means that
the printer is getting sizable print jobs, which translate, into keeping the printer busy. Since a stale or
rarely used printer can accumulate dirt and the print heads can get blocked, regular printing keeps
these problems at bay.

Question: 2

The Real-Time Clock date and time can be set through _______. Select two.

A. the Service ID
B. the control panel
C. a PJL command
D. a time server on the network

                                                                                   Answer: B, D

Question: 3

Which media is supported for automatic duplexing?

A. pre-punched media
B. small media (less than 210mm wide)
C. plain paper (16-28 lb. bond./60-105 g/m2)
D. very heavy media (heavier than 28 lb. bond /105 g/m2) and very light media (lighter than 16 lb.
bond / 60 g/m3)

                                                                                Answer: A

Question: 4

The configuration page is printed from which menu?

A. Service
B. Information
C. Diagnostics
D. Paper handling

                                                                                Answer: B

Question: 5

What is stored in NVRAM?

A. network settings, page counts, and event log
B. event log, network settings, and serial number
C. page counts, printer settings, and printer name
D. service ID information, diagnostic tests, and network settings

                                                                                Answer: A

Question: 6

What statement describes the LJ 2400 Series standard warranty?

A. 1-year Return to Bench
B. 3-year Next-Day Onsite
C. 1-year Next-Day Onsite
D. 1-year Next-Day Exchange

                                                                        Answer: A

Question: 7

The minimum amount of memory for Embedded Web Server (EWS) functionality is _______.

A. 32 MB
B. 48 MB
C. 64 MB
D. 80 MB

                                                                        Answer: D

Question: 8

What card do you use to upgrade the memory in the LJ 2400 Series?

A. 100-pin SDRAM Memory DIMM
B. Compact Flash memory card Type I
C. Compact Flash memory card Type II
D. 100-pin DDR SDRAM Memory DIMM

                                                                        Answer: D

Question: 9

What paper sizes are supported for automatic duplexing?

A. Letter, A4
B. Letter, A4, Legal
C. Letter, A4, Legal, 8.5 x 13”
D. Letter, A4, Legal, 8.5 x 13”, Executive

                                                           Answer: C

Question: 10

Which Compact Flash cards are used in the LJ2400 Series?

A. Type I Compact Flash
B. Type II Compact Flash
C. Type III Compact Flash
D. Type II or Type III Compact Flash

                                                           Answer: A

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