Employment Contract (DOC)


NAME: _______________________                              CNIC #

S/O:   _______________________                             File No:---------

ADDRESS: _______________________

With reference to your application and subsequent interviews with us, we are pleased to hire
your technical / professional services on contract for providing assistance to ______________
the “Company” in the capacity of “______________________”. You have been hired on the
following terms and conditions:

   1. Your contract period will start on __________ till ____________or completion of
      assignment whichever is earlier.
   2. You will be paid @ Rs._______________ /-(Amount in words) per month depending on
      achievement of your assigned targets.
   3. Your services are solely hired for specifically assigned job of “_______________“on the
      specific terms & conditions. You will only be entitled to benefits as provided in this
      agreement. You will be entitled to ______ sick/casual leave(s) against each completed
      month. Any additional leave, absence will be on your own account and recoveries will be
      made proportionately from your remuneration.
   4. During the Contract period you will be governed by the terms of this Contract and the
      relevant Company Rules and Regulation. By signing the Acceptance to this Agreement.
      You agree to perform, observe and conform to duties and instructions assigned or
      communicated to you by the Company and to the Company Rules and Regulations.
   5. You will discharge your responsibilities and functions as assigned to you, efficiently &
      diligently to the satisfaction of the Company and its management and you will not act in
      any manner contrary to the interest of the Company. You will be reporting to “Mr Amir
      Saeed”. Where in consequence of your misconduct the Company suffers direct or
      indirect financial or other loss, you shall be bound to compensate the same in full. In case
      of misconduct, company also reserves right of terminating this agreement.
   6. During the contract period or after its termination you will not disclose any information
      relating to the Company or its customers, and will not divulge any of Company’s
      business secrets that you may obtain during your contract with the Company unless
      compelled to do so by the Court of Law.
   7. You will be bound to make good of any loss or damage to Company property caused by
      negligence, inadvertence, fraud, carelessness or act of omission, on your part. The
      termination of the contract will not exonerate you from liability to make good this loss or
8. During the first three months of this contract the company reserves the right to terminate
    this contract without any notice or assigning any reason. After the successful completion
    of the three month period, this contract may be terminated by _____________________
    by giving ____________ month notice in writing or pay in lieu of notice thereof. You
    may also terminate this contract by giving One month notice to the Company in writing
    or pay in lieu of notice thereof. However, no such notice is necessary on the expiry of this
9. In case of resignation or termination, you will not leave the Company until formal
    acceptance of resignation and / or clearance issued by the Company.
10. In case of breach of any of the terms of this Contract and Company rules and regulations,
    which may constitute’ Misconduct’ on your part, this contract is liable to immediate
    termination without any notice and you will not be initiated against you as per Law and
    Company rules and regulations.
11. After completion of the period of this Contract, if your assistance is required further by
    the Company, the contract shall be extended.
12. All payments under this contract shall be subject to the provisions of the Income Tax
    Ordinance, 2001 and its subsequent revisions.
13. You are liable to inform the Company of any part time work or project taken up by you
    either before or after the commencement of this agreement.
14. All final dues shall be paid to you by the company on the cessation of this contract after
    settlement of your accounts.

   If you accept the above terms and conditions, please sign at the appropriate place on the
   copy of this letter and return it to the undersigned, and report for duty a soon as possible
   but not later than _____________, if you fail to report for duty at the stipulated place and
   date, this Contract shall stand terminated automatically.

   For ________________________________


   I _____________________________________, hereby declare that I have carefully
   read/understood the terms and conditions of contract as set out in letter of which this is a
   true copy. I confirm that I fully accept the conditions of the contract for providing
   Technical/Professional Assistance. I shall report for duty on

   Signature       :                                     Date    :


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