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									  Career and Technical Education Sample Lesson Plan

                Roles and Functions of a Family
(Part of a Collaborative Project between Academics and CTE)

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                        June, 2005
               Career and Technical Education Sample Lesson Plan Format

Title: Roles and Functions of a Family

Career Course: Family and Consumer Sciences

CTE Competency Skill: Students will analyze the impact of the family unit on individuals
and society.
(Standard reference: 3.0)

Academic Course: English: 2.1A, 2.2A, 2.2D, 2.2E, 4.1A, 4.2A, 4.3A
                 Math: 1.2C
(integrated subjects if more than one)

Academic Skill: English, Math
(standard reference: English   2.0, 4.0            Math 1.0)

Gateway Standard: Math 1.0 - Number Sense and Number Theory, English 2.0 - Reading,
4.0 - Speaking and Listening

Instructional Goal(s): The student will: a) recognize the different family forms, b) assess
the impact of current social trends on family units, c) identify the functions that families
fill for individuals , and d) explain the importance of strong families.

Performance Indicator(s): Math (1.2c): student will select ratios and proportions to
represent real-world problems.
English (2.1A) - discern an implied idea from a passage, (2.2A) - draw an inference from a
selected passage, (2.2D) - pinpoint a cause/effect relationship in a given passage, (2.2E) -
discover a common theme in a series of passages, (4.1A) - determine appropriate
preparation for an oral presentation to the specified audience or a special interest group,
(4.2A) - determine the interest level of an audience through nonverbal communication,
(4.3A) - choose the appropriate volume, pitch, rate diction, inflection gestures, or body
language when delivering a speech.

Anticipatory set: Complete the open-ended sentence to share with the class, "To me, a
family is. . .".

Read appropriate chapter in text.
List desirable characteristics of a family.
Discuss and identify the types of families.
Formulate percentages of the family types represented in the classroom.
Compare the types of families with the families illustrated in the novel To Kill A
Mockingbird ( a novel read in English but part of a collaborative project with academics
and career and technical).
Complete a questionnaire titled "How Well Do You Know Your Parents?" (teacher-made
Examine the roles of an individual within the family.
Interview family members to complete an ancestor chart.
Present ancestor chart to class.
Discuss adjustments and ways to adjust to different family structures.

Suggested Modification(s): Write a list on colored transparenices or colored markers on
white erase boards. Limit the number of ancestors to be reported in the ancestor research.

Assessment: Class participation, completed assignments, test

Teacher preparation: lesson plans, teacher-generated handouts, ancestor charts
Materials and Supplies needed:
text book, ancestor charts, teacher handouts
Lesson Evaluation:



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