Living at Loyola by Adrian Wegeng


									 Living At Loyola

Living on campus at Loyola University Chicago gives you the        Loyola is large enough to provide you with all the resources
opportunity to be part of a positive living environment in         of a large urban university, but small enough to offer you
comfortable surroundings, conducive to the pursuit of              personal guidance and one-on-one support to maximize
academic excellence and service to others. You’ll experience       your success.
a residential community supported by the Department of
Residence Life, which works collaboratively with faculty, staff,
and other students to sponsor programs, services, and
                                                                   LIVING-LEARNING COMMUNITIES
activities that promote intellectual, social, spiritual, and       Loyola’s Living-Learning Communities are offered to first-
physical growth. You’ll encounter residence hall staff             year students and are housed in Simpson Living-Learning
members who have been selected and trained specifically to         Center. Students in Living-Learning Communities get help
help you make your transition to life at Loyola.                   making a successful transition to Loyola and connect with a
                                                                   network of supportive faculty, staff, and peers. Residents
                                                                   increase their abilities as engaged learners and thinkers,
COMMUNITY AND CONVENIENCE                                          experience positive personal development, and become
By living on campus at Loyola, you’ll have the opportunity to      active members in the Loyola campus community. Loyola
join the campus community. You’ll also have access to              will offer seven different Living-Learning Communities in
facilities and support services to help you succeed. Loyola        2009–2010: Arts in Society, Pre-Health, Psychology, Social
graduates often reflect on their experiences in the residence      Justice Village, Global Citizenship, Ignatian Leadership, and
halls as some of their favorite memories of college. You’ll        the Green Community. Students in Living-Learning
meet diverse people, form friendships, gain knowledge, and         Communities take classes with other students on their floor,
accept responsibilities that will enrich your life. You’ll have    including a first-year seminar course co-taught by Residence
instant access to University libraries from your own computer      Life professional staff members. For more information about
or from many computers on campus. Some students can                Loyola’s Living-Learning Communities, go to
even view athletic and intramural events from their residence
hall rooms, while others enjoy the peace and tranquility of
Lake Michigan. A five-minute walk takes you to your                RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT
classroom, one of Loyola’s dining facilities, the chapel, or
                                                                   All unmarried, full-time undergraduate freshmen and
Loyola’s beautiful lakefront.
                                                                   sophomores under the age of 21 are required to live in
                                                                   Loyola’s residence halls and apartments, unless they are
F I R S T-Y E A R T R A N S I T I O N                              living at home with a parent or legal guardian. Driving this
Getting involved in campus and city activities will help you       requirement is our conviction that a full and rich
feel at home at Loyola right from the start. We encourage you      undergraduate experience is best achieved through
to take advantage of the numerous University-planned               involvement in the University community. Students living on
events on campus. Or, you may choose to explore Chicago by         campus report a smoother adjustment to the college
attending a sports event, theatre or street festival, or by        experience, become involved in organizations, participate in
visiting a museum with classmates.                                 sponsored events, and tend to have a slightly higher grade
                                                                   point average than non-resident students.
You can also help others in need through various
community-service projects. Experiences like these, which
follow the Jesuit model of developing the whole person, will
broaden your collegiate education beyond what you learn in
the classroom. You’ll benefit from Loyola’s focus on academic
excellence enriched by the resources and opportunities of
world-class Chicago, and our talented faculty, committed to
both teaching and research.
Loyola requires that students who live on campus be 18              each floor; fully carpeted rooms; wireless Internet access; and
years of age before December 1 of their freshman year.              cable television connections in each room. A large
Students who wish to live on campus but won’t meet this             multipurpose room, seminar room, and several small
requirement must submit a letter of appeal to the                   conference rooms are located on the ground floor near the
Department of Residence Life. If you need to submit a letter        information desk and staff offices.
of appeal, please e-mail your letter with the subject line          Simpson Living-Learning Center
“Freshman Housing Appeal” to You may              The Simpson Living-Learning Center is a five-story suite-style
also mail your letter to the Department of Residence Life,          residence hall housing more than 409 students in double and
Loyola University Chicago, 1032 W. Sheridan Road,                   single rooms on single-gender wings. All rooms have a semi-
Chicago, IL 60660.                                                  private bathroom, cable TV, and wireless Internet access. This
RESIDENCE HALLS                                                     building features study and TV lounges with kitchenettes as
                                                                    well as laundry facilities on each floor; fully carpeted rooms;
Loyola provides distinctive residence halls for first-year
                                                                    and one of Loyola’s dining facilities. Students also have the
students. Residence halls offer double-occupancy rooms
                                                                    Southside Market convenience store located on the ground
with semi-private, community, or private bathrooms. All
rooms are furnished with typical residence hall furniture
including beds, desks, dressers, and chairs for each student.       A PA R T M E N T- S T Y L E R E S I D E N C E S
A Resident Assistant resides on each floor. A limited number        Typically, sophomore, junior, and senior students require a
of single rooms are available in each of the first-year halls.      more independent style of living that provides a different
Campion Hall                                                        community living and learning experience. Most of our
Campion Hall is a three-story residence hall housing more           upper-class students reside in apartment-style residences
than 139 men and women on single-gender floors. Campion             that feature smaller communities, private baths, and cooking
Hall offers beautiful interior finishes that create a comfortable   facilities. Upper-class student residences are named after
living environment. All rooms have cable TV and Internet            other Jesuit institutions or Jesuit priests.
access, and are fully furnished with a bed, dresser, desk, and      Baumhart Hall
chair for each student. A lounge on each floor provides a           This 25-story residence, opened in Fall 2006, provides 604
plasma TV, and a space for relaxation and socializing. A            upper-class and graduate students with contemporary
laundry room and kitchenette are located in the basement.           apartment living. Upper-class students are housed in two-
Creighton Hall                                                      bedroom, two-bathroom units while graduate/law students
Creighton Hall is a seven-story residence hall featuring fully      are housed in three one-bedroom units with two bathrooms.
furnished double-, triple-, and quad-occupancy rooms, with          Building amenities include the Terry Student Center, food
a private bathroom, carpeting, air-conditioning, Internet,          court with late-night café, fitness center, study lounge,
phone, and cable TV. A laundry facility, reception desk, and        University chapel, University gift and bookstore, outdoor
lounge area with a plasma TV are located on the ground              terrace, and 9- and 12-month contracts. Baumhart Hall
floor. Creighton Hall houses about 174 residents.                   remains open during the winter break period.
Mertz Hall                                                          Canisius Hall
Mertz Hall, a 19-story air-conditioned residence hall,              Canisius Hall, a four-story apartment-style residence, houses
accommodates 654 students in double rooms and single                72 men and women in furnished studio and one-bedroom
rooms on single-gender floors. Mertz rooms feature wireless         apartments. The apartments have full kitchens, wireless
Internet access and cable TV, have large windows, and are           Internet access, and cable TV.
furnished and carpeted. Many rooms have a magnificent
                                                                    Fairfield Hall
view of the city or Lake Michigan. A computer lab that
                                                                    Fairfield Hall houses more than 214 students in studio, one-
connects to the University network and laundry facility are
                                                                    bedroom, and two-bedroom units located in each of the four
located on the main floor of Mertz. This hall’s unique
                                                                    buildings comprising this residence hall. All rooms are fully
location, above the Centennial Forum Student Union and
                                                                    furnished, carpeted, and air-conditioned with a kitchen or
Lake Shore Dining Room, positions it in the middle of major
                                                                    kitchenette. Phone, cable, and Internet access are also
campus events.
Regis Hall
                                                                    Fordham Hall
Regis Hall, a seven-story residence hall, houses more than
                                                                    Fordham Hall provides apartment-style living for 360 junior
414 students in double and single rooms. Each room
                                                                    and senior students in the top 12 floors of this modern 16-
contains a private bathroom. This building features study and
                                                                    story building. Fordham Hall offers studio, one-bedroom, and
TV lounges with plasma TVs as well as laundry facilities on
                                                                    two-bedroom furnished units, with phone, cable, and

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wireless Internet access. All units are carpeted and air-           Xavier Hall
conditioned. University administrative offices, as well as retail   Xavier Hall is an apartment-style residence hall located on
stores and restaurants, are located on the lower floors.            the south side of campus. This facility accommodates 66
Fordham Hall remains open during the winter break period.           students in double-occupancy studios and triple-occupancy
                                                                    one-bedroom units. Xavier Hall has kitchens, air-conditioning,
Georgetown Hall
                                                                    and carpeting.
Georgetown Hall is an apartment complex for 120 students.
The facility features furnished, three-bedroom apartments           SERVICES FOR STUDENTS
and two bathrooms shared by five residents. Each unit has
                                                                    Cable Television
two large bedrooms and one single bedroom. Cable
                                                                    Each room or apartment is wired for cable television access.
television connections and campus computer connections
are provided. A laundry room is located on the ground floor.        Computer Labs
                                                                    Loyola’s campuses provide computer labs that support both
Holy Cross Hall
                                                                    Windows and Macintosh operating systems, offering
Holy Cross Hall is a six-story apartment-style residence hall
                                                                    students access to Loyola’s network, the Internet, and laser-
for 89 upper-class men and women in single-gender, double-
                                                                    printing capabilities.
occupancy rooms. Each has a kitchenette and private bath,
and is fully carpeted and furnished.                                Laundry Facilities
                                                                    Washers and dryers are available for your use in each
LeMoyne Hall
                                                                    residence hall complex.
LeMoyne Hall is an apartment-style residence hall. It houses
76 men and women and features furnished studio and one-             Mail
bedroom apartments. Each apartment has a full kitchen,              Mail operations for the University are located in the lower
wireless Internet access, and cable TV. LeMoyne Hall will           level of Granada Center. All students living on campus are
remain open during the winter break period.                         assigned to a mailbox at the mail center in the Granada
                                                                    Center for Lake Shore Campus residents or the mail center on
Marquette Hall
                                                                    the fourth floor of Baumhart Hall for Water Tower Campus
Marquette Hall is an apartment-style residence that houses
                                                                    residents. Packages are received and available for pick-up at
122 students in studio and one-bedroom apartment units
                                                                    each mail center.
with phone, cable, and wireless Internet access. All units are
carpeted and air-conditioned.                                       Meal Plans
                                                                    The University provides a range of dining options where
Rockhurst Hall
                                                                    students can use their meal plan. Students living on campus
Rockhurst Hall is an apartment-style residence hall that
                                                                    are required to have a meal plan. For more information, visit
houses more than 106 upper-class students in single-gender
units. Two students reside in a studio apartment and three
students in a one-bedroom apartment. The triples feature            Ministry
balconies overlooking Kenmore Avenue. All apartments have           Loyola encourages students to celebrate their faith and
a kitchen, private bath, carpeting, and air-conditioning.           encounter religious diversity on campus. Ministry invites
                                                                    students to participate in community service, liturgies,
Santa Clara Hall
                                                                    retreats, and immersions. Chaplains and peer ministers
Santa Clara Hall is a nine-story apartment-style residence
                                                                    (Loyola Companions) are available to provide support and to
located on the shores of Lake Michigan. This building
                                                                    encourage students to get involved in building community
provides housing to 184 junior and senior students. Santa
                                                                    on campus. Offices are located in Simpson Living-Learning
Clara Hall re-opened in Fall 2008 as a newly renovated
                                                                    Center, Centennial Forum Student Union, and Mundelein
residence with two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments.
                                                                    Center. To learn more, please visit
Each apartment features a full kitchen, cable TV, and wireless
Internet access. The hall features a lounge area, multipurpose      Parking
room, and laundry facility on the first floor. Santa Clara Hall     Parking is available for resident students on a limited basis.
will remain open during the winter break period.                    Permits are issued through a lottery system and a fee is
                                                                    charged for the academic year. Because of the many easily
Seattle Hall
                                                                    accessible transportation options available and the limited
Seattle Hall is an apartment-style residence hall located
                                                                    amount of parking, students are discouraged from having a
adjacent to Xavier Hall. It features air-conditioning, kitchens
                                                                    car on campus.
with appliances, and carpeting. Offering the largest
apartments, Seattle Hall houses 55 upper-class students.

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SERVICES FOR STUDENTS                         [CONTINUED]           H O W T O A P P LY F O R
                                                                    UNIVERSITY HOUSING
Small refrigerators (3 amps or 4.2 cubic foot maximum) are          When you are admitted to the University, housing contract
permitted in residence hall rooms.                                  materials will be available to you through the Next Stop: Loyola
                                                                    student community, available at
ResNet                                                              All unmarried, full-time undergraduate freshmen and
Residents are provided access to the Internet and Loyola’s          sophomores under the age of 21 who will not live at home
network from their residence hall rooms. The University,            with a parent or legal guardian are required to live in Loyola’s
through its volunteer ResCon program, provides assistance           residence halls and apartments, and must complete and
to students in connecting their computers to the network.           submit a housing application and contract through Next
Security                                                            Stop: Loyola. Please note that both resident and commuter
Loyola is committed to providing an environment that                students are required to complete the housing application
inspires personal safety, educational growth, and peace of          and contract. If you plan to commute from home, you must
mind. Our security services include rides on campus,                select the “commuter” checkbox on the online contract in
effective campus lighting, security patrols, safety information,    order to exempt out of Loyola’s residency requirement.
and multiple security posts and emergency phones
                                                                    Your housing application and contract is not complete until
throughout campus. Every residence hall requires picture
                                                                    Loyola receives your $450 enrollment and housing deposit.
identification cards to gain admittance, and provides entry-
                                                                    If you plan to live at home and commute, send only the $200
door keycard readers and peepholes. Each first-year
                                                                    portion of the deposit. Make your deposit online at
residence hall and several upper-class apartment residences
                                                          , or write a check made out to Loyola
are equipped with reception desks.
                                                                    University Chicago and mail it to Undergraduate Admission,
Shuttle Bus                                                         1032 W. Sheridan Road, Chicago, Illinois 60660.
During Fall and Spring Semesters, when classes are in
session, Loyola’s shuttle bus system operates regularly             On-campus housing is in demand and may fill up, especially
throughout the day and evening between the Lake Shore               given Loyola’s recent record-breaking freshman classes.
and Water Tower Campuses, and between the Lake Shore                Priority in the assignment of housing is given to full-time
and Medical Center Campuses. The CTA Red Line connects              enrolled students who must live on campus in accordance
the Lake Shore and Water Tower Campuses, and students can           with the University residency requirement. The housing
use their U-PASS for travel on CTA trains and buses, offering       application and contract, along with the housing deposit,
transportation throughout the Chicago area.                         should be submitted by May 1* in order to receive priority
                                                                    consideration for an assignment to housing.
Smoking Policy
Loyola is a smoke-free institution. All on-campus housing           * Spaces in the class and in housing are awarded on a first-come,
facilities are smoke-free; students are not permitted to smoke        first-served basis. Our class and residence halls may fill after
in their rooms or in other areas inside or near the residence         May 1, and we reserve the right to place applicants on a wait
halls.                                                                list at that time.
Residence hall rooms do not automatically have telephone
connectivity. Any student who wants to have a single line           LOYO L A U N I V E R S I T Y C H I C AG O
installed at no cost should contact the ITS Support Center.          Undergraduate Admission Office
Students must provide their own telephones and may use               1032 W. Sheridan Road, Chicago, Illinois 60660
calling cards and credit cards to make long-distance calls           Phone: 800.262.2373
from their rooms.                                                    E-mail:
                                                                     Web site:
Wellness Services
A staff of professional nurses, physicians, counselors, and         F O R M O R E I N F O R M AT I O N
educators administers the Wellness Center. Services or                Department of Residence Life
consultations for any medical or health concerns are available        1032 W. Sheridan Road, Chicago, Illinois 60660
to students Monday through Friday during business hours.              Phone: 773.508.3300
                                                                      Fax:      773.508.3311
Winter Break Housing
Upper-class students requiring housing accomodations                  Web site:
over the winter break period are encouraged to live in one
of the apartment-style residences that remain open during           To access this and other undergraduate program
the winter break: Baumhart Hall, Fordham Hall, LeMoyne Hall,        brochures—and any updated information—please
and Santa Clara Hall.                                               visit

PAGE   4                                                           Loyola is an equal opportunity educator and employer. Information in this brochure is correct as of 7/09.

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