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									Pets could be uninsurable for half their lifetime

Posted By Carmel McCarthy on March 2, 2005 @ 12:00 am in Pet, news article

  - Most insurers refuse to cover pets over eight years old.
  - MORE TH>N has no maximum age limit.
  - Pets living longer due to improved veterinary care, according to UK vets.
  - One in five dogs insured by MORE TH>N is over eight years old - compared to one in ten in 19941.

  Despite UK vets acknowledging the fact that pets are living longer, many insurers still fail to offer cover
  for cats and dogs older than eight years old: sometimes cover is restricted from as young as five or six
  years old for pedigree dogs. This means that thousands of animals are uninsurable for half their lifetime.
  MORE TH>N understands that the older a pet gets the more veterinary care they may need and has no
  maximum age limit.

  MORE TH>N's research shows that nine out of ten veterinary surgeons2 say they can treat a wider range
  of illnesses than they could ten years ago. This has contributed to significantly longer life expectancy for
  the UK's dogs and cats.

  Sophie de Pelet, Veterinary Advisor for MORE TH>N, commented, "We can now expect a medium sized
  dog to live to 12-14 years old and are even seeing dogs and cats live into their twenties. As a pet becomes
  older, it's increasingly more important to have sufficient insurance cover, as the risk of developing
  conditions such as arthritis, kidney and heart disease becomes more likely. These may be lifelong
  conditions which can be very expensive to treat."

  The oldest dog currently insured by MORE TH>N, a Shih-Tzu called Trudy is 23 years old, compared to
  1994, when the oldest insured dog was just 15 years old. Today one in five dogs insured by MORE TH>N
  is over eight years old.

  Insurer's maximum age limits for new policies:
  Company Age Limit
  Direct Line 8 years old
  Churchill 8 years old
  Pet Plan 7 years old
  MORE TH>N No Maximum Age Limit

  David Pitt, Head of Insurance at MORE TH>N, comments: "With both vets and industry data showing
  that pets are living longer, it's unacceptable for insurers to only cover young pets. Veterinary care has
  developed significantly over the last decade but as pets get older they are more likely to suffer illnesses
  which can often be lengthy and expensive to treat.

  "It's crucial for owners to choose a policy that doesn't limit treatment to just the first twelve months
  before the pet needs any long term care. Our research shows that 95% of vets surveyed believe pet
  insurance is a responsible thing for pet owners to have so that they are not faced with huge bills should
  their beloved pet fall ill or need ongoing treatment."
Notes To Editors:
1. MORE TH>N and R&SA Group analysis of policyholders data.
2. MORE TH>N surveyed 100 vets and 2500 cat and dog owners.

MORE TH>N pet insurance features and benefits:
- Up to £6,000 ongoing vets fees cover for each and every new injury and illness - cover includes
consultations, x-rays, surgery and medication.
- No time limit - Our vet fees cover offers protection against long term ailments such as Arthritis or
Eczema (not just the first 12 months like some other competitors)
- No maximum age limit for cats and dogs.
- Specialist pet call centre manned by animal lovers
- Up to £600 towards advertising and a reward if a pet goes missing.
- Up to £600 in boarding fees if the owner is hospitalised for more than four days.
- Up to £600 towards the purchase price of a pet if they go missing, are stolen or killed in an accident.
- Up to £1million liability insurance if a dog causes an accident or damages someone else's property.
- Free membership to the Missing Pets Bureau for one year.
- 24 hour serious illness and bereavement counselling helpline.

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