Certified Information Systems Security Professional by HowardPWarburton


Certified Information Systems Security Professional
Question: 1.

Ensuring the integrity of business information is the PRIMARY concern of

A. Encryption Security
B. Procedural Security.
C. Logical Security
D. On-line Security

                                                                                  Answer: B

Procedures are looked at as the lowest level in the policy chain because they are closest to the
computers and provide detailed steps for configuration and installation issues. They provide the
steps to actually implement the statements in the policies, standards, and guidelines...Security
procedures, standards, measures, practices, and policies cover a number of different subject
areas. - Shon Harris All-in-one CISSP Certification Guide pg 44-45

Question: 2.

Which one of the following actions should be taken FIRST after a fire has been detected?

A. Turn off power to the computers
B. Call the fire department
C. Notify management
D. Evacuate all personnel

                                                                                  Answer: D

Protection of life is of the utmost importance and should be dealt with first before looking to save
material objects. . - Shon Harris All-in-one CISSP Certification Guide pg 625

Question: 3.

Which one of the following is the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) protocol for message

A. X.25
B. X.400
C. X.500
D. X.509

                                                                                    Answer: B

An ISO and ITU standard for addressing and transporting e-mail messages. It conforms to layer 7
of the OSI model and supports several types of transport mechanisms, including Ethernet, X.25,
TCP/IP, and dial-up lines. - http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/X/X_400.html

Not A: This is wrong X25 is the method that defines transport of point-to-point packet switching
Not D: “The X.509 standard defines the format for public key certificates.” Pg. 213 Krutz: The
CISSP Prep Guide: Gold Edition.

Question: 4.

Which of the following is a weakness of both statistical anomaly detection and pattern matching?

A. Lack of ability to scale.
B. Lack of learning model.
C. Inability to run in real time.
D. Requirement to monitor every event.

                                                                                    Answer: B

Disadvantages of Knowledge-based ID systems:
This system is resources-intensive; the knowledge database continually needs maintenance and
updates New, unique, or original attacks often go unnoticed. Disadvantages of Behavior-based ID
systems: The system is characterized by high false alarm rates. High positives are the most
common failure of ID systems and can create data noise that makes the system unusable.
The activity and behavior of the users while in the networked system might not be static enough
to effectively implement a behavior-based ID system. -Ronald Krutz The CISSP PREP Guide
(gold edition) pg 88

Question: 5.

Digital signature users register their public keys with a certification authority, which distributes a
certificate containing the user's public key and digital signature of the certification authority. In
create the certificate, the user's public key and the validity period are combined with what other
information before computing the digital signature?

A. Certificate issuer and the Digital Signature Algorithm identifier
B. User's private key and the identifier of the master key code
C. Name of secure channel and the identifier of the protocol type
D. Key authorization and identifier of key distribution center

                                                                                    Answer: A

The key word is 'In create the certificate.." Certificates Certificates that conform to X.509 contain
the following data: Version of X.509 to which the certificate conforms; Serial number (from the
certificate creator); Signature algorithm identifier (specifies the technique used by the certificate
authority to digitally sign the contends of the certificate); Issuer name (identification of the
certificate authority that issues the certificate) Validity perido (specifies the dates and times - a
starting date and time and an ending date and time - during which the certificate is valued);
Subject's name (contains the distinguished name, or DN, of the entity that owns the public key
contained in the certificate); Subject's public key (the meat of the certificate - the actual public key
of the certificate owner used to setup secure communications) pg 343-344 CISSP Study Guide

Question: 6.

Why are macro viruses easy to write?

A. Active contents controls can make direct system calls
B. The underlying language is simple and intuitive to apply.
C. Only a few assembler instructions are needed to do damage.
D. Office templates are fully API compliant.

                                                                                    Answer: B

Macro Languages enable programmers to edit, delete, and copy files. Because these languages
are so easy to use, many more types of macro viruses are possible. - Shon Harris All-in-one
CISSP Certification Guide pg 785

Question: 7.

Tracing violations, or attempted violations of system security to the user responsible is a function

A. authentication
B. access management
C. integrity checking
D. accountability

                                                                                    Answer: D


Auditing capabilities ensure that users are accountable for their actions, verify that the security
policies are enforced, worked as a deterrent to improper actions, and are used as investigation
tools. - Shon Harris Allin- one CISSP Certification Guide pg 182

Question: 8.

Which one of the following is concerned with masking the frequency, length, and origindestination
patterns of the communications between protocol entities?

A. Masking analysis
B. Protocol analysis
C. Traffic analysis
D. Pattern analysis

                                                                                   Answer: C


Traffic analysis, which is sometimes called trend analysis, is a technique employed by an intruder
that involves analyzing data characteristics (message length, message frequency, and so forth)
and the patterns of transmissions (rather than any knowledge of the actual information
transmitted) to infer information that is useful to an intruder) . -Ronald Krutz The CISSP PREP
Guide (gold edition) pg 323

Question: 9.

In which situation would TEMPEST risks and technologies be of MOST interest?

A. Where high availability is vital.
B. Where the consequences of disclose are very high.
C. Where countermeasures are easy to implement
D. Where data base integrity is crucial

                                                                                   Answer: B

Emanation eavesdropping. Receipt and display of information, which is resident on computers or
terminals, through the interception of radio frequency (RF) signals generated by those computers
or terminals. The U.S. government established a program called TEMPEST that addressed this
problem by requiring a shielding and other emanation-reducing mechanisms to be employed on
computers processing sensitive and classified government information. . -Ronald Krutz The

CISSP PREP Guide (gold edition) pg 416

Question: 10.

In which state must a computer system operate to process input/output instructions?

A. User mode
B. Stateful inspection
C. Interprocess communication
D. Supervisor mode

                                                                                 Answer: D

A computer is in a supervisory state when it is executing these privileged instructions. (privileged
instructions are executed by the system administrator or by an individual who is authorized to use
those instructions.) . -Ronald Krutz The CISSP PREP Guide (gold edition) pg 254-255

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