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									         Benefits of Fresh Fruits A to Z: Avocado and Banana Health Rewards

 Fruits are generally fortified with lots of natural health benefits. We will speak about 2 which
commence with A and B -- Avocado Health Benefits and Banana Health Benefits.

Health Benefits of Avocados:

Anti-Cancer Qualities
Like olive, avocado is abundant with oleic acid. Studies have discovered that oleic acid works well
in combating cancer of the breast. Research has also suggested that antioxidants compound in
the fruit helps combat prostate cancer and also fight pre-cancerous along with malignant oral cells.

Boost Vision
Avocado is a wonderful origin of carotenoid lutein. Lutein is very effective at preventing cataracts
and macular degeneration, which are age-related eye diseases.

Perfect for Your Heart
Avocado fruit has a huge amount of heart helping nutrients, such as the significant omega-3 fatty
acids, vitamin E, oleic acid, folate along with glutathione. The fact is, a cup of avocado supplies a
23% of RDA of vitamin b folic acid. Reported by medical studies, diets rich in folate make
contributions considerably to cardio health and give you better prevention against cardiovascular

Health Benefits of Bananas:

Cutting down Depressive Disorders
Bananas have got tryptophan, an amino acid which can be transformed to serotonin, giving you
better feelings.

Enhancing Anemia
Bananas are fairly rich in iron typically assists your hemoglobin function.

Curing Diarrhea and Constipation
Due to their content of fiber, they may help gain back a regular bowel function. In addition,
diarrhea commonly depletes one's body of important electrolytes. Additionally, they contain pectin,
a kind of soluble fiber which will help stabilize motion through the intestinal tract.

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