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Sustainable indicators
    18    BIC GROUP - 2007 ANNUAL AND
BIC takes a global Sustainable Development stance based on the principle
of continuous improvement. For four years now, this has allowed the Company
to identify areas for improvement and to measure its performance across
the entire spectrum of sustainable development themes – corporate,
social, and environmental.
Faced with the paradox of “disposable” versus “sustainable”, BIC® products are
naturally at the heart of the BIC Group’s sustainable development practices.

                                         BIC GROUP - 2007 ANNUAL AND
                                    SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT     19

OFFICERS                                                    OPERATIONS

Mario Guevara                                               Nicolas Paillot                  Jack Teague
Chief Executive Officer                                     Europe, Middle East and Africa   BIC Graphic

François Bich                                               Rick McEttrick                   Marie-Aimée Bich-Dufour
Executive Vice-President                                    North America and Oceania        Legal

Marie-Aimée Bich-Dufour                                     Edgar Hernandez                  Jim DiPietro
Executive Vice-President                                    Latin America                    Finance

                                                            François Bich                    François Eyssette
                                                            Lighters                         Human Resources

                                                            Ed Dougherty
                                                            Stationery and Shavers

 20                        BIC GROUP - 2007 ANNUAL AND
                           SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT
From left to right:
Bruno Bich, Mario Guevara, Marie-Aimée Bich-Dufour, François Eyssette, Jim DiPietro,
Nicolas Paillot, Jack Teague, Edgar Hernandez, Rick McEttrick, François Bich, Ed Dougherty.

                                                                                                                 AUDIT COMMITTEE
                                                                                                                 Edouard Bich (Société MBD)
                                                                                                                 Olivier Poupart-Lafarge
                                                                                                                 Frédéric Rostand
                                                                                                                 Antoine Treuille

BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                                                               COMPENSATION
                                                                                                                 AND NOMINATING
Bruno Bich                                                 Marie-Henriette Poinsot                               COMMITTEE
Chairman                                                   Director(1)
                                                                                                                 Gilles Pélisson
François Bich                                              Olivier Poupart-Lafarge                               Marie-Henriette Poinsot
Director and Executive Vice-President                      Director(1)
                                                                                                                 Frédéric Rostand
Marie-Pauline Chandon-Moët                                 Frédéric Rostand
Director                                                   Director(1)
Mario Guevara                                              Antoine Treuille
Director and Chief Executive Officer                       Director(1)
                                                                                                                 Deloitte & Associés
                                                                                                                 Statutory Auditor
Gilles Pélisson                                            Société MBD
Director(1)                                                Director(2)
                                                                                                                 Grant Thornton
                                                                                                                 Statutory Auditor

                                                                                                                 Substitute Auditor

(1) Non-affiliated.                                                                                              Control and public
(2) Bich family Holding company represented by Edouard Bich.                                                     accounting institute
                                                                                                                 Substitute Auditor

                                                                                   BIC GROUP - 2007 ANNUAL AND
                                                                              SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT         21

Since March 1st, 2006, the powers of                   not have a relationship of any kind with the                                   were the composition of the Board, its
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive              BIC Group or with its management, which                                        access to information, the quality and
Officer have been separated. The first                 may affect independence of judgment of                                         effectiveness of debate, and the roles and
position is held by Bruno Bich and the                 that director. Furthermore, three different                                    performance of the Audit Committee and
second by Mario Guevara.                               nationalities are represented, which                                           Compensation and Nominating Committee.
                                                       empowers BIC to benefit from a truly inter-                                    Findings based on responses from the
Respect for a quorum                                   national vision.                                                               directors revealed that there was no appar-
of independent directors                                                                                                              ent reason to modify the rules of order or to
                                                       Evaluation of Board actions                                                    formalize any further the Board’s activities.
In conformity with recommendations on
good corporate governance, at least one-               At the beginning of 2008, a poll (in the form
third of Board members are independent                 of a questionnaire given to each Board
directors (in fact, four out of ten).                  member) was conducted to evaluate the
“Independent” means a director who does                Board’s activities. Among topics covered

                       GOVERNANCE: LEGAL OBLIGATIONS
                       AND VOLUNTARY RECOMMENDATIONS                                            BIC PERFORMANCE

                       One-third independent directors (having no                                                                                                       Compensation
                                                                                                           Board                               Audit
                       relationship with the Company, the BIC Group                                                                                                     & Nominating
                                                                                                        of Directors                         Committee
                       or its managers that could be construed                                                                                                           Committee(3)
                       to constitute a conflict of interest)(1)
                                                                                                             4/10                                 3/4                          2/3

                       Number of Board meetings
                       during the year(1)

                       Attendance rate(1)                                                                                                         97.5%

                       Existence of standing    committees (1)                                                                                2 committee

                       Number of standing committee meetings                                                        Audit Committee
                                                                                                                                                              & Nominating Committee(3)
                       during the year(1) (3)
  Directors                                                                                                                   5                                            3

                                                                                                                    Audit Committee
                       Attendance rate(1)                                                                                                                     & Nominating Committee(3)

                                                                                                                            85%                                          100%

                       Evaluation of Board performance                                                  At the beginning of 2008, performance was evaluated by a confidential
                       once every 3 years(1)                                                              questionnaire. No change was made to the Board’s rules of order

                       Length of Board members’ mandates                                                                                 3 years, renewable

                                                                                                                                  All members conform to rules
                       Multiple mandates(2)
                                                                                                                                  concerning multiple mandates

                                                                                                                                      Reference Document:
                       Board member emoluments
                                                                                                                                    Board Management Report

  Shareholders         Quorum for shareholder meetings                                                                      78.6% in response to the first invitation

                                   (1) Viénot and Bouton Reports.
                                   (2) Article L.225-21 of the French Business & Commerce Code.
                                   (3) At its meeting of May 23, 2007, the Board of Directors decided to give the Compensation Committee, henceforth
                                       called the Compensation & Nominating Committee, the following additional missions: (1) propose to the Board
                                       nominations for new directors, while careful to ensure that the Board respects its quorum of independent directors,
                                       and (2) examine and propose to the Board solutions for a plan of succession for its members, namely in the case
                                       of unforeseen vacancies.

                        22                       BIC GROUP - 2007 ANNUAL AND
                                                 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT
          with stakeholders
Shareholders and the financial community, customers, local communities,
consumers, suppliers and subcontractors – BIC maintains regular and
transparent communications with all of its stakeholders.

  OUR                 COMMUNICATION                                     OUR                       COMMUNICATION
  STAKEHOLDERS        CHANNELS                                          STAKEHOLDERS              CHANNELS

  Shareholders        > Annual Shareholders’ Meeting                    Suppliers and             > Partner relations
  and the financial   > Shareholders’ meetings                          subcontractors            > Partnering with contract
  community           > Annual Report,                                                               manufacturers in order
                          Reference Document                                                         to foster economic, social
                      >   Letters to shareholders                                                    and environmental progress
                      >   Toll-free number                              The media                 > Press conferences, press releases
                      >   Road shows, visiting institutional                                      > Regular contacts with the press corps
                      >   Meetings and conference calls                 Professional              > Active participation in national
                          with financial analysts                       organizations                and international professional
                          and journalists                                                            organizations (WIMA, EWIMA,
                      >   Regular information                                                        European Federation of Lighter
                          by telephone and by e-mail                                                 Manufacturers and others)
                      >   Web site                                      Governments               > Dialog with government authorities
  Customers           > Operational partnerships                                                     at all levels
                        with distributors, for logistics                Employees                 > Dialog and negotiations with
                        and IT solutions                                                             workforce/union committees (on site)
                      > Participation in trade fairs
                                                                                                  > Information and training for
  Local               > Participation in local initiatives                                           employees: BIC University, internal
  communities             in support of education                                                    newsletters, intranet (BICNet)
                          and social issues
                                                                                                  > Employee awareness programs:
  Consumers           > Consumer services,                                                           Vision & Values, Code of Ethics,
                        also accessed via the Web                                                    Sustainable Development
                      > Product information,
                                                                                                  > Employee surveys on BIC values
                        accessed via the Web
                      > Consumer market testing                                                   > Health and Safety management
                                                                                                     within the different sites

                       MAINTAINING OPEN CHANNELS
                       Exchanges take various forms depending on the public concerned. For three years,
                       we have shared the Group orientations and practices, as well as progress achieved
                       in the sustainable development area, with some major stakeholders.
                       An annual meeting, where our partner expectations are systematically welcomed,
                       completes this initiative.

                                                                    BIC GROUP - 2007 ANNUAL AND
                                                               SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT                 23
                         BIC and sustainable
              Sustainable development,
              always a strong BIC Group objective
   Sustainable development is becoming more and more fundamental
   for the daily management of the BIC Group and its long-term perspectives.
   Among the five objectives set for BIC by Mario Guevara in 2008,
   was the following: “Transform our commitment to sustainable
   development into eco-solutions that will deliver a true competitive
   advantage for the Group.”

                                            The sustainable development                    Focused on education
                                            team takes the lead                            and awareness
e-learning                                  Managing sustainable development is based      In 2007, the BIC sustainable development
In 2007 BIC University developed            on a continuous improvement approach,          program benefited from numerous presen-
an e-learning course which highlighted      deployed across the entire BIC Group, year     tations given to BIC Group stakeholders:
BIC’s Sustainable Development Program.      after year. Under the leadership of Marie-     > shareholders during the General Meeting
The rollout of the course began with        Aimée Bich-Dufour, one of BIC’s two exec-         on May 23,
our senior managers who were asked          utive vice presidents, this approach bene-     > Board members,
to take the course and share the            fits from a dedicated structure.               > main shareholders,
information with their teams.               This structure is managed by a team,           > several socially responsible investors (SRI),
Our managers responded very                 which includes 25 members of different         > major customers, such as providers of
positively and the course is now            nationalities and who represent major             office supplies,
available for all employees.                Group functions; the team meets twice          > employees, as part of job descriptions
                                            yearly and is chaired by Mario Guevara,           during the welcoming of new hires and
                                            BIC CEO. Its role is to propose strategies        thanks to an e-learning tool,
                                            and corresponding action plans to the BIC      > buyers from large French companies,
                                            Group executive committee. It then reports     > technical experts.
                                            on the implementation of programs. The
                                            team also has the mission of building aware-
                                            ness and mobilizing internal resources in
                                            pursuit of priorities. All of these missions
                                            are coordinated by the Sustainable Devel-
                                            opment director, Christine Desbois.

                           24            BIC GROUP - 2007 ANNUAL AND
                                         SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT
              BIC Group evaluation
              by Corporate Social Responsibility analysts
Specialized rating agencies evaluate listed companies according
to social and environmental criteria with the purpose of compiling
stock market indexes based on Corporate Social Responsibility
(CSR). These assessments take into account answers to question-
naires and information made public by the companies themselves.
In 2007, BIC was again included in the sustainable development
index, FTSE4Good Europe. This listing acknowledged the progress
made by the BIC Group in the areas of corporate governance,
ethics, the environment and social issues.

                                                                                                      FTSE4Good Europe Index
                                                                                                      Rated by EIRIS
                                                                                                      In 2007, EIRIS recognized BIC Group
                                                                                                      performance, formalizing sustainable
                                                                                                      development policies:
                                                                                                      >   BIC’s Environment Health
                                                                                                          and Safety policy,
                                                                                                      >   Code of Conduct,
BIC in the French Carbon Disclosure Leadership index                                                  >   Code of Ethics,
 The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)              In 2007, BIC responded for the first                >   customer/supplier relations,
 is an initiative, launched by institutional      time to the CDP initiative and was                  >   corporate governance.
 investors, which proposes taking into            listed in the French index, Carbon
                                                                                                      EIRIS also noted an overall improvement
 account the challenges of climate                Disclosure Leadership, which includes
                                                                                                      in BIC’s performance, especially for its
 change in investment decisions.                  24 French companies whose results
                                                                                                      reduced energy and water consumption.
 That is why each year the world’s                are the most satisfactory in terms
 largest companies are questioned about           of quality and transparency of                      EIRIS pointed out areas of improvement,
 their greenhouse gas emissions and               information provided.                               for instance, it questioned the attribution
 about their corresponding policies.                                                                  of non-financial responsibilities
                                                                                                      to Board members.

Evaluation by
BIC proves to be committed in a consistent   BIC is in the same way formally
way to the respect of CSR issues.            committed to the respect and the
The company has a formalized approach        promotion of Human Rights
to all the main CSR issues, effective        especially in the workplace.
means are implemented and this results       The environmental policy is
in one of the best performances in           comprehensive and formalized.
the sector. In particular, customer          The corporate governance, despite
and supplier issues are at the center        recent progress, remains
of the interest of the company’s policies    the only domain in which there is
and initiatives.                             still room for improvement.

                                                                        BIC GROUP - 2007 ANNUAL AND
                                                                   SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT           25
                   One Code of Conduct
     The BIC Group Code of Conduct is based on the International
     Labour Organization (ILO) conventions and is implemented
     in BIC factories and in our subcontractors.

     A major role for the                            No discrimination of any kind                  Self-assessment in our factories
     BIC Group Code of Conduct                       Located throughout the entire world, BIC has   ensures respect for the
     BIC asks its entire production and supply       employees in some 47 countries. 1.3 per-       BIC Group Code of Conduct
     chain to respect the conventions of the         cent of these employees work in countries      Since the program began in 2006, 20 out of
     International Labour Organization. Action       at risk in terms of respect for human          24 BIC factories have undertaken self-
     is organized around the BIC Group Code of       rights*. The BIC Group executive commit-       assessments in order to confirm compli-
     Conduct, which defines rules in effect on       tee includes members from four different       ance with the BIC Group Code of Conduct.
     sites. This includes standards for a safe       nationalities and 18 countries are repre-      This involved responding to a comprehen-
     and healthy work environment, decent            sented among employees at our head             sive questionnaire on practices (wages,
     wages and reasonable hours, no child            offices in Clichy, France.                     working hours, freedom of association, dis-
     labor, no forced labor and no discrimina-       BIC considers this diversity an advantage      crimination, forced labor and child labor).
     tion. BIC factories, subcontractors and         and vigorously forbids any discriminatory      Independent auditors analyzed completed
     licensed manufacturers apply the BIC            practices, whether because of ethnic origin,   surveys. Based on their reports, and if
     Group Code of Conduct and consent to            religion, gender or age.                       necessary, factory directors forwarded
     regular verifications.                                                                         their corrective action plans and timeta-
                                                                                                    bles to BIC Group Human Ressources.

                                                        WORKFORCE BY COUNTRY
                                                        WITH HUMAN RIGHTS* RISKS


BIC Group Code of Conduct
principes of action
>   Safe and healthy work environment,                                                                     The self-assessment
>   engage in fair and ethical employment                           4.1%          1.3%
                                                                                                           program for BIC factories
    practices: fair wages and reasonable                                                                   is an opportunity
                                                        FREE        “PARTIALLY    “NOT FREE”
    working hours, no child labor, no forced            COUNTRIES   FREE”         COUNTRIES

    labor, no discrimination, freedom
                                                                    COUNTRIES                              to confirm our effective
    of association, legal compliance,                                                                      social practices, policies
>   no animal testing,                                                                                     and procedures.
>   environmental responsibility,                                                                          In addition, it allows us
>   publication.                                                      * Source: Freedom House.             to identify how we may
                                                                                                           still improve.
                         The complete BIC Group
                                                                                                           François Eyssette,
                         Code of Conduct is
                                                                                                           Human Resources Director
                         available on our Web Site
                                                                                                           for the BIC Group

                                                                                                       2007 non-financial indicators audited.

                               26                BIC GROUP - 2007 ANNUAL AND
                                                 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT
Performance of subcontractors                  (every two years) subsequently enable ver-                      Subcontractors
also regularly evaluated                       ification that standards are maintained at a                    are assessed according
                                               satisfactory level.                                             to the BIC Group Code of Conduct
The BIC program for Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR) aims to ensure respect    In addition since 2005, every manufacturer
for the BIC Group Code of Conduct and was      under contract worldwide has received
originally designed for manufacturers          training to ensure better understanding
under contract who produce BIC products,       and compliance with the BIC Group Code of
distributed the world over. Today, this        Conduct. A training manual also helps the
program is extended to subcontractors,         implementation of corrective action plans
who produce for the local market as well       with local BIC teams.
as to licensed manufacturers.                  “Constant, ongoing adherence by our subcon-
An independent company carries out sys-        tractors to the BIC Group Code of Conduct
tematic evaluations to determine if the        will eventually be the single best measure
manufacturer under contract is in confor-      of the success of our Corporate Social
mity with the BIC Group Code of Conduct        Responsibility program” (Peter Schulten,
and local regulations. Regular evaluations     sourcing manager for BIC in China).

            2007 performance indicators
            for global contract manufacturers

                               1                 2                           3                 4                        5                           6
        The BIC                BIC Contract      Independent external        Contract          Contract                 Follow-up                   Ongoing
                               Manufacturer      monitoring agency           Manufacturer      Manufacturer             assessment(s)               assessments
        CSR program            signs the BIC     conducts an initial         presents          implements the           to confirm                  (every 2 years)
        in 6 steps             Group Code        assessment                  a corrective      CAP within an            implementation
                               of Conduct        of the Contract             action plan       agreed, reasonable       of CAP
                                                 Manufacturer                (CAP) to BIC      time frame

                                                                                                            CONTRACT MANUFACTURERS

            12%                                                                      Number
                                                                                     of contract
                                                                                                            BY COUNTRY WITH HUMAN RIGHTS RISKS,
                                                                                                            ACCORDING TO CLASSIFICATION BY THE NGO,
                                                                                                            FREEDOM HOUSE

            of BIC® products                                        Country          worldwide                                               59%
            produced by contract                                    China               25

            manufacturers                                           Czech Republic      2
                                                                    India               3
                                                                                                            “FREE”        “PARTIALLY FREE”   “NOT FREE”
                                                                    Italy               2

            44                      21
                                                                                                            COUNTRIES     COUNTRIES          COUNTRIES

                                                                    Japan               2

            NUMBER OF               NUMBER OF                       Malaysia            1
                                                                                                            CONTRACT MANUFACTURERS
                                                                    Mexico              1                   BY HUMAN DEVELOPMENT INDEX (HDI)
            HAVING SIGNED           IMPLEMENTING
                                                                                                            FOR HOST COUNTRIES
            CODE OF CONDUCT         PLANS                           South Korea         5
                                                                    Taiwan              2

                                                                    Vietnam             1

            NUMBER OF
                                    NUMBER OF
                                                                    TOTAL               44                  30%

            MANUFACTURERS           MANUFACTURERS                                                                                              0%
            ASSESSMENT              THEIR CORRECTIVE                                                        HIGH HUMAN       MEDIUM HUMAN      LOW HUMAN
                                    ACTION PLANS                                                            DEVELOPMENT      DEVELOPMENT       DEVELOPMENT

                                                                    BIC GROUP - 2007 ANNUAL AND
                                                               SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT               27
                                      BIC Sustainable development barometer

                        Since January 2008, monitoring of the BIC sustainable
                        development program is done using a “barometer”,
                        which will be in place for three years.
                        This tool allows the BIC Group to observe           The barometer will also help the sustain-
                        its progress and enables repor ting.                able development team decide on any cor-
                        Ten indicators relate to environmental              rective actions. It is a landmark develop-
                        performance for its products and manu-              ment, because for the first time, BIC is
                        facturing activities, as well as to its corpo-      setting itself “quantitative” objectives in
                        rate and social responsibilities.                   terms of social and environmental progress.


                         Measure the environmental                           Propose BIC® Stationery products
                         performance of BIC® products                        with environmental benefits                       Propose eco-optimized packaging

                           Stationery 45%                                      Stationery 36%                                    Stationery 81%

                           Lighters 52%                                                                                          Lighters 83%
                           Shavers 80%                                                                                           Shavers 74%

                         In 2010, 80% of BIC® products will have been        In 2010, 50% of BIC® stationery products

                                                                                                                               In 2010, the product/pallet weight ratio will
                         eco-measured.                                       will have environmental benefits.                 have increased by 5% (for our top 5 references
                                                                                                                               for each continent).

                         MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS                                  ENERGY                                            TRANSPORTATION

                         Deploy and maintain management                      Reduce GHG emissions from our production          Reduce GHG emissions from our transport
                         systems in the BIC factories                        activities by 5%                                  operations by 5%

                           Environment MS 99%                                  Factories                                         International transport
                           Health & Safety MS 98%

                         In 2010, BIC factories will have deployed           In 2010, BIC factories will have reduced GHG      In 2010, the GHG emissions of international
                         management systems for the Environment              emissions (from direct and indirect energy        transport operations will be reduced by 5%
                         and Health & Safety.                                consumption) by 5% per ton of product produced.   per ton of product transported.

                                                        28               BIC GROUP - 2007 ANNUAL AND
                                                                         SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT
                      OVERALL SCORE
                      Each indicator accounts
                      for 10% of the overall score
                                                                                                          Using this barometer, the BIC Group
                                                                                                          wants to highlight its most significant
                                                BIC 2007 61%                                              work, while above all monitoring
                                                                                                          its progress towards ambitious,
                                                                                                          yet realistic goals.
                                                                                                                             Mario Guevara

                       WORKING CONDITIONS

                       Reduce workers’ accidents                        Deploy and maintain the BIC Group Code of Conduct

                         Incidence rate 78%                               BIC Factories 83%         Local contract
                         Severity rate 73%                                Global contract           manufacturers 17%
                                                                          manufacturers 96%         Licensed manufacturers 77%

                       In 2010, 100% of BIC factories will have lower   In 2010, BIC factories, global and local contract
                       accident incidence and severity rates than       manufacturers and licensed manufacturers will
                       the French sector average.                       have signed the BIC Group Code of Conduct,
                                                                        will have been assessed by or with the support
                                                                        of an independent agency and will have implemented
                                                                        or, will be implementing, the BIC CSR program.

                       TRAINING                                         DONATION

                                                                        Strengthen our commitment towards
                       Develop employees’ employability                 our communities

                         Training 80%                                     Contribution > 0.5%
                         Satisfaction 100 %

                       In 2010, BIC employees will get 20 hours         In 2010, BIC will contribute more than 0.5%
                       of training per year and training satisfaction   of pre-tax profit towards its communities:
                       scores will reach a minimum of 80 out of 100.    product donations, financial aid for philanthropic

                                                                                         BIC GROUP - 2007 ANNUAL AND
                                                                                    SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT                   29
                        Our key stake:
                        our products

Beyond conventional wisdom…                        … measured environmental
Unlike products designed to be used only           impacts
once, BIC® writing instruments, lighters           One of the important aspects of the BIC
and shavers are intended to be used for as         sustainable development approach is that
long as possible.                                  the real environmental impact of its products
Two essential characteristics contribute to        is measured throughout the product life
the environmental performance of these             cycles. Findings show that the more light-
products:                                          weight a product is and the longer it is used,
                                                   the better its environmental performance.
> They are lightweight, meaning the prod-
  ucts are designed on the principle of “just      In order to ensure its products are light-
  what’s necessary” in terms of raw mate-          weight and are used for a long time (since
  rial use, with a view to offering the best       these are decisive criteria in limiting the
  value for money. The result: the best-           environmental impact of a product), BIC
  selling BIC® products only contain 4 to 5        constantly looks for ways to reduce the
  grams of plastic.                                quantity of materials used in manufactur-
                                                   ing, or how innovative or recycled materi-
> They can be used for a remarkably long
                                                   als might be used, or whether or not prod-
  time. A BIC® Cristal® ballpoint pen draws
                                                   uct refills are a viable solution. Of course,
  a line 2 kilometers long; a BIC® Maxi
                                                   these initiatives have to comply with the
  lighter can produce up to 3,000 lights; a
                                                   quality and safety requirements of the
  BIC Comfort 3® shaver is good for an
                                                   brand and be compatible with the expecta-
  average 10 days of shaving.
                                                   tions of our customers and consumers in
                                                   terms of price, ease of use and availability
                                                   of products.

        2 km
       of writing for
      a BIC® Cristal®
                                                                 lights for
                                                                a Maxi BIC®
                                                                                                    10   days of
                                                                                                       shaving for
       ballpoint pen                                                                                a BIC Comfort 3®

                          30                    BIC GROUP - 2007 ANNUAL AND
                                                SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT
                  Measuring environmental performance
Eco-measuring has proven that the more lightweight a product
and the longer it is used, the better its environmental performance.

                          BIC® Cristal®          BIC® Velocity®              Flint lighter           Flint lighter           BIC® Maxi                  BIC® Classic        BIC Comfort 3®
                          ballpoint pen          Gel pen                     BIC® Maxi               BIC® Slim™              electronic lighter         single-blade shaver triple-blade shaver

Duration of use           2,000 meters           800 meters                  3,000 lights            1,900 lights            1,700 lights               7 days                   10 days


Test cycle                2,000 meters           2,000 meters                1,000 lights            1,000 lights            1,000 lights               1 year of shaving        1 year of shaving

Impact distributed                  0.27%                        0.24%                     0.47%                 0.38%                    0.20%                     0.27%                    0.20%
over life cycle           3.66%                       8.67%                      4.87%                 5.23%                    4.40%                   7.33%                     14.16%
(not including usage)   5.62%                                            10.68%                    7.98%                    11.44%                  29.43%
                                                                                                                                                                            30.61 %

   Raw material
   End of life

                                  90.45%                      66.14%                     83.98%                86.41%                   83.96%                   62.97%                    55.04%

Comparable impact         1                      4.52                        1                       1.27                    2.98                       1                        1.21
Main impact               Plastics used          Plastics used               Plastics used           Plastics used           Plastics used              Plastics used            Plastics used
                          contribute to          contribute to               contribute to           contribute to           contribute to              contribute to            contribute to
                          depletion of oil       depletion of oil            depletion of natural    depletion of oil        depletion of natural       depletion of oil         depletion of oil
                          reserves               reserves                    gas reserves            reserves                gas reserves               reserves                 reserves


                          3,200 BIC® Cristal® 2,100 BIC® Velocity® Gel                               2,500 BIC® Slim™                                   2,800 BIC® Classic       1,400 BIC Comfort 3®
                          6,400 km of writing 1,680 km of writing                                    4.75 millions lights                               50 years of shaving      38 years of shaving


Impact distributed                                                                                                                                                  PRODUCT                   PRODUCT
over life cycle                                                                                                                                                     22%                       25%
(including usage)

                                                                                                                                                     USAGE                     USAGE
                                                                                                                                                     78%                       75%

Main impact                                                                                                                                             Water                    Water
                                                                                                                                                        consumption              consumption

                                                                                          BIC GROUP - 2007 ANNUAL AND
                                                                                     SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT                                 31
            3 questions for BIC

Does BIC intend to make wider                    Are refillable products always                 Are BIC® products recyclable?
use of recycled materials,                       better for the environment?                    Recycling is justifiable for products at end
renewable raw materials,                         The fact that a product is “disposable” or     of life when they offer significant potential
or even biodegradable ones?                      “refillable” does not predetermine its envi-   in both weight and volume, or are easy to
BIC closely monitors evolution in these          ronmental performance.                         disassemble (like automobiles, glass, paper
technologies and their spin-offs. Since          > For its shavers, BIC conducted a life        and many kinds of packaging). Products
2007, recycled materials have been used to          cycle analysis (in accordance with the      such as pens, lighters and shavers do not
make the BIC® Orange™ ballpoint pen sold            ISO 14040 standard) which shows that        meet these criteria: they are at the same
in Japan. For several years now, this is            the environmental performance of a          time small, lightweight and scattered –
also the case for specific models in the            standard refillable shaver is no better     which is why no companies collect and
BIC® Evolution™ range of graphite pencils.          than that of a non-refillable shaver.       recycle them at this time.
In 2008, BIC Graphic USA launched a line of      > In addition, some non-refillable ballpoint
pens and BIC® Sticky Note® products made            pens like the BIC® Orange™ could meet
from recycled materials. The use of plastic         the criteria of the New French Eco label
from renewable sources is also being stud-          NF Environnement 400 which defines
ied, notably for packaging. Nevertheless,           the criteria of an ecological pen. Some
the widespread use of these kinds of mate-          refillable ballpoint pens do not meet
rials often runs up against limits of cost,         these criteria.
quality and especially availability.
                                                 > Regarding pocket lighters, refilling the
                                                    gas is too dangerous an act for con-
                                                    sumer safety.
                                                 These elements confirm BIC’s strategy in
                                                 offering light and long lasting products to

                                                                                                    BIC® Evolution™
                               In 2007, BIC designed for                                            graphite pencils,
                               the Japanese marketplace                                             manufactured
                               a version of its BIC® Orange™                                        in France,
                               ballpoint pen, containing                                            made up of
                               75.83 percent recycled
                               materials. Hence, the
                               product was given the
                               Japanese eco-label, Ecomark,
                               which identifies environmentally-                                    recycled materials
                               friendly products.

                          32                  BIC GROUP - 2007 ANNUAL AND
                                              SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT
Lightweight packaging
In Europe, 42 percent of BIC® writing arti-
cles are packed in boxes of 12, 20 or 50,
and offered to consumers without any
packaging at the point of sale. This is also
the case for 65 percent of lighters. At the     A program shared
same time, 67 percent of shavers are sold
in lightweight plastic ponches of 5, 10 or
                                                with Wal-Mart
more.                                           In 2007, BIC in the US entered                BIC enters the female
Moreover, BIC optimizes its packaging           into cooperation with the distributor,        shaver market
                                                Wal-Mart, with the objective
according to ecodesign principles, all the
                                                of reducing packaging by around
                                                                                              with cartridge refills
while ensuring that packaging serves to
protect and attractively present products.      5 percent, between now and 2013.              Since developing a shaver just
This approach has already paid off. For         The program is based on the                   for women in the late 1970s,
instance in the US, the weight of a box of 40   following measurements of progress:           BIC has created various models
BIC Comfort 3® shavers has been reduced         > eliminate,                                  to meet women’s unique shaving needs,
by 20 percent, and in some cases, plastic       > reduce,                                     offering a variety of styles, colors
packaging has been replaced by cardboard.       > reuse,                                      and blade technologies.
                                                > recycle,                                    In 2007, its commitment to this
                                                > use raw materials                           market is evident with the launch
                                                    from renewable sources,                   of BIC® Soleil® System/Clic with
                                                > economize,                                  cartridge refills. It features three
                                                > educate consumers.                          blades for a close shave, a pivot head
                                                                                              and lubricating strips with aloe and
                                                                                              shea butter for maximum comfort.
                                                                                              The BIC® Soleil® System/Clic
                                                                                              ergonomic handle is equipped with
                                                                                              a broad rubber grip for easier handling.
                                                                                              This new product is the result of many
                                                                                              years of consumer research and
                                                                                              technological evolutions.

                                                                BIC GROUP - 2007 ANNUAL AND
                                                           SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT           33

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