Tuition Fees 2011 2012 by IKh4YK


Annual Fees                       Amount                           Date Due
Annual Registration Fee         $200 per child                  June 15, 2011 or upon acceptance
Curriculum Fee                  $175 per child                  July 15, 2011

Note: The Maintenance, Association, and Testing Fees that were previously listed separately are now spread
out equally and included in the tuition below.

Grade                              Annual Tuition           Monthly Rate Over 12 Months
Kindergarten (K4 and K5)                $ 2,880                         $ 240
First and Second Grades                 $ 3,564                         $ 297
Third Grade                             $ 3,936                         $ 328
Fourth – Eighth Grades                  $ 4,308                         $ 359

The annual tuition may be paid on a monthly basis beginning August 1, 2011 and ending July 1,
2012. Tuition is due on the first of each month and will be considered past due after the fifteenth of
each month. Any account that goes past due will be subject to a $20 administrative fee. Any check
that is returned will be subject to a bank surcharge.
There will be a tuition reduction for those families with more than one child enrolled in Knollwood
Christian School. This reduction will include a one-fourth (25%) reduction of monthly tuition for the
second child and a one-half (50%) reduction for a third and any subsequent children from the same
home. Reductions are applied to the lowest tuition(s) with the highest tuition being paid in full. This
reduction does NOT apply to the annual fees.
There will be a 5% reduction on tuition only, if the entire annual tuition and the annual fees listed
above are paid in full by August 15, 2011.
Teachers will develop a list of student/classroom supplies for their students. Contact the school office
shortly before the beginning of the school year to get a copy of the appropriate list for your child.
Each class will have various activities and field trips during the year. Some of these may have a cost
associated with them. Payment for these events will be as and when needed.
Families bringing in financial donations from outside sources will receive a credit for 20% of that
donation to be applied to their account. This does not apply to established school fundraisers.

1.  All K4 kindergarten students must be 4 years old before September 1st.
2.  All K5 kindergarten students must be 5 years old before September 1st
3.  Obtain application forms and Handbook for Prospective Parents.
4.  Schedule admissions meeting with Headmaster / Administrator.
5.  Submit completed application forms.
6.  Parent meeting with representatives of the Knollwood Christian School Board.
7.  Notification is given of acceptance.
8.  Registration fee is due.
9.  Records of previous schooling and testing received and confirmed in the school office.
10. Medical forms, immunization records (blue slips), and a copy of the Birth Certificate must be
    filed in the school office before school begins.

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Payment of fees, annual tuition, and other charges as set out above and through other
communications must be made in accordance with the terms specified. Any account not paid in
accordance to the specified terms is considered past due. In the event that an account becomes past
due, the student will be subject to dismissal after due notice to the parents. A letter will be sent from
the school office if an account should become more than two weeks past due to inform you that some
action is required on your part to bring the account current. This letter will advise parents that their
account is past due and that arrangements need to be made in order to fulfill this obligation. If
payment is not made and the account becomes thirty (30) days past due, parents will be asked to
schedule a meeting with the Administrator. Students of accounts, which are thirty (30) days past due,
are not eligible for re-enrollment nor are they eligible to return the next semester until arrangements
have been made to remedy the situation.

If a parent removes a child from Knollwood Christian School for any reason other than the child
relocating from this area, they will still be responsible for fulfilling their financial obligations to the
school including payment of their annual tuition. These payments may continue to be made on the
monthly schedule stated above until the account is paid in full.

If a parent removes a child because of relocation from the area, they will be responsible for all
financial obligations to date. This includes pro-rating the monthly installment amount to date that had
been lowered as the payments were extended over an entire year instead of just the months in school.
For example, if a child leaves after three months, the tuition owed will be three tenths of the annual
tuition whereas the family may have only paid three twelfths to date. Also, there will be a termination
fee equivalent to one month’s tuition which will cover the cost of readjusting our budget and closing,
copying, and forwarding the student’s records.

When the annual tuition is paid over 12 months, the payments for June and July are for the previous
school year and are therefore still due, regardless of whether or not the student returns to school the
following year.

Because the school desires to be prompt and responsible in our own financial obligations, it is
imperative that parents do the same. Parents are responsible for honoring their financial commitments
to the school, thus preventing any possible misunderstanding. It is not our intent to embarrass or
place a student in an awkward situation. We will make every effort to work with the families to find a
way to resolve any financial difficulties. Only after every reasonable effort to remedy the situation
has been made will we turn over nonpayment issues to a collection agency.

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