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Jaypee Graden Isles Noida

               PRABHU KR. GUPTA
               HELIOS DEVELOPERS
   Jaypee Garden Isles Noida

Summary:-         Garden    Isles        Noida     by    Jaypee       Greens     is

conveniently      located    in     sector       133    of   Jaypee       Wishtown
Noida.     Garden    Isles     is        most    successful         residential
project by Jaypee Greens in Noida.

April, Noida, U.P. Jaypee Greens is a name well known in the
property   world.   This    time    the    group       has   come   up    with   an
exclusive program of residential apartments which has a variety
of lifestyle features and benefits available close by. Jaypee
Greens   Garden   Isles    Noida    is    situated      at   sector-133      almost
touching   the    Noida-greater     Noida       expressway.     The      structural
style shown in these new designs is quite innovative as the
flats are formed in Y-shape providing it an exclusive style as
well as an experience of the neo-modern structure. Jaypee Garden
Isles   concentrates     on   providing    state    of    art       way   of   life
features along with benefits to fit overall mental and physical
development. Jaypee Garden Isles Noida provides an undulating
view of rich greens and hence lifts the atmosphere to incredible
ratios. The flats are designed to match the Ancient structural
quality with Traditional White Lines providing it an atmosphere
similar the Ancient era. Jaypee Greens Garden Isles gives an
experience of a resort and its unique and exclusive Y-shaped
style provides each apartment with ample natural lighting and
ventilation.    The    site   has   in   close    vicinity      a    variety    of
spiritual institutions and social communities. Also, there are a
variety of activities available in the nearby areas such as a
soccer field, cricket ground, basketball areas and many others.
There is an upcoming shopping centre which is recommended in the
encompassing    area.    Other   benefits    in    near    location       include
Strolling Monitor, Meditation Garden and Bicycling track. There
are a variety of public clubs situated close by which provide
features like Billiards and Share, Swimming Share, Table Tennis
arena and squash courts.

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The exclusive Y-shaped design is planned in such a way that each
floor contains three to four residential units, depending on the
tower plans. Three escalators are provided to make reaching the
floors easier. The whole structure is RCC structured giving it
longevity and strength. The sitting areas, dining locations and
the     living       room    have    vitrified        floor    tile    or    laminated
floorings. The exterior windows and doorways are made up of dust
covered aluminium and the interior surfaces are coloured with
oil emulsion. Whereas the exterior surfaces are coloured with
high finish exterior colour and the inner doorways are enamelled
coloured real wood ones. The bed rooms and dressing are floored
with vitrified flooring and the exterior doorways & windows are
powder    coated       aluminium      ones.    While    the    inner   surfaces     are
finished with sleek oil paint; the inner doorways are enamelled
coloured cleanse ones.

Contact         us      :-                  +91-      9711809280                      &

The unique Y-shaped design is organized in such a way that each
floor contains three to four personal systems, with regards to
the framework plans. Three elevators are provided to aid ease to
reach    your    apartment.         The   whole    framework     is    RCC   installed
giving it durability and strength. The areas, dinner area and
the     living       room    area    have     vitrified       ground   or    laminated
floorings. The external windows and opportunities are made up of
dirt protected metal and the internal materials are coloured
with oil emulsion. Whereas the external materials are coloured
with    high     complete     external       colour    and    the   inner    ones   are
enamelled coloured real wood ones. The bed rooms and dresses in
are floored with vitrified flooring surfaces and the external
opportunities & windows are slick metal ones. While the inner
walls are finished with smooth oil paint; the inner doors are
enamelled coloured paint.

Contact      us     :-                   +91-    9711809280                     &

The BSP of these flats are floor to fifth floor at Rs. 4,050/‐
psf, from 6th to 10th at Rs. 4,010/‐ psf and above that Rs.
3,950/‐ psf. However there is an primary base price of Rs. 60/‐
per Sq.Ft reducing the cost to Rs. 3,990/‐ psf for ground to
fifth   floor,    Rs.    3,950/‐   psf    for   6th   to   10th floor   and   Rs.
3,890/‐ psf for relax of the surfaces. Apart from these extra
costs and taxation are also appropriate which need to be carried
by the client. The extra costs involve inner progression costs
of Rs. 75.00 psf, Exterior Development Expenses of Rs. 75.00 psf
and Power Sub Place Expenses of Rs. 40.00. psf. Apart from this
there are Public Team Regular member's program rights costs                   Rs.
1.50 Lac, one Necessary Car parking Area charged at Rs. 2.50
Lacs and every extra auto parking space will cost Rs. 3.50 Lacs.
One also needs to fulfil one time Rental Lease energized at Rs.
50.00 psf.

Contact      us     :-                   +91-    9711809280                     &

The BSP or the basic sales price does not include any extra
costs and apart from the extra costs there will be servicing
costs which are required to be carried by the client. There will
be a zero interest servicing first deposit at Rs. 100 psf. on
the extremely place which needs to be resolved at plenty of
duration of taking control. Along with it the client also needs
to pay innovative servicing charge of one year beforehand at
plenty of duration of control at Rs. 1.50 psf. the extremely
place   described       in    the    charts   is    a   sign    only.       The   actual
extremely    place      will    be   assessed      at   plenty       of   duration   of
control and the increase or loss of place will be energized
proportionally according to the decided BSP. The extremely place
protects the demised place under the outside surfaces, place
under content and surfaces within the allocated house, places
like typical lobbies, raises, typical service golf club shafts,
stairways, machine room, mumty, electric substation and other
services and other typical places etc. the circumstances will
maintain compliance to Conventional Conditions and Conditions
and the Allowance Mail of the Company. The prices of the flats
can be modified without any prior observe at the businesses
identify.    The     Govt      taxation    assessed     by     the    Native      Indian
government occasionally is required to be carried by the client.
Before a provisional allotment observe is released no changes
will be permitted in the name of the allotted; though after the
issuance    of    PAL    an    allotted    can     change    the     name    after   the
transaction of 30% of the complete transaction. Management costs
at Rs. 50 per sq ft are required to be paid by the allotted.

Contact      us         :-                +91-      9711809280                         &
All       the   cheques         should    be       used   favor       of     Jaypee       Infratech
Restricted. There are three exclusive programs for transaction
and a customer can opt for any of these three. The programs are
development attached strategy in which the transaction needs to
be     created        in   instalments          in     compliance          to   the       stage   of
development the developing is in. The second being the down
repayment strategy in which the transaction is required to be
created         in    complete.     One      more      is    partially          down      repayment
strategy in which the client can opt for shelling out in five
simple instalments.

Contact          us        :-                   +91-        9711809280                             &

*** BOOKING AMOUNT : 5% of BSP ***

     S.No.             Type               Area        Price (Rs. In        Booking Amount(Rs. In
                                         (Sq.ft)         Lacs)                     Lacs)

      1                2 BHK             1205             46.87                     2.5

      2          3 BHK + 2T + W          1725             67.10                     3.5

      3          3 BHK + 3T +W           1900             73.91                     4.0

      4          3 BHK + F + W           2100             81.69                     4.5

      5          4 BHK +F/S + W          2625             102.11                    5.5








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