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									                          Xcel Uploader
Xcel uploader is a new module which requires a separate login to Cedar efinancials, but the
login details are as per Cedar.
The product allows you to enter journal details in an Excel spreadsheet template and upload
it directly into Cedar as an unposted journal, rather than typing directly into Cedar.

Before you can begin to use this module you should :

    1. Send email to cedarhelp@brookes.ac.uk with your name and staff number requesting
       use of Xcel uploader, this is to allow us to give you access to the module.
       (mail should come from Finance Administrators/Finance Managers)

    2. Save the attached spreadsheet templates and only use these for Xcel uploader.

                       Basic Instructions
Xcel Uploader can be accessed from this link:


You may want to create a shortcut on your desktop with this link, we will look
into putting a link on the Cedar home page.

    1. The above link should take you to the following screen:

    2. Type in your staff number and password the same as you would for Cedar
    (this password will change each month when your Cedar password is

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3. This takes you to the following screen:

4. Firstly ensure that you always click on the ‘upload and post’ radio button
   each time you use the module, so your screen now looks like this:

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5. Next you need to use the spreadsheet template provided to enter your
   journal details:

   There are two journal templates:
      (a) XLU_BASIC
      This is a ‘cut down’ version same as the ‘easy’ layout you may be used
      to in Cedar.
      The yellow fields should be filled in, do not change the blue fields.
             Journal Ref – must be unique for each journal
             Entity – your school code same as you would use in journal entry
             Jnl Sub type – as above
             Debit Control – total of the debits in your journal that you have already
              totalled up as a validation check, the red field will confirm the debit
              totals for your reference
             Prepared by – Your name for your records
             Authorisation – Person approving your journal prior to posting, for your

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    The other journal template is called:
        (b) XLU_FULL
        It is as above but includes the six ‘Analysis Fields’, that you
        may want to use to enter further details about the journal lines.

6. Once you have entered all your data into the the journal and are ready for it to be
   posted into Cedar, save the journal and exit the journal.

7. Go to Xcel uploader:

8. Click on ‘browse’

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9. Find the saved file and click on open

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10. Ensure radio button is on ‘Upload and post’ before clicking on ‘submit’:

11. If journal is successful you should get a message and journal number:

12. The journal is viewed/edited/posted in Cedar Journal entry screen ACT012:

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13. You may get an error at stage 10. above for example:

14. If so, open the pdf document or the text file above to see details:

                 Further Information
If you have any problems please contact cedarhelp@brookes.ac.uk

Be careful in creating new rows, safer to do this in the middle of the journal rather than
at the bottom, this is because the template uses ‘named ranges’ to define where data is
held, if the template is extended with new rows, the named ranges also need to be
amended to include the extra rows.

We would advise you not to change the template by adding columns/rows as this may
cause upload errors, If you do need longer templates, these can be requested through

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