Things to do and see in Bali

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					                        Things to do and see in Bali

Holiday travelers to this South Seas tropical oasis should take the opportunity to participate
in these top ten activities to experience a variety of all that Bali has to offer.

Spend a day or more touring the city of Ubud. You can witness traditional dances and
ceremonies. Tour Goa Gajah, one of the country’s holiest places and watch the nightly
heron migration in Petulu. In the Monkey Forest, you can see the famous crab-eating

Enjoy the sun, sand and surf in Kuta. Learn to surf Bali’s famous beach breaks. You can surf,
swim or just relax on the pristine beach. The seaside restaurants are a great place to grab a
fruit drink and watch the sunset before participating in the area’s vibrant nightlife.

Tour the sea-draped Tanah Lot rock formation that is home to an ancient pilgrimage temple
dating from the 15th century. This popular Bali icon is situated in a pictorial setting that
provides stunning panoramic vistas and an especially dramatic view of the sunset.

View the Uluwatu Temple that is perched on cliffs at Bali’s southernmost tip. Follow this by
attending the nightly Kecak and fire dance. Costumed performers act out the Ramayana.
The dance is performed without musical instruments to the chant of approximately 100
vocal notes.

Snorkel off the coast of Menjangan Island. Dive on the brightly colored reefs and view the
myriad of undersea marine life.

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