CAE FINAL_ by Loopiezlol


									1. The main disadvantage to our house is that the only ….. to the garden is through a bedroom.
  A. passage               B. doorway                  C. access                   D. communication
2. I’ve had my car examined three times now but no mechanic has been able to ... the problem
  A. pinpoint              B. focus                  C. specify                  D. highlight
3. Our hosts had prepared a ..... meal with seven courses to celebrate our arrival.
  A. generous               B. profuse                 C. lavish                    D. spendthrift
4. She had ...... mind which kept her alert and well-informed even in old age.
  A. an examining            B. a demanding               C. an enquiring                   D. a querying
5. The police decided to ..... the department store after they had received a bomb warning.
  A. abandon                   B. evacuate                 C. evict                 D. expel
6. Architectural pressure groups fought unsuccessfully to save a terrace of 18 century houses from.....
  A. disruption              B. abolition               C. demolition             D. dismantling
7. I had to take out a bank loan when I started up in business and it took me two years to pay it .....
  A. out                      B. up                      C. over                    D. off
8. After months of bitter arguing the couple had to accept that they were........
  A. incongruous              B. incompatible            C. dissident                       D. disaffected
9. We can’t eat this bread. It’s ..... .
  A. stale                     B. rotten                       C. bad                       D. rancid
10. A special committee was set up to ....... on the problem of football hooliganism.
  A. investigate            B. inform                     C. research                 D. report
11. The minister’s .......... of party politics is well known to the public.
  A. disgust                      B. objection                  C. dislike                  D. opposition
12. The BBC has ..... a young composer to write a piece of music for the Corporation’s centenary.
  A. ordered                 B. consulted               C. commissioned            D. decided
13. The painting was a valuable family possession, which had been ......... from generation to generation.
  A. handed over                B. handed down               C. handed out                    D. handed across
14. Although he was a hardened criminal, his one .....feature was his love of children.
  A. saving                 B. redeeming                 C. recovering                D. acquitting
15. I meant to sound confident at the interview but I’m afraid I.... as dogmatic.
  A. came out                B. came through               C. came off                      D. came over
16. The restaurant is popular with film stars and the .... .
  A. like                    B. same                        C. similar                      D. such
17. She can’t be interested in the lessons, .......... that she always arrives late.
  A. viewing                  B. seeing                       C. noting                     D. judging
18. Although I explained the situation he didn’t seem to .....the degree of danger he was in.
  A. seize                    B. grab                      C. catch                   D. grasp
19. He’s applied for a(n)....lot of jobs but he’s only been short-listed once.
  A. dreadful                    B. awful                    C. enormous                    D. wide
20. Before I went to drama school, I had to.....quite a lot of family pressure for me to study medicine.
  A. resist                  B. restrain                     C. refuse                   D. reconcile
21. Strong protests were made, ...... with demands for an international enquiry.
  A. joined                 B. added                     C. coupled                         D. included
22. I couldn’t tell what time it was because the workmen had removed the........ of the clock.
  A. hands                       B. pointers             C. arms                      D. fingers
23. Will you.....the baby for a minute, while I make a phone call?
  A. control                    B. settle                 C. attend                         D. mind
24. The factory is working below......because of the shortage of essential materials.
  A. range                    B. scope                     C. capacity                D. density
25. It’s twenty years since I worked in Germany and my German is pretty........ .
  A. scratchy                   B. scruffy              C. rusty                            D. sloppy

26. It ...... me as strange that my front door was open when I got home.
  A. seemed                      B. occurred              C. appeared                 D. struck
27. I ..... one of my special deserts for dinner, if you like.
  A. make                       B. ‘ll make                    C. ‘m making           D. ‘m going to make
28. There were so many in the crowd that I couldn’t hold the camera steady.
  A. jostling              B. jerking                    C. obstructing             D. agitating
29. ‘Frankly, I couldn’t care less!’ he said with a ......of his shoulders.
  A. twitch                     B. flick                        C. hunch              D. shrug
30. Following the accident, he was prosecuted for........driving.
  A. rash                     B. heedless                  C. irresponsible           D. reckless
31. The case was ...... by the judge for lack of evidence.
  A. disallowed                 B. dismissed               C. abandoned               D. discarded
32. Once she’s ....... a few tears she’ll resign herself to the situation.
  A. shed                       B. split                      C. sobbed               D. released
33. Several of the advertising hoardings had anti-sexist slogans.
  A. deleted                  B. mutilated                C. erased                   D. defaced
34. Unfortunately, I’m rather..... to forgetfulness in my old age.
  A. apt                       B. prone                      C. open                  D. prey
35. You would be well advised to.......clear of the casinos in the city.
  A. stray                  B. stick                       C. steer                   D. veer
36. The ability to ........ work is the sign of a good manager.
  A. discharge                    B. appoint                C. deputise               D. delegate
37. Only after buying the cottage did we discover that it was.....with mice.
  A. inflicted                B. infested                  C. invaded                 D. infected
38. She ......affection from her children but they neglected her shamefully.
  A. yearned                   B. craved                   C. hungered                D. desired
39. Against her parents’ wishes, she wants to be ......... .
  A. a journalist            B. the journalist               C. journalist            D. one journalist
40. We ....... each other later that day, but I had to phone and cancel.
  A. were seeing               B. see                      C. are seeing              D. saw
41. The job requires a(n).....for hard work in difficult conditions.
  A. ability                    B. skill                     C. faculty               D. capacity
42. She swam strongly and ... cross the river easily, even though it was swollen by the heavy rain.
  A. was able to            B. can                        C. could                   D. is able to
43. I’m afraid I can’t tell you what he said. It would be a .....of confidence.
  A. rupture                    B. break                     C. rift                  D. breach
44. She took up so many hobbies when she retired that she had hardly any time.......... .
  A. on her hands         B. in hand                  C. at her hand              D. at hand
45. He was a hardened criminal without a scrap of........for his crimes.
  A. pity                  B. reproach                     C. remorse                 D. penance
46. When he examined the gun, the detective’s suspicion turned into......... .
  A. certainty            B. confirmation              C. reality                     D. conclusion
47. I can lend you five pounds to help you .....until you’ve had time to go to the bank.
  A. by                      B. up                          C. on                      D. out
48. The book took me the ......part of a year to write.
  A. most                     B. greatest                     C. best                 D. largest
49. The air-sea search operation is continuing although hopes of finding survivors are......... .
  A. dimming                 B. fading                   C. dissolving               D. reducing
50. After the robbery, the shop installed a sophisticated alarm system as an insurance .....further losses.
  A. far                      B. from                      C. against               D. towards

51. The doctor prescribed tablets to help.......the pain.
  A. lighten                 B. calm                          C.   relieve                D. rid
52. .......the regular written work, you will be required to submit a long essay.
  A. apart from                  B. beside                    C. in addition              D. beyond
53. He still suffers from a rare tropical disease which he ........while in Africa.
  A. infected                   B. complained                C. gained                    D. contracted
54. I was proud to be ...... out for special praise for my performance.
  A. selected                    B. singled                  C. separated                 D. distinguished
55. There’s no point in telephoning him. He’s certain ..... by now.
  A. to leave                  B. to have left               C. left                      D. having left
56. If you don’t stop smoking, you.....this risk of developing chronic bronchitis.
  A. bear                      B. suffer                     C. make                      D. run
57. ...........had they recovered from the first earthquake when they felt the second tremor.
  A. never                       B. scarcely                 C. no sooner                D. just
58. Giving up smoking is just one of the ways to........heart disease.
  A. push off                 B. put off                    C. ward off                   D. throw off
59. The windows don’t fit very well and it makes the room awfully........... .
  A. airy                     B. draughty                C. breezy                        D. ventilated
60. All courses at the college are offered on a full time basis unless...........indicated.
  A. further                   B. otherwise                 C. below                        D. differently
61. There is no ......for hard work and perseverance if you want to succeed.
  A. alternative                B. substitute              C. equivalent                  D. imitation
62. I haven’t got the time to do my own you with yours.
  A. leaving aside             B. not counting             C. let alone                   D. apart from
63. You’ll feel better after you’ve taken a.....of cough medicine.
  A. rat i on                   B. helping                  C. dos e                      D. portion
64. There’s a small hard......on my wrist. I think I’d better see the doctor.
  A. swelling                  B. lump                        C. bruise                   D. rash
65. People in financial difficulties sometimes fall unscrupulous money lenders.
  A. prey                       B. fool                        C. scapegoat            D. sacrifice
66. What the company needs is a who can take on a variety of roles.
  A. variable             B. changeable                C. versatile                       D. diverse
67. The crime the middle of a busy street, in full view of people returning from work.
  A. achieved                   B. committed                 C. performed                D. practised
68. There has been a great deal the press about the results of the murder trial.
  A. speculation            B. prediction                   C. contemplation            D. sensation
69. A good friend is one who when you’re in trouble.
  A. stand for               B. stand up to                C. stand by                    D. stand over
70. She asked my advice ..... subject she should study at university.
  A. on to what               B. for what                C. as to what                    D. to what
71. The electronic anti-theft device was far from easy to my car.
  A. implant                   B. install                  C. insert                      D. immerse
72. You may think him rather on the quiet......when you first meet him, but he can be extremely witty.
  A. hand                    B. side                      C. level                   D. part
73. As he was caught in .....of an expensive weapon, he was immediately a suspect.
  A. possession                B. ownership             C. handling              D. control
74. The meat was beautifully cooked, I agree, but the vegetables were a bit too salty for my........ .
  A. appetite                B. desire                  C. liking                    D. favour
75. The new Garden City is well worth...........if you’re in the area.
  A. being seen             B. a visit                        C. to visit                 D. the sight

76. Speed limits on the protect pedestrians as well as motorists.
  A. serve                     B. prove                       C. succeed                       D. intend
77. He was ....of forgery and sentenced to two years in prison.
  A. charged                   B. convicted               C. accused                           D. confirmed
78. I hate........formal examinations. I find it difficult to organise my thoughts in a limited time.
  A. passing                    B. making                        C. writing                  D. sitting
79. His parents‘ hostile attitude...........him to leave home.
  A. drove                      B. urged                       C. made                         D. suggested
80. He’s .....a bit with his history classes so I’ve arranged for him to have private tuition.
  A. straining                    B. struggling               C. fighting                  D. dragging
81. You have managed to bungle every task I’ve given you so far. ........., I am prepared to give you one last chance.
  A. notwithstanding          B. regardless                  C. furthermore                     D. nevertheless
82. The most important........that he was responsible for was the use of video in teaching.
  A. novelty                    B. innovation              C. reformation              D. introduction
83. I tried to explain why I had been delayed but he excuse as pathetic.
  A. ignored                    B. disregarded             C. dismissed                        D. refused
84. I have absolutely no...........of the conversation you refer to.
  A. reminiscence                 B. reminder                 C. recall                        D. recollection
85. I can’t imagine why he’s been missing classes and getting poor marks. He’s normally so..... .
  A. conscientious            B. attentive             C. laborious               D. observant
86. Only later .... how much damage had been caused.
  A. did she realise          B. she did realised               C. did she realised            D. realised she
87. The introduction of diesel engines sadly made the old steam trains...... .
  A. archaic                   B. extinct                C. derelict                           D. obsolete
88. She had....another rejection letter today. That makes thirty so far!
  A. still                     B. but                     C. again                             D. yet
89. Why don’t you have a night out? It would take your worries.
  A. thoughts               B. heart                      C. head                              D. mind
90. It would be helpful if you could...........the report into three or four pages.
  A. resume                     B. decrease                      C. reduce                     D. condense
91. He was told he could join the Scouts when he...........old enough.
  A. would be                  B. should be                 C. was                             D. were
92. You’d better pack those glasses extremely carefully if you want them to arrive ...... .
  A. entire                   B. intact                   C. whole                     D. complete
93. He realised that his fondness for her was turning into a foolish........ .
  A. fascination              B. infection                 C. infatuation                      D. affliction
94. Oh, it’s you! You, jumping out of the shadows like that.
  A. struck                      B. amazed                   C. impressed                      D. startled
95. In an effort to increase his newspaper’s.....,the editor introduced a weekly competition.
  A. propagation                B. distribution               C. circulation          D. dispersion
96. He was........ a mile of the hotel when he ran out of petrol.
  A. within                      B. inside                  C. only                            D. hardly
97. The stuntman seemed to show a total disregard......fear as he performed his daredevil tricks.
  A. of                     B. over                      C. for                     D. about
98. What’s done is done. It’s no .....wondering if you could have prevented it.
  A. help                      B. value                     C. use                             D. point
99. Unfortunately our local cinema is on the...........of closing down.
  A. verge                     B. hint                         C. edge                         D. threat
100. We decided to ....the coastguard when we realised that the yacht was several hours late in arriving.
  A. alert                     B. alarm                      C. arouse                    D. caution


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