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Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse

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									Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                         1/28/09 2:53 PM

  Database of Publicly Accused Priests in the United States
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  Last           First        Ord     T Status     D/O        Notes                        Diocese       Source/Assignments
  Mabon          Thomas K.    1957    P Sued       Diocesan   Mabon retired in 2001.       Altoona-      Source:
                                                              Privileges were suspended    Johnstown,    Associated Press 4.3.03; Post-Gazette 4.4.03; Associated
                                                              in 2002. Sued 2003 by one    PA            Press 6.20.03; Associated Press 11.5.03; Tribune Democrat
                                                              man who alleged abuse by                   5.25.07
                                                              Mabon from 1988 to 1990 at
                                                              St. Mary Church in
                                                              Hollidaysburg. He denied
                                                              the charges. Criminal
                                                              charges dismissed due to
                                                              SOL. In 11/03 Diocese
                                                              allowed Mabonto resume his
                                                              duties as priest in good
                                                              standing because officials
                                                              found claims
                                                              unsubstantiated. Civil suit
                                                              continued. In 5/04 Diocese
                                                              paid $3.71M to settle claims
                                                              by 21 people alleging abuse
                                                              by 11 priests, including
  Macanga        Joseph E.    1986    P Arrested   Diocesan   Macanga, a former priest,      Philadelphia, Source:
                                                              was arrested in iLumberton PA                WNBC 4.23.08; Courier Post 4.24.08; Bucks County Courier
                                                              NJ 4/08 by the FBI after                     Times 4.25.08; Courier Post 4.26.08; Courier Post 5.01.08;
                                                              they found child                             SNAP 12.30.08
                                                              pornography on his personal
                                                              computer. He had been
                                                              identified as a participant in
                                                              an internet chat room. He
                                                              was working as a teacher
                                                              and coach at a
                                                              BurlingtonCounty middle
                                                              school at the time of his
                                                              arrest and was suspended
                                                              without pay. Macanga left
                                                              the active 1995
                                                              with clean record. Released
                                                              on house arrest with
  MacArthur      Bruce        1953    P Sued       Diocesan   Sued 2003 by 1 woman.       Sioux Falls,   Source:
                 Duncan                                       Arrested 1/06; charged with SD             Aberdeen News (AP) 6.22.03; El Paso Times 1.21.06; Sioux
                                                              abuse of 3 girls while a                   City Journal 1.23.06; Daily Citizen 6.17.06; Milwaukee
                                                              chaplain at a Beaver Dam                   Journal Sentinel 7.20.07; Winona Daily News (AP) 7.20.07;
                                                              hospital in 1960s. Admitted                KeloLand 9.10.07; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 9.11.07; Fond
                                                              abusing 30 girls. Diocese                  du Lac Reporter 1.04.08; Statement by Archbishop of
                                                              knew of behavior in 1963.                  Milwaukee 2.01.08; Telegraph Herald (AP) 3.16.08; Chicago
                                                              Sent to prison in Texas in                 Tribune (AP) 6.26.08; SNAP Press Release 6.27.08; The
                                                              1978 for abuse of nursing                  Reporter 6.27.08; TMJ4 8.15.08
                                                              home patient and then                      Assignments:
                                                              reassigned as priest. Suits                Beaver Dam Daily Citizen 8.16.08 (add'l article); The
                                                              filed 7/07 & 9/07 in Wisc.                 Reporter 8.16.08 (add'l article)
                                                              against Milwaukee Arch. &
                                                              Sioux Falls SD Diocese by 2
                                                              women under new WI Sup.
                                                              Court ruling. WI Sup Court
                                                              also ruled that SOL stopped
                                                              when priest left state.
                                                              Convicted and sentenced to
                                                              prison 8/08
  Mach           Bernard M.   1964    P Settled    Diocesan   Accused of fondling a 12 yr Buffalo, NY    Source:
                                                              old boy in fall, 1991. Parents             Buffalo News 12.09.93; Buffano News 12.14.93; Buffalo
                                                              met Mach in Jan. 1993 and                  News 12.20.93; Buffalo News 12.21.93; Buffalo News
                                                              with Chancellor of Diocese                 12.22.93; Buffano News 12.22.93; Buffano News 12.23.93;
                                                              in March, 1993. Civil suit                 Buffalo News 12.27.93; Buffalo News 3.26.94; Buffalo News
                                                              filed 1993 when Diocese                    11.08.94; Buffalo News 10.16.98; Buffalo News 4.2.02
                                                              failed to pay for counseling.
                                                              Placed on leave Dec. 1993.
                                                              Also accused, along with                                                                                  Page 1 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                             1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                                John Aurelio, of abuse of 3
                                                                others. Civil suit was settled
                                                                (confidential) in 1998. Never
                                                                indicted by Grand Jury.
                                                                Lives in Florida without
  Macias         Juan                 B Sued      Dominican     Sued 1988. Accused with          Los         Source:
                                                                Rev. Cristobal Garcia, O.P.      Angeles, CA LA Times 6.20.88
                                                                of providing an altar boy
                                                                with drugs and sexually
                                                                abusing him in 1983-86.
  Mackan         Patrick      1958 ? P Sued       Congregation Accused in a 2002 suit of     Louisville,     Source:
                                                  of the       sexually abusing a 17-year- KY                Brantford Expositor 9.5.03
                                                  Resurrection old Canadian girl after she                   Assignments:
                                                               had been raped and                            Detailed Assignment Record
                                                               impregnated by another
                                                               man. The abuse is alleged
                                                               to have continued 1972-75
                                                               and to have included oral
                                                               sex and sexual intercourse.
                                                               Some of the abuse occurred
                                                               during trips to the US, where
                                                               Mackan supervised other
                                                               priests of his order in the
                                                               Louisville archdiocese. His
                                                               later career involved the
                                                               education of children with
                                                               special needs. Mackan died
                                                               in 1990.
  Mackiewicz     Leonard J.   1957    P Sued      Diocesan      Credible allegation of abuse. Wilmington,    Source:
                                                                Named in civil suit filed     DE             Baltimore Sun 10.23.94; News Journal 11.20.05 (Major
                                                                10/94 (shortly after his                     Account); The Dialog 11.16.06; News Journal 11.16.06;
                                                                death) which alleged abuse                   News Journal 11.17.06; WDEL 8.15.08; Associated Press
                                                                of one youth in 1987.                        8.15.08; WBOC 8.15.08; News Journal 8.15.08; Annapolis
                                                                Removed from ministry 1987                   Capital 8.23.08; Daily Times 8.23.08; News Journal 8.24.08;
                                                                and died 1994. Name                          News Journal 9.6.08; Daily Times 9.12.08; Daily Times
                                                                appears on list of abusive                   9.13.08
                                                                priests released by Bishop                   Assignments:
                                                                Saltarelli on 11/16/06.                      News Journal 11.16.06
                                                                Woman filed civil suit 8/08
                                                                alleging abuse in 1966 when
                                                                she was 13. Suit also
                                                                alleges that there were 9
                                                                other victims, including 2
                                                                minor males. A man filed
                                                                separate suit 8/08 re abuse
                                                                in 1970. 2 suits filed 9/08.
  MacNaughton John            1946 ? P Sued       Diocesan      One civil suit filed in 2004   Portland,     Source:
                                                                alleging abuse by              OR            The Oregonian 10.12.04; The Oregonian 8.17.05; The
                                                                MacNaughton. Man said                        Oregonian 8.29.05; Table: The Oregonian 11.12.06
                                                                abuse occurred in 1967 at
                                                                what is now St. Mary's
                                                                Home for Boys in Beverton.
                                                                Plaintiff committed suicide in
                                                                2005 just prior to mediation
                                                                in case. MacNaughton is
  MacPherson     David                P Settled   Diocesan      In 2003 two women settled     Covington,     Source:
                                                                "claims" with Covington       KY             Cincinnati Post 10.14.03
                                                                Diocese over allegations
                                                                that MacPherson had
                                                                molested them in 1960s at
                                                                St. Patrick's Parish. Diocese
                                                                paid total of $750,000 to the
                                                                two women and to a man
                                                                who alleged abuse by Fr.
                                                                Earl Bierman. Both women
                                                                were part of a class action
                                                                suit filed against the
                                                                Diocese of Covington.
                                                                Diocese said MacPherson
                                                                left active ministry in 1978
                                                                and was laicized six years
  MacPherson     Walter E.    1955    P Accused   Diocesan      Removed 2/94 from position Belleville, IL    Source:
                                                                as pastor of St. Martin of                   St. Louis Post-Dispatch 2.5.94; Chicago Tribune 2.7.94; St.
                                                                Tours Church in Washington                   Louis Post Dispatch 5.22.94; St. Louis Post Dispatch
                                                                Park after allegations of                    1.14.95; Belleville News-Democrat 7.14.02; Belleville News
                                                                sexual misconduct with a                     Democrat 3.7.03; Belleville News-Democrat 4.24.07
                                                                boy in his early teens "more
                                                                than 20 years ago." In 1/95
                                                                the Diocesan review board
                                                                permanently removed him                                                                                      Page 2 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                                1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                                from activeministry and he
                                                                retired. On 1/24/09 the
                                                                diocesan website gave his
                                                                status as "Administrative
                                                                Leave / Retired."
  MacRae         Gordon J.    1982    P Convicted Diocesan      Psychological problems          Manchester, Source:
                                                                during seminary in 1978.        NH          Associated Press 12.22.93; Associated Press 11.14.94;
                                                                Pleaded guilty in 1988 to                   Union Leader 7.12.96; Union Leader 7.16.96; Union Leader
                                                                paying boy for sex. Rec'd 1                 8.06.96; New Hampshire Atty General Report 3.03.03; NH
                                                                yr jail deferred and sent for               Atty General Compresensive Selection of MacRae
                                                                treatment. Also may have                    Documents 3.03.04; Union Leader 3.04.03; Keene Sentinel
                                                                abused in 1983 but no                       2.26.05; Wall Street Journal 4.27-28.05 (Major Account);
                                                                action. In 1993 he was                      Union Leader 4.28.05; Concord Monitor 5.03.05; list
                                                                charged w/ 11 counts of                     of Accused Priests in New Hampshire n.d.; Renew America
                                                                molestation of at least 4                   9.22.07
                                                                boys. Convicted 1994 re
                                                                assault of 1 boy. Rec'd. 33
                                                                1/2 - 67 year sentence. Civl
                                                                suits filed. See Major
                                                                Account for much
                                                                information and related
  MacSweeney     Eugene       1927    P Sued      Diocesan      Died 3/26/75. Accused of        Los         Source:
                                                                abuse of 1 in approx. 1959      Angeles, CA LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 2
                                                                per archdiocesan report.                    Assignments:
                                                                Civil suit filed 12/03.                     LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times
                                                                                                            Database 4.20.06
  Maday          Norbert J.   1964    P Convicted Diocesan      Convicted 1994. Sexual        Chicago, IL     Source:
                                                                assault of 2 boys. 20-year                    Chicago Tribune 6.09.94; Chicago Archdiocesan Report
                                                                sentence. Included in 10/03                   3.20.06 page 2; Chicago Tribune 6.09.94; Chicago Tribune
                                                                settlement with Archdiocese.                  10.03.03; Daily Southtown 5.29.07; Chicago Tribune 8.12.08;
                                                                Additional suit filed 5/06.                   WBBM 8.12.08; Chicago Tribune 8.13.08; Lake County
                                                                Archdiocese settled at least                  News-Sun 8.13.08; Chicago Sun-Times 8.13.08; Milwaukee
                                                                one claim in 5/07 $6.65M                      Journal Sentinel 8.14.08; Chicago Sun Times 8.14.08; Jeff
                                                                settlement with 14 people                     Anderson & Assoc. News Release 8.14.08; Jackson County
                                                                alleging abuse by 12 priests.                 Chronicle 8.14.08; Southtown Star 8.22.08
                                                                At least 1 more claim                         Assignments:
                                                                included in 8/08 $12.7M                       Northwestern 10.26.08 (add'l article); Roll Call 11.19.08 (add'l
                                                                settlement involving 11                       article); Chicago Breaking News 11.19.08 (add'l article);
                                                                priests and 16 plaintiffs.           Assignment Record
                                                                Laicized 12/07. Still in jail
  Madden         Michael K.   1970    P Convicted Diocesan      Convicted 1989. Lewd            Burlington,   Source:
                                                                conduct with a boy. 2 yrs       VT            Burlington Free Press 4.27.02; Burlington Free Press
                                                                prison. Civil trial 1994,                     4.30.06; Burlington Free Press 4.30.06
                                                                ordered to pay victim
                                                                $175,000. 2nd suit filed
                                                                2003. Madden died 2000.
  Madden         Paul                 P Settled   Society of St. Accused of abuse of 13         Jackson,      Source:
                                                  James the      year old in 1970s.             MS            Dallas Morning News 3.16.05
                                                  Apostle        Admission. Joined diocese
                                                                 in Peru in 2003.

  Madigan        Gregory              B Accused   Crosier       Madigan admitted abusing a St. Cloud,         Source:
                                                                14 yr old boy in 1980s at       MN            St. Paul Pioneer Press 5.20.02; Star Tribune 5.20.02; St.
                                                                Crosier Order seminary                        Paul Pioneer Press 5.21.02; Star Tribune 5.23.02; Star
                                                                school in Minnesota.                          Tribune 6.16.02; Dallas Morning News 8.08.02; Star Tribune
                                                                Crosiers reached monetary                     10.10.02; Star Tribune 11.24.02; Star Tribune 2.28.04; Star
                                                                settlement with victim when                   Tribune 5.04.06
                                                                he came forward in 1988.
                                                                Madigan sent for treatment;
                                                                has been living under
                                                                restriction at Crosier national
                                                                headquarters. Believed to
                                                                have molested at least six
                                                                altar boys in 1960s and
                                                                1970s. He was confronted
                                                                by parents in mid 1970s and
                                                                agreed to seek treatment
                                                                and assessment. 1987 letter
                                                                refers to the agreement.
  Madrid         Saul         1985    P Sued      Diocesan      Man had filed suit 6/03       Phoenix, AZ     Source:
                                                                alleging that Madrid, a                       Phoenix New Times 7.27.00; Arizona Republic 8.12.00;
                                                                native of Mexico, had                         Arizona Republic 8.21.00; Phoenix New Times 9.14.00;
                                                                drugged and sexually                          Arizona Republic 11.13.00; Arizona Republic 7.22.03;
                                                                assaulted him in 1987 when                    Arizona Republic 7.22.03; Arizona Republic 8.1.03; Arizona
                                                                he was a minor. Suit says                     Republic 1.21.06; Arizona Republic 11.10.06
                                                                officials of the Archdiocese
                                                                used spiritual arguments and
                                                                victim's devout faith to keep
                                                                him from filing lawsuit or
                                                                reporting the abuse when it                                                                                          Page 3 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                             1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                              occurred. Madrid was sent
                                                              for treatment to Paraclete
                                                              center in 1988 and then was
                                                              reassigned. Resigned 2002.
                                                              Civil suit settled 2005.
  Madrid (also   Jaime        1968    P Settled   Diocesan    Accusations that Madrid        El Paso, TX   Source:
  Madred?)                                                    abused boy for 2 years                       San Antonio Light 3.6.92
                                                              (1971-1972) in rectory, car
                                                              and other places. Civil suit
                                                              filed in 1992 says diocese
                                                              knew in 1967 that other
                                                              priests in diocese were
                                                              homosexual/pedophiles and
                                                              failed to report. Madrid
                                                              admitted charges. Boy pled
                                                              delayed discovery in suit.
                                                              Litigation settled with non-
                                                              disclosure. One report says
                                                              Madrid told El Paso Bishop
                                                              Raymond Pena in 1992 that
                                                              he had abused boy 20 yrs
  Magaldi        Philip A.    1960    P Sued      Diocesan    Man alleged abuse in          Providence,    Source:
                                                              Boston in 1999 suit while     RI             UPI 5.07.92 ; Dallas Morning News 12.12.98; Dallas Morning
                                                              Magaldi was affiliated with                  News 4.26.99; Boston Herald 7.23.99; Ft. Worth Star
                                                              Providence Diocese. Plaintiff                Telegram 12.08.00; Dallas Morning News 12.14.00;
                                                              died; suit dismissed in 2000.                Telegram & Gazette 12.16.00; Dallas Morning News 6.12.02;
                                                              Left Providence in 1988                      New Oxford Review 6.17.05; Star Telegram 2.16.06; CBS
                                                              after claims of financial                    11 8.11.06; Star Telegram 11.28.06; Dallas Morning News
                                                              mismanagement, Moved to                      11.28.06; Dallas Morning News 11.29.06; Star Telegram
                                                              Ft. Worth Tx Diocese under                   11.29.06
                                                              Bishop Delaney in 1990. On                   Assignments:
                                                              leave in 1992 after pleading                 Star Telegram 11.30.06 (add'l article); Website: Catholic
                                                              guilty to embezzlement.                      Scouters & Sexual Abuse, 11.30.07; Dallas Morning News
                                                              Back as active priest after 8                2.14.08 (add'l article); Star Telegram 8.13.08 (add'l article);
                                                              months. Accusation in 1997                   Fort Worth Diocese 6.10.05; Documents from the Secret
                                                              in Ft. Worth. Continued to                   Archives of the Ft. Worth Diocese
                                                              serve until the 1999
                                                              accusation. Retired.
                                                              Lacization requested. HIV
                                                              positive per 2/08 articles.
                                                              Died 8/08.
  Magee          Patrick      1970s   P Accused   Diocesan    Worked in Trenton.          Trenton, NJ      Source:
                 Francis                                      Returned to Ireland on                       Star-Ledger 1.03.04; Asbury Park Press 1.04.04; Asbury
                                                              vacation in 2003 where he                    Park Press 1.08.04; Irish Voice 1.13.04; Ocean County
                                                              was accused of abuse by                      Observer 3.28.04; Asbury Park Press 8.14.04; Asbury Park
                                                              man who said abuse                           Press 10.02.04; Asbury Park Press (AP) 12.21.04
                                                              occurred there more than 30
                                                              yrs previously when Magee
                                                              was a seminary student.
                                                              Allegations of abuse of 2
                                                              adults also raised in
                                                              Trenton. Chargesin Ireland
                                                              dropped in 2004 after
                                                              alleged victim's suicide.
                                                              Magee returned to New
                                                              Jersey and asked to be
  Magel          John E.      1960    P Sued      Diocesan    Retired 1995. Placed on      Louisville,     Source:
                                                              leave 6/02 when one man      KY              Courier-Journal 7.16.02; Courier-Journal 9.29.02 (Major
                                                              filed suit against                           Account); Courier-Journal 9.29.02; Courier-Journal
                                                              Archdiocese which alleged                    10.20.02; Courier-Journal 3.24.03
                                                              that Magel exposed himself
                                                              to a group of boys by
                                                              preparing a meal in the
                                                              nude while on a camping
                                                              trip. Same Plaintiff also
                                                              alleged abuse by a parochial
                                                              school teacher. Magel was
                                                              returned to active (retired)
                                                              status 3/03 when
                                                              Archbishop Kelly determined
                                                              there was no evidence he
                                                              had abused children.
  Maguire        Felix H.     1950 ? P Sued       Diocesan    Police investigation of        Hartford, CT Source:
                                                              allegations against Maguire                 Hartford Courant 3.11.93; Hartford Courant 3.28.93; Hartford
                                                              in 1984 was suddenly                        Courant 3.09.02; Hartford Courant 8.11.02; Hartford Courant
                                                              dropped for no known                        2.09.03; Associated Press 10.31.05; Hartford Courant
                                                              reason. Medically retired in                11.01.05; NY Times 11.01.05
                                                              1993 and moved to Florida.                  Assignments:
                                                              Jury awarded one plaintiff         Assignment Record
                                                              $262,803 in 1995 trial that
                                                              was sealed from the public.
                                                              Sued 1/03 by 21 yrold man                                                                                      Page 4 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                            1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                              who alleged assault when
                                                              he was 15. Claims against
                                                              Maguire were included in the
                                                              10/05 $22M settlement
                                                              between Archdiocese and
                                                              45 people alleging abuse by
                                                              14 priests.
  Maguire        Joseph T.    1973    P Convicted Diocesan    Transferred 3 times in first   Manchester, Source:
                                                              14 months after ordination.    NH          Union Leader 2.16.02; Union Leader 2.16.02; Union Leader
                                                              Diocese investigated 1974                  5.18.02; Union Leader 5.29.02; Associated Press 9.6.02;
                                                              allegation. Became                         Nashua Telegraph 11.27.02; WMURChannel 5 2.26.03;
                                                              Stigmatine in 1981.                        Foster's Daily Democrat 4.17.03; Union Leader 4.5.03;
                                                              Investigated by police 1986.               Boston Herald 5.21.03; Union Leader 6.6.03; Union Leader
                                                              He was working in Ireland at               2.27.04; Union Leader 3.4.04; Foster's Daily Democrat
                                                              the time and nothing                       3.4.04; 3.22.04
                                                              done.No assignment since                   Assignments:
                                                              1981 and faculties                         Union Leader 5.4.04 (add'l article); WMURChannel5 5.4.04
                                                              withdrawn 1994. Some                       (add'l article); Concord Monitor 2.18.05 (add'l article); Union
                                                              claims in 11/02 settlement. 2              Leader 2.23.05 (add'l article)
                                                              men filed criminal charges in
                                                              2003. Convicted 2004 and
                                                              sentenced to 44 yrs prison.
                                                              8 others offered to testify as
                                                              to his crimes against them.
                                                              Died 2/05 while still in
  Mahan          Paul J.      1968    P Sued      Diocesan    A 2000 suit claimed Mahan Boston, MA         Source:
                                                              abused two of his nephews                    Boston Herald 5.23.02; Newsday 2.10.03; The Day 1.30.03
                                                              in 1994-1995 Another was
                                                              filed in 1999. As of late
                                                              2002, at least 12 lawsuits
                                                              had been filed against
                                                              Mahan. Archdiocese warned
                                                              in 1994 and1995. Mahan
                                                              was referred to as
                                                              "dangerous" and "a threat to
                                                              adolescent males." Sent for
                                                              treatment twice. Laicized
  Maher          Daniel J.    1962    P Sued      Diocesan    Sued 9/05. Accused of           Albany, NY   Source:
                                                              abuse of 1 youth in 1973.                    Troy Record 5.19.05; Albany Times Union 5.19.05; Albany
                                                              Maher denied the                             Times Union 9.3.05; Empire Journal 9.6.05; Empire Journal
                                                              allegations. Cleared by                      9.9.05; Conservative Voice 9.9.05
                                                              diocesan investigation 9/05
                                                              and returned to duty.
                                                              Plaintiff's atty said in 9/05
                                                              that a second victim had
                                                              come forward. Maher still
                                                              active priest in 2007.
  Mahon          Gerald       1971    P Settled   Diocesan    Mahon, Vicar General of the Winona, MN Source:
                                                              Diocese, was accused of                St. Paul Pioneer Press 4.19.95; Sunday Oregonian 10.10.04
                                                              improprieties by two
                                                              seminarians in cases that
                                                              were never publicized and
                                                              were settled out of court and
                                                              sealed in early 1990s.Both
                                                              settlements involved under
                                                              $100,000, mostly for
                                                              counseling. One involved a
                                                              seminarian who also
                                                              implicated priests in 2-3
                                                              other dioceses. Other matter
                                                              involved a seminarian's
                                                              allegations against Mahon,
                                                              three other bishops and
                                                              another vicar general. This
                                                              was resolved by offering
                                                              counseling and career
  Mahoney        John F.      1960    P Sued      Diocesan    Named for the first time in    Rockville     Source:
                                                              4/03 lawsuit, Mahoney          Centre, NY    Newsday 6.29.00; Newsday 4.15.03
                                                              allegedly spanked and                        Assignments:
                                                              caressed the bare buttocks          Assignment Record and Other Info
                                                              of an 11 yr old boy on trip to
                                                              West Point in 1967. Future
                                                              attempts to molest the boy
                                                              "occurred in the sacristy, the
                                                              bell tower and in defendant's
                                                              car." He became an Air
                                                              Force Chaplain in 1966 and
                                                              retired from Air Force in
                                                              1984 as Lt. Col. Mahoney
                                                              died in June 2000 per his
                                                              obituary.                                                                                      Page 5 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                               1/28/09 2:53 PM

  Mahoney        Robert       1967    P Sued      Diocesan      Per April 2002 article, two   Fort Wayne- Source:
                                                                men filed civil suits in 1992 South Bend, Marshall County Life 8.16.92; Chicago Tribune 12.13.93;
                                                                and 1993 against diocese      IN          South Bend Tribune 2.19.94; South Bend Tribune 4.1.02
                                                                and Mahoney. First plaintiff
                                                                claimed abuse from 1981-
                                                                1983 at an elementary
                                                                school in South Bend;
                                                                second claimed abuse from
                                                                1970-1972 at school in
                                                                Mishawaka. Suits were
                                                                dismissed 12/93 and 2/94
                                                                "with prejudice". No reasons
                                                                were provided. (Note: May
                                                                have been confidential
  Mahony (Bp)    Roger        1962    P Accused   Diocesan      Accused of abuse.               Los         Source:
                                                                                                Angeles, CA LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 2

  Maiers         Brennan      1963    P Accused   Benedictine   Man filed suit 2/92 saying      St. Cloud,     Source:
                                                                Maiers abused him at age 9 MN                  Star Tribune 10.22.92; St. Louis Post Dispatch 2.21.93;
                                                                in 1966. Suit settled out of                   Associated Press 4.30.02; Star Tribune 6.7.02; Star Tribune
                                                                court in late 1992. Maiers                     9.29.02; St. Cloud Times 10.2.02; National Catholic Reporter
                                                                admitted abuse and also                        12.13.02; St. Cloud Times 7.6.03; St. John's Abbey Website
                                                                that he had been arrested                      6.1.07
                                                                for soliciting an undercover
                                                                officer at adult movie theater
                                                                in 1984. Also admitted to
                                                                sexual relationships with a
                                                                woman and 2 men in NY in
                                                                1970s. Abbot did not want
                                                                to restrict him but finally did
                                                                when suit was filed. Living
                                                                under restriction at St.
                                                                John's Abbey.
  Maio           Eugene A.    1960 ? P Sued       Jesuit        Accused in suit of sexually   Los              Source:
                                                                abusing one person at         Angeles, CA      LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 5; LA Times
                                                                Marymount High School in                       Database 4.20.06
                                                                Los Angeles, during the time                   Assignments:
                                                                Maio was on the faculty of            Assignment Record
                                                                the Jesuits' Loyola
                                                                University. Previously
                                                                trained in Kansas City KS
                                                                archdiocese as student
                                                                priest, and afterward was on
                                                                faculty of the Jesuits' St.
                                                                Louis University in St. Louis
                                                                archdiocese for 2 years.
                                                                May have been laicized in
                                                                1970 or 1971. Was living in
                                                                Akron OH area in 2003.
  Makowski       Mark J.      1987    P Convicted Diocesan      Charged 1/95 with molesting Duluth, MN         Source:
                                                                a 16-year-old boy in the                       St. Paul Pioneer Press 3.31.95; Duluth News-Tribune
                                                                rectory after giving the boy                   5.15.00; Duluth News-Tribune 2.12.08; Duluth News-Tribune
                                                                alcohol. Abuse allegedly                       2.13.08
                                                                involved penetration. Initially                Assignments:
                                                                pleaded not guilty but in a                    Detailed Assignment Record
                                                                plea bargain pleaded guilty
                                                                on 3/29/95 to fourth-degree
                                                                misconduct. Sentenced to
                                                                six months in jail and seven
                                                                years' probation. At some
                                                                point he became affiliated
                                                                with the Minnesota
                                                                Episcopal Diocese.
  Malawy         Michael D.   1981    P Accused   Diocesan      Removed from ministry in        Detroit, MI    Source:
                                                                2004 after allegations of                      Detroit Free Press 8.23.04; Detroit Free Press 6.06.06;
                                                                sexual misconduct in early                     WOOD 6.06.06
                                                                years of ministry. Vatican
                                                                permanently removed him
                                                                from active ministry in 6/06.
  Malboeuf       Ronald       1965    P Settled   Diocesan      Man filed suit 3/03 alleging    Springfield,   Source:
                                                                that he had been sexually       MA             Boston Globe 3.23.02; Berkshire Eagle 3.24.03; Springfield
                                                                abused in mid-1960s by                         Republican 7.6.03; Springfield Republican 8.17.04;
                                                                Malboeuf, beginning when                       Springfield Republican 8.17.04
                                                                he was about 11 and
                                                                continuing for 2-3 yrs.
                                                                Diocese removed Malboeuf
                                                                after a man went to diocese
                                                                officials in 1988 to complain
                                                                that Malboeuf had abused                                                                                        Page 6 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                           1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                              him for about 5 years
                                                              beginning when he was 10.
                                                              2 claims against Malboeuf
                                                              settled 8/04 as part of $7.5M
                                                              settlement between 45
                                                              claimants and the Diocese
                                                              involving 18 priests.
                                                              Malboeuf left ministry in
                                                              1988 and was voluntarily
                                                              laicized 12/89.
  Malee          Kevin J.     1978    P Sued      Diocesan    Civil suit filed 1988 accuses Great Falls-    Source:
                                                              Malee of assaulting a 15 yr Billings, MT      John v. Bp. of Great..; Cascade Cty, MT; # ADV-88-1174
                                                              old for two years at rectory,
                                                              church, family home and
                                                              while on vacation with
                                                              family. Malee countersued.
                                                              The Helena Diocese had
                                                              one archival file and the
                                                              Great Falls Diocese has two
                                                              secret archives files. The
                                                              Judge ruled in 1990 denying
                                                              Plaintiff's request for
                                                              discovery of these files.
                                                              Malee ended up in San
  Malicki        Jan          1973    P Sued      Diocesan    1998 suit accuses Malicki of Miami, FL        Source:
                                                              abusing two women. One                        Miami Herald 7.23.98; Miami Herald 7.24.98; Miami Herald
                                                              was minor (13) at time of                     3.19.02; Dallas Morning News 6.12.02; Miami Herald
                                                              abuse. Police investigated                    3.23.03; Miami Herald 7.01.05; Miami Herald 9.28.06; NBC
                                                              for 2 years; no charges filed.                6 9.28.06; Sun-Sentinel 9.29.06
                                                              Civil suit dormant for 4 years
                                                              until Florida Supreme Court
                                                              ruled 3/2002 that churches
                                                              not protected from negligent
                                                              hiring and supervision
                                                              claims. Malicki filed a suit in
                                                              July 2002 against
                                                              Archdiocese for publicly
                                                              accusing him of wrongdoing.
                                                              Suit dismissed in 6/2003.
                                                              Malicki ordained in Poland in
                                                              1973; came to Florida in
                                                              1989. Women settled suit in
  Malloy         Joseph J.    1970    P Accused   Diocesan    In 2001 one man accused         Bridgeport,   Source:
                                                              Malloy of fondling him on       CT            Hartford Courant 3.09.01; Hartford Courant 3.13.01;
                                                              one occasion when he was                      Connecticut Post 3.17.02; Associated Press 3.24.02;
                                                              8 or 9. Malloy denied.                        Connecticut Post 11.13.02
                                                              Diocese investigation                         Assignments:
                                                              deemed the accusation "not                    Assginment Record Compiled by Law Firm
                                                              credible" and Malloy is still
                                                              an active priest as of 2005.
                                                              While not named in any
                                                              litigation, Malloy
                                                              wasincluded in a 2001
                                                              global settlement of claims
                                                              by 26 people against the
                                                              Diocese and 5 priests over
                                                              the years. Total settlement
                                                              was approx. $15 mil. Both
                                                              Diocese and Malloy still
                                                              deny that he did anything.
  Malloy         Robert       1983    P Convicted Diocesan    Arrested in 1998 and later      Santa Fe,     Source:
                 Patrick                                      charged with sexually           NM            Albuquerque Tribune 12.18.98; Albuquerque Tribune
                                                              exploiting at least 14 boys                   12.19.98; Albuquerque Tribune 1.5.99; Albuquerque Journal
                                                              1992-1998. Placed on                          2.4.99; Albuquerque Tribune 2.17.99; Albuquerque Journal
                                                              leave. Indictment covered                     2.26.99; Albuquerque Journal 6.29.99; Associated Press
                                                              42 charges. Charges                           10.9.01; Albuquerque Tribune 8.2.02; Albuquerque Journal
                                                              dismissed 2/02 but refiled                    8.3.02; Albuquerque Tribune 9.21.02; Albuquerque Tribune
                                                              and in plea agreement 8/02                    11.20.02; Albuquerque Tribune 6.11.05
                                                              Malloy pleaded no contest
                                                              to five lesser counts.
                                                              Sentenced 9/02 to 5 yrs
                                                              (less 5 days) probation.
                                                              2002 article says he had
                                                              been writing anonymous,
                                                              sexually explicit notes to
                                                              teenage boys at St. Pius
                                                              High School, offering to pay
                                                              them for their semen.
                                                              Served as police chaplain
                                                              until 1998.
  Malone         Donald T.    1960    P Accused   Diocesan    Removed 1988 from position New York,          Source:
                                                              as high school principal after NY             USA Today 11.11.02; Journal News 4.12.02 (in collection of                                                                                    Page 7 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                           1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                               he was accused of soliciting                 articles)
                                                               sex from a young teenage                     Assignments:
                                                               boy. then transferred to            Summary of Directory Entries
                                                               three parishes before being
                                                               placed on permanent leave.
                                                               Also arrested in 1979 for
                                                               public lewdness at rest
  Malone         Emmet        1947    P Settled   Franciscan   Accused in a 2004 lawsuit      San           Source:
                                                               of molesting an 11-year-old    Antonio, TX   WOAI-TV 5.26.04
                                                               boy in the early 1950s while
                                                               instructing the boy how to
                                                               pray. The Franciscans
                                                               stated that "we believe
                                                               something did happen," and
                                                               the suit was settled. Malone
                                                               also worked at Corpus
                                                               Christi parish and school in
                                                               the Chicago IL archdiocese.
  Maloney        Francis E.   1959    P Sued      Diocesan     Started career in Stubenville Palm           Source:
                                                               Diocese. Moved to Florida.     Beach, FL     Stuart News/St. Lucie News 5.04.02; Palm Beach Post
                                                               Removed from Florida                         5.04.02; Palm Beach Post 5.10.02; Palm Beach Post
                                                               parish in 2002 after 17 yr                   5.15.02; Palm Beach Post 1.16.03; Palm Beach Post
                                                               old accused him of acting                    3.09.03; Sun Sentinel 3.12.03; Palm Beach Post 2.28.04;
                                                               inappropriately around him.                  Palm Beach Post 5.08.04; Sun Sentinel (AP) 5.09.04
                                                               Youth said he found
                                                               Maloney in bed with another
                                                               man and that the priest
                                                               would walk around his home
                                                               nude while the youth was
                                                               there. No criminal charges
                                                               filed. Youth filed civil suit
                                                               3/03. Suit settled in 5/04 for
                                                               less than $1 million.
                                                               Maloney admitted to a long-
                                                               term, "sporadic" sexual
                                                               relationship with the other
  Maloney        Thomas W. 1967       P Sued      Diocesan     Maloney is accused in 6/08    Peoria, IL     Source:
                                                               civil suit of abuse of one                   WEEK 6.11.08; Pantagraph 6.11.08; Peoria Journal Star
                                                               youth in 1995-1996 when                      6.11.08; WMBD/WYZZ 6.11.08; Pantagraph 6.12.08;
                                                               the boy was 8 yrs old.                       Pantagraph 11.6.08; Pantagraph 1.6.09; Pantagraph 1.20.09
                                                               Maloney was assigned to                      Assignments:
                                                               Epiphany Catholic Church in                  Catholic Post 9.22.02
                                                               Normal and the youth was
                                                               an altar boy. Lawsuit says a
                                                               woman reported abuse in
                                                               1995 or 1996 and a second
                                                               woman came forward to say
                                                               Maloney had molested her
                                                               as a child in 1970s. Maloney
                                                               retired in 9/02 because of
                                                               "health reasons." Authorities
                                                               found insufficient evidence
                                                               to file criminal charges.
  Maloney        William F.           P Accused                Accused in 2002 of abusing Boston, MA        Source:
                                                               one person at St. Theresa's                  Sherman Letter 4.12.02
                                                               in North Reading, where
                                                               Maloney was assigned
                                                               briefly before he entered the
                                                               Military archdiocese as a
                                                               Navy chaplain. The
                                                               complainant also accused
                                                               the pastor, Msgr. John J.
  Malsch         David J.     1967    P Convicted Diocesan     Allegations in 1984 that      Superior, WI Source:
                                                               Malsch had molested 3                      Chicago Tribune 11.06.92; Chicago Tribune 10.06.93;
                                                               boys. Bishop did not                       Chicago Tribune 11.10.95; Wausau Daily Herald 12.23.00;
                                                               investigate. Accused in 1991               Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 4.02.02; Milwaukee Journal
                                                               of molesting a 15 yr old boy               Sentinel 4.04.02; Dallas Morning News 6.12.02; Milwaukee
                                                               with emotional, learning                   Journal Sentinel 11.08.03; Duluth News Tribune (AP)
                                                               disabilities & behavioral                  2.28.05; St. Louis Post Dispatch 2.28.05; Duluth News
                                                               problems. 1992 criminal                    Tribune (AP) 3.02.05; Duluth News Tribune (AP) 12.09.05;
                                                               charges. Found guilty 1993                 WAOW 12.12.05; SNAP Statement 12.30.08
                                                               & rec'd 5 yr suspended                     Assignments:
                                                               sentence. 1995 civil suit.        Assignment Record
                                                               Violated parole 1997 & sent
                                                               to prison to serve 5 yr term.
                                                               Sent to Wounded Brothers
                                                               after release. Indicted 2003
                                                               on child porn while at
                                                               Wounded Brothers.
  Mancuso        Joseph A.    1970    P Accused   Diocesan     Placed on leave 6/02 after     Albany, NY    Source:                                                                                   Page 8 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                            1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                              recent allegations of past                   Albany Times Union 6.29.02; Albany Times Union 6.29.02;
                                                              sexual abuse. Woman came                     Albany Times Union 7.14.02; Albany Times Union 7.28.02;
                                                              forward in early 2002 to say                 Times Union 5.8.08
                                                              that Mancuso abused her in
                                                              late 1960s beginning when
                                                              she was 14. Mancuso
                                                              admitted to "some
                                                              misconduct." No criminal
                                                              prosecution because beyond
                                                              statute of limitations.
                                                              Mancuso initially told his
                                                              parish that he was leaving
                                                              for short time to undergo
                                                              surgery but it was
                                                              announced three weeks
                                                              later that he had been
                                                              removed because of the
  Mandeville     Lucien       1935    P Accused   Diocesan    Accused of abuse of 1 youth Portland,        Source:
                                                              in 1944 in Lewiston, 1 in    ME              Maine AG Document Production 5.27.05; Portland Press
                                                              early 1950s (who said                        Herald (AP) 7.4.05; Portland Press Herald 7.17.05
                                                              Mandeville also abused his
                                                              younger brother) in
                                                              Rumford, and 1 during an
                                                              unknown time frame.
                                                              Retired in 1973 and died in
                                                              1984. Allegations were
                                                              reported to Diocese in 2002.
  Mangen         Daniel J.    1980    P Sued      Soc.        Last name is Mangen in       Cleveland,      Source:
                                                  Precious    both 2002 and 1993           OH              Plain Dealer 3.10.02; NewsChannel5 (TV) 3.22.02
                                                  Blood       Catholic Directories. Some
                                                              stories use Mangan. Per
                                                              3/02 news article, woman
                                                              accused Mangen of sexually
                                                              abusing and raping her for 3
                                                              yrs in early 1980s when she
                                                              was between 16 and 18.
                                                              Suit filed1999. Mangen had
                                                              acknowledged being
                                                              sexually active with adults
                                                              and minors but denied
                                                              woman's claims. Did admit
                                                              that he had been sexually
                                                              active with two parishioners
                                                              during the same time. He
                                                              has been working in Chile,
                                                              SA since 1984.
  Mann           Hubert               P Settled   Diocesan    Mann, who died in 1972, is   Manchester, Source:
                                                              alleged to have abused a 15 NH           Associated Press 5.31.02; Union Leader 10.12.02; Union
                                                              year old youth in late 60s.              Leader 12.9.02
                                                              2002 article says Mann
                                                              asked the boy to live with
                                                              him at rectory after boy's
                                                              foster father died. Mann
                                                              would give him alcohol and
                                                              then assault him. Claim was
                                                              included in 11/02 $950K
                                                              settlement re 16 Plaintiffs.
  Mannetta       Andrew       1983    P Sued      Capuchin    Sued 2003. Accused of            Honolulu, HI Source:
                                                              abuse of 1 19 yr old,                         Honolulu Star Bulletin 5.22.03; Honolulu Advertiser 5.23.03;
                                                              mentally-challenged youth in                  Honolulu Star-Bulletin 2.27.04;
                                                              1997-1998. Parents of 2                       1.03.07; Honolulu Star-Bulletin 1.06.07; Honolulu Advertiser
                                                              altar boys complained of his                  1.18.07; Honolulu Star Bulletin 1.19.07; Honolulu Advertiser
                                                              behavior in 1994 but                          1.19.07; Pacific Daily News 1.19.07
                                                              Diocese said it was not
                                                              sexual in nature.
                                                              Reassigned in 2002 to New
                                                              York prior to civil suit being
                                                              filed. Civil trial set for 01/07
                                                              settled just before trial for
                                                              $375,000. He received
                                                              treatment for sexual issues
                                                              and alcohol abuse. Has
                                                              admitted giving alcohol to
                                                              underage boys.
  Manning        Paul F.      1967    P Accused   Diocesan    Acquitted by jury in 1994 of Boston, MA      Source:
                                                              abusing an 11 yr old boy in                  Boston Globe 12.10.02; Boston Globe 5.12.02; Boxton Globe
                                                              1993. Still not allowed to act               3.05.03
                                                              as priest and all faculties                  Assignments:
                                                              removed in 1996. In 2002,                    Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record; Same Record with
                                                              man and woman came                           Addendum
                                                              forward to say he had
                                                              abused them as minors.                                                                                     Page 9 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                              1/28/09 2:53 PM

  Manspeaker     Terry                D Convicted Diocesan      Manspeaker, a deacon,           Hartford, CT Source:
                                                                received 5 yrs probation in                  Hartford Courant 1.27.95
                                                                1994 after pleading guilty to
                                                                assaulting a 17 yr old
                                                                teenage boy and to making
                                                                sexual advances to a 14 yr
                                                                old boy.
  Manuppella     Anthony J.   1976    P Accused   Diocesan      Accused of making               Camden, NJ Source:
                                                                unwelcome advances and                     Courier Post 3.24.99; Daily Journal 11.8.99; Daily Journal
                                                                discussing homosexual                      6.3.00; Brief in McKelvey v. Pierce, 51,840 (New Jersey
                                                                lifestyle with seminary                    2001)
                                                                student and taking him to
                                                                gay bars. Suit filed 1999.
                                                                Current status of lawsuits
                                                                unknown. Believed to be
                                                                active priest as of 2005.
  Many           Charles S.   1974    P Settled   Edmundite     Accused in 1986 of sexual     Norwich, CT     Source:
                                                                misconduct with boy in                        The Day [New London CT] 10.09.01; Associated Press
                                                                Vermont in 1978. In 1994                      10.12.01; Associated Press 5.12.02; The Day 5.14.02; The
                                                                another young man came                        Day 2.11.04; The Day 2.04.07
                                                                forward to say Many had
                                                                abused him in Connecticut
                                                                some time between 1978-
                                                                1981. Many was removed
                                                                from parish work after the
                                                                1986 accusation. 1 suit
                                                                settledfor $850K in 2001 but
                                                                judge ordered new trial.
                                                                Never held so Plaintiff never
                                                                recovered any money. Many
                                                                resigned from priesthood in
  Manzione       Arthur               D Accused   Diocesan      Removed from duty Aug.,         New York,     Source:
                                                                2003. Accused of abuse in       NY            New York Times 8.21.03; Journal News 9.14.03; Journal
                                                                the early 1980s. Ordained                     News 8.21.03
                                                                as a deacon in 1979,
                                                                Manzione was also an
                                                                elementary school principal
                                                                at the time of the abuse.
  Manzo          Fernando     1983    P Sued      Diocesan      Civil suit filed 1/04 by        Tucson, AZ    Source:
                 L.                                             Manzo's nephew alleging                       Arizona Daily Republic 12.8.03; Arizona Citizen 12.9.03;
                                                                abuse by his uncle for 4                      Arizona Daily Star 12.10.03; Arizona Daily Star 1.6.04;
                                                                years, beginning when                         Arizona Daily Star 8.16.04; Tucson Citizen 12.4.04; Arizona
                                                                Plaintiff was 8. Some of the                  Daily Star 12.4.04; Arizona Daily Star 7.30.07
                                                                abuse is alleged to have                      Assignments:
                                                                occurred at San Felipe De                     Fox 11 12.4.04; Diocese of Tucson List of Accused Priests
                                                                Jesus Parish in Nogales so                    n.d.
                                                                Diocese is named as a
                                                                Defendant. Police
                                                                investigating. Bishop placed
                                                                Manzo on leave in 12/03
                                                                and Manzo fled. Current
                                                                location unknown.
  Manzo          Francis J.   1962    P Sued      Diocesan      Manzo is one of 12 priests      Brooklyn,     Source:
                                                                and a religious brother         NY            Newsday 10.16.02; USA Today 11.11.02
                                                                named in October 2002                         Assignments:
                                                                lawsuit against Diocese of                    Diocese of Tucson List of Accused Priests n.d.
                                                                Brooklyn filed by 43
                                                                plaintiffs. One man says
                                                                Manzo violently abused him
                                                                during early 1990s. Manzo
                                                                has officially been on leave
                                                                from diocese since 1995.
  Maramba        Manuel        ?      P Sued      Benedictine   One man filed civil suit in    El Paso, TX    Source:
                 Perez                                          2004 in Fed. court in                         Santa Fe Reporter 7.07.04; Associated Press 8.07.04;
                                                                Albuquerque alleging that he                  Albuquerque Journal 8.07.04; (AP) 2.28.07; El
                                                                was abused by Maramba in                      Paso Times 2.28.07; Las Cruces Sun-News 3.01.07
                                                                1976 and 1977 at a parish
                                                                in New Mexico (then part of
                                                                the Diocese of El Paso but
                                                                now part of Las Cruces
                                                                Diocese). Maramba, a
                                                                citizen of the Philippines,
                                                                returned there in 1978; 1
                                                                article referred to him as the
                                                                foremost music composer of
                                                                sacred text in the
                                                                Philippines. Second suit
                                                                filed 2/07 alleging abuse in
  Marcantonio    Robert A.    1967    P Settled   Diocesan      Bishop Reilly knew in 1970      Providence,   Source:
                                                                that Marcantonio had            RI            UPI 11.15.90; Business Record 8.19.91; Providence Journal-
                                                                molested several 12-14 yr                     Bulletin 3.18.94; Providence Journal-Bullentin 7.03.94;                                                                                        Page 10 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                                 1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                                   old boys. Marcantonio left                     Providence Journal Bulletin 3.19.98; Associated Press
                                                                   for Ames Iowa in 1970 for                      3.17.02; Telegram & Gazette 3.17.02; The Day 3.18.02;
                                                                   treatment. He also                             Telegram & Gazette 9.01.02; Providence Journal-Bulletin
                                                                   apparently abused again in                     9.10.02; Des Moines Register 9.18.06; Telegraph Herald
                                                                   Dubuque Archdiocese. 1                         10.10.06; WHO 10.11.06; Providence Journal 8.31.08;
                                                                   civil suit filed 1991 in Iowa,                 Hartford Courant 12.31.08
                                                                   Dubuque suit settled by                        Assignments:
                                                                   1994. 6 filed in 1993 and 1                    Dubuque Archdiocesan Report on Assignments and Other
                                                                   in 1994 in Rhode Island.                       Info 9.22.06; Assignment Record
                                                                   Some claims included in
                                                                   9/02 settlement with
                                                                   Providence Diocese. Died
                                                                   1999. One claim settled 8/08
                                                                   as part of $1.326M
                                                                   settlement by Providence
                                                                   Diocese. Cited in 11/08
                                                                   RICO suit.
  Mardaga        Ronald       1980    P Accused   Diocesan         In 1986 Mardaga admitted         Baltimore,    Source:
                                                                   to sexually abusing a minor      MD            Baltimore Sun 9.26.02
                                                                   in late 1970s. His faculties
                                                                   were removed in 1986. No
                                                                   information on sex of victim
                                                                   current status. Name
                                                                   appeared on Sept. 2002 list
                                                                   of priests accused of abuse
                                                                   which was released by
                                                                   Archdiocese of Baltimore.
  Margand        Paul                 P Convicted Diocesan         Convicted. 3 years jail.         Lincoln, NE   Source:
                                                                                                                  Omaha World Herald 4.14.02
  Mariano        Angel      1992      P Convicted Jesuit           Mariano was a cross-         San Jose,         Source:
                 Crisostomo                                        dresser who was convicted    CA                LA Times 3.24.02; San Jose Mercury 3.27.02; San Jose
                                                                   of child molestation in 1998                   Mercury News 3.30.02
                                                                   for performing oral sex on a
                                                                   teenage boy while posing as
                                                                   a 25 yr old woman. Served
                                                                   5 months in jail. Jesuit
                                                                   leaders had reprimanded
                                                                   Mariano for sexual
                                                                   misconduct at least 5
                                                                   yearsprior to the 1998
                                                                   incident. Jesuits had
                                                                   apparently been moving him
                                                                   around since 1988. After
                                                                   release from prison he
                                                                   moved to Jesuit community
                                                                   at Los Gatos where other
                                                                   priests abused two mentally
                                                                   disabled residents.
  Marie          Eva                  N Sued      Sisters of       Nun. Named as an abuser          Louisville,   Source:
                                                  Charity of       of one youth in 1960s and        KY            Courier-Journal 7.23.05
                                                  Nazareth         1970s at St. Thomas-St.
                                                                   Vincent Orphanage per civil
                                                                   suit filed in 2004 by
                                                                   approximately 50 people.
  Marie          Genevieve            N Sued      Sisters of St.   A man and a woman, both       Portland,        Source:
                                                  Francis          60, allege in 8/07 civil suit OR               The Oregonian 8.02.07; Statesman Journal 8.03.07; Catholic
                                                                   that Sister Genevieve Marie,                   Sentinel 8.09.07
                                                                   a nun and teacher at St.
                                                                   James School in
                                                                   McMinnville, engaged in
                                                                   acts of physical and mental
                                                                   cruelty toward them in the
                                                                   mid- to late 1950s.
  Marier         Edward       1988    P Sued      Diocesan         In Nov. 2006 Woman sued       Spokane,         Source:
                                                                   Marier and Bishop William     WA               Spokesman Review 11.14.06; Seattle Post-Intelligencer (AP)
                                                                   Skylstad over allegations                      11.14.06
                                                                   that the priest possessed                      Assignments:
                                                                   child pornography. Woman                       Assignment Record as created by
                                                                   said she found the porn in
                                                                   1996 while cleaning the
                                                                   priest's room. She told the
                                                                   Bishop. Marier denied that it
                                                                   was child porn but was sent
                                                                   for treatment. Later
                                                                   reassigned. Woman says in
                                                                   suit that the bishop defamed
                                                                   her by publicly issuing a
                                                                   strongly-worded press
                                                                   release that supported
  Marin          Miguel       1978    P Sued      Diocesan         17 yr old plaintiff and          El Paso, TX   Source:
                                                                   another boy spent night at                     Ruben v. Dio of El Paso; El Paso, Cty; # 96-2995
                                                                   rectory in Apri 1996. Marin                                                                                         Page 11 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                                   1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                                gave them alcoholic
                                                                beverages and allowd them
                                                                to watch an R-rated movie.
                                                                After the boys went to
                                                                sleep, Marin got into bed
                                                                with them and attempted to
                                                                "french kiss" plaintiff.Plaintiff
                                                                stopped him but shortly
                                                                began to exhibit signs of
                                                                mental disturbance and was
                                                                hospitalized. Parents filed
                                                                suit on his behalf in August,
                                                                1996. Suit was settled in
                                                                Sept. 1996 for $23,000. Still
                                                                on leave as of 2002 OCD.
  Mark           (unknown)            B Sued      Order?        Sued 2003. Accused of               Los         Source:
                                                                abuse from 1979-1983.               Angeles, CA Pasadena Star-News 4.23.03
                                                                Alleged victim committed
  Marks          William              P Sued      Diocesan      Sued 1994. Accused of               New Ulm,      Source:
                 Joseph                                         abuse.                              MN            St. Paul Pioneer Press 4.23 94

  Marrer         Robert F.    1950    P Accused   Diocesan      Accused in 1995 of sexually Steubenville, Source:
                                                                abusing a 3- to 6-year-old    OH          AP 2.9.06; The Post 2.27.06
                                                                girl in 1967-70. The abuse is             Assignments:
                                                                alleged to have included         Assignment Record
                                                                rape. Marrer took a leave of
                                                                absence in 1971 and died in
  Marron         Peter        1936    P Accused   Augustinian   Name appears on list of             San Diego,    Source:
                                                                priests with credible               CA            Lompoc Record 3.30.07; San Diego Untion Tribune 3.31.07
                                                                allegations released by San                       Assignments:
                                                                Diego diocese 3/30/07. No                         Diocese of San Diego List 3.30.07
                                                                specific information can be
                                                                found about allegations
                                                                against him. Died in 1998.
  Marron         Victor       < 1961 P Accused    Diocesan      Marron, a priest of the       San Diego,          Source:
                                                                Clogher Diocese, is named     CA                  Lompoc Record 3.30.07; San Diego Union Tribune 3.31.07
                                                                on list of priests with                           Assignments:
                                                                credible allegations released                     Diocese of San Diego List 3.30.07
                                                                by San Diego diocese
                                                                3/30/07. No specific
                                                                information can be found
                                                                about allegations against
                                                                him. He served in the
                                                                diocese at several parishes
                                                                between 1961 - 1963. He is
  Marsh          John         1958?   P Settled   Diocesan      Marsh resigned from active Seattle, WA            Source:
                 ""Jack""                                       priesthood in late 1988. He                       Seattle Post-Intelligencer 7.12.02; Seattle Times 7.12.02;
                                                                has admitted to molesting                         Seattle Post-Intelligencer 12.12.03; Seattle Times 12.12.03;
                                                                about 10 boys. Named in                           Seattle Post-Intelligencer 2.01.05
                                                                2002 civil suit by 3 brothers
                                                                and their mother. The
                                                                brothers accused him of
                                                                abuse between 1969-1973.
                                                                Settled Dec. 2003 for
                                                                $425,000. Youngest brother
                                                                of the 3 original plaintiffs
                                                                filed his own suit in late Jan.
                                                                2005. Marsh may have been
                                                                laicized in 1989. He was
                                                                deposed in the Paul Conn
  Marshall       Thomas R.    < 1959 P Charged    Paulist       Charged with 20 counts              Los         Source:
                                                                lewd acts upon child under          Angeles, CA Associated Press 3.26.03; LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04
                                                                14 between 1959-1963 (at                        page 5
                                                                least 3 accusers). Moved to                     Assignments:
                                                                Canada; DA attempting to                        LA Times Database 4.20.06
                                                                extradite as of 2003. .
                                                                Named in 12/03 civil suit.
  Martell        Dennis L.    1976    P Accused   Diocesan      Per a Sept. 2002 Status             Detroit, MI   Source:
                                                                Report from Director of                           USA Today 11.11.02
                                                                Communications for Detroit
                                                                Archdiocese regarding
                                                                priests associated with
                                                                occurrences or stories of                                                                                          Page 12 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                             1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                                sexual abuse of minors,
                                                                Dennis Martell was ordained
                                                                for the Archdiocese but has
                                                                been laicized. Name also
                                                                appears on the Detroit
                                                                Archdiocese Status Report
                                                                (of named priest abusers) as
                                                                of May, 2004. His name
                                                                appeared in 1993 Catholic
                                                                Directory but not in 2002
  Martin         James        < 1934 P Accused    Diocesan      Accused of abuse of 1        Los               Source:
                 Aloysius                                       between 1934-1938 per        Angeles, CA       LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 2
                                                                Archdiocesan report. Retired                   Assignments:
                                                                1954. Died per report. .                       LA Times Database 4.20.06
  Martin         John         1957    P Sued      Augustinian   In 9/02 man filed suit        Worcester,       Source:
                                                                alleging abuse by Martin and MA                Worcester Telegram and Gazette 9.7.02
                                                                Br. Robert Beaulac. Abuse
                                                                occured at Assumption Prep
                                                                School in 1960. Plaintiff was
                                                                freshman at the school and
                                                                Martin was teacher. Martin
                                                                gave plaintiff alcohol and
                                                                cigarettes during visits to
                                                                Martin's living quarters and
                                                                physical and sexual contact
  Martin         Jon C.       1965    P Accused   Diocesan      Accused of abuse.              Boston, MA      Source:
                                                                Resigned 2001.                                 Boston Globe 1.31.03
                                                                                                               Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record
  Martin         Kenneth J.   1989    P Accused   Diocesan      Arrested in 2001 for child       Wilmington,   Source:
                                                                sex offenses relating to a       DE            Baltimore Sun 6.27.01; Baltimore Sun 9.26.02; Chicago Sun-
                                                                time when he was a lay                         Times 2.28.03; Chicago Sun-Times 3.1.03; Chicago Sun-
                                                                teacher at Loyola Blakefield                   Times 3.2.03; Chicago Sun-Times 3.7.03; National Catholic
                                                                High School in 1970s.                          Reporter 3.10.04; National Catholic Reporter 3.31.06; The
                                                                Adjudicated in 2001, no trial.                 Dialog 11.16.06; News Journal 11.19.06; Chicago Sun-
                                                                Court ruled ""probation                        Times 9.9.08; Chicago Sun-Times 10.18.08; Chicago Sun-
                                                                before judgment."" Named                       Times 10.23.08; Examiner 11.12.08
                                                                on list of abusive priests                     Assignments:
                                                                released by Bishop Saltarelli                  News Journal 11.16.06
                                                                on 11/16/06. Also appears
                                                                on list of abusive priests
                                                                released by Baltimore
                                                                Archdiocese 9/02. "Formally
                                                                barred" by Vatican 9/08 from
                                                                presenting himself as a
                                                                priest. Still working for entity
                                                                owned by Chicago Arch.
  Martin         Kenneth L.   1977    P Accused   Diocesan      Accused of abuse of two        Newark, NJ      Source:
                                                                teenage brothers. One told                     Mark Crawford, Testimony before the NJ Senate, 1.26.04
                                                                Bishop in 1983 but nothing
                                                                done. Martin later moved to
                                                                prominent position in
                                                                Diocese and then returned
                                                                to parish ministry. Man went
                                                                to bishop again in 1996 or
                                                                1997. Martin removed for
                                                                awhile and then returned to
                                                                duty as hospital chaplain.
  Martin         Patrick H.   1937    P Sued      Diocesan      Accused in a 2/26/04 suit of New York,         Source:
                                                                sexually abusing altar boys   NY               Complaint 2.26.04
                                                                at Our Lady Queen of
                                                                Martyrs in Manhattan. Three
                                                                plaintiffs allege abuse 1955-
                                                                61, beginning at age 11, 10,
                                                                and 13, with one claiming
                                                                >200 incidents during 5
                                                                years. Martin also had a
                                                                disciplinary role at parish
                                                                grammar school. Suit claims
                                                                other altar boys besides the
                                                                plaintiffs were abused.
  Martin Marie   Sister               N Sued      School        Sued in 2005. One of         New               Source:
                                                  Sisters of    several religious accused of Orleans, LA       Times Picayune 8.25.05; Times Picayune 3.14.06
                                                  Notre Dame    abuse at Madonna Manor, a
                                                                Catholic home for troubled
  Martinez       Armando      1961    P Accused   Servants of   Martinez received              Santa Fe,       Source:
                                                  Paraclete     counseling from Paracletes     NM              Albuquerque Tribune 5.6.97; Santa Fe New Mexican 5.7.97;
                                                                in 1988. In 1993, he was                       Albuquerque Tribune 5.7.97; Santa Fe New Mexican 5.9.97;
                                                                relieved of his duties after                   Albuquerque Tribune 5.9.97; Albuquerque Journal 5.10.97;                                                                                     Page 13 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                            1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                                allegation of 1992 abuse of                  Albuquerque Journal 11.20.97; Albuquerque Journal 2.4.98;
                                                                minor. Retired in 1994 after                 Albuquerque Journal 3.3.98
                                                                he was accused of sexual
                                                                misconduct with a boy 20
                                                                yrs ago. Civil suit filed. In
                                                                5/94 Martinez wasfound
                                                                murdered onthe road to the
                                                                Paraclete retreat. The police
                                                                arrested a man who claimed
                                                                Martinez fondled him after
                                                                they had both been drinking.
                                                                The man was later
                                                                sentenced to 50 yrs in
                                                                prison for the murder.
  Martinez        Charles     1980    P Sued      Francisan     Civil suit filed 12/93 alleged Santa Fe,     Source:
                                                                Martinez abused one youth NM                 Romero v. Fanciscian...;Bernalilo Cty, NM; # cv-93-11111;
                                                                from 1977-1983, beginning                    Albuquerque Journal 5.7.95; Albuquerque Journal 5.23.95
                                                                when the plaintiff was 12
                                                                and Martinez was studing to
                                                                be a Franciscan Friar.
                                                                Martinez would take the boy
                                                                with him on trips throughout
                                                                the U.S. Martinez denied all
                                                                allegations but was
                                                                suspended when allegations
                                                                surfaced 4/93. Some
                                                                defendants dropped 4/95
                                                                after settlement with one.
                                                                Remaining portion against
                                                                Martinez was dismissed
  Martinez        Ernest              B Sued      Salesian      Accused of abuse of 1 from Los               Source:
                                                                1965-1966 per archdiocesan Angeles, CA       LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 6;
                                                                report. He was assigned to                   1.28.08; City of Angels 3.19.08; Contra Costa Times 4.01.08
                                                                St. John Bosco High School                   Assignments:
                                                                in Bellflower at the time.                   LA Times Database 4.20.06
                                                                Working at Bishop Mora
                                                                High School per 1989
                                                                Official Catholic Directory.
                                                                Named in at least 1 civil
                                                                suit. He was last known to
                                                                be at Salesian provincial
                                                                headquarters in San
  Martinez        Luis                P Settled   Sons of the   Two civil suits filed against  Santa Fe,     Source:
                  (Louis)                         Holy Family   Martinez in NM in 1994.        NM            Santa Fe New Mexican 1.11.96
                                                                Both allege that Martinez
                                                                abused minor females. No
                                                                dates for abuse are given in
                                                                either suit. Martinez
                                                                allegedly left the priesthood
                                                                but no information on
                                                                laicization. At least one suit
                                                                (maybe both) settled by
                                                                Archdiocese of Santa Fe
                                                                and Sons of the Holy Family
  Martinez        Ruben D.    1968    P Sued      Oblates of    Accused of abuse of 7          Los           Source:
                                                  Mary          between 1970-1981 per          Angeles, CA   LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 5
                                                  Immaculate    archdiocesan report. At least                Assignments:
                                                                2 civil suits filed Dec. 2003.               LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times
                                                                Working in Oakland diocese                   Database 4.20.06
                                                                in 2003.
  Martinez        Samuel F.           B Sued      Christian     One person filed suit against El Paso, TX    Source:
                                                  Brother       Br. Sam in March 2003                        El Paso Times 3.05.03; 5.02.08
                                                                alleging abuse when he was
                                                                a sophmore/Jr. at Cathedral
                                                                High School in El Paso in
                                                                mid 1980s. Several others
                                                                came forward to allege
                                                                abuse. One was abused in
                                                                New Orleans prior to time
                                                                Br. Sam was transferred to
                                                                El Paso. Suit settled 7/04.
                                                                One of the additional
                                                                plaintiffs also filed suit in
                                                                5/04. Criminal investigation
                                                                pending. as of 2004.
                                                                Transferred to Santa Fe in
  Martinez, Jr.   Frank R.    1982    P Accused   Diocesan      Accused of propositioning a     Davenport,   Source:
                                                                15-year-old boy in a motel      IA           Des Moines Register 2.26.04; Des Moines Register 7.08.04;
                                                                room in 1986. Boy told                       WQAD 1.18.05; Des Moines Register 1.19.05; Docese of                                                                                    Page 14 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                                   1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                                   parents and civil suit filed. It                 Davenport Creditors' Committee 8.27.07; Quad-City Times
                                                                   settled for approx. $22,500.                     7.10.08
                                                                   Placed on leave 1987.                            Assignments:
                                                                   Diocese asked Vatican to                Concise Assignment Record; Assignment
                                                                   laicize him but Vatican ruled                    Record; Catholic Messenger 7.17.08
                                                                   he was entitled to a church
                                                                   trial.Laicized in 2008. Also
                                                                   worked in Springfield IL and
                                                                   Rochester NY dioceses.
  Martini        Richard M.   1980    P Sued      Diocesan         Accused of abuse of 1 youth Los                  Source:
                                                                   in 1990-1991 at Our Lady      Angeles, CA        Los Angeles Times 2.7.04; LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04
                                                                   Queen of Angels Seminary                         page 2; Ten-Minute Activist 4.02.06; Ventura County Star
                                                                   per archdiocesan report. Suit                    12.02.06; LA Times 12.02.06; Palisadian-Post 12.06.02; City
                                                                   filed Dec. 2003. Archdiocese                     of Angels 12.07.07
                                                                   says it has investigated and                     Assignments:
                                                                   allegations are unfounded.                       LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times
                                                                   Still Active as of 12/06/06.                     Database 4.20.06
                                                                   Suit settled as part of 12/06
                                                                   $60 mil settlement re 22
  Martins        Nilo C.              P Convicted Diocesan         Convicted 1985. Abuse of           Philadelphia, Source:
                                                                   boy, age 12. Served only           PA            Philadelphia Daily News 4.27.02; Philadelphia Daily News
                                                                   about 5 weeks of 23-46                           4.29.02; Associated Press 4.30.02; Philadelphia Inquirer
                                                                   month sentence.                                  5.16.02; Philadelphia Inquirer 5.23.02; USA Today 11.11.02;
                                                                   Immediately                                      Philadelphia Inquirer 9.17.05; Philadelphia Grand Jury
                                                                   deported/returned to Brazil                      Report; Philadelphia Grand Jury Report--Patterns; National
                                                                   (his native country).                            Catholic Reporter 4.28.06
                                                                   Remained active priest for
                                                                   many years.
  Martlock       Loville N.   1963    P Accused   Diocesan         Placed on "medical leave" in Buffalo, NY         Source:
                                                                   Oct. 1993 after being                            Buffalo News 4.21.94; Buffalo News 4.02.02
                                                                   accused of sexually abusing
                                                                   a young boy from age 8-12
                                                                   beginning in 1974. At the
                                                                   time, Martlock was a religion
                                                                   teacher at Notre Dame High
                                                                   School. As of 2002, Martlock
                                                                   was retired, and living out of
                                                                   state, He no longer
                                                                   functioned as a priest.
  Martone        James A.             D Accused   Diocesan         Ordained as permanent         Springfield,       Source:
                                                                   deacon in 1983. Placed on     MA                 Boston Globe (AP) 5.12.04; Republican 6.02.04; Press
                                                                   leave in 2004 after                              Release by Diocese of Springfield 5.11.05
                                                                   allegations he abused a
                                                                   child beginning in 1991 and
                                                                   continuing for several years.
                                                                   Marton also placed on leave
                                                                   from his job as business
                                                                   manager of a third parish
                                                                   pending results of
                                                                   theinvestigation. Diocese
                                                                   announced 5/05 that review
                                                                   board found allegations to
                                                                   be credible. Permanently
                                                                   removed from ministry.
  Mary Anne      Patricia             N Sued      Unknown          In civil suit to be filed    Portland,           Source:
                                                                   8/3/07, one man who was      OR                  The Oregonian 8.02.07; Statesman Journal 8.03.07; Catholic
                                                                   born in 1955 alleges that                        Sentinel 8.09.07
                                                                   Sister Patricia Mary Anne, a
                                                                   nun and teacher at the
                                                                   Madeline School in Portland,
                                                                   sexually abused him as
                                                                   many as 100 times over a
                                                                   two-year period beginning in
  Mary           Sister               N           Unknown          Name included in Diocese's         Providence,   Source:
  Claudine                                                         9/02 $13.5 mil mass                RI            Providence Journal-Bulletin 9.10.02
                                                                   settlement in 36 sexual
                                                                   abuse lawsuits alleging
                                                                   abuse by 11 priests and a
                                                                   nun. No other information
  Mary Jane      Sister               N Sued      Sisters of St.   Accused in a 2005 suit of     Peoria, IL         Source:
                                                  Mary of the      sexually abusing a girl age                      Copely News Service 11.30.05; Journal-Star 12.1.05
                                                  Presentation     6-7 in 1960-61 at St. Patrick
                                                                   Catholic School in
                                                                   Washington. Her current
                                                                   status was unknown in
  Mary Jane      Sister               N Accused   Sisters of       In a 7/22/04 amendment to          Louisville,   Source:
                                                  Charity of       a suit, Sr. Mary Jane was          KY            Courier-Journal 7.23.04; Courier-Journal 9.12.04
                                                  Nazareth         accused of abusing a girl at                                                                                           Page 15 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                             1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                                Presentation Academy.
                                                                Same plaintiff also alleged
                                                                abuse by 2 other nuns: Sr.
                                                                Caroline Mary Schneider
                                                                and Sr. Jean. Order
                                                                confirmed that there was a
                                                                nun by that name at the
                                                                school. Sister was removed
                                                                from ministry pending
  Mary Mark      Sister               N           Congregation Accused in suit filed 5/11/04 Boston, MA       Source:
                                                  of the Sisters of sexually abusing a boy                    AP 5.11.04; Enterprise 5.12.04; Boston Herald 5.12.04; AP
                                                  of St. Joseph age 16 at the Boston School                   5.12.04; Enterprise 5.20.04; Enterprise 8.18.04; Patriot
                                                                 for the Deaf in 1958.                        Ledger 8.18.04; Boston Globe 11.9.04; Boston Herald
                                                                 Allegations included                         3.10.05; Boston Globe 10.8.05; Boston Globe 2.4.06; Patriot
                                                                 intercourse. The                             Ledger 2.7.06; Patriot Ledger 4.12.06; Patriot Ledger
                                                                 complainant accused                          4.28.06; National Catholic Register 5.5.06
                                                                 another nun of physically
                                                                 abusing him; those
                                                                 accusations were dismissed
                                                                 9/7/05 on SOL grounds.
                                                                 Initial suit named 9 plaintiffs
                                                                 and 14 defendants, 2 of
                                                                 whom removed themselves
                                                                 from ministering to children.
                                                                 More suits were filed.
                                                                 Witnesses regarding pattern
                                                                 and practice at the school
                                                                 were barred; all suits were
                                                                 withdrawn or dismissed.
  Mary Omer      Sister               N Sued      School        Sued in 2005. One of         New              Source:
                                                  Sisters of    several religious accused of Orleans, LA      Times Picayune 8.25.05; Times Picayune 3.14.06
                                                  Notre Dame    abuse at Madonna Manor, a
                                                                Catholic home for troubled
  Maskell        A. Joseph    1965    P Accused   Diocesan      1994 civil suit alleges       Baltimore,      Source:
                                                                Maskell physically and        MD              Baltimore Sun 8.01.94; Baltimore Sun 8.04.94; Baltimore
                                                                sexually abused at least two                  Sun 8.10.94; Baltimore Sun 8.25.94; Baltimore Sun
                                                                girls at Seton Keough High                    12.16.94; Baltimore Sun 2.14.95; Baltimore Sun 5.06.95;
                                                                School in late 1960s-early                    Baltimore Sun 8.21.96; Baltimore Sun 9.26.02; Baltimore City
                                                                1970s. Maskell is also the                    Paper 1.05.05
                                                                subject of an investigation
                                                                into the murder of a nun in
                                                                1969. One of the students
                                                                told her of abuse by Maskell.
                                                                Nun disappeared shortly
                                                                thereafter and was later
                                                                found murdered. Maskell
                                                                placed on leave in 1992;
                                                                retd to duty 1993-1994. New
                                                                allegations surfaced in 1994
                                                                and he was placed on leave
                                                                again. He died in 2001.
  Mason          James E.     1967    P Convicted Diocesan      In 2000, man accused            La Crosse,    Source:
                                                                Mason of making sexual          WI            Riverfront Times 8.25.04
                                                                advances when he was                          Assignments:
                                                                junior in high school and at         Assignment Record
                                                                Univ. Diocese did not tell
                                                                him that Mason had been
                                                                found guilty in 1981 of
                                                                sexually assaulting a
                                                                student and placed on
                                                                probation for 18 months.
                                                                Absent on sick leave from
                                                                1987 through 1992 per
                                                                Catholic Directory; "on duty
                                                                outside the diocese" from
                                                                1993 to 2003. Counsels
                                                                drug users in Milwaukee;
                                                                may have undergone
                                                                "voluntary laicization" in
  Massarella     Francis      1941    P Accused   Diocesan      Removed 2003. Accused of        Cincinnati,   Source:
                                                                abuse of girls more than 50     OH            Archbishop's Statement in Cincinnati Enquirer 8.11.03;
                                                                yrs previously. Archdiocese                   Cincinnati Enquirer 8.11.03; Dayton Daily News 8.11.03;
                                                                has admitted it knew of his                   Archdiocese of Cincinnati press release 10.12.05; Dayton
                                                                history back in 1950s.                        Daily News 10.13.05; Dayton Daily News 4.22.07
                                                                Permanently removed from
                                                                church ministry by the
                                                                Vatican 10/05 but not
                                                                laicized. Still under care of
                                                                Archdiocese as of 4/07
                                                                because of ill health.                                                                                     Page 16 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                              1/28/09 2:53 PM

  Massaro        Gabriel      1966    P Accused   Capuchin     Massaro, founder and            Rockville     Source:
                                                  Friar        longtime head of Youth          Centre, NY    Osceola (FL) Sentinel 3.21.98; Newsday 8.15.02; Associated
                                                               Ministry program for                          Press 8.16.02
                                                               Northeast province of the                     Assignments:
                                                               Capuchins, was accused in            Assignment Record and Other Info
                                                               2002 of molesting several
                                                               boys, including one in Long
                                                               Island and one from
                                                               Queens, a number of years
                                                               ago. He was removed from
                                                               his assignment in New
                                                               Hampshire (no claims of
                                                               offense there) and placed
                                                               on leave. Remains a priest
                                                               without privileges.
  Massie         Daniel J.    1980    P Accused   Diocesan     Per August 2002 article,         Milwaukee,   Source:
                                                               Massie was being removed WI                   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 8.20.02; Milwaukee Catholic
                                                               from his parish because of                    Herald 9.19.02; Statement by Archdiocese of Milwaukee
                                                               history of inappropriate                      7.09.04; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 7.10.04
                                                               sexual behavior with minors.
                                                               No other information
                                                               supplied. Name appeared
                                                               on Archdiocese's July 2004
                                                               list of priests fully restricted
                                                               from ministry because of
                                                               allegations of abuse.
  Mataconis      Richard      1965    P Sued      Salesian     Sued in 2002 by two men       Albany, NY      Source:
                 (Philip?)                                     who accused him of abusing                    Times Herald-Record 10.02.02; Dallas Morning News
                                                               them at a New York junior                     9.12.04
                                                               seminary in the 1970s. Suit
                                                               dismissed after missed filing
                                                               deadline. Living in Rome in
                                                               2004 and conducting tours
                                                               of Catacombs of St.
                                                               Callistus. Has been referred
                                                               to as Richard Matikonas or
                                                               Philip Mataconis
  Mateo          Leonardo     1956    P Accused   Diocesan     Extern priest from            Los             Source:
                                                               Philippines. Arrived in LA    Angeles, CA     LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 4; Diocese of Joliet
                                                               1959. 2003 lawsuit alleged                    Press Release 4.09.06; Chicago Tribune 4.11.06; Chicago
                                                               abuse of 1 in Calif in 1959.                  Sun-Times 4.11.06; Herald News 5.17.06
                                                               Left LA 1960. Ended up in                     Assignments:
                                                               Joliet Diocese in 1977 where                  LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times
                                                               allegations made in 1983                      Database 4.20.06
                                                               and 1991. Left Joliet diocese
                                                               1984, worked in Chicago [as
                                                               chaplain at VA hospital?],
                                                               and later returned to
                                                               Archdiocese of Cebu. Died
  Mateos         Francisco    1958    P Sued      Vincentian   Ordained in Spain 1958.      Los              Source:
                                                               Arrived in LA 1974. Accused Angeles, CA       LA Times 2.9.04; LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 5
                                                               of abuse of 1 between                         Assignments:
                                                               1976-1979 per archdiocesan                    LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times
                                                               report. Sued Dec. 2003.                       Database 4.20.06
                                                               Archdiocese investigated
                                                               and says no grounds to
                                                               remove. Still active priest.
  Matson         Mark         1976    P Convicted Theatine     Accused of abuse of 2 in      Denver, CO      Source:
                                                  Fathers      Colorado in 1987 and                          Denver Post 3.24.02; San Antonio Express News 4.28.02;
                                                               acquitted of abuse of 1 in                    Honolulu Advertiser 1.6.04; Honolulu Star-Bulletin 2.27.04;
                                                               1989 in California. Convicted                 Rocky Mountain News 10.22.05
                                                               2000 in Hawaii of 1998
                                                               sexual assault on 13 yr old
                                                               boy. Sentenced to 20 years.
                                                               Also served in San Antonio
                                                               Diocese. 1 Civil suit filed
                                                               2002. Another Colorago
                                                               victim came forward in 2005
                                                               to allege abuse in 1982. He
                                                               received $22,500 from the
  Matte          Richard O.   1964    P Settled   Diocesan     Settled. Accused of abuse       Boston, MA    Source:
                                                               of boy. Laicized in 2005                      Boston Globe 6.5.02; Metro West Daily News 3.18.06
  Maurer         Arthur       1947    P Convicted Josephite    Maurer pleaded guilty in        Baltimore,    Source:
                                                               1993 to child sex offense       MD            Baltimore Sun 9.26.02
                                                               that occurred out of state in
                                                               1992. Maurer died in 1993.
                                                               He apparently retired and
                                                               was living in Baltimore from
                                                               1992 to 1993 but 1993
                                                               Catholic Directory shows he
                                                               was affiliated with                                                                                     Page 17 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                               1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                                Galveston-Houston Diocese.
                                                                Name appears on Sept.
                                                                2002 list from Archdiocese
                                                                of Baltimore of Religious
                                                                priests and brothers
                                                                accused of sexual abuse of
  Maurer         Edward L.    1969    P Sued      Diocesan      Maurer was one of several     Brooklyn,        Source:
                                                                priests removed from duties NY                 Newsday 10.16.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Newsday
                                                                in June, 2002. His name                        10.02.03; Queens Chronicle 10.09.03
                                                                forwarded to local police for
                                                                investigation. In October,
                                                                2002 Maurer and 11 other
                                                                priests and 1 brother were
                                                                named as abusers in civil
                                                                suit filed by 43 men and
                                                                women. Suit says that
                                                                Maurer abused one boy who
                                                                was allegedly also victim of
                                                                James Collins. Also named
                                                                as abuser of 2 boys in
                                                                massive 10/03 lawsuit
                                                                involving 24 priests.
  Maxwell        Bruce C.     1975    P Accused   Crosier       Worked in Indiana in 1975,    Detroit, MI      Source:
                                                  Fathers       in Nebraska from 1975-                         Detroit Archdiocese 11.02; Star Tribune 10.10.02; Crosier
                                                                1982, in Detroit from 1983-                    Fathers 2.17.06
                                                                1989 and then a Navy
                                                                chaplain from 1989 until
                                                                2002 when he was removed
                                                                from duty for single instance
                                                                of abuse with one minor.
                                                                Died 2/17/06.
  Mayer          Robert E.    1964    P Convicted Diocesan      Civil suit filed 1982 alleged    Chicago, IL   Source:
                                                                he exposed himself to                          Chicago Sun-Times 12.09.94; Chicago Archdiocesan Report
                                                                several boys. Settled; no                      3.20.06 page 2; Chicago Tribune 12.12.92; Chicago Tribune
                                                                criminal charges. Convicted                    2.06.93; Daily Southtown 5.29.07; News-Sun 5.30.07;
                                                                1992 of abuse of girl, age                     Journal of Oak Park and River Forest 11.11.07; Chicago
                                                                13. Sentenced to 3 years in                    Tribune 8.12.08; WBBM 8.12.08; Chicago Tribune 8.13.08;
                                                                jail. Resigned 1/94. New                       Lake County News-Sun 8.13.08; Jeff Anderson & Assoc.
                                                                civil suit filed 6/06 by 4 men                 News Release 8.14.08; Lake County News-Sun 8.16.08
                                                                alleging abuse when they                       Assignments:
                                                                were young. Archdiocese               Assignment Record
                                                                settled at least one claim in
                                                                5/07 $6.65M settlement with
                                                                14 people alleging abuse by
                                                                12 priests. At least 1 claim
                                                                included in 8/08 $12.7M
                                                                settlement involving 11
                                                                priests and 16 plaintiffs.
  McAlinden      Terence O.   1967    P Accused   Diocesan      Placed on leave without       Trenton, NJ      Source:
                                                                privileges 9/07 after Diocese                  Asbury Park Press 9.30.07; Press of Atlantic City 10.02.07;
                                                                was informed by                                Asbury Park Press 10.03.07; Press of Atlantic City 10.03.07;
                                                                prosecutor's office of claims                  Press of Atlantic City 10.07.07; Press of Atlantic City
                                                                that he had sexually                           9.15.08; Ashbury Park Press 9.16.08; Statement by Mark
                                                                molested a juvenile for                        Crawford on Fr. Noche and Fr. McAlinden 12.14.08
                                                                several years, beginning in
                                                                1985. No criminal charges
                                                                because of 5 yr SOL.
                                                                Diocese review board found
                                                                allegations to be credible.
                                                                Matter was forwarded to the
                                                                Vatican for review.
  McAndrews      John Kevin 1949      P Sued      Diocesan      Sued 2002. Accused of            Boston, MA    Source:
                                                                abuse.                                         Eagle Tribune 6.29.02; Civil Complaint 6.4.02
                                                                                                               Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record; Funeral Record
                                                                                                               with Additional Info

  McAvoy         Mary                 N           Congregation Accused in suit filed 5/11/04 Boston, MA        Source:
                                                  of the Sisters of sexually abusing a 9-                      AP 5.11.04; Enterprise 5.12.04; Boston Herald 5.12.04; AP
                                                  of St. Joseph year-old girl at the Boston                    5.12.04; Enterprise 5.20.04; Enterprise 8.18.04; Patriot
                                                                 School for the Deaf in about                  Ledger 8.18.04; Boston Globe 11.9.04; Boston Herald
                                                                 1972. Allegations included                    3.10.05; Boston Globe 10.8.05; Boston Globe 2.4.06; Patriot
                                                                 digital rape and physical                     Ledger 2.7.06; Patriot Ledger 4.12.06; Patriot Ledger
                                                                 abuse. Initial suit named 9                   4.28.06; National Catholic Register 5.5.06
                                                                 plaintiffs and 14 defendants,
                                                                 2 of whom removed
                                                                 themselves from ministering
                                                                 to children. More suits were
                                                                 filed. Other plaintiffs
                                                                 accused McAvoy of abuse.
                                                                 Witnesses regarding pattern                                                                                       Page 18 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                          1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                              and practice at the school
                                                              were barred; all suits were
                                                              withdrawn or dismissed.
  McBride        Daniel R.    1951    P Charged   Diocesan    Retired 1987. Placed on       Cleveland,     Source:
                                                              leave in 2002 when charged OH                Plain Dealer 7.05.02; Akron Beacon Journal 7.05.02; Plain
                                                              with abuse of minor (a 17 yr                 Dealer 11.23.02; Cleveland Diocese Statement 3.15.03;
                                                              old boy who was part of                      Plain Dealer 5.06.03; NewsChannel5 5.12.03; Chicago Sun-
                                                              prostitution ring). Pleaded                  Times 5.16.03; Plain Dealer 5.16.03; Plain Dealer 6.27.03
                                                              guilty to soliciting a minor.
                                                              Sentenced to 3 yrs
                                                              probation 6/03. Charges
                                                              resulted from investigation
                                                              of Parmadale Residential
                                                              treatment facility which is
                                                              operated by Cleveland
                                                              Catholic Charities for
                                                              children with history of
                                                              delinquent behavior &
                                                              emotional problems.
  McCaa          Francis      1948    P Sued      Diocesan    Former chancellor of            Altoona-     Source:
                                                              Diocese, Accused in 1985 of Johnstown,       Tribune-Democrat 6.23.02; Tribune-Democrat 2.7.03;
                                                              molesting 5 boys. Resigned PA                Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2.7.03; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
                                                              after diocese refused to act                 2.14.03; Tribune-Democrat 2.24.03; Daily Herald 3.10.03;
                                                              and parents went to DA and                   Tribune-Democrat 3.11.03; NEPA News 3.27.03
                                                              to TV stations. One suit filed
                                                              in 1986 and sealed. Three
                                                              others filed a civil suit 2/03.
                                                              Retired per 2002 OCD but
                                                              Diocese said in 2003 that
                                                              his privileges were removed
                                                              in 1992. In 5/04 Diocese
                                                              paid $3.71M to settle claims
                                                              by 21 people alleging abuse
                                                              by 11 priests, including
  McCabe         George V.    1973    P Sued      Jesuit      In 2002 civil sit, 3 men       Boston, MA    Source:
                                                              alleged that they were                       Boston Globe 4.19.02; Boston Globe 2.11.03; USA Today
                                                              sexually molested by                         11.11.02; Boston List 2.02.07
                                                              McCabe (who died in 1998)
                                                              when he was working in the
                                                              Boston Archdiocese.
                                                              McCabe's personnel file
                                                              (released in 2003) reports a
                                                              total of 5 men have said
                                                              McCabe fondled them
                                                              during 1970s.
  McCaffrey      Richard L.   1973    P Sued      Jesuit      Accused of abuse of 2 girls    Fairbanks,    Source:
                                                              approx. 1981. Sued and         AK            Anchorage Daily News 8.10.05; Fairbanks News-Miner
                                                              also placed on permanent                     8.22.05; Fairbanks News-Miner 5.09.06; Anchorage Daily
                                                              leave in 2005. Died 5/06.                    News (AP) 5.10.06

  McCaffrey      Vincent      1978    P Convicted Diocesan    Resigned 12/93. Convicted     Chicago, IL    Source:
                                                              2002. Child porn. 20 year                    Chicago Tribune 5.18.06; Chicago Archdiocesan Report
                                                              sentence. Included in 10/05                  3.20.06 page 2; Chicago Sun-Times 1.17.03; Chicago
                                                              settlement with Archdiocese.                 Tribune 10.28.05; Daily Southtown 5.29.07; Chicago Tribune
                                                              Admitted under oath to                       5.29.07; Daily Herald 5.30.07; Chicago Sun-Times 5.30.07
                                                              abusing as many as 40                        Assignments:
                                                              young boys. Sued 5/06 by 1          Assignment Record
                                                              man alleging abuse from
                                                              1982-1986 when Plaintiff
                                                              was between 8-12 yrs old.
                                                              Archdiocese settled at least
                                                              one claim in 5/07 $6.65 mil
                                                              settlement with 14 people
                                                              alleging abuse by 12 priests.
  McCallister    Charles E.   1971    P Sued      Diocesan    19 yr old man filed civil suit Wheeling-     Source:
                                                              2/08 against diocese           Charleston,   Wheeling News-Register 10.17.07; News Release from
                                                              alleging abuse by              WV            Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston 2.08.08; Charleston Daily
                                                              McCallister for 3 yrs                        Mail (AP) 2.08.08; WBOY TV 2.08.08 (w link to petition);
                                                              beginning in 2003 when                       WTOV Channel 9 2.08.08; The Record 3.14.08; State
                                                              Plaintiff was 15. Complaint                  Journal 5.23.08
                                                              was given to Diocese in
                                                              March, 2007 and McCallister
                                                              was placed on leave from
                                                              his duties. McCallister died
                                                              inOct. 2007. During his
                                                              career, he held several high-
                                                              ranking positions in the
                                                              diocese, including Vicar
                                                              General. He was without
                                                              assignment to a church from                                                                                  Page 19 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                           1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                              1991-2007. Another
                                                              allegation made previously
                                                              but nothing done.
  McCamley       Martin D.    1962    P Settled   Diocesan    Accused 3/03 of molesting     Altoona-       Source:
                                                              at least 4 in approx. 1968.   Johnstown,     Tribune-Democrat 2.23.03; Tribune-Democrat 2.23.03;
                                                              One family was told that      PA             Centre Daily Times 2.25.03; Centre Daily Times 3.4.03;
                                                              Diocese review board found                   Centre Daily Times 3.5.03; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 3.5.03;
                                                              allegations credible and that                Tribune-Democrat 3.6.03; Tribune-Democrat 3.11.03; Centre
                                                              McCamley was being                           Daily Times 6.29.04; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 6.30.04
                                                              removed and would receive
                                                              psych. evaluation. He retired
                                                              without privileges 6/04.
                                                              Other complaintsreceived.
                                                              Diocese settled with at least
                                                              one plaintiff as part of a
                                                              $3.7M settlement 5/04
                                                              involving 21 plaintiffs.
  McCarthy       Donald P.    1959    P Sued                  Accused 2/1/05 of sexually   Salina, KS      Source:
                                                              abusing a 14-year-old boy                    NW Kansas Register 4.17.70; Galveston Daily News 4.25.70;
                                                              with Rev. Leger Tremblay in                  Petition CV05-0082 2.1.05; Daily Advertiser 2.2.05
                                                              1955 in the Lafayette LA
                                                              diocese, including rape and
                                                              oral battery; boy was
                                                              silenced by threats.
                                                              McCarthy was then a
                                                              seminarian at Assumption
                                                              Seminary in the San Antonio
                                                              TX archdiocese, and
                                                              Tremblay was a priest in the
                                                              Alexandria LA diocese.
                                                              McCarthy knew the boy from
                                                              Merryhill Camp in Pineville
                                                              LA. McCarthy worked in the
                                                              Austin TX diocese 1959-61.
                                                              After a leave of absence he
                                                              was excardinated to the
                                                              Salina diocese.
  McCarthy       James                P Accused   Diocesan    Woman has accused              Portland,     Source:
                                                              McCarthy of fondling her at    OR            Oregonian Table 11.12.06
                                                              least once in 1950 or 1951                   Assignments:
                                                              when she was a very small           Assignment Record
                                                              child. His current status is
  McCarthy       Michael J.   1965    P Accused   Diocesan    Accused of abuse of 2 male     Philadelphia, Source:
                                                              high school students. He       PA            Philly Grand Jury Report; Philadelphia Daily News 9.22.05;
                                                              received a promotion even                    Philadelphia Inquirer 9.25.05
                                                              after 2nd abuse reported.
                                                              Placed on leave in 1993
                                                              with restrictions. Further
                                                              restrictions added 2004.
  McCarthy       Raymond      1945    P Accused   Diocesan    Name appeared on list of 21 Fall River,      Source:
                                                              priests accused of abuse      MA             Boston Globe 9.27.02; Boston Herald 9.27.02; Herald News
                                                              which District Attorney                      9.27.02; St. Louis Post Dispatch 11.14.05
                                                              released 9/02. List says four
                                                              alleged victims. Believe this
                                                              is Raymond W. McCarthy
                                                              who transferred to St. Louis
                                                              Diocese in 1972 and died in
  McCarthy       Thomas J.    1980    P Accused   Diocesan    McCarthy retired suddenly    Buffalo, NY     Source:
                                                              in 2003 following a meeting                  Buffalo News 9.10.03; Buffalo News 9.11.03; Buffalo News
                                                              with diocesan officials. He                  9.12.03
                                                              reportedly told some
                                                              parishioners that he was
                                                              retiring because Bishop
                                                              wanted him to move to
                                                              larger parish and because of
                                                              health problems. In early
                                                              Sept. 2003, an anonymous
                                                              flier circulated in the
                                                              neighborhood around the
                                                              church where McCarthy
                                                              served in 1990s urging
                                                              parents to check with their
                                                              children to see if they had
                                                              been abused by McCarthy.
  McCarthy       William      1963    P Accused   Diocesan    Accused in 2002 of abuse of Paterson,        Source:                                                                                  Page 20 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                                1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                              girls, ages 6 and 8, between NJ                 Star-Ledger 4.11.03; Daily Record 10.5.03; Observer
                                                              1981-1983. He denied all                        Tribune 10.23.03; The Record 5.18.04; Star-Ledger 1.14.05;
                                                              allegations. Placed on leave                    Star Ledger 5.1.08; Daily Record 5.3.08
                                                              in 2003 and retired. Diocese
                                                              given permission by Vatican
                                                              to hold church trial.
                                                              McCarthy was exonerated
                                                              by the church trial and
                                                              cleared by Vatican to return
                                                              to active status with full
                                                              privileges per 5/01/08 article.
  McCashin       William J.           P Sued      Diocesan    2004 civil suit filed by one   Pittsburgh,      Source:
                                                              man who alleged that he        PA               Associated Press 2.04.04; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2.05.04;
                                                              was molested as an 8 yr old                     Post-Gazette 9.18.07
                                                              by McCashin at St. Philip
                                                              Parish in Crafton in 1965.
                                                              McCashin would have been
                                                              75. He died in 1967. Plaintiff
                                                              came forward to Diocese in
                                                              2002. Claims included in
                                                              Diocese's 9/07 $1.25 mil
                                                              settlement as to 32 plaintiffs
                                                              alleging abuse by 17 priests.
  McCloskey      Francis A.           P Sued      Diocesan    Sued 1994 in the massive          Camden, NJ Source:
                                                              RICO pleading filed by                       Atlanta Cty, NJ; Cause # ATL-L-004059
                                                              Steve Rabino. Accused of
                                                              abuse of one boy and, later,
                                                              the boy's daughter. May still
                                                              be an active priest as of
  McCloud        Henry J.     < 1964 P Sued       Diocesan    In massive Civil suit filed Brooklyn,           Source:
                                                              Oct 1, 2003 27 victims      NY                  Newday 10.02.03
                                                              allege abuse by 24 priests,
                                                              including McCloud. One
                                                              man says he was abused by
                                                              McCloud in 1964 and by Fr.
                                                              Vincent Gallo in 1966.
                                                              McCloud's whereabouts are
                                                              unknown. Not in 1989, 1993
                                                              or 2002 Catholic Directory.
  McColgan       Charles P.   1964    P Sued      Diocesan    Accused of fondling one           Philadelphia, Source:
                                                              youth in bathouse. Same           PA            Philadelphia Inquirer 5.20.02; Philadelphia Inquirer 6.21.02;
                                                              plaintiff alleges abuse by                      Class Action Reporter 5.16.02; Star-Ledger 5.14.02; Star-
                                                              John Kelly. Civil suit filed in                 Ledger 3.14.03
                                                              1994 (RICO suit) but
                                                              plaintiff's claims dismissed
                                                              as beyond SOL. Died 1993.
                                                              All RICO claims settled
  McComiskey     Joseph C.    1970    P Accused   Diocesan    Per June 28, 2002 article      Rockville        Source:
                                                              McComiskey, pastor of St.      Centre, NY       Newsday 6.28.02
                                                              Edward the Confessor                            Assignments:
                                                              Church, Syosset, since                 Assignment Record and Other Info
                                                              1990, had been forced to
                                                              retire recently after
                                                              allegation against him was
                                                              made to Diocese sex abuse
                                                              hotline. The matter was
                                                              referred to local prosecutors.
                                                              No other information found.
  McConaghy      R. Thomas    1981    P Accused   LaSalle     Resigned. Accused of abuse Rockville            Source:
                                                  Christian   of a student at a military   Centre, NY         The Day 3.08.05; 1010 WINS (New York) 3.08.05; Norwich
                                                  Brother     academy in New York state                       Bulletin 3.08.05; The Westerly (RI) Sun 3.19.05; Norwich
                                                              between 1973-1975, prior to                     Bulletin 3.30.05
                                                              his ordination. He was                          Assignments:
                                                              ordained for the Norwich CT            Assignment Record and Other Info
                                                              diocese and they did inform
                                                              the Rockville Centre diocese
                                                              of the abuse allegation.
  McConnin       Robert J.    1973    P Accused   Diocesan    Placed on leave without           Brooklyn,     Source:
                                                              privileges in Feb. 2007 after     NY            Diocese of Brooklyn News Release 2.12.07; NY Post
                                                              recent allegations that he                      2.12.07; Queens Chronicle 2.15.07; The Tablet 2.16.07
                                                              molested a boy more than
                                                              20 years previously.
                                                              Criminal charges unlikely
                                                              due to statute of limitations.
                                                              Review board investigated
                                                              and found allegations to be
  McCool         J. William   1973    P Accused   Diocesan    In 2002, McCool is named          Cleveland,    Source:
                                                              as one of 12 priests in           OH            Plain Dealer 4.09.02; Akron Beacon Journal 4.09.02; Akron
                                                              Cleveland Diocese who are                       Beacon Journal 4.18.02; Plain Dealer 6.16.02; Plain Dealer                                                                                        Page 21 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                             1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                              no longer in active ministry                  Reporter 2.09.03
                                                              because of past allegations
                                                              of abuse of minors. McCool
                                                              left the priesthood "two
                                                              years ago." He was not
                                                              listed in 2002 Catholic
                                                              Directory but the 1993 and
                                                              1995 Directories have him
                                                              listed as Absent On Leave.
                                                              Served at Holy Family
                                                              Church in Cleveland where
                                                              at least 3 other priests have
                                                              also been accused of
  McCormack      Daniel J.    1994    P Convicted Diocesan    Accused of abusing male       Chicago, IL     Source:
                                                              minor while in Seminary in                    Basic Articles; Cardinal George Depo with Documents
                                                              Mexico. Accused in 10/99 of                   1.30.08; CBS2 3.14.06; Chicago Tribune 3.21.06; Chicago
                                                              abusing altar boy.                            Tribune 8.17.06; Chicago Sun-Times 12.19.06; NBC 5
                                                              Archdiocese ignored 9/5/03                    12.19.06; NBC 5 3.20.07; CBS2 5.1.07; Chicago Sun-Times
                                                              warning about boys in                         6.30.07; Chicago Tribune 7.2.07; Statement from the
                                                              rectory. Arrested 8/30/05 on                  Archdiocese of Chicago 7.2.07; Chicago Sun-Times 7.3.07;
                                                              credible allegation; released                 Chicago Sun-Times 7.18.07; Chicago Sun-Times 7.24.07
                                                              after archdiocese advised                     Assignments:
                                                              him to remain silent.Became                   Chicago Tribune 9.21.07 (add'l article); NPR 11.13.07 (add'l
                                                              dean 9/1/05 and was kept in                   article); Chicago Sun-Times (add'l article) 11.14.07; Chicago
                                                              ministry. Arrested 1/20/06;                   Tribune 8.12.08 (add'l article); Chicago Tribune 8.13.08;
                                                              removed from ministry. Pled          Assignment Record
                                                              guilty 7/2/07 to abuse of 5
                                                              boys, some abused after
                                                              first arrest; sentenced to 5
                                                              years. Archdiocese then
                                                              knew of 23 accusers.
                                                              Multiple settlements for over
  McCormick      Richard J.   1970    P Accused   Salesian    Accused of sexually             St.           Source:
                                                              harassing female student.       Petersburg,   St. Petersburg Times 3.23.02; St. Petersburg Times 3.29.02
                                                              Resigned from school after      FL
                                                              allegations. Still active at
                                                              Marian Shrine, Stony Point,
                                                              NY as of 7/27/05.
  McCray         Gerald        ?      P Accused   Diocesan    At least one complaint of       Portland,     Source:
                                                              abuse was made to               OR            The Oregonian 6.24.05; Table: The Oregonian 11.12.06; The
                                                              archdiocese between 1986-                     Oregonian 6.06.07 (Documents)
                                                              1995. He is shown as
                                                              "absent on sick leave" per
                                                              1989 Official Catholic
                                                              Directory. Archdiocese paid
                                                              $137,500 to settle case in
                                                              2003. He was "terminated"
                                                              from ministry in 1990.
  McCreanor      David                P Accused   Diocesan    In Oct. 1997 3 sisters        Pensacola-      Source:
                                                              accused him of seducing       Tallahassee,    Associated Press 10.31.97; Charlotte Observer 11.02.97;
                                                              them when they were girls.    FL              Catholic World News 11.03.97; Sun-Sentinel 11.06.97;
                                                              The sisters claimed they told                 Tallahassee Democrat 4.20.02
                                                              the Diocese at least 14
                                                              months prior to the time
                                                              they went to the
                                                              newspapers. McCreanor not
                                                              removed from parish until
                                                              they told the paper. Per
                                                              diocese, at least 5 more
                                                              women have come forward
                                                              to claim that he had made
                                                              sexual overtures to them.
                                                              He denied all allegations.
  McCrillis      Philip E.    < 1960 P Accused    Diocesan    Two sisters filed suit in 2004 San            Source:
                                                              alleging that McCrillis had    Francisco,     San Jose Mercury News 2.21.07; San Jose Mercury News
                                                              abused them and had a          CA             5.13.07
                                                              sexual relationship with their
                                                              divorced mother in the
                                                              1960s while he was at St.
                                                              Albert the Great in Palo
                                                              Alto. The women won a low
                                                              six-figure settlement with SF
                                                              Archdiocese(the parish was
                                                              part of the Archdiocese at
                                                              the time). The San Jose
                                                              diocese acknowledged that
                                                              it found the accusations
                                                              credible. McCrillis retired
                                                              7/03 due to Parkinson's.
                                                              Privileges removed 2004
                                                              and he died 2/07.                                                                                    Page 22 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                             1/28/09 2:53 PM

  McCullen       John         1944    P Accused   Diocesan      Name is on 3/04 list of        Toledo, OH    Source:
                                                                priests accused of abuse                     Toledo Blade 3.30.04; Diocese of Toledo Status Report
                                                                which Bishop released. This                  2.17.05; Diocese of Toledo Status Report 4.8.08
                                                                is the first time his name
                                                                was released. Allegations
                                                                surfaced after he moved to
                                                                Florida in 1960 and abuse
                                                                apparently occurred in
                                                                Florida. Although
                                                                supposedly retired, he was
                                                                found to be working at St.
                                                                Ambrose Church in
                                                                Deerfield Beach, FL. per
                                                                2002 Catholic Directory.
                                                                Barred from public ministry.
  McCutcheon     Peter M.             P Convicted Diocesan      Pled guilty in 1986 to       Washington, Source:
                                                                sexually abusing 3 male      DC          Washinton Post 6.05.86; Washington Post 12.23.86;
                                                                minors between 1981-1985.                Washington Post 9.16.87; Washington Post 1.14.88;
                                                                Sentenced to 25 yrs jail but             Washington Post 8.28.88; Washington Post 9.17.88;
                                                                ended up serving about 1 yr              Washington Post 9.24.88; Washington Post 10.26.88
                                                                and treatment in New
                                                                Mexico and probation. Civil
                                                                suit filed against
                                                                Archdiocese & priest in
                                                                1987, alleging among other
                                                                things, that McCutcheon had
                                                                sexual and alcohol problems
                                                                dating back to seminary
                                                                days. Settled in 1988 after
                                                                Judge found McCutcheon
                                                                liable for damages.
                                                                Archiocese also paid
  McDonald       Finian       1962    P Settled   Benedictine   Teacher at St. John's Univ. St. Cloud,       Source:
                                                                and dean of men and vice      MN             Associated Press 4.30.02; Star Tribune 5.12.02; Star
                                                                president for student affairs                Tribune 6.7.02; Associated Press 6.7.02; St. Cloud Times
                                                                from 1964 to 1967. In one                    10.2.02; National Catholic Reporter 12.27.02; St. Cloud
                                                                2002 suit McDonald is listed                 Times 7.6.03
                                                                as one of 8 abbey clergy
                                                                members accused of abuse.
                                                                He is said to have abused a
                                                                college student at least 3
                                                                times in 1975. Believe
                                                                McDonald admitted and suit
                                                                settled. Supposedly had
                                                                been living as a "restricted"
                                                                priest but he traveled
                                                                frequently to Bahamas until
  McDonald       James T.     1953    P Accused   Diocesan      Accused of abuse of girls.     Boston, MA    Source:
                                                                Admission. Died.                             Boston Globe 2.12.03
                                                                                                             Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record

  McDonald       John                 P Accused   Jesuit        Per statement released by    Spokane,        Source:
                                                                Diocese of Spokane 11/07, WA                 Statement by Diocese of Spokane 11.21.07
                                                                McDonald was named in
                                                                accusation that was found to
                                                                be credible or proven. He
                                                                died in 1985. No further
                                                                information found.
  McDonald       Michael      < 1964 P Settled    Diocesan      In 2004 Diocese reached a       Monterey,    Source:
                                                                settlement of more than         CA           Monterey County Herald 1.28.04; Bishop Ryan's Pastoral
                                                                $760,000 in civil suit filed in              Letter 2.4.04
                                                                summer 2003. One man
                                                                alleged that he was sexually
                                                                abused many times by
                                                                McDonald at St. Mary of the
                                                                Nativity Church between
                                                                1964 and 1967, starting
                                                                when he was 10. McDonald
                                                                died in 1971.
  McDonald       Paul E.      1964    P Accused   Diocesan      Accused of abuse.              Boston, MA    Source:
                                                                                                             Boston Globe 12.13.02
                                                                                                             Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record; Resime 1;
                                                                                                             Resume 2

  McDonald       Robert       1973    P Accused   Diocesan      Newly identified as abuser     Chicago, IL   Source:                                                                                    Page 23 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                             1/28/09 2:53 PM

                 Joseph                                        on Chicago Archdiocesan                     Chicago Archdiocesan Report 3.20.06 page 2
                                                               report of 3.20.06. Resigned                 Assignments:
                                                               6.90                               Assignment Record

  McDonough      Howard               B Accused   Jesuit       Per 2002 article,           Cleveland,      Source:
                                                               McDonough was sued in       OH              Plain Dealer 5.20.93; Plain Dealer 3.11.02
                                                               1993 for allegedly sexually
                                                               abusing a 14 yr old student
                                                               20 years ago. Documents
                                                               produced during the case
                                                               prove that McDonough had
                                                               been accused of sexual
                                                               abuse by others at the time
                                                               and that school officials
                                                               knew of accusations and
                                                               were going to move
                                                               McDonough without telling
                                                               anyone the reason for his
                                                               transfer. Suit dismissed in
                                                               1995 due to SOL. 1993
                                                               article says McDonough was
                                                               no longer a member of the
                                                               order; unknown when he
  McDonough      John Roger < 1965 P Sued         Diocesan     Named in 2006 civil suit       St. Louis,   Source:
                                                               which alleges abuse of 1       MO           Kansas City Star (AP) 6.21.06; St. Louis Post-Dispatch
                                                               boy somewhere between                       6.21.06; KWMU (AP) 6.22.06; St. Louis Post-Dispatch
                                                               ages of 11-13 in 1982.                      9.06.07
                                                               McDonough died 1985.                        Assignments:
                                                                                                           St. Louis Post-Dispatch 6.22.06
  McDowell       Archibald    1933    P Sued      Holy Cross   Taught at Univ of Portland    Portland,     Source:
                 M.                                            1949-1959. Accused of         OR            Sunday Oregonian 7.07.02; The Oregonian 11.12.06; Table:
                                                               molesting an 11 yr old boy                  The Oregonian 11.12.06
                                                               in 1956. In 1958 the
                                                               Provencial of the order
                                                               wrote to McDowell noting
                                                               two canonical warnings
                                                               already on his record, one
                                                               of which was for fondling
                                                               two high school boys. Sued
                                                               prior to July, 2002 by boy he
                                                               molested in 1956.
                                                               Archdiocese paid $10,000 in
                                                               2003 to settle one claim. He
                                                               also taught in Austin, TX.
                                                               Died 1994.
  McElhatton     Thomas       < 1943 P Sued       Dominican    Accused of abuse of 1 from Los              Source:
                                                               1943-1945 per archdiocesan Angeles, CA      LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 5
                                                               report. One civil suit filed                Assignments:
                                                               11/03 with allegations by 1                 LA Times Database 4.20.06
  McElliott      Patrick      1936    P Sued      Diocesan     Sued in 2005. Accused of     Dubuque, IA Source:
                                                               abuse of at least 5 girls in             Globe Gazette 2.19.05; Associated Press 2.23.05; Dubuque
                                                               the 1960s. He took nude                  Herald 7.13.05; Telegraph Herald 9.25.05; Courier 9.27.05;
                                                               pictures of at least 1 girl.             Sioux City Journal 1.06.06; Globe Gazette 1.06.06; Radio
                                                               Claims settled as part of $5             Iowa 2.21.06; Des Moines Register 2.22.06; Herald
                                                               mil settlement with                      Telegraph 2.22.06; Telegraph Herald 3.06.06; Telegraph
                                                               Archdiocese in 2006. Died in             Herald 3.07.06; Des Moines Register 3.28.07; WCF Courier
                                                               1987. At least 1 more claim              3.28.07; WCF Courier 12.09.07
                                                               included in $2.6 mil                     Assignments:
                                                               settlement with Archdiocese              Archdiocesan Report on Assignments and Other Ino 9.22.06
  McElroy        Herbert J.   1934    P Sued      Diocesan     In massive civil suit filed Oct Brooklyn,   Source:
                                                               1, 2003 27 victims allege       NY          Newday 10.02.03; Queens Chronicle 10.09.03
                                                               abuse by 24 priests,
                                                               including McElroy. One man
                                                               says he was abused by
                                                               McElroy in 1954-1955.
                                                               McElroy was coach of the
                                                               basketball team and some
                                                               of the abuse occurred on
                                                               sports trips. Oct. 2003 article
                                                               says his whereabouts are
                                                               unknown. The 1993 and
                                                               2002 Catholic Directories
                                                               show him as "Retired."
  McElroy        John J., Jr. 1985    P Convicted Diocesan     Arrested 5/88 and convicted    Camden, NJ Source:
                                                               1989 of abuse of boy, age                 Washington Post 2.10.90; New Jersey Law Journal 5.30.91;
                                                               12. Received 5-year                       Courier Post 11.31.92; Philadelphia Inquirer 1.11.94; Legal
                                                               sentence. $700K settlement                Intelligencer 12.15.99; McElroy v. Guilfoyle, 589 A.2d 1082
                                                               of lawsuit in 1990. Laicized              (N.J. Super.; Philadelphia Inquirer 7.21.02; Philadelphia                                                                                    Page 24 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                               1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                                 in 1993 so he could marry.                    Inquirer 10.16.05
                                                                 He sued diocese because it
                                                                 would not pay his criminal
                                                                 defense fees. Case
                                                                 dismissed by SuperiorCourt.
                                                                 Also named in 1994 RICO
                                                                 pleading filed by Rubino.
  McEnany        Shawn                B Convicted Sacred Heart Pleaded guilty in 1988 to     Portland,         Source:
                                                               unlawful sexual contact with ME                 Portland Press Herald 11.13.97; Union Leader 11.13.97;
                                                               15 yr old female student at                     Portland Press Herald (AP) 11.14.97; Union Leader
                                                               Lewiston ME High School.                        11.17.97; Portland Press Herald 11.20.97; Portland Press
                                                               Rec'd suspended sentence.                       Herald (AP) 12.21.97; Union Leader 1.9.98; Portland Press
                                                               Went to work for school                         Herald (AP) 1.10.98; Associated Press 1.29.98; Portland
                                                               operated by Bros. Sacred                        Press Herald 2.20.99; Portland Press Herald 6.15.99;
                                                               Heart in NH. Order thought it                   Associated Press 3.26.02; Associated Press 5.27.03; Maine
                                                               was ok since it was boys                        AG Report 2.24.04 page 4
                                                               school and heabused a girl.
                                                               Placed on leave 1997 and
                                                               charged with violating a
                                                               state law that bars sex
                                                               offenders from working with
                                                               children and for failing to
                                                               register. Charges dropped
                                                               1999. Moved to RI. Named
                                                               in Maine AG Report.
  McFadden       George B.    1952    P Sued       Diocesan      Accused of abusing more         Sioux City,   Source:
                                                                 than 25 girls and boys.         IA            Des Moines Register 3.08.02; Des Moines Register 6.23.02;
                                                                 Denies allegations. Forced                    Des Moines Register 10.07.03; Sioux City Journal 8.17.04;
                                                                 into treatment and                            Des Moines Register 6.28.05; Des Moines Register 7.02.05;
                                                                 retirement 1991-92 but                        Des Moines Register 12.08.05; Sioux City Journal 1.14.06;
                                                                 continued to function as                      Des Moines Register 1.15.06; WQAD 1.15.06; Storm Lake
                                                                 priest at cathedral. Faculties                Pilot Tribune 1.17.06; Sioux City Journal 3.31.06; Des
                                                                 not removed until 2002.                       Moines Register 6.24.06; Des Moines Register 9.05.06;
                                                                 Lawsuits began to be filed                    Sioux City Journal 1.16.07
                                                                 2003, and 29th lawsuit was                    Assignments:
                                                                 filed 6/06 by 2 brothers.                     Houston Press 10.19.07 (add'l article); Assignment record
                                                                 Many cases have been                          from Des Moines Register 6.23.02; Assignment
                                                                 settled or dismissed. 3 new                   Record
                                                                 plaintiffs as of 9/06. In 12/05
                                                                 Vatican refused to laicize
                                                                 McFadden because of his
                                                                 age. Resides in Ft. Wayne
  McGarvey       Joseph       1950    P Sued       Diocesan      Lawsuit 1993 by 3 victims,       Camden, NJ Source:
                                                                 one now a priest, alleged                   Courier Post 6.10.93; Superior Court of NJ (CA No. ALT-L-
                                                                 abuse by McGarvey and                       4059); NY Times 6.11.93; Washington Post 6.11.93;
                                                                 William C. O'Connell in                     Philadelphia Inquirer 6.16.93; Courier Post 10.09.93;
                                                                 1960s when Plaintiffs were                  Washington Times (AP) 10.13.93; Philadelphia Inquirer
                                                                 in their teens. Suit settled for            1.11.94; Philadelphia Inquirer 1.11.94; Philadelphia Inquirer
                                                                 $384,000. Removed himself                   10.16.05
                                                                 from ministry 1993 and later
                                                                 permanently removed.
  McGee          Finnian              B Sued       Franciscan    In April, 2003 civil suit.  Rockville         Source:
                                                                 McGee is accused of         Centre, NY        Newsday 4.15.03
                                                                 groping and rubbing against                   Assignments:
                                                                 a 12 yr old boy in early             Assignment Record and Other Info
                                                                 1970s. He was the boy's 6th
                                                                 grade homeroom teacher
                                                                 and allegedly molested him
                                                                 in the classroom and in his
                                                                 private school office.
  McGee, Jr.     H.           1971    P Accused    Diocesan      Placed on leave 1997 from   Erie, PA          Source:
                 Desmond                                         his job as headmaster of                      Erie Times-News 1.28.97; Erie Times-News 6.21.97; Erie
                                                                 Bradford Central Christian                    Times-News 6.27.97
                                                                 High School after one 24 yr
                                                                 old man filed suit alleging
                                                                 that McGee sexually abused
                                                                 him on at least three
                                                                 occasions 9/88-10/89.
                                                                 McGee denied the
                                                                 allegations and Diocese
                                                                 claimed that charges were
                                                                 too old to pursue. Suit
                                                                 dismissed by Court 6/97 on
                                                                 SOL. McGee returned to
                                                                 active status. Vatican made
                                                                 him a Msgr. even before
                                                                 dismissal announced.
  McGill         Henry                P Sued       Diocesan      Per articles, at least one     Dallas, TX     Source:
                                                                 case was pending or                           Dallas Morning News 5.19.05; Dallas Morning News 7.14.06
                                                                 expected from an accuser.
                                                                 No specific information
                                                                 found. McGill was shown as                                                                                       Page 25 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                            1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                              retired per 1989 Official
                                                              Catholic Directory. He is
  McGinn         Malachy      1961    P Accused   Diocesan    Name appears on list of          San Diego,   Source:
                                                              priests with credible            CA           Lompoc Record 3.30.07; Union Tribune 3.31.07; Desert Sun
                                                              allegations released by San                   4.11.07; Desert Sun 1.14.08
                                                              Diego Diocese 3/30/07. He                     Assignments:
                                                              also worked in San                            Diocese of San Diego List 3.30.07
                                                              Bernardino diocese. Died in
                                                              1998. No further information
                                                              found as to relevant
  McGloin        James                B Sued      Marianist   Accused of abuse of 1 in         Los         Source:
                                                              1963 per archdiocesan            Angeles, CA LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 6
                                                              report. Named in 1 civil suit.               Assignments:
                                                              Current status unknown.                      LA Times Database 4.20.06
  McGlynn        Francis E.   1954    P Sued      Diocesan    Retired in 1992 but            Kansas City-   Source:
                                                              privileges removed in 2002. St. Joseph,       Kansas City Star 10.10.03; The Pitch 10.16.03;
                                                              Sued 2003. Plaintiff claimed MO      11.19.03; Kansas City Star
                                                              that McGlynn sexually                         12.18.03; Kansas City Star 10.21.04; Kansas City Star
                                                              abused him in 1971 and                        12.17.04; Examiner 9.26.07; KCTV (AP) 9.26.07; My Fox
                                                              1974 while Plaintiff was an                   9.26.07; Kansas City Star 9.26.07; St. Louis Post Dispatch
                                                              altar boy at St. Mary's                       9.27.07; Kansas City Star 8.20.08; Kansas City Star 8.20.08
                                                              Catholic Church. Trial in this
                                                              case set for 10/07 but case
                                                              settled 9/27/07 for$225,000.
                                                              Two women also filed
                                                              separate suits in 2003 and
                                                              2004. 2003 suit dismissed
                                                              on SOL 12/04. At least 1
                                                              claim settled in 8/08 $10M
                                                              settlement re 12 priests.
  McGoldrick     Albert       1978    P Settled   Diocesan    Man came forward in 2002    Bridgeport,       Source:
                                                              to say that McGoldrick and  CT                Connecticut Post 12.14.02; Greenwich Times 6.8.03;
                                                              two other priests abused                      Connecticut Post 10.16.03; Associated Press 10.17.03; NY
                                                              him from 1979-1983,                           Post 4.22.08; The Advocate 4.23.08
                                                              beginning when he was 15.                     Assignments:
                                                              The man met with the                          Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
                                                              Bishop and all 3 priests
                                                              soon resigned from their
                                                              parish assignments and
                                                              were placed on leave by the
                                                              Bishop. Claim(s) settled by
                                                              Diocese in 10/03 as part of
                                                              massive $21 mil settlement
                                                              w/ 40 people abused by 16
                                                              priests. No known
                                                              assignments from 1989-
                                                              1994. Has recently worked
                                                              for Ukrainian Catholic
  McGovern       Joseph A.    1979    P Accused   Diocesan    Extern priest from            Wilmington,     Source:
                                                              Wilmington, DE. diocese.      DE              Philly Grand Jury Report 9.05; News Journal 9.30.05; News
                                                              Sent to Philadelphia to study                 Journal 10.01.05; News Journal 11.20.05 (Major Account);
                                                              after abuse allegations in                    The Dialog 11.16.06; News Journal 11.17.06
                                                              Delaware. He began saying                     Assignments:
                                                              mass without permission                       News Journal 11.16.06
                                                              and was asked to leave.
                                                              Listed in Philadelphia 2005
                                                              Grand Jury Report. Name
                                                              also appears on list of
                                                              abusive priests released by
                                                              Bishop Saltarelli 11/16/06.
                                                              Removed from ministry
                                                              1986; presently lives in
  McGovern       Robert               B Sued      Christian   Named as abuser of               New York,    Source:
                                                  Brothers?   teenage boy in New Jersey        NY           US District Court, Southern District New York, No. 05-CV-
                                                              at some point after 1975 in                   10467
                                                              unrelated 2005 civil suit.
  McGowan        Joseph M.    1953 ? P Sued       Diocesan    McGowan, who is deceased, Peoria, IL          Source:
                                                              is named as an abuser in a                    Pantagraph 2.20.02; Peoria Journal Star 4.13.07; Lincoln
                                                              civil suit filed 4/07 against                 Courier 4.16.07
                                                              Peoria Diocese. He retired
                                                              in 1998 after serving 10 yrs
                                                              as a hospital chaplain and
                                                              died in 2002. He is accused
                                                              of molesting one woman in
                                                              1957 when she was a 12 or
                                                              13 yr old patient at St.
                                                              Francis Hospital, now OSF
                                                              Saint Francis Medical
                                                              Center.                                                                                   Page 26 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                               1/28/09 2:53 PM

  McGowan        Joseph R.    1920    P Accused   Diocesan    In 3/02 Victim, who was     Portland,           Source:
                 (J.R.)                                       then 78, reported that he   ME                  Maine AG Document Production 5.27.05
                                                              had been abused by
                                                              McGowan when he was
                                                              aged 13-15 in 1937-1939 at
                                                              St. Francis in Winthrop.
                                                              McGowan suffered from
                                                              senile dementia when he
                                                              retired in 1957. He died in
  McGrath        Edward P.    1969    P Accused   Salesian    Taught briefly at Salesian  Norwich, CT Source:
                                                              High School in New                      The Day [New London CT] 8.7.04
                                                              Rochelle, NY. Then went to
                                                              St. Thomas More School in
                                                              Montville. First allegation
                                                              received there in 2000.
                                                              School began an
                                                              investigation and sent out
                                                              letters to alumni and
                                                              parents. Allegations found
                                                              credible. Another accuser
                                                              came forward in 2004.
                                                              McGrath died in 1998 at age
                                                              62 of cirrhosis and liver
  McGrath        Francis      1978    P Accused   Diocesan    McGrath was in seminary in Baltimore,           Source:
                                                              Baltimore from 1972 to 1974 MD                  Baltimore Sun 8.21.02; Washington Post 8.22.02; Baltimore
                                                              and from 1976 to 1977                           Sun 9.26.02
                                                              before being ordained in
                                                              1978 for Trenton Diocese. in
                                                              1995 one person accused
                                                              him of sexual abuse in
                                                              1970s while McGrath was
                                                              student at Seminary in
                                                              Baltimore. Baltimore
                                                              informed the Trenton
                                                              Diocese. In 2002 another
                                                              person came forward to
                                                              allege abuse also in 1970s.
                                                              Name appears on
                                                              Baltimore's list of abusive
  McGrath        John E.              P Sued      Diocesan    In Nov. 1993 two women       St. Paul-   Source:
                                                              filed separate sexual abuse Minneapolis, Pioneer Press 11.03.93
                                                              suits against McGrath        MN
                                                              alleging he abused them at
                                                              ages 16 and 14 in 1960s at
                                                              St. Helena's Catholic Church
                                                              in Minneapolis.
  McGrath        Michael S.   1875    P Settled   Diocesan    Removed from ministry         St. Louis,        Source:
                                                              1997. Laicized 2005. 6/03     MO                St. Louis Post-Dispatch 6.11.03; Seattle Post-Intelligencer
                                                              civil suit alleged man had                      (AP) 6.11.03; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 6.27.03; KWMU
                                                              recently killed himself after                   7.8.03; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 7.9.03; St. Louis Post-
                                                              lifetime of turmoil following                   Dispatch 7.30.03; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 8.3.03; St. Louis
                                                              abuse by McGrath in 1980s.                      Post-Dispatch 11.10.03; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 3.12.04; St.
                                                              Other suits filed in 2003 &                     Louis Post-Dispatch 8.26.04; Associated Press 8.26.04; St.
                                                              2004. 17 people settled                         Louis Post Dispatch 12.21.04; St. Louis Post-Dispatch
                                                              claims against McGrath in                       1.12.05; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 1.29.05; St. Louis Review
                                                              Archdiocesansettlement                          2.4.05
                                                              8/04. 20th suit filed 7/7/06.                   Assignments:
                                                              In 12/07, MO Court of                           Missourinet 7.7.06 (add'l article); WQAD 11.17.06 (add'l
                                                              Appeals upheld dismissal of                     article); St. Louis Post-Dispatch 12.13.07 (add'l story); St.
                                                              1 suit by the lower court.                      Louis Post-Dispatch 7.8.08 (add'l article)
                                                              One of 6 priests in 7/08
  McGreal        James        1948    P Settled   Diocesan    Revealed in 1988 that             Seattle, WA   Source:
                                                              McGreal had a history of                        The Oregonian 5.27.88; NY Times 6.12.88; Seattle Times
                                                              abuse (known by                                 5.30.02; Seattle Post-Intelligencer 7.12.02; Seattle Post-
                                                              Archdiocese) going back 40                      Intelligencer 7.25.02; Seattle Times 8.10.02; Seattle Post-
                                                              years to ordination. Moved                      Intelligencer 4.24.03; Seattle Post-Intelligencer 9.06.03;
                                                              many times and often sent                       Seattle Post-Intelligencer 9.12.03; Seattle Times 4.06.04;
                                                              for treatment. Supervised for                   Seattle Times (AP) 4.13.04; The Olympian 7.30.04; Seattle
                                                              a time by another abuser,                       Post Intelligencer 8.24.04; Seattle Times 8.22.04; Seattle
                                                              Paul Conn. 1994 lawsuit                         Times 11.23.06
                                                              settled and sealed. 16 new                      Assignments:
                                                              plaintiffs filed 4 suits in 5/02.               Seattle Post-Intelligencer 7.24.08 (add'l article)
                                                              Archdiocese settled 15
                                                              claims 9/03 for $7.87M.
                                                              Final one settled 4/04. Other
                                                              claims outstanding. 3 more
                                                              cases settled 11/06 for
                                                              $1.25 M.. Vatican decreed
                                                              permanent suspension 3/04.                                                                                      Page 27 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                              1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                              Named in another suit 7/08.
                                                              Living in MO.
  McGuire        Donald J.    1961    P Convicted Jesuit      Sued 2003; accused of        Chicago, IL        Source:
                                                              abuse. Criminal charges in                      Articles through 11.3.07; Complaint 08.21.07; NPR 10.29.07
                                                              2005. Could not prosecute                       with Documents; Chicago Sun-Times 11.03.07; U.S.
                                                              in Illinois. Found guilty                       Customs and Immigration Enforcement 11.02.07; Chicago
                                                              2/24/06 in WI. In 7/06                          Sun-Times 11.06.07; Chicago Tribune 11.06.07; Milwaukee
                                                              sentenced to 20 yrs                             Journal Sentinel 11.06.07; Chicago Tribune 11.07.07;
                                                              probation and confinement                       Chicago Sun-Times 11.07.07; Chicago Sun-Times 11.11.07;
                                                              in nursing home. Arrested                       National Catholic Reporter 11.16.07; Southwest News-Herald
                                                              twice 9/06 for violating                        11.14.07; Chicago Sun-Times 11.15.07; Voice from the
                                                              probation. Appeal denied                        Desert 11.21.07
                                                              11/07. New suits in 8/07 and                    Assignments:
                                                              10/07 in Arizona. Dismissed                     Chicago Sun-Times 11.29.07 (add'l record); Southtown Star
                                                              from Order 11/06/07.                            2.02.08 (add'l article); Chicago Tribune 2.23.08 (add'l
                                                              Laicization announced 2/08.                     article); Chicago Sun-Times 10.10.08 (add'l article); Chicago
                                                              Criminal charges filed in                       Tribune 10.25.08 (add'l article); Assignment Record
                                                              Arizona 4/08. Guity in
                                                              federal criminal case 10/08.
  McGuire        James E.     1970    P Accused   Diocesan    Accused of abuse of 3            Philadelphia, Source:
                                                              minor males and one other        PA            Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Philadelphia Inquirer
                                                              victim. Abuse began while                      9.25.05; Local Catholic 9.29.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 4.07.06
                                                              he was still in seminary in
                                                              1966. Placed on leave 2002
                                                              with restrictions. Laicization
                                                              announced 4.06.
  McHugh         Joseph       1973    P Convicted Diocesan    Accused of molesting 9 yr        Trenton, NJ    Source:
                                                              old boy in 1996; placed on                      NBC 10 (Freehold NJ) 4.28.06; Ashbury Park Press 4.29.06;
                                                              leave then. In 2005 he                          Philadelphia Inquirer (AP) 4.29.06; Star-Ledger 4.29.06;
                                                              pleaded guilty and in 4/06                      Jersey Journal 4.29.06
                                                              was sentenced to 5 yrs
                                                              probation on lesser charge
                                                              so boy would not have to
                                                              testify. Civil suit was filed
                                                              and settled.
  McHugh         Patrick      1943    P Sued      Diocesan    Per archdiocesan report, 1       Los         Source:
                                                              person alleged abuse from        Angeles, CA San Jose Mercury News 3.01.03; Monterey County Herald
                                                              1972-1974. Papers say at                     3.04.03; Santa Cruz Sentinel 3.4.03; Monterey County Herald
                                                              least 7 have sued in 2003                    1.28.04; Bishop Ryan's Pastoral Letter 2.4.04; LA
                                                              alleging abuse in 1960s.                     Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 2; Santa Cruz Sentinel
                                                              Civil suit dismissed by Court                3.16.04; Santa Cruz Sentinel 1.08.07; Santa Cruz Sentinel
                                                              2005 but 6 Plaintiffs settled                9.21.08
                                                              w/ Diocese of Monterey in                    Assignments:
                                                              Sept. 2006 for $1.5 mil and                  LA Times Database 4.20.06
                                                              lifetime counseling. Died in
  McHugh         Paul         < 1982 P Accused    Diocesan    In Oct, 2002, man came           Springfield-   Source:
                                                              forward to allege abuse by       Cape           Deposition of Cardinal Bernard Law 10.11.02; Boston Herald
                                                              McHugh in 1982. Bernard          Girardeau,     10.31.02
                                                              Law was bishop of the            MO
                                                              diocese at the time. The boy
                                                              says he told Bishop Law on
                                                              two occasions (once was
                                                              before McHugh's death) but
                                                              Law did not want to hear
                                                              the details and told him not
                                                              to tell anyone. McHugh died
                                                              in 1983 and Bishop Law
                                                              presided at weekend
                                                              Masses in the parish for 2
                                                              months. Man said that he
                                                              approached the Bishop for
                                                              the second time then.
  McInerney      Maurice      1959    P Accused   Diocesan    McInerney was charged with Denver, CO           Source:
                                                              sexually abusing an incest                      Rocky Mountain News 4.13.93
                                                              survivor he was counseling.
                                                              Relieved of his duties but no
                                                              further information. Oct.
                                                              1992 article says that a
                                                              woman had recently
                                                              complained that McInerney
                                                              made sexual innuendos to
                                                              her. He was placed on leave
                                                              and the investigation was
                                                              continuing. He is shown as
                                                              "absent on leave" in 1993,
                                                              1995 and 2002 Catholic
  McInnis        Joseph               P Settled   Diocesan    Settled 2003. Accused of         Boston, MA     Source:
                                                              abuse.                                          Associated Press 10.21.03
  McIntyre       James P.     1971    P Sued      Diocesan    McIntyre was director of         Camden, NJ Source:
                                                              priest personnel. Sued 1994                 Philadelphia Inquirer 11.1.94; The Record (AP) 11.2.94;                                                                                      Page 28 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                             1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                              in the big RICO lawsuit                        Philadelphia Inquirer 11.4.94; Superior Court of NJ (CA No.
                                                              which alleged McIntyre,                        ALT-L-4059); Courier Post 4.14.02; Courier Post 4.12.02;
                                                              Dennis Rigney and Francis                      Philadelphia Inquirer 7.21.02; Star-Ledger 3.14.03; Northeast
                                                              Flemming abused minors on                      Obits 8.11.04
                                                              several occasions at St.
                                                              Pius X Church. Two
                                                              brothers went to diocese in
                                                              1994 to complain of abuse
                                                              1963-1968 but Bishop
                                                              McHugh rebuffed them.
                                                              McIntyre was seminary
                                                              student at time. Another suit
                                                              dismissed in 1/03 based on
                                                              credibility of plaintiff. Died
                                                              8/04. All RICO claims
                                                              settled 3/03.
  McIntyre       Robert J.    1963    P Accused   Diocesan    At least two civil suits, 1993 Providence,     Source:
                                                              & 1992, name McIntyre,         RI              Providence Journal-Bulletin 7.16.99; Providence Journal-
                                                              director of Rhode Island                       Bulletin 7.17.99; Providence Journal-Bulletin 7.20.99;
                                                              Catholic Orphanage Asylum                      Providence Journal-Bulletin 7.21.99
                                                              d/b/a St. Aloysius Home, as                    Assignments:
                                                              someone responsible for               Assignment Record
                                                              covering up abuse at
                                                              Orphanage & Home for
                                                              disturbed boys and
                                                              conspiring to keep out
                                                              proper reporting procedures.
                                                              One individual alleges that
                                                              McIntyre also participated in
                                                              his abuse. Civil trial in 1999
                                                              but jury found no evidence
                                                              to support charges.
  McKean         Louis        1947    P Accused   Diocesan    A woman has accused              Portland,     Source:
                                                              McKean of abusing her in         OR            Oregonian Table 11.12.06
                                                              1972-1973 when she was a                       Assignments:
                                                              minor. The Archdiocese                Assignment Record
                                                              settled the claim in 2003 for
                                                              $750,000. It is unknown if a
                                                              suit was actually filed.
                                                              McKean was 86 when he
                                                              died in 2005.
  McKenna        Michael      1973    P Accused   Diocesan    Permanently removed from      Grand            Source:
                                                              all ministry in 12/06 after   Rapids, MI       Wood 12.11.06; Wood 12.12.06; Grand Rapids Press
                                                              allegations he abused one                      12.12.06; WWMT 12.12.06; Daily News 12.13.06; WOOD
                                                              child in 1970s. Took                           1.08.06; Muskegon Chronicle 1.13.06; WOOD 3.07.08;
                                                              sabbatical in 2002 and was                     Muskegon Chronicle 3.07.08
                                                              placed on medical leave in
                                                              2003 before allegations
                                                              arose. Diocese has found
                                                              accusations to be credible.
                                                              Multiple transfers throughout
                                                              his career. Apparently there
                                                              are "several" victims per the
                                                              Bishop. Prosecutors say
                                                              evidence shows abuse but
                                                              statute of limitations
                                                              prohibits criminal
                                                              prosecution. Additional
                                                              allegations of old abuse
                                                              became public in March,
  McKenzie       Joseph M.    1951    P Accused   Diocesan    Accused of abuse of abuse        Philadelphia, Source:
                                                              of 2 male minors and 2           PA            Philadelphia Grand Jury Report
                                                              other males between 1966-                      Assignments:
                                                              1981. At least 4 health                        Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile
                                                              leaves during his career.
                                                              Deceased 1989.
  McKeon         Brian A.     1977    P Sued      Diocesan    2/03 story says McKeon       Rockville         Source:
                                                              abused one youth in 1987.    Centre, NY        Newsday 3.13.02; Newsday 4.02.02; Suffolk County Grand
                                                              Youth died (suicide?) and                      Jury Report 1.17.03; Newsday 2.13.03; Riverhead (NY)
                                                              McKeon conducted funeral.                      News-Review Online 2.13.03; 3.18.03;
                                                              He then went on to abuse                       Newsday 4.15.03
                                                              the victim's brother. Family                   Assignments:
                                                              found out in approx. 2000             Assignment Record and Other Info
                                                              and went to Msgr. Alan
                                                              Placa. They say church hid
                                                              McKeon. They saw him
                                                              marching in parade as poice
                                                              chaplain in 2001. McKeon
                                                              was known to have
                                                              problems with alcohol and
                                                              parents had complained
                                                              about that. He abused at                                                                                      Page 29 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                            1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                               least 7 boys and has been
                                                               told to apply for laicization.
                                                               Has been identified as
                                                               Priest C in Grand Jury
  McKeon         James T.             P Accused   Diocesan     Accused of abuse of girl.        Boston, MA   Source:
                                                               Died.                                         Boston Herald 2.25.02
  McKeon         Martin       < 1954 P Sued       Franciscan   Accused of abuse of 2 from Los                Source:
                                                               1962-1965 per archdiocesan Angeles, CA        San Diego Union Tribune 3.05.86; LA Archdiocesan Report
                                                               report. He was at St.                         2.17.04 page 5; John Roe 4 vs. Does, Cause No. 1156450,
                                                               Anthony's Seminary at the                     Superior Court of California; San Jose Mercury News
                                                               time. 1 accuser included in                   4.01.08; Contra Consta Times 4.01.08
                                                               civil suit filed 12/03. Claims                Assignments:
                                                               included in $28 mil                           LA Times Database 4.20.06
                                                               settlement by the
                                                               Franciscans in Santa
                                                               Barbara. McKeon died in
                                                               Feb. 1986.)
  McKeone        Lucien       1959    P Accused   Diocesan     Accused of abuse of a boy    Portland,        Source:
                                                               and two sisters before his   ME               Maine AG Document Production 5.27.05; Portland Press
                                                               death in 1980. First report                   Herald (AP) 7.4.05; Portland Press Herald 7.17.05
                                                               made in 1992. The male
                                                               accuser said that the abuse
                                                               occurred in early 1960s in
                                                               Rumford when he was 10 or
                                                               11. No specific information
                                                               given re abuse of the two
                                                               sisters, except that one
                                                               alleged it occurred when she
                                                               was between 15-20 yrs old.
                                                               McKeone was a friend of
                                                               the family.
  McKeown        Edward J.    1970    P Convicted Diocesan     Convicted 1999 of abuse of Nashville,         Source:
                                                               boy, age 12, in 1995.          TN             Tennessean 4.28.02; Dallas Morning News 6.12.02; Palm
                                                               Sentenced to 25 yrs in                        Beach Post 4.27.03; Tennessean 2.17.04; Nashville City
                                                               prison. Also admitted to                      Paper 10.07.04; Nashville City Paper 10.01.04; Tenn.
                                                               raping 3 boys in early                        Supreme Court 10.06.04 Doe v. Roman Catholic Diocese of
                                                               1980s. Settlement in 1985.                    Nashville; Nashville City Paper 1.19.05; Commercial Appeal
                                                               Forced out of priesthood                      1.23.05; Tennessean 3.16.05; WSMV 9.07.06; International
                                                               1989. Admitted to abusing                     Herald Tribune 9.07.06; Tennessean 9.08.06; City Paper
                                                               at least 22 youths. Began to                  4.05.07
                                                               abuse again in early 1990s.
                                                               2 civil suits filed over abuse
                                                               in 1995. Another civil suit
                                                               filed 9/2006. Yet another
                                                               one filed 3/07.
  McLaughlin     John E.      1962    P Sued      Diocesan     Named In lawsuit filed 9/02      Boston, MA   Source:
                                                               re abuse by 12 priests. The                   Boston Globe 9.19.02; Boston Herald 9.19.02; Boston
                                                               only active priest was                        Herald 5.16.04; Boston Globe 5.17.04; Boston Herald
                                                               McLaughlin. One adult male                    5.17.04; Boston Herald 5.19.04; Boston Globe 5.23.04;
                                                               said he went to McLaughlin                    Boston Globe 9.15.04; The Pilot 9.17.04; Archdiocese of
                                                               for counseling in June 2001                   Boston Official Announcement 4.01.05.
                                                               and that McLaughlin groped
                                                               him. Second man later said
                                                               McLaughlin groped him at
                                                               his son's christening. Both
                                                               settled in 2003 massive
                                                               settlement. McLaughlin not
                                                               placed on leave until 5/04
                                                               when recent allegations
                                                               arose re sexual abuse of a
                                                               minor approx. 20 yrs
                                                               previously. Officially
                                                               removed from assignment
                                                               per 4/01/05 statement.
  McLaughlin     Michael P.   1977    P Sued      Diocesan     Sued 2003. Civil suit alleges Toledo, OH      Source:
                                                               that McLaughlin abused a                      Toledo Blade 12.1.02; Toledo Blade 3.30.04; Diocese of
                                                               11 yr old boy in 1980 in                      Toledo Status Report 2.17.05; Diocese of Toledo Status
                                                               church rectory. Another man                   Report 4.8.08
                                                               alleged abuse in 1987.
                                                               McLaughlin served in four
                                                               parishes before he was
                                                               barred from serving as a
                                                               priest in 1990. He was
                                                               "absent on leave" per 1993
                                                               Catholic Directory. 3/04
                                                               statement from Diocese said
                                                               McLaughlin and two other
                                                               accused priests left the
                                                               ministry without requesting
                                                               laicization. Allegations
                                                               against them range from
                                                               credible to substantiated to                                                                                    Page 30 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                             1/28/09 2:53 PM

  McLaughlin     Paul J.      1955    P Accused   Diocesan    Accused of abuse of boy in       Boston, MA   Source:
                                                              1960's.                                       LA Times 1.14.03; Press Enterprise 1.15.03
                                                                                                            Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record; List of Yakima

  McLaughlin     Thomas L.    1956    P Convicted Diocesan    Sentenced in 1989 to 18       Columbus,       Source:
                                                              months in prison for sexually OH              United Press International 7.25.89; United Press International
                                                              molesting a 12 yr old boy.                    9.26.89; Columbus Dispatch 4.6.02; Dayton Daily News
                                                              He pleaded guilty and                         5.12.02
                                                              charges re 6 other boys
                                                              dismissed. McLaughlin spent
                                                              one year at Hocking
                                                              Correctional Facility. After
                                                              his release from prison in
                                                              1990 he "complied with [Bp]
                                                              Griffin's request" that he be
                                                              laicized. Civil suit filed by
                                                              two victims and settled in
  McLaughlin     William G.   1959    P Accused   Diocesan    McLaughlin, who died in       Dubuque, IA Source:
                                                              1993, has been accused of                 Archdiocese of Dubuque - Table of Accused Priests 4.25.08;
                                                              sexual abuse of one female                Telegraph Herald 5.03.08; WCF Courier 5.05.08
                                                              minor. The woman, now an
                                                              adult, says she believes that
                                                              there were other victims.
                                                              Claim settled in January
                                                              2008. McLaughlin's name
                                                              added to the Archdiocese's
                                                              table of accused priests in
                                                              April, 2008.
  McLeod         J. William   < 1938 P Settled    Diocesan    Civil suit filed 2001; settled Portland,      Source:
                                                              in 2002. Plaintiff said        OR             Associated Press 7.27.01; Mail Tribune 12.21.01; Oregonian
                                                              McLeod molested him 50                        3.17.02; Mail Tribune 3.22.02; (AP) 4.22.02;
                                                              times between 1938 and               (AP) 6.13.02; (AP) 6.25.02; Sunday
                                                              1941. Another man claimed                     Oregonian 7.07.02; Mail Tribune 7.07.04; Table: The
                                                              abuse but did not sue; He                     Oregonian 11.12.06
                                                              did provide a deposition in
                                                              the existing legal case. 2nd
                                                              civil suit June 2002 alleged
                                                              that Plaintiff was abused at
                                                              St. Mary's School in
                                                              Medford more than a dozen
                                                              times between 1954 and
                                                              1957. Suit says that senior
                                                              pastor walked in during one
                                                              episode of abuse but failed
                                                              to take action. At least 14
                                                              accusers in all. McLeod died
  McLoughlin     Edward       1978    P Settled   Diocesan    Diocese knew in 1983 that        Venice, FL   Source:
                                                              McLoughlin had boys                           Herald Tribune 6.10.99; Dallas Morning News 6.12.02;
                                                              sleeping overnight at                         Statement by Bishop Nevins 6.18.02; Herald Tribune
                                                              rectory. Sued 1997 alleging                   1.18.03; News Press 10.26.03; Injury Board 9.5.08
                                                              abuse of 1 youth after boy
                                                              sought counseling because
                                                              of prior abuse by choir
                                                              director. Settled 1999 for
                                                              $599K. Laicized per 2002
                                                              article and living in Ireland.
                                                              McLoughlin's brother also
                                                              priest of diocese and
                                                              accused of helping to cover
                                                              up his history.
  McLoughlin     John G.      1963    P Sued      Diocesan    27 plaintiffs filed massive   Brooklyn,       Source:
                                                              civil suit against 24 priests NY              Newsday 10.02.03
                                                              in Oct. 2003 alleging abuse
                                                              within Brooklyn Diocese. In
                                                              this suit, 2 brothers allege
                                                              that they were abused by
                                                              McLoughlin at St. Mary's
                                                              Nativity Parish Church
                                                              during late 1960s. Suit
                                                              alleges abuseoccurred at
                                                              the rectory and at a home in
                                                              Rocky Point. Petition says
                                                              that McLoughlin is believed
                                                              to have died in August,
  McLoughlin     Richard J.   1969    P Accused   Diocesan    Accused of abuse of a boy        Philadelphia, Source:                                                                                     Page 31 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                          1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                              in 1968-1968 and a 15 yr       PA           Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Local Catholic 9.29.05
                                                              old girl in 1976. Placed on                 Assignments:
                                                              leave in 1994 and again in                  Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile
                                                              2002. Further restrictions
                                                              added in 2004. Matter
                                                              referred to Vatican.
  McLoughlin     John                 B Sued      Unknown     McLoughlin was named as        Brooklyn,    Source:
  (Brother)                                                   abuser in suit filed in Oct.   NY           Newsday 10.16.02; USA Today 11.11.02
                                                              2002 by 26 people who
                                                              claim they were abused by
                                                              twelve priests and one
                                                              brother (McLoughlin). The
                                                              suit alleges that McLoughlin
                                                              abused one boy he took to
                                                              his summer home in Rocky
                                                              Point some time
                                                              between1973 to 1975. He
                                                              was assigned at Cathedral
                                                              Prep High School from
  McMahon        Benjamin     1968    P Accused   Diocesan    Accused of abuse.              Boston, MA   Source:
                                                                                                          Boston Globe 12.18.02
                                                                                                          Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record
  McMahon        Gerard T.    1961    P Charged   Diocesan    Indicted 4/06 for rape of one Boston, MA    Source:
                                                              girl between 1967-1970.                     Boston Globe 4.14.06; Pensacola News Journal 4.18.06;
                                                              Allegations surfaced in                     Country Gazette 4.21.06; Sun Chronicle 5.12.06
                                                              2006. Left Boston in 1970 to
                                                              serve as military chaplan but
                                                              still part of archdiocese.
                                                              Retired from military and
                                                              settled in Florida. Pleaded
                                                              guilty 5/06. Sentenced to
                                                              lifetime probation.
  McMahon        Patrick      1960    P Sued      Diocesan    McMahon served in 8           Seattle, WA   Source:
                 Desmond                                      parishes from 1960 until he                 Seattle Times 8.22.04; Seattle Times 1.22.05; Spokesman
                                                              was placed on medical                       Review 7.12.05; Associated Press 7.12.05; Seattle Post-
                                                              leave in 1990. Placed on                    Intelligencer 7.24.08
                                                              administrative leave in Sept.
                                                              2002 after 2 accusers came
                                                              forward. Permanently
                                                              removed from active ministry
                                                              by Vatican in 2004. 7 claims
                                                              settled as part of $810K
                                                              settlement in 1/05. Another
                                                              suit filed 7/08 re abuse in
                                                              1960s-1970s. Woman says
                                                              McMahon and another priest
                                                              abused her father as a child
                                                              and their actions deprived
                                                              her of relationship with dad.
                                                              McMahon lives in CA
                                                              assisted-living facility.
  McMahon        Sean         1962    P Accused   Diocesan    McMahon, a native of           Albany, NY   Source:
                                                              Ireland, was ordained there                 Albany Times Union 4.14.03; Albany Times Union 4.15.03
                                                              but had been with Albany
                                                              diocese since 1963. In 2003
                                                              allegations made that he
                                                              molested at least one child
                                                              in the 1970s and he was
                                                              removed from ministry. He
                                                              admitted to the abuse after
                                                              the victim contacted the
                                                              diocese. Diocese Review
                                                              board recommended the
                                                              removal. Church officials
                                                              said criminal statute had
                                                              expired and the allegations
                                                              would not be referred to
  McManus        Francis J.   1973    P Settled   Jesuit      Removed from hospital         Norwich, CT   Source:
                                                              chaplaincy in Fall River                    Boston Globe 3.6.02; Boston Globe 3.8.02; Boston Globe
                                                              diocese after a man alleged                 1.10.03; The Day 1.16.03
                                                              in 3/02 that McManus                        Assignments:
                                                              molested him in 1970s at           Assignment Record
                                                              BC High in Boston
                                                              archdiocese. Settled for
                                                              $600K in 1/03. Another man
                                                              alleged early-1980s abuse
                                                              by McManus in a 1988
                                                              meeting with BC High about
                                                              abuse of a young man by
                                                              another Jesuit at the school.                                                                                 Page 32 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                             1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                               Man states that he returned
                                                               diploma when the school
                                                               failed to investigate or follow
                                                               up. McManus was pastor in
                                                               Norwich diocese between
                                                               BC High and hospital
  McMeel         Bernard      1954    P Sued      Jesuit       Known as "Father Barney."    Fairbanks,        Source:
                 Francis                                       Worked in Alaska from 1955 AK                  Fairbanks Daily News-Miner 2.09.06; Havre Daily News
                                                               - 1978. Accused in 2006                        [Montana] 2.10.06; Havare Daily News [Montana] 2.10.06
                                                               civil suit of abusing one                      (2nd); KBZK [Montana] 2.21.06; Independent Record
                                                               child from 1967-1970 when                      2.22.06; Anchorage Daily News 11.20.07
                                                               he was aged 4-7. Suit
                                                               claims he was transferred
                                                               out of Alaska in 1978 after
                                                               the order learned he had
                                                               abused a child. He was
                                                               assigned to the mission
                                                               church on an Indian
                                                               reservation in Great Falls,
                                                               MT diocese from 1978 until
                                                               his death in 1992 (or 1994).
                                                               Claims included in 11/07
                                                               settlement with Jesuits.
  McMuldren      John                 B Accused   Holy Cross   3 brothers alleged in 1995        Anchorage,   Source:
                                                               that they were abused by          AK           Catholic Anchor 12.05.03; Archdiocesan Report of Sexal
                                                               McMuldren in 1985 at a                         Abuse 2.13.04; Anchorage Daily News 2.14.04; Brothers--
                                                               camp he ran for the                            Newsletter of Midwest Providence of Bros of Holy Cross 6.05
                                                               Archdiocese of Anchorage.
                                                               McMuldren denied the
                                                               charges and Archbishop
                                                               Hurley declared him
                                                               innocent after extensive
                                                               investigation. Transferred to
                                                               Tyler, Texas Diocese in
                                                               1992 where he worked on
                                                               the Diocesan Pastoral
                                                               Council and as Director of
                                                               Guidance and Counseling
                                                               during 2003-2004 school
                                                               year for Bishop T. K.
                                                               Gorman Catholic School.
                                                               Still active as of 2005.
  McMullen       Francis      1951    P Settled   Diocesan     Named as an abuser in          Manchester, Source:
                                                               12/02 $542,500 settlement      NH          Union Leader 12.20.02; Docs from NH Atty General report
                                                               between six victims and the                3.03.08
                                                               Diocese of Manchester and
                                                               5 priests. Per document
                                                               produced as part of NH Atty
                                                               Report on 3.03.03,
                                                               McMullen is accused of
                                                               molesting a girl in 1958 and
                                                               a boy a little later. McMullen
                                                               was transferred to another
                                                               parish after boy's parents
                                                               complained to the Diocese.
                                                               McMullen died when he was
                                                               in his 40s.
  McNamara       Patrick H.   1955 ? P Sued       Jesuit       Accused of abuse of 1 in     Los               Source:
                                                               1960s (at Loyola Univ??)     Angeles, CA       LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 5
                                                               per archdiocesan report.                       Assignments:
                                                               Believed to have left                          LA Times Database 4.20.06
                                                               priesthood in 1968. Wrote
                                                               several books. Died in 2001.
                                                               Named in 1 civil suit.
  McNamara       Peter John   1970    P Sued      Diocesan     Resigned 8/71. Newly         Chicago, IL       Source:
                                                               identified as abuser in                        Chicago Archdiocesan Report 3.20.06 page 2; Daily
                                                               Archdiocesan Report                            Southtown 5.29.07; Chicago Sun-Times 5.30.07
                                                               3.20.06. Archdiocese settled                   Assignments:
                                                               at least one claim in 5/07            Assignment Record
                                                               $6.65 mil settlement with 14
                                                               people alleging abuse by 12
                                                               priests. Laicized.
  McNamara       Thomas               P Accused   Diocesan     In 2004, McNamara was         St.              Source:
                                                               accused of inappropriate      Augustine,       Florida Times-Union 12.1.04; Florida Times-Union 12.4.04;
                                                               contact with 3 minors in late FL               Florida Times-Union 12.9.04
                                                               1960s. He was a visiting
                                                               priest from Ireland assigned
                                                               to Christ the King and St.
                                                               Patrick's parishes in
                                                               Jacksonville from 1966 to
                                                               1968. Irish Bishop confirmed
                                                               12/04 that he continued to                                                                                     Page 33 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                         1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                              abuse boys for many years
                                                              after his return to Ireland.
                                                              Bishop denied knowledge of
                                                              abuse in U.S. McNamara
                                                              died in Ireland in 1997.
  McNamara       Patrick      1980    P Accused   Diocesan    Name appears on list of       San Diego,    Source:
  (San Diego)                                                 priests rwith credible        CA            Lompoc Record 3.30.07; Union Tribune 3.31.07
                                                              allegations as eleased by                   Assignments:
                                                              San Diego Diocese 3/30/07.                  Diocese of San Diego List 3.30.07
                                                              Took leave of absence in
                                                              1994 and left priesthood in
                                                              3/95 to be married. No
                                                              specific information found as
                                                              to alleged abuse.
  McNeill        Douglas              P Accused   Diocesan    Accused of abuse.              Gallup, NM   Source:
                                                                                                          Gallup (NM) Independent 9.25.03
  McNelis        Francis J.   1965    P Sued      Diocesan    Accused in two 2004 suits.     Allentown,   Source:
                                                              In one case, McNelis was       PA           Morning Call 3.5.04; Express-Times 7.23.04; Morning Call
                                                              accused of performing sex                   7.23.04; Morning Call 1.27.05
                                                              acts on an altar boy 1966-                  Assignments:
                                                              68, starting when the boy                   Morning Call 3.5.04
                                                              was 10 years old. This suit
                                                              was ruled time-barred in
                                                              2005. The other suit
                                                              accused McNelis of forcing
                                                              a teenage boy to perform
                                                              sex acts in 1968. McNelis
                                                              retired 2002 and died
  McNerney       James C.     1981    P Accused   Diocesan    Placed on administrative     Albany, NY     Source:
                                                              leave in 2004 after diocesan                Albany Times Union 6.14.04; Albany Times Union 6.15.04;
                                                              review board decided that                   Albany Times Union 9.1.05
                                                              allegations that he sexually                Assignments:
                                                              abused a minor in 1980s                     The Evangelist 6.17.04
                                                              might be true. McNerney
                                                              denied all allegations.
                                                              Diocese learned about the
                                                              accusations in 2003. As of
                                                              9/05, McNerney had asked
                                                              the Vatican for a canonical
  McNicholas     Edward J.    1954    P Accused   Diocesan    Served as Air Force            Brooklyn,    Source:
                                                              chaplain. Named in Military    NY           Military Vicariate Privilege Log
                                                              Privilege Log produced in
                                                              Peebles Case in Dallas
                                                              which references 1994
                                                              investigation. 1989 Catholic
                                                              Directory refers to him as
                                                              "released from Diocesan
  McNulty        J. Brendan   1974    P Accused   Diocesan    Placed on leave in 2003        Cleveland,   Source:
                                                              after allegations that he      OH           Akron Beacon Journal 11.04.03; NewsNet5 11.04.03; Plain
                                                              sexually abused "several" of                Dealer 11.04.03; WTOL (AP) 11.30.07; News Journal (AP)
                                                              the seven brothers in a                     12.01.07; Plain Dealer 12.04.07
                                                              family that had befriended
                                                              him shortly after his
                                                              ordination. Review board
                                                              found the evidence to be
                                                              credible. He wrote a letter of
                                                              apology in 1982 to1 of the
                                                              brothers & mentioned that
                                                              the older brothers had been
                                                              hurt as much. Abuse
                                                              covered about 10 yrs.
                                                              Information about McNulty
                                                              not turned over to County
                                                              prosecutor's office in 2002
                                                              along with other records but
                                                              was in 2003. Laicization
                                                              announced 11/07.
  McNulty        Patrick      < 1974 P Sued       Marianist   Woman filed suit in 2004      San           Source:
                                                              against Archdiocese and       Antonio, TX   San Antonio Express-News 8.17.04
                                                              Order alleging that McNulty
                                                              abused her for three years
                                                              in 1970s, starting when she
                                                              was 12. McNulty was at
                                                              Holy Rosary Parish at the
                                                              time of the abuse. Another
                                                              person told Asst. Provencial
                                                              in 1977 but victim and family
                                                              denied the abuse then.
                                                              McNulty remained on job
                                                              until 1980 and then was                                                                                 Page 34 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                            1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                               transferred to another
                                                               assignment. Died 1984 in
  McPartland     Paul G.      1957    P Accused   Diocesan     Accused of abuse.              Boston, MA     Source:
                                                                                                             Boston Globe 2.7.03
                                                                                                             Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record; Letter from Law
                                                                                                             5.13.02 Granting Retirement

  McQuade        Richard E.   1957    P Accused   Diocesan     Accused of abuse.              Boston, MA     Source:
                                                                                                             Boston Herald 2.25.03
                                                                                                             Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record; Letter from Law
                                                                                                             6.24.96 Announcing Administrative Leave; Letter from Law
                                                                                                             9.9.96 Ending Administrative Leave

  McQuire        Joseph               P Accused   Diocesan     Name appeared on list of 21 Fall River,       Source:
  (McGuire)                                                    priests accused of abuse     MA               Boston Globe 9.27.02; Boston Herald 9.27.02
                                                               which District Attorney
                                                               released 9/02. List says one
                                                               alleged victim who was not
                                                               interested in pursuing the
                                                               case. Name spelled
                                                               McGuire on one list and
                                                               Mcquire on DA's actual list
                                                               and 2nd news article.
                                                               Unable to verify either
  McShane        James J.     1966    P Sued      Diocesan     In 1975 or 1976 counselors Burlington,        Source:
                                                               at Camp Holy Cross found      VT              Burlington Free Press 5.22.02; Rutland Herald 10.1.02;
                                                               80 slides of naked boys in                    Burlington Free Press 10.1.02; Burlington Free Press
                                                               McShane's cabin. The camp                     12.17.02; Rutland Herald 7.5.03; Times Argus 7.11.03;
                                                               director and two other men                    Associated Press 3.7.04; Times Argus 4.02.06; Burlington
                                                               told then-Bishop John                         Free Press 4.30.06; Times Argus 6.18.06; Website: Catholic
                                                               Marshall who basically told                   Scouters & Sexual Abuse, 11.30.07; Burlington Free Press
                                                               them they were in the wrong                   2.02.08
                                                               for having been in the cabin.
                                                               Placed on leave 2002. Sued
                                                               twice. Accused of abuse of
                                                               several youths, including at
                                                               least 1 at the camp. One
                                                               suit settled for $120,000 in
                                                               2004. One still pending
  McSheffery     Daniel C.    1956    P Sued      Diocesan     Placed on leave 2002.          Hartford, CT   Source:
                                                               Accused of abuse of at least                  Hartford Courant 5.26.02; Hartford Courant (AP) 6.2.02;
                                                               8 boys. Named in at least 6                   Hartford Courant 6.6.02; Hartford Courant 12.12.03;
                                                               civil suits. At least 8 of the                Newsday 4.24.04; New Haven Register 5.16.05; Hartford
                                                               claims settled as part of the                 Courant 11.1.05; NY Times 11.1.05; Hartford Courant
                                                               10/05 massive settlement                      7.6.06; Hartford Courant 10.4.06; New Haven Register
                                                               with the Diocese involved                     8.2.07; Newsday 8.2.07; NBC 30 8.2.07; Hartford Courant
                                                               allegations against                           8.3.07; McSinclair's Blog 12.24.08
                                                               McSheffery. He is retired                     Assignments:
                                                               and living in Florida.                        McSinclair's Blog 12.26.08 (add'l article)
                                                               Additional suit filed 8/07
                                                               alleges abuse in 1974. Still
                                                               on leave 8/07.
  McSorley       James P.     1946    P Sued      Oblates of   Last name sometimes            Portland,      Source:
                                                  Mary         spelled "McSorely" in          OR             Sunday Oregonian 7.07.02; Catholic Voice 6.20.05; Table:
                                                  Immaculate   various OCD. In one suit                      The Oregonian 11.12.06; Contra Costa Times 4.01.08
                                                               pending as of 2002,
                                                               McSorley is accused of
                                                               molesting a boy in 1964 at
                                                               St. Alice Catholic Church in
                                                               Springfield, OR. Also
                                                               accused of abuse in 1960s
                                                               when he was army chaplain
                                                               stationed in Germany.
                                                               Archdiocese paid $100,000
                                                               to settle one claim in 2003.
                                                               He died in May, 2005. Also
                                                               worked in Oakland Diocese,
                                                               Idaho and Washington.
  McSweeney      James E.     1950    P Accused   Diocesan     In 2004, one man accused     Raleigh, NC      Source:
                                                               McSweeney of molesting                        News & Observer 3.30.99; News & Observer 4.25.99; News
                                                               him for 3 years, beginning                    & Observer 4.17.04
                                                               when he was 11, on trips, in
                                                               the rectory and even in car.
                                                               McSweeney died in 1999.
                                                               Former chancellor and then
                                                               vicar general of Diocese. He                                                                                    Page 35 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                             1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                              also was a financial expert
                                                              who had amassed nearly $1
                                                              million at the time of his
                                                              death. Claim settled for
                                                              $120K 3/04. 2nd accuser
                                                              known. Bishop said claims
                                                              were credible.
  Mea            John                 P Accused    Diocesan   2003 civil suit alleged that  Albany, NY       Source:
                                                              Mea raped an altar boy in                      Albany Times Union 7.9.03; Albany Times Union 8.8.03; The
                                                              early 1960s. Diocesan                          Evangelist 8.14.03
                                                              Review board reviewed
                                                              allegations but decision not
                                                              known. Man was offered a
                                                              small financial settlement in
                                                              2002 which he refused.
                                                              Diocese saud Mea was not
                                                              assigned to the Church in
                                                              question at the time of the
                                                              alleged abuse. In 8/03 judge
                                                              dismissed the lawsuit as
                                                              being barred by SOL. Said
                                                              discrepancy in dates of
                                                              abuse did not help. Mea
                                                              died in 1984. This was only
                                                              known allegation against
  Medina         Daniel       1998    P Arrested   Diocesan   Medina was quietly placed      Newark, NJ      Source:
                                                              on admin. leave in 2002. In                    SNAP Press Release 9.11.08; Star-Ledger 9.11.08; Star-
                                                              2004 he was arrested &                         Ledger 12.14.08
                                                              charged with abuse of 14 yr
                                                              old male in 1999. Has been
                                                              instructed to no longer
                                                              present himself as a priest in
                                                              public. Pleaded guilty
                                                              summer, 2008. Name
                                                              became public 9/08 after
                                                              "confidential" memo from
                                                              National church
                                                              headquarters to all bishops
                                                              warning them he had no
                                                              privileges.. Believe he
                                                              started in NJ in 1999.
  Meehan         Andrew       1993    P Accused    Diocesan   Meehan was married for          Manchester, Source:
                 "Andy"                                       many years with grown           NH          Patriot Ledger 2.28.98; Manchester Report from NH Atty
                                                              children and grandchildren                  General 3.3.03; Documents from NH Atty Report 3.3.03;
                                                              when he divorced and                        Union Leader 3.4.03
                                                              obtained an annulment of
                                                              his marriage. He went
                                                              through seminary and was
                                                              ordained in 1993. During
                                                              2002 treatment at St. Luke's
                                                              (for eating disorder) , he told
                                                              therapist of attraction to and
                                                              past sexual behavior with
                                                              15-16 yr old male teens. He
                                                              acknowledged 2-3 incidents
                                                              of being overly affectionate
                                                              with boys. In 5/02 Diocese
                                                              would not allow him to
                                                              return to active priesthood
                                                              and granted early
  Meehan         Richard F.   1969    P Sued       Diocesan   Removed from parish             Springfield,   Source:
                                                              ministry in 1994 as a result    MA             Daily Hampshire Gazette 7.31.02; Berkshire Eagle 9.24.03;
                                                              of sexual misconduct.                          Catholic Observer 10.5.03; Springfield Republican 2.09.04;
                                                              Returned to limited ministry                   Springfield Republican 3.1.04; Springfield Republican
                                                              as an archivist for Diocese                    8.17.04; Springfield Republican 8.17.04; WFSB 6.08.06;
                                                              until 6/02. Named in 9/03                      Springfield Republican 6.09.06; Telegram & Gazette (AP)
                                                              civil suit by one man. Case                    6.29.06
                                                              sent to Vatican in 2002 and
                                                              he was laicized 4/06. Two
                                                              claims settled8/04 as part of
                                                              $7.5M settlement between
                                                              45 claimants and the
                                                              Diocese of Springfield
                                                              involving 18 priests.
  Meffan         Robert V.    1953    P Accused    Diocesan   Complaints about Meffan    Boston, MA          Source:
                                                              made as early as 1977.                         Letter from Cardinal Law to Robert Meffan 6.19.96; Boston
                                                              Cardinal Medeiros                              Globe 12.4.02; Boston Globe 12.4.02; Boston Globe
                                                              recommended therapy but                        12.4.02; National Catholic Reporter 12.13.02; Deposition of
                                                              Meffan became a counselor.                     Cardinal Bernard Law 1.22.03; Deposition of Cardinal
                                                              By 1985 he was back in                         Bernard Law 2.3.03; Pattern & Practice Brief 7.21.03; Boston
                                                              parish assignment. Memo                        Globe 6.2.04; Boston Herald 6.2.04; Patriot Ledger 10.20.08
                                                              from Bp. Robert Banks in                       Assignments:                                                                                    Page 36 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                               1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                                1986 noted that Meffan was                     Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record
                                                                engaged in sexual acts with
                                                                girls as young as 15. One
                                                                woman said in 1993 that
                                                                Meffan participated in sexual
                                                                acts with 4 girls at the same
                                                                time. See 1993 memo to Fr.
                                                                McCormack. Retired 1996.
                                                                Laicized 2004. Last known
                                                                to be living in White Horse
                                                                Beach, Plymouth.
  Meglio         Richard L.   1972    P Settled   Diocesan      Man filed civil suit accusing Providence,      Source:
                                                                the priest of molesting him    RI              Providence Journal Bulletin 7.03.94; Providence Journal
                                                                in the 1970s when Father                       9.10.02
                                                                Meglio was an assistant                        Assignments:
                                                                parish priest and assistant           Assignment Record
                                                                pastor at Our Lady of Grace
                                                                Church in Johnston. and
                                                                accuser was hospitalized for
                                                                "psychological problems."
                                                                Abuse continued after
                                                                accuser was released from
                                                                hospital. Suit settled 2002 as
                                                                part of $13.5 mil mass
  Meinberg       Carl H.      1914    P Sued      Diocesan      Civil suit filed 5/22/06      Davenport,       Source:
                                                                alleges abuse of 1 youth at   IA               WCF Courier 5.23.06; Catholic Online 5.25.06; Des Moines
                                                                St. Mary's parish in Iowa                      Register 10.12.06; Daily Iowan 5.08.07; Diocese of
                                                                City in the 1940s. Meinberg                    Davenport Creditors' Committee website 8.27.07; Quad-City
                                                                was a diocesan consultor                       Times 2.10.08; Quad-City Times 7.10.08; Quad-City Times
                                                                from 1948-1967 and dean of                     7.23.08
                                                                Iowa City from 1960-1957.                      Assignments:
                                                                Died in 1975. 2/10/08 article                  Catholic Messenger 7.17.08; Concise Assignment
                                                                refers to 4 known accusers                     Record
                                                                from St. Mary's parish.
                                                                Name is on Diocese's 7/08
                                                                list of "credibly accused"
  Meiring        Thomas       1968    P Sued      Diocesan      One man filed civil suit in  Toledo, OH        Source:
                                                                Feb. 2006 alleging abuse by                    Toledo Blade 3.01.06; Toledo Blade 3.19.08
                                                                Meiring when he was a
                                                                priest in Toledo Diocese
                                                                between 1967-1969. Plaintiff
                                                                was 15 at the time. Meiring
                                                                asked to leave the
                                                                priesthood in 1983 and
                                                                worked as a licensed
                                                                counselor and clinical
                                                                supervisor with
                                                                transgendered people and
                                                                youths with gender-identity
                                                                problems. He denied the
                                                                allegations. Case dismissed
                                                                3/08 re Meiring on SOL
                                                                issues but diocese and
                                                                church remain as
  Meis           J. Anthony   1972    P Settled   Diocesan      Meis left his position in Joliet Joliet, IL    Source:
                                                                in 1994 after allegation of                    Associated Press 4.30.02; St. Louis Post Dispatch 5.01.02;
                                                                sexual misconduct with                         Chicago Tribune 5.1.02; Herald News 5.05.02; Chicago
                                                                minor in late 1980s. A secret                  Tribune 5.16.02; Dallas Morning News 6.12.02; Diocese of
                                                                settlement was paid to the                     Joliet Press Release 4.09.06
                                                                alleged victim. After therapy,
                                                                in Dec. 1994 he became
                                                                chaplain at St. Anthony's
                                                                Medical Center in St. Louis.
                                                                Suspended in 2002. Hospital
                                                                president said Bishop
                                                                Imesch told him about past
                                                                allegations against Meis in
                                                                1994 but Archdiocese of St.
                                                                Louis says it had no
                                                                knowledge of claim. There
                                                                was letter of good standing
                                                                from Bishop Imesch.
  Meisner        Theodore     1957    P Sued      Congregation Accused in single 7/02            Louisville,   Source:
                                                  of the       lawsuit of fondling a 13 yr       KY            Courier-Journal 7.31.02; Courier-Journal 9.29.02 (Major
                                                  Resurrection old youth during counseling                     Account); Courier-Journal 9.29.02
                                                               session in 1981. Meisner                        Assignments:
                                                               served assignments in                           Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
                                                               various other states and in
                                                               Canada before leaving
                                                               priesthood in 1989. As of
                                                               2002 he was living in                                                                                      Page 37 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                         1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                              Georgia and working part-
                                                              time for the State.
  Mejia          Ricardo      1977    P Accused   Diocesan    Name appears on list of       none         Source:
                                                              priest with credible                       Lompoc Record 3.30.07; Union Tribune 3.31.07
                                                              allegations released by San                Assignments:
                                                              Diego Diocese 3/30/07. He                  Diocese of San Diego List 3.30.07
                                                              took a health sabbatical 5/98
                                                              and retired 2/06. List refers
                                                              to him as "removed." No
                                                              specific info found as to
  Melancon       Robert L.    1962    P Convicted Diocesan    Had already been placed on Houma-          Source:
                                                              leave and sent for therapy at Thibodaux,   Times Picayune 7.24.95; Times Picayune 8.17.95; Times
                                                              time of his arrest 6/95.       LA          Picayune 10.17.95; Times Picayune 11.30.95; Times
                                                              Charged with raping an altar               Picayune 5.23.96; Times Picayune 6.13.96; Times Picayune
                                                              boy several times between                  6.14.96; Times Picayune 6.18.96; Times Picayune 6.19.96;
                                                              1985-1991. In 7/95                         Times Picayune 8.13.96; Sunday Advocate 5.16.99; Dallas
                                                              someone gave Melancon's                    Morning News 6.12.02; Sen-Sentinel 9.4.02; Renew America
                                                              attorney a $1M cashier's                   6.7.05
                                                              check to pay for bail.
                                                              Convicted 6/96. Sentenced
                                                              to life without parole.
                                                              Accuser settled a civil suit
                                                              with Diocese for $800K.
                                                              Church paid $30K in 1993 to
                                                              settle with another individual
                                                              who had "relationship" w/
                                                              Melancon as a minor.
  Melia          Fenton               P Accused   Jesuit      Per statement released by    Spokane,      Source:
                                                              Diocese of Spokane 11/07, WA               Statement by Diocese of Spokane 11.21.07
                                                              Melia was named in
                                                              accusation that was found to
                                                              be admitted, credible or
                                                              proven. No further
                                                              information found.
  Melody         Owen John 1962       P Convicted Marist      Melody confessed in 1987     Military      Source:
                                                              to abusing a girl for three  Services,     UPI 4.16.87; UPI 1.17.88; Associated Press 4.26.02;
                                                              years. He was active duty    US            Associated Press 10.08.03
                                                              Navy Chaplain at the time of
                                                              abuse. He was sentenced to
                                                              20 yr suspended sentence
                                                              and 10 yr probation. Also 5
                                                              yrs therapy. Privileges
                                                              suspended 1988. Oct. 2003
                                                              article reported Melody had
                                                              been dismissed from the
                                                              Navy and the priesthood but
                                                              that he still claimed to be
                                                              innocent. He married a
                                                              female Navy Chaplain.
  Melville       Raymond      1985    P Sued      Diocesan    Left active priesthood in      Portland,   Source:
                 P.                                           1997. One man wrote letter     ME          Bangor Daily News 7.18.01; Portland Press Herald 4.23.02;
                                                              in 1990 accusing Melville of               Dallas Morning News 6.12.02; Baltimore Sun 8.21.02;
                                                              abuse while Melville was in                Washington Post 8.22.02; Baltimore Sun 9.26.02; Portland
                                                              seminary in Baltimore.                     Press Herald 6.3.03; Portland Press Herald 2.13.04; Portland
                                                              Diocese knew of his                        Press Herald 7.16.04; Portland Press Herald 5.8.05; Portland
                                                              behavior before 1990. Sued                 Press Herald 8.17.05; Bangor Daily News 1.29.07; Portland
                                                              2000 by one man who                        Press Herald 2.22.07; Kennebec Journal 3.1.07; Kennebec
                                                              claimed abuse for seven                    Journal 11.16.07
                                                              years beginning in 1985,                   Assignments:
                                                              when plaintiff was 13. Suit                Portland Press Herald 11.16.07 (add'l article); WCSH6-TV
                                                              later settled. Other                       1.28.08 (add'l article); Kennebec Journal 1.29.08 (add'l
                                                              complainants in several                    article); Boston Globe (AP) 1.29.08 (add'l article); Portland
                                                              locations. Additional suit                 Press Herald 8.6.08 (add'l article)
                                                              filed 2/07 by man alleging
                                                              abuse in late 1980s. Court
                                                              awarded this man $4M in
                                                              1/08 (but only against
                                                              Melville). Yet another suit
                                                              filed 11/07.
  Mena           Jose         1961    P Sued      Diocesan    Named in 2005 civil suit as Venice, FL     Source:
                                                              having abused a youth                      Bradenton Herald 3.02.05; WDBO 4.25.08; WESH 4.25.08;
                                                              numerous times during the                  Orlando Sentinel 4.26.08; Associated Press 4.26.08; SNAP
                                                              1965-66 school year while                  Statement 4.28.08; Times Union 4.29.08; Injury Board 9.5.08
                                                              Plaintiff was in the fifth
                                                              grade at Incarnation
                                                              Catholic School and an altar
                                                              boy at Incarnation Catholic
                                                              Church. Church part of
                                                              Diocese of St. Petersburg at
                                                              the time of the abuse. Mena
                                                              is retired and lives in
                                                              Jacksonville as of 2005. 2nd                                                                                 Page 38 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                             1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                                suit filed 2/08 but not
                                                                revealed until 4/08 alleges
                                                                abuse in 1970s. May be
                                                                living in Spain.
  Mendez         Jose J.      1983    P Sued      Augustinian   Accused of abuse of 1 from Los             Source:
                                                  Recollects    1985-1987 per archdiocesan Angeles, CA     LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 5
                                                                report. Left archdiocese in                Assignments:
                                                                1993. At least 1 civil suit                LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times
                                                                filed.                                     Database 4.20.06
  Mengon         Albert       1966    P Accused   Salesian      Mengon, a former teacher at Monterey,      Source:
                 (Alberto)                                      Salesian High, Richmond,    CA             City of Angels 9.25.07; City of Angels 10.18.07; City of
                                                                was named as an abuser, in                 Angels 3.19.08; Contra Costa Times 4.01.08
                                                                court documents in 2 C.C.C.
                                                                court depositions taken in
                                                                2006. He allegedly abused
                                                                youth at a Salesian camp.
                                                                Also worked in Oakland
                                                                Diocese. In 1998 and in
                                                                2005 he was working in
                                                                Sierra Leone, West Africa.
                                                                Last known to be working at
                                                                Our Lady Help of Christians
                                                                in Watsonville per 2008
                                                                Monterey Diocesan
  Mepingajira    Joseph               P Accused   Diocesan      Per 5/07 news article,          Spokane,   Source:
                                                                Mepingajira is named in one WA             Spokesman Review 5.04.07
                                                                bankruptcy claim as having
                                                                abused "a person in 1995 at
                                                                Mater Dei, a Spokane
                                                                institute that offers religious
  Mercieca       Anthony      1962    P sued      Diocesan      Admitted in 10/06 that he    Miami, FL     Source:
                                                                fondled altar boy Mark Foley               Herald Tribune 10.19.06; Miami Herald 10.19.06; Catholic
                                                                (later U.S. Rep for FL,) in                News Service 10.19.06; Sierra Times 10.19.06; Washington
                                                                the mid-1960s when the boy                 Post 10.19.06; KAIT 10.19.06; CNN 10.20.06; Malta Media
                                                                was age 11-13. John Doe                    News 10.19.06; Daily Times 10.19.06; Di-Ve News 10.20.06;
                                                                26 then filed suit, alleging               Di-Ve News 10.19.06; John Doe 26 Complaint 10.25.06;
                                                                that Mercieca performed                    Miami Herald (AP) 7.18.07; Malta Star 7.19.07; Times of
                                                                oral sex on him in the late                Malta 7.20.07
                                                                1970s at age 12-13.                        Assignments:
                                                                Mercieca admits that he                    Miami Herald 10.15.08 (add'l article); Malta Independent
                                                                skinnydipped with Foley,                   10.19.08 (add'l article); Times of Malta 10.23.08 (add'l
                                                                gave him nude massages,                    article); South Florida Sun-Sentinel 11.12.08;
                                                                and took him on trips to DC                Assignment Record
                                                                and NYC. Foley forced to
                                                                resign in 2006 because of
                                                                his behavior with pages.
                                                                Civil suit against Mercieca
                                                                settled 7/07. Another suit
                                                                filed 10/08 re 1977 abuse.
  Mercure        Gary         1974    P Accused   Diocesan      Took voluntary leave 1/08    Albany, NY    Source:
                                                                while Diocese investigated                 Albany Times-Union 1.20.08; Albany Times-Union 1.21.08;
                                                                recent allegations he                      Post Star 1.29.08; Times Union 1.29.08; North Country
                                                                sexually abused a youth in                 Gazette 1.29.08; WTEN-TV 2.3.08; Post Star 2.10.08;
                                                                his early teens in mid-1980s               WNYT 5.23.08; Post-Star 5.24.08; Renew America 5.30.08
                                                                at a church in Queensbury                  (petition); Daily Gazette 8.15.08; Albany Times Union
                                                                NY. Diocese also stated that               8.15.08; Troy Record 8.16.08; WNYT 10.30.08; CBS 6
                                                                an adult male filed a                      10.30.08
                                                                complaint with the Diocese                 Assignments:
                                                                over an "adult situation"                  Schenechtady Gazette 10.30.08 (add'l article); Glenn Falls
                                                                about 10 yrs previously and                Post-Star 10.30.08 (add'l article); Berkshire Eagle 10.31.08
                                                                "appropriate action" was                   (add'l article); Berkshire Eagle 11.19.08 (add'l article)
                                                                taken at the time. Multiple
                                                                other men alleging abuse
                                                                have come forward. One suit
                                                                filed 5/08. Placed on
                                                                "permanent leave" 8/08. 13
                                                                known victims per one
                                                                source. Indicted 10/08 in
  Mertens        Arthur       1949    P Accused   Diocesan      Bishop announced in 2002     Spokane,      Source:
                                                                that Mertens had been        WA            Walla Walla Union-Bulletin 10.24.02; Spokesman Review
                                                                credibly accused of sexual                 10.24.02; Spokesman Review 10.26.02; Spokesman Review
                                                                abuse of minors and had                    7.16.04; Seattle Post-Intelligencer 8.19.04; Seattle Post-
                                                                been removed from ministry                 Intelligencer 8.19.04 (2nd); Seattle Post-Intelligencer 8.19.04
                                                                in 1989. One man filed 2004                (3rd); KXLY 4.20.07; Statement by Diocese of Spokane
                                                                civil suit alleging abuse by               11.21.07
                                                                Mertens in 1980s in several                Assignments:
                                                                locations. One priest                      Smokesman Review 10.24.02
                                                                complained about Mertens
                                                                in 1984 or 1985. Another
                                                                settled claim in 1994.                                                                                     Page 39 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                                1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                               Mertens also abused in
                                                               Guatemala between 1961-
                                                               1977. As of 4/07 article
                                                               Mertens will continue to
                                                               draw a pension. No
  Messenger      William P.   1977    P Accused   Diocesan     Accused of abuse of 1 in       Los         Source:
                                                               1980 per addendum to           Angeles, CA Los Angeles Times 4.03.05; LA Archdiocesan Report
                                                               archdiocesan report. Placed                Addendum 11.15.05
                                                               on leave in May, 2005. At
                                                               that time he was chaplain at
  Messier        Donald E.    1968    P Accused   Diocesan     Name appeared on list of 21 Fall River,      Source:
                                                               priests accused of abuse     MA              Boston Globe 9.27.02; Boston Herald 9.27.02; Herald News
                                                               which District Attorney                      9.27.02
                                                               released 9/02. List says one
                                                               alleged victim with claims
                                                               beyond the SOL. Messier
                                                               left Fall River in 1973 to
                                                               serve in Providence
  Messier        Raymond      1968    P Accused   Diocesan     Messier had inappropriate    Worcester,      Source:
                 P.                                            sexual contact with 9 yr old MA              Telegram & Gazette   5.16.02; Telegram & Gazette 6.8.02;
                                                               boy in Worcester in 1980 at                  Telegram & Gazette   6.12.02; Telegram & Gazette 9.4.02;
                                                               a camp owned by the                          Telegram & Gazette   11.29.02; Telegram & Gazette 12.5.02;
                                                               priest's family. Bp.                         Telegram & Gazette   1.24.03; Telegram & Gazette 3.7.03;
                                                               Harrington informed                          Telegram & Gazette   5.16.03; Telegram & Gazette 5.20.03;
                                                               immediately. Promised                        Telegram & Gazette   6.4.03; Worcester Voice 2.4.04;
                                                               Messier would never again                    Telegram & Gazette   10.21.04; Telegram & Gazette 10.22.04;
                                                               have access to young                         Telegram & Gazette   12.30.04
                                                               people. Instead, just                        Assignments:
                                                               transferred him. Victim                      Telegram & Gazette   2.15.06 (add'l article)
                                                               learned of transfer in 2002
                                                               and filed suit. Two other
                                                               men joined suit, alleging
                                                               abuse in late 1970s.
                                                               Investigated by DSS in 2003
                                                               re recent allegations. DSS
                                                               confirmed but he was no-
                                                               billed by Grand Jury.
                                                               Additional suit filed 12/04.
  Metzinger      Agnesina             N Sued      order?       Named in 1996 civil suit      Wichita, KS    Source:
                                                               which alleged that Metzinger                 Wichita Eagle 5.21.96
                                                               had repeatedly had sex with
                                                               a young boy who was a
                                                               residence of St. Joseph's
                                                               Home. Same suit alleges
                                                               several of the boy's siblings
                                                               were abused by priests at
                                                               the home.
  Meyer          David                D Accused   Diocesan     Ordained as a permanent        Covington,    Source:
                                                               deacon in 1999, Meyer was      KY            Kentucky Post 3.01.07
                                                               placed on leave in Feb.
                                                               2007 after recent allegation
                                                               of abuse of a minor which
                                                               occurred prior to 1999.
  Meyer          Louis L.     < 1968 P Sued       Congregation Accused of abuse of 1 girl in Los            Source:
                                                  of the Holy  1968 in Civil Suit BC308361, Angeles, CA     LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 5; LA Archdiocesan
                                                  Cross        LA Superior Court., filed in                 Report Errata Notice # 1
                                                               2003. Named in                               Assignments:
                                                               archdiocesan report                          LA Times Database 4.20.06
  Miani          Titian Jim   1955    P Sued      Salesian     Arrested 2003 and charged      Los         Source:
                 (Athos?)                                      with abusing 2 girls.          Angeles, CA Contra Costa Times (AP) 6.20.03; Associated Press 7.15.03;
                                                               Charges dropped in 2003                    LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 5; LA Weekly
                                                               due to Cal. Supreme Court                  12.05.04; LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 10.12.05; LA
                                                               ruling. Archdiocesan report                Times 1.24.08; Injury 1.28.08; California Catholic
                                                               says 4 accusers and abuse                  Daily 2.01.08; City of Angels 3.19.08; City of Angels 3.19.08;
                                                               from 1957-1967. At least 1                 City of Angels 3.24.08; Contra Costa Times 4.01.08; LA
                                                               civil suit filed. Left                     Times 5.09.08; LA Times 5.15.08
                                                               archdiocese in 1967 for San                Assignments:
                                                               Francisco and,                             LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times
                                                               later,Stockton. 3 siblings                 Database 4.20.06
                                                               filed suit 1/08 against
                                                               Salesians alleging abuse in
                                                               1960s. Personnel file says
                                                               he also abused in Italy and
                                                               Edmonton, Canada. Also
                                                               worked in Oakland Diocese.
                                                               Included in Salesian $19.5
                                                               mil settlement with 17 in
                                                               5/08.                                                                                       Page 40 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                            1/28/09 2:53 PM

  Micarelli      Edmund C.    1959    P Settled   Diocesan    1 civil suit filed 1993 and 6 Providence,      Source:
                                                              in 1995 allege that Micarelli RI               Providence Journal Bulletin 7.03.94; Providence Journal
                                                              abused at least 7 boys.                        9.10.02; Website: Catholic Scouters & Sexual Abuse,
                                                              Abuse of one boy lasted 7                      11.30.07; Kent County Times 11.30.07; Providence Journal
                                                              yrs. Suits claim Gelineau                      12.03.07
                                                              and Aux. Bixhop Angell                         Assignments:
                                                              knew of Micarelli's habits            Assignment Record
                                                              prior to 1962 Claims against
                                                              this priest were settled 9/02
                                                              as part of $13.5 mil mass
                                                              settlement involving 36
                                                              victims of priest abuse. Per
                                                              2007 article he was living in
                                                              Florida and "cannot function
                                                              as a priest."
  Michael        Edward       none    B Accused   Marist      Accused of abuse. Died            Boston, MA   Source:
                                                              1992.                                          Eagle-Tribune (MA) 5.16.02
  Michaud        Lawrence     1936    P Accused   Marist      Accused in 1994 of                Boston, MA   Source:
                                                              repeatedly abusing a 12 yr                     Docs produced by Boston Archdiocese: 1994 letter from
                                                              old girl in late 1950s or early                Accuser
  Michaud        Leo James    1977    P Accused   Diocesan    Removed 4/02. Accused of          Portland,    Source:
                                                              abuse of teenage boy (aged        ME           Portland Press Herald 4.28.02; Bangor Daily News 4.29.02;
                                                              16-19) in early 1970s while                    WMTW 1.28.07; Bangor Daily News 1.29.07; Bishop's
                                                              Michaud was still in                           statement in keepMEcurrent 1.29.07
                                                              seminary. Bishop said in
                                                              2007 that there was no
                                                              proof of sexual abuse of a
                                                              minor but that there was
                                                              other misconduct that would
                                                              keep Michaud from
  Michaud        Ronald N.    1973    P Sued      Diocesan    Man told Baltimore             Baltimore,      Source:
                                                              Archdiocese in 1979 that       MD              Baltimore Sun 9.26.02; Portland Press Herald and Maine
                                                              Michaud had abused him                         Sunday Telegram 1.28.07; Sun Journal 1.28.07; WMTW
                                                              there in mid-1970s. He had                     1.28.07; WCSH 1.28.07; Bangor Daily News 1.29.07;
                                                              served in Maryland from                        Bishop's statement in keepMEcurrent 1.29.07; WMTW
                                                              1973-1978. Then became                         9.24.07; Boston Globe (AP) 9.25.07; Kennebec Journal
                                                              part of Portland, ME                           9.25.07; Portland Press Herald 8.6.08
                                                              diocese. Name finally                          Assignments:
                                                              released by Portland bishop                    KeepMECurrent 1.29.07
                                                              1/07. He had been placed
                                                              on leave in 1989. Bishop
                                                              recommended laicization but
                                                              matter still pending with
                                                              Vatican. Civil suit filed 9/07
                                                              by 1 man alleging abuse in
                                                              early 1980s when he was a
  Michele        Robert       1955    P Sued      Paulist     Michele joined the Paulist     Portland,       Source:
                                                              novitiate in 1948 and was      OR              Oregonian Table 11.12.06
                                                              ordained in New York 7                         Assignments:
                                                              years later. He served in             Assignment Record
                                                              Austin, TX, the Portland
                                                              Archdiocese, and in
                                                              missions throughout the US.
                                                              He is accused of sexually
                                                              assaulting a teenage girl
                                                              from 1964 to 1969. The
                                                              plaintiff was under 18 part of
                                                              the time of the abuse. She
                                                              has filed a suit in Federal
                                                              court. Michele retired from
                                                              Austin, TX diocese.
  Michell        George J.    1964    P Accused   Diocesan    Placed on leave 2003 after   Rockville         Source:
                                                              recent revelation of 20-year Centre, NY        Newsday 6.15.03
                                                              complaint of "inappropriate
                                                              conduct." Michell has denied
                                                              the accusation.
  Mickey         Richard L.   1988    P Sued      Diocesan    Sued 2004. Accused of         Memphis,         Source:
                                                              abuse of twin brothers at     TN               Jackson Sun 8.24.04; Commercial Appeal (TN) 9.29.04;
                                                              Bishop Byrne High School in                    Knoxville News Sentinel 8.23.05; Commercial Appeal (TN)
                                                              1980. Placed on admin.                         8.22.06; Daily News 8.23.07
                                                              leave in 8/04 and then
                                                              reinstated in early 2005.
                                                              Mickey remained active
                                                              priest until 8/06 when he
                                                              suddenly resigned from all
                                                              "pastoral or public ministry,
                                                              effective immediately"
                                                              according to a diocesan
                                                              spokesman. Civil suit
                                                              settlement announced 8/07.                                                                                   Page 41 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                              1/28/09 2:53 PM

  Mieliwocki     Richard J.    1972   P Arrested   Diocesan     Allegation in 1994 of abuse      Newark, NJ   Source:
                                                                of 2 youths in 1988. Placed                   Star-Ledger 12.30.04; Star-Ledger 12.31.04; Daily Record
                                                                on leave and ordered to                       8.10.05; Observer Tribune 8.17.05; Daily Record 9.07.05;
                                                                undergo counseling.                           Star-Ledger 10.12.05; Daily Record 10.12.05; Daily Record
                                                                Disappeared. State                            11.17.05; 8.21.07; Star-Ledger 9.21.07; Star-Ledger
                                                                counseling license                            9.22.07
                                                                suspended 1999 for
                                                                improper behavior with
                                                                minor. Arrested 2004 and
                                                                accused of abuse of 4
                                                                teenage boys (ages 16-18)
                                                                at in-patient substance
                                                                abuse rehabilitation facility.
                                                                Forced to surrender his
                                                                license. Pled guilty in plea
                                                                bargain to 2 counts 8/21/07.
                                                                Sentenced 9/07 to 5 yrs
                                                                probation and community
  Mihalak        James J.      1976   P Charged    Diocesan     Charged 1997 with fondling       Allentown,   Source:
                                                                a 17 yr old male hitchhiker      PA           Morning Call 7.31.97; Morning Call 8.1.97; Morning Call
                                                                and placed on probation                       8.29.97; Morning Call 3.21.98; Morning Call 4.11.02
                                                                1998. Record to be
                                                                expunged if successful
                                                                probation. The diocese
                                                                suspended him from his
                                                                duties. He had served as
                                                                pastor, high school teacher
                                                                and high school principal.
                                                                2002 Official Catholic
                                                                Directory showed him at
                                                                Holy Family Villa (a home
                                                                for priests) in Bethlehem,
  Mike           John          1975   P Convicted Diocesan      Several individuals came     Baltimore,       Source:
                 Joseph, Jr.                                    forward beginning in 1987 to MD               Washington Post 6.18.87; Washington Post 9.25.87;
                                                                allege physical and sexual                    Baltimore Sun 9.26.02
                                                                abuse by Mike. In 1987 his
                                                                faculties were removed by
                                                                Archdiocese. Also In 1987
                                                                criminal charges brought
                                                                against him for whipping a
                                                                17 yr old youth and hanging
                                                                the youth upside down from
                                                                a basketball backboard and
                                                                striking him on the buttocks
                                                                with a table tennis paddle.
                                                                Pleaded guilty in Sept. 1987
                                                                and was sentenced to 5 yrs
                                                                of supervised probation.
  Mikulich       Joseph        1922 ? P Accused    Franciscan   Mikulich, a Croatian          Great Falls-    Source:
                                                                Franciscan priest, worked in Billings, MT     San Jose Mercury News 3.20.00; The Oregonian 6.06.07
                                                                the Archdiocese of Portland                   (Documents); The Oregonian 6.07.07
                                                                for approx. 18 years,
                                                                beginning in 1963. He
                                                                retired in 1982. A woman
                                                                from Great Falls, Montana
                                                                came forward in 1985 to
                                                                report that Mikulich has
                                                                sexually abused her from
                                                                age 12-21 when he would
                                                                visit the family. The
                                                                Archdiocese refused any
                                                                assistance to the young
                                                                woman and did not even tell
                                                                Mikulich (then age 87) of the
                                                                allegations. He died in 2000
                                                                at age 101.
  Milanese       John          1974   P Accused    Diocesan     Milanese placed on            Burlington,     Source:
                                                                leave5/02 after allegation    VT              Associated Press 5.27.02; Valley News 10.19.02; Burlington
                                                                that he abused an 8 yr old                    Free Press 11.3.02; Rutland Herald 7.5.03
                                                                youth in mid 1980s. Alleged
                                                                victim now in jail. Milanese
                                                                denied the accusations and
                                                                passed polygraph.
                                                                Vermont's AG declined to
                                                                file criminal charges. Church
                                                                investigated and returned
                                                                Milanese to duty as of Oct.
                                                                28, 2002.
  Millar         Andrew L.     1958   P Convicted Diocesan      Ordained in Ireland and had      Rockville    Source:
                                                                worked in Rockville Centre       Centre, NY   Newsday 5.17.00; New York Daily News 11.16.00; Newsday
                                                                since 1964. Retired 1999.                     3.19.02; Newsday 6.03.02; Newsday 7.31.02; Suffolk County                                                                                      Page 42 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                                 1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                               Arrested 5/00 on charges                        Grand Jury Report 1.17.03; Newsday 2.26.03; Newsday
                                                               that he sexually abused a                       8.23.04; Newsday 1.24.05
                                                               15 yr old learning                              Assignments:
                                                               disabled/developmentally               Assignment Record and Other Info
                                                               delayed youth in a
                                                               bathroom. Pleaded guilty
                                                               and sentenced to 1-3 yrs in
                                                               prison in 11/00. 17 yr old
                                                               altar boy complained in
                                                               1999 that Millar had abused
                                                               him in 1991. Millar sent for
                                                               treatment and "retired." 3
                                                               other complaints made since
                                                               1995. Priest V in the Suffolk
                                                               Co. Grand Jury Report.
  Millard        Daniel F.            P Accused   Diocesan     Named in the RICO            Camden, NJ Source:
                 M.                                            pleading filed in New Jersey            Superior Court of NJ (CA No. ALT-L-4059); Daily Record
                                                               in 1994. One woman alleged              10.24.04; Telegram & Gazette 7.19.05; Telegram & Gazette
                                                               that Millard, her uncle,                7.26.05; Boston Globe 8.31.05; Telegram & Gazette 11.3.05
                                                               abused her when she was a
                                                               child, beginning when she
                                                               was five and continuing for
                                                               8 years. Died in 1972.
  Miller         (unknown)            P Sued      Diocesan     Per 9/24/03 article, a man   Toledo, OH         Source:
                                                               had just filed suit alleging                    Toledo Blade 9.24.03
                                                               that he had been molested
                                                               from age 8 until he was 14
                                                               by a Father Miller (first
                                                               name unknown). Abuse
                                                               occurred at SS Peter & Paul
                                                               church in South Toledo. Per
                                                               court document, case was
                                                               dismissed with prejudice
  Miller         Alfred J.    1964    P Accused   Diocesan     Allowed to officially retire in   Detroit, MI   Source:
                                                               2002 after allegations                          Archdiocese of Detroit Press Release 7.11.02; Detroit Free
                                                               surfaced of sexual                              Press 7.12.02; Detroit News 7.14.02; USA Today 11.11.02;
                                                               misconduct in late 1960s or                     Detroit Free Press 4.14.03; Detroit News 3.23.04; Detroit
                                                               early 1970s. No priestly                        News 9.16.05; Toledo Blade 9.17.05; Detroit Free Press
                                                               privileges because of                           2.02.06
                                                               ongoing investigation.
                                                               Claims of abuse came from
                                                               more than one person and
                                                               involved misconduct with
                                                               older male children. 1 civil
                                                               suit filed in 2003 and
                                                               another in 2004. Vatican
                                                               permanently removed from
                                                               ministry per 9/16/05 article.
  Miller         Francis      1949    P Accused   Carmelite    Miller was ordained for the    Tucson, AZ       Source:
                                                               Order of Discalced                              Report by Bishop Kicanas 3.27.03; Arizona Daily Star
                                                               Carmelites in 1949 and                          3.30.03; Tucson Citizen 2.27.04; Diocese of Tucson List of
                                                               apparently worked at St.                        Accused Priests from Website n.d.; Arizona Daily Star
                                                               Margaret Mary parish in the                     7.30.07
                                                               Tucson diocese between
                                                               1955 and 1963. He left the
                                                               diocese in 1963. As of 2005
                                                               he was living in a retirement
                                                               facility run by theOrder. 3/03
                                                               article reports credible
                                                               accusations of child
                                                               molestation against him. No
                                                               other information provided.
  Miller         George       1963    P Sued      Vincentian   Retired 1997. Accused of       Los              Source:
                 Michael                                       abuse of boy in 1970s-         Angeles, CA      LA Times 8.18.02; LA Times 12.11.02; Ventura County Star
                                                               1980s. Arrested 2002, but                       3.16.03; LA Times 10.28.03; Ventura County Star 12.7.03;
                                                               charges dropped 2003 due                        LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 2; LA Times 4.20.06;
                                                               to Cal. Supreme Court                           Pasadena Weekly 4.20.06; Ventura County Star 12.02.06;
                                                               ruling. Archdiocesan report                     LA Times 7.24.07; CBS 2 7.24.07; Reuters 7.24.07; LA
                                                               says 6 accusers. Named by                       County DA's Office Statement 7.24.07; LA Archdiocese
                                                               2 in Oct. 2003 civil suit.                      Statement 7.24.07; LA Daily News 7.25.07
                                                               Some claims settled in                          Assignments:
                                                               12/06 $60M settlement re 22                     LA Times 7.26.07 (add'l article); San Francisco Chronicle
                                                               priests. 4 claims settled 7/07                  10.23.07 (add'l article); Union Tribune 12.2.08 (add'l article);
                                                               in massive $660M                                LA Times 12.3.08 (add'l article); LA Archdiocesan Report
                                                               settlement re 508 priests.                      Addendum 11.15.05; http://www.bishop-
                                                               Laicized 5/05. Arrested               
                                                               7/23/07 for molesting 1 boy
                                                               between 1988-1991. Pled
                                                               guilty 12/08 and admitted
                                                               abuse of 3 others.
  Miller         James C.     1983    P Settled   Diocesan     Per 2002 article, Miller and      Rockville     Source:                                                                                         Page 43 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                             1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                                Rockville Centre Diocese      Centre, NY     Newsday 3.13.02; Newsday 3.19.02
                                                                were sued in 1994 because                    Assignments:
                                                                Miller allegedly sexually           Assignment Record and Other Info
                                                                abused two teenage boys.
                                                                After complaint, Miller
                                                                removed from working with
                                                                children and sent to Catholic
                                                                Univ. in Wash. DC to study
                                                                canon law. Case settled
                                                                (and sealed) but sources
                                                                say diocese made cash
                                                                settlement and agreed to
                                                                pay for counseling. Miller
                                                                said suit was settled without
                                                                his permission.
  Miller         Louis E.     1941    P Convicted Diocesan      Complaints in 1961 but         Louisville,   Source:
                                                                ArchB. Floresh refused         KY            Associated Press 4.14.02; Courier-Journal 4.16.02; Courier-
                                                                resignation. 1990 & 1999                     Journal 4.20.02; Courier-Journal 6.23.02; Courier-Journal
                                                                civil suits said Miller abused               6.23.02; Courier-Journal 9.29.02; Courier-Journal 9.29.02;
                                                                minors. Both settled out of                  Courier-Journal 12.16.02; Courier-Journal 2.13.03; Courier-
                                                                court. Not removed until                     Journal 4.1.03; Courier-Journal 5.23.03; Courier-Journal
                                                                3/02 when earlier suits                      5.28.03; Associated Press 6.10.03; Courier-Journal 6.11.03;
                                                                revealed. Named in at least                  Courier-Journal 6.15.03
                                                                94 civil suits in 2002-2003.                 Assignments:
                                                                Many settled 6/03 as part of                 Courier-Journal 9.27.03 (add'l article); Courier-Journal
                                                                large settlement. Pleaded                    11.23.04 (add'l article); Assignment Record Compiled by Law
                                                                guilty 3/03 to abuse of 21                   Firm
                                                                children; sentenced to 20
                                                                yrs prison. Pleaded guilty
                                                                6/03 to abuse of 8 more and
                                                                rec'd another 10 yr
                                                                sentence. Laicization
                                                                announced 11/04.
  Miller         Michael J.   1987    P Arrested   Diocesan     Miller was working as         Albany, NY     Source:
                                                                chaplain at maximum                          Albany Times Union 8.29.01; Albany Times Union 2.27.03;
                                                                security Great Meadow                        Albany Times Union 12.18.03
                                                                Correctional Facility at time
                                                                of his arrest. Arrested and
                                                                placed on leave in 2001
                                                                after he was arrested on
                                                                charge that he He
                                                                approached a 14 yr old boy
                                                                who was riding a bicycle
                                                                down the street and solicited
                                                                sex 8/01. In 12/03 he
                                                                pleaded guilty and Judge
                                                                sentenced hm to 5 yrs
  Miller         Thomas R.    1979    P Accused    Diocesan     Miller, a parish priest and  Peoria, IL      Source:
                                                                head of 2 parochial schools,                 Associated Press 4.29.04; The Pantagraph 4.30.04; Belleville
                                                                was placed on leave in 2004                  News-Democrat 4.30.04; The Pantagraph (AP) 5.7.04;
                                                                after man alleged that, as a                 Journal Star 8.28.04; Journal Star 11.9.06; St. Louis Post-
                                                                minor, he had been sexually                  Dispatch 11.10.06
                                                                assaulted by Miller in 1979
                                                                in Bloomington. Others
                                                                came forward with similar
                                                                allegations. Review board
                                                                found at least 1 allegation
                                                                credible. Miller has been
                                                                laicized per 11/06 article.
  Mills          Henry        1988    P Sued       Diocesan     Removed from parish work      New York,      Source:
                                                                in 1997 after lawsuit alleged NY             USA Today 11.11.02; New York Post 3.19.02 (in collection of
                                                                he abused a 17 yr old boyk.                  articles)
                                                                Shown as absent on leave
                                                                for several years in Official
                                                                Catholic Directories but in
                                                                2002 reporter found him
                                                                celebrating masses in
                                                                Manhattan and, on
                                                                occasion, teaching school.
                                                                Lawsuit still pending at that
  Minh           Vincent      1968    P Accused    Redemptorist Minh came from Viet Nam to Portland,         Source:
                                                                Portland in 1972 to pursue a OR              The Oregonian 7.07.01; The Oregonian 11.12.06; Oregonian
                                                                master's degree. He soon                     Table 11.12.06; The Oregonian 6.06.07 (Documents)
                                                                began helping the                            Assignments:
                                                                Archdiocese with the Asian          Assignment Record
                                                                community and became
                                                                very well known. In March,
                                                                2001 allegations were made
                                                                that he had raped a woman
                                                                in 1983 and molested two
                                                                young girls in 1980s. Order
                                                                sent him for treatment and                                                                                    Page 44 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                               1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                              later to a center in Illinois.
                                                              His priestly functions have
                                                              been permanently removed.
  Minogue        Michael      1981    P Accused   Accused     Accused of sexual             Phoenix, AZ Source:
                                                              harassment of a young man.       7.10.05; Arizona Republic 7.10.05; Arizona
                                                              Resigned in 2005. First                   Republic 1.26.07
                                                              reports said he resigned for
                                                              health reasons. Later
                                                              clarified. Reinstated in Jan.
                                                              2007. Shown as "retired" per
                                                              the Diocesan website
                                                              accessed on 6/4/08.
  Miraglia       Salvatore    1975    P Accused   Diocesan    Per 2002 news articles,      Rockville         Source:
                 J.                                           Miraglia left Long Island    Centre, NY        Newsday 4.23.02; Sun-Sentinel 4.24.02; Sun-Sentinel
                                                              parish in 1982 after a                         4.28.02; USA Today 11.11.02
                                                              complaint that he allegedly                    Assignments:
                                                              asked teenage boys to                 Assignment Record and Other Info
                                                              disrobe. For several years
                                                              he celebrated mass in
                                                              Pompano Beach, FL. He left
                                                              this position in April, 2002
                                                              and was placed on leave.
                                                              Per 2002 Catholic Directory,
                                                              he was assigned to
                                                              Rockville Centre Diocese
                                                              but shown as "Priests
                                                              released from Diocesan
  Miranda        Ray                  D Accused   Diocesan    In 3/03. rhw names of        Tucson, AZ        Source:
                                                              Miranda, a deacon for the                      Statement from Bishop Kincanas 3.27.03; Arizona Daily Star
                                                              diocese from 1982-1983,                        3.30.03; Arizona Daily Star 7.30.07; Diocese of Tucson List
                                                              and five priests were                          of Accused Priests from Website n.d.
                                                              identified by the Diocese as
                                                              child abusers. Miranda
                                                              served at St. Andrew the
                                                              Apostle Parish in Sierra
                                                              Vista for the year that he
                                                              served as a deacon. He
                                                              wassuspended from all
                                                              ministry in 1983 and has not
                                                              functioned as a deacon
                                                              since that time. No
                                                              indication of age or sex of
                                                              victim or Miranda's current
                                                              status in 2007.
  Misercola      Chester      1964    P Accused   Diocesan    Man filed suit 8/02 alleging Syracuse,         Source:
                                                              that Misercola had sexually NY                 Post-Standard 1.15.98; Post-Standard 7.01.02; Post-
                                                              abused him beginning when                      Standard 7.22.02; Post-Standard 8.02.02; Post-Standard
                                                              he was 14. Said that                           6.18.03; Post-Standard 10.31.03; Post Standard 1.05.04
                                                              Misercola showed him
                                                              pornographic movies,
                                                              videotaped and
                                                              photographed him in the
                                                              nude and got him drunk and
                                                              performed oral sex on him.
                                                              Abuse is alleged to have
                                                              lasted 5 yrs. He complained
                                                              to the diocese in 1997 and
                                                              Misercola "retired" from
                                                              ministry in 1998.
                                                              Permanently removed in
  Mitchell       Darell               P Accused   Diocesan    Mitchell was in Yakima in       Yakima, WA     Source:
                                                              2003 when he was accused                       Yakima Herald-Republic 12.21.06; Seattle Post-Intelligencer
                                                              of having nude pictures of                     (AP) 12.21.06; Yakima Herald-Republic 12.23.06;
                                                              boys on his computer. He                       KNDO/KNDU 12.24.06; Yakima Herald-Republic 1.07.07;
                                                              was suspended during the                       Yakima Herald-Republic 1.07.07 (2nd); Seattle Post-
                                                              investigation by FBI and                       Intelligencer 1.11.07; Yakima Herald-Republic 1.12.07; St.
                                                              other law enforcement as                       Louis Post Dispatch 1.12.07; South County Journal 1.16.07;
                                                              well as by church and was                      KOMO (AP) 1.21.07; Yakima Herald-Republic 4.13.07;
                                                              sent to a treatment facility in                Yakima Herald-Republic 4.2.08; Voice from the Desert
                                                              St. Louis for evaluation. He                   8.18.08
                                                              was eventually cleared of
                                                              wrongdoing. Mitchell was
                                                              transferred to St. Louis
                                                              Archdiocese and allowed to
                                                              return to active duty without
                                                              any notice to parishioners.
                                                              Resigned Jan. 2007
                                                              "because he had been
                                                              hounded so much."
  Mitchell       James        1973 ? P Sued       Diocesan    Ordained in Columbia.            Seattle, WA   Source:
                                                              Youth filed a 2004 civil suit                  Seattle Post-Intelligencer 5.15.04; Seattle Post-Intelligencer                                                                                       Page 45 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                              1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                              alleging that he had been                       8.19.04; Seattle Post-Intelligencer 8.19.04 (2nd); Seattle
                                                              molested by Mitchell at a                       Post-Intelligencer 8.19.04 (3rd); Seattle Post-Intelligencer
                                                              school for poor boys in                         8.19.04 (4th); Seattle Post-Intelligencer 8.20.04; Spokesman
                                                              Columbia South American in                      Review 8.21.04; Seattle Post Intelligencer 1.20.05;
                                                              1982 and then at the priest's                   Spokesman Review 1.22.05; Seattle Times 1.27.05
                                                              home in Vancouver, Wa,
                                                              after Mitchell offered to raise
                                                              the boy and brought him
                                                              back to Seattle. Diocese
                                                              knew of history in 1986 or
                                                              1987 but did nothing legally
                                                              because it thought abuse
                                                              occurred only in Columbia.
                                                              He was sent for treatment
                                                              and then removed from
                                                              diocesan assignments. 2nd
                                                              suit filed 2005.
  Mitchell       John D.      1938    P Accused   Paulist     Accused by 1 person of            Los         Source:
                                                              abuse in 1968 per Errata to       Angeles, CA LA Archdiocesan Report Errata Notice # 3
                                                              archdiocesan report. .                        Assignments:
                                                                                                            LA Times Database 4.20.06
  Miyares        Gustavo J.   1973    P Sued      Diocesan    Man filed civil suit in 10/06 Miami, FL         Source:
                                                              alleging that he was abused                     Miami Herald 10.17.06; Herald-Tribune (AP) 10.17.06; Miami
                                                              at age 14 by Miyares and                        Herald 10.18.06; Palm Beach Post 10.18.06; NBC 6 Florida
                                                              another priest in 1981 and                      10.18.06; Miami Herald 10.23.06; News4Jax 10.23.06; Sun
                                                              1982 at Palm Beach County                       Sentinel 11.29.06; Miami Herald 11.29.06; Local 10
                                                              seminary, a Miami rectory                       11.28.06; CBS 4 11.28.06; Miami Herald (AP) 6.15.07;
                                                              and a condominium in the                        Miami Herald 7.19.07
                                                              Keys. Also claims that other                    Assignments:
                                                              boys were abused, as well.                      Miami Herald 10.18.06
                                                              Miyares resigned from his
                                                              parish Oct. 6th after Diocese
                                                              learned of suit. Second man
                                                              filed suit 11/06 alleging
                                                              abuse for 3 yrs in 1980s
                                                              when he was 12-15 yrs old.
                                                              3rd suit filed 6/07.
  Modica         John B.      1945    P Sued      Diocesan    Diocese warned several       Lexington,         Source:
                                                              times between 1975-1978 re KY                   Courier-Journal 4.23.03; Lexington Herald-Leader 2.17.06;
                                                              Modica's behavior. In Dec.                      Lexington Herald-Leader 3.04.06; Courier-Journal (AP)
                                                              1978, he was accused of                         3.05.06; Lexington Herald-Leader 9.22.06
                                                              smuggling marijuana to a
                                                              20-year-old male inmate at
                                                              a State Reformatory.
                                                              Pleaded guilty and received
                                                              therapy in New Mexico and
                                                              brief jail sentence.
                                                              Thenreassigned. Sued 2003.
                                                              Accused of abuse of a
                                                              teenage male in 1974.
                                                              Retired. Civil suit is still
                                                              pending as of Sept. 2006.
                                                              Other cases have been
                                                              settled with diocese.
  Modicowitz     Edwin        1938    P Accused   Capuchin    Accused in 1998 of abusing Boston, MA           Source:
  (Modicourtz)                                                1 altar boy in 1965-1966.                       Docs produced by Boston Archdiocese: Memo describing
                                                              Altar boy later nearned that                    1998 allegation; Docs produced by Boston Archdiocese:
                                                              classmate at local high                         Version of same memo sent to OFM Provincial
                                                              school had also been
                                                              abused by Modicowitz. At
                                                              time, the priest had been
                                                              assigned to Capuchin's St..
                                                              Lawrence Friary since 1963.
  Modras         Ronald E.    1963    P Sued      Diocesan    In 1994 civil suit, Modras        Detroit, MI   Source:
                                                              and three others are                            United Press International 5.25.94
                                                              accused of abusing a boy
                                                              25 yrs ago. Boy was a
                                                              student at school near St.
                                                              John's Seminary where
                                                              Modras, Timothy Babcock
                                                              and Gary Berthiume were
                                                              students and Leonard Foisy
                                                              was administrator. Modras
                                                              was onduty outside the
                                                              diocese in 1988 Catholic
                                                              Directory; 1990 edition had
                                                              him in Philadelphia and
                                                              Detroit; and he was not in
                                                              1995 edition.
  Moeglein       James        1970    P Accused   Crosier     In 2002, Moeglein is one of       Detroit, MI   Source:
                                                  Fathers     8 Crosiers barred from                          Detroit Diocese website February 2003; Star Tribune
                                                              public ministry and living                      10.10.02
                                                              under restruction after                                                                                      Page 46 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                              1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                               allegations of sexual
                                                               misconduct. He worked in
                                                               the Riverview, Mich., area
                                                               from 1989-90. One 1999
                                                               article not related to sexual
                                                               abuse refers to Moegleinas
                                                               prior of a Crosier Monastery
                                                               in Hastings, MN until Jan.
  Moffat         Gerald       1956    P Sued      Diocesan     Sued 2002. Accused of        Seattle, WA      Source:
                                                               abuse of 1 boy in the early                   Seattle Post-Intelligencer 11.26.02; Seattle Times 11.27.02;
                                                               1970s, from the time the boy                  Seattle Post-Intelligencer 4.25.03; Seattle Times 9.21.03;
                                                               was about 11 to 13. Moffat                    Seattle Times 6.10.05; Seattle Post-Intelligencer 2.21.06;
                                                               was assigned to Holy                          Seattle Times 2.21.06; Seattle Times 3.13.06
                                                               Family Church in Kirkland at
                                                               the time. Moffat placed on
                                                               leave in summer, 20002.
                                                               Plaintiff committed suicide
                                                               shortly after suit filed and
                                                               his parents joined the suit.
                                                               Suit settled June, 2005.
                                                               Second suit filed Sept. 2003
                                                               and later settled.
                                                               Permanently barred from
                                                               active ministry Feb. 2006.
  Mohs           Wendell              B Sued      Crosier      Suit filed 4/06 alleges abuse St. Paul-    Source:
                                                               by Mohs of 1 youth from       Minneapolis, Star Tribune 4.17.06; Star Tribune 5.04.06
                                                               1980-1983. Mohs is former     MN
                                                               brother and recruiter for
                                                               Crosier Order. Suit wants
                                                               names of priests and
                                                               brothers who have abused
                                                               in past. 2nd suit filed 5/06.
  Molina         Antonio              P Sued      Diocesan     Sued 1990. Accused of           St. Paul-    Source:
                                                               abuse.                          Minneapolis, Star Tribune 10.16.90
  Molloy         Joseph W.            P Settled   Diocesan     Molloy and another priest   Paterson,         Source:
                                                               accused of abuse of 1 youth NJ       7.24.03; The Record 7.29.04;
                                                               in late 1950s-early 1960s.           4.22.05; Star-Ledger 7.12.05; Herald News
                                                               Civil suit filed 2004 and                     9.1.05
                                                               settled in 2005 for $50K.
                                                               Molloy left the priesthood
                                                               prior to 1973 and died in
  Moloney        Thomas               P Sued      Diocesan     One man filed a civil suit in San Diego,      Source:
                                                               Dec. 2003 against San         CA              San Diego Union Tribune 12.24.03
                                                               Diego Diocese alleging that
                                                               he was molested by
                                                               Moloney in Riverside in
                                                               1963. Moloney died in 1986.
                                                               Area is now part of San
                                                               Bernardino Diocese.
  Molthen        Vincent      1951    P Accused   Redemptorist Accused of abuse 1 from    Los         Source:
                                                               1961-1962 per archdiocesan Angeles, CA LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 5
                                                               report. Deceased.                      Assignments:
                                                                                                      LA Times Database 4.20.06
  Monaghan       James T.     1946    P Convicted Jesuit       Convicted 1992 of fondling   Sacramento, Source:
                                                               girl, age 7, when he pastor  CA          Sacramento Bee 2.23.93; LA Times 3.24.02; San Jose
                                                               at St. Ignatius parish in                Mercury News 3.30.02
                                                               Sacramento. Sentenced to 5
                                                               yrs probation and 120 hrs
                                                               community service. Because
                                                               of his age and health, he
                                                               was sent to live at Sacred
                                                               Heart retirement center in
                                                               Los Gatos along with
                                                               several other sex offenders.
  Monahan        Hugh F.      1968    P Sued      Diocesan     Six men filed total of 5 suits Kansas City-   Source:
                                                               alleging abuse by Monahan. St. Joseph,        Kansas City Star 9.05.03; Kansas City Star 9.19.03; The
                                                               One of the plaintiffs was      MO             Pitch 10.16.03; 11.04.03;
                                                               Monahan's nephew. Another                     Kansas City Star 11.05.03; Kansas City Star 11.14.03;
                                                               said he lived with Monahan           11.19.03; Kansas City Star
                                                               for a time and Diocese knew                   8.20.08; Kansas City Star 8.20.08; My Fox Kansas City
                                                               it. Abuse took place                          8.20.08
                                                               between 1970s and mid-
                                                               1980s. Monahan took leave
                                                               from priesthood in 1973 but
                                                               came back. Left again in
                                                               1989. May have moved to
                                                               Puerto Rico. Claims settled
                                                               8/08 as part of $10M
                                                               settlement re 12 priests.                                                                                      Page 47 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                               1/28/09 2:53 PM

  Monahan        Joseph R.    1962    P Accused   Diocesan      Accused in 2002 of abuse of Philadelphia, Source:
                                                                8th grade boy in 1969.        PA          Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Morning Call 9.22.05; St.
                                                                Monahan sent to St. Louis                 Louis Post Dispatch 6.18.06
                                                                for alcohol treatment in 1972             Assignments:
                                                                and then began working.                   Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile
                                                                Incardinated there in 1980.
                                                                St. Louis not informed of
                                                                allegations until 2005 just
                                                                before release of Grand
                                                                Jury Report. Monahan
                                                                immediately placed on
  Moniz          John                 B Convicted Jesuit        Convicted in 1995 of lewd   San Jose,          Source:
                 Rodriques                                      conduct with a young girl   CA                 St. Louis Post Dispatch 3.03.02; LA Times 3.24.02; San
                                                                and sentenced to three                         Jose Mercury News 3.30.02
                                                                years probation. Probation
                                                                ended in 1998. Also ordered
                                                                to pay victim's uninsured
                                                                medical expenses and
                                                                psychological treatment. At
                                                                the time of the abuse Moniz
                                                                was living at Sacred Heart
                                                                Retirement Center in Los
                                                                Gatos, CA. Other priests
                                                                convicted of abuse also
                                                                lived there. Later moved to
                                                                Vianney Renewal Center in
                                                                Dittmer, MO.
  Monroe         Harry E.     1974    P Sued      Diocesan      Moved serveral times over     Indianapolis, Source:
                                                                10 years. Removed 1981        IN            Tribune-Star 9.26.05; Tribune-Star 11.7.05; Tribune-Star
                                                                after woman complained of                   11.13.05; Indianapolis Star 6.06.06; Fort Wayne News
                                                                abuse of her son; "relieved"                Sentinel 6.06.06; John Doe WC Complaint 6.13.06; Tribune-
                                                                by Archbishop O'Meara in                    Star 6.13.06; Indianapolis Star 7.30.06; Ft. Wayne News-
                                                                1984. Youth whose mother                    Sentinel (AP) 7.31.06; WISH 8.17.06; Tribune Star 8.19.06;
                                                                reported the 1981 abuse                     Perry County News 8.24.07; Indianapolis Star 12.14.07;
                                                                commited suicide before                     Tribune Star 12.14.07; Indianapolis Star 12.17.07
                                                                age 20. Accused of abuse                    Assignments:
                                                                of many youths before 1984.                 Indianapolis Star 7.26.08 (add'l article); Tribune-Star 10.9.08
                                                                Gave them marijuana and                     (add'l article); Indianapolis Star 1.25.09 (add'l article);
                                                                alcohol. Named in several                   Indianapolis Star 9.09.05; Assignment Record
                                                                2005 and 2006 suits. 13 civil
                                                                suits filed as of 08/17/06.
                                                                Admitted abuse of at least 5
                                                                in deposition. Diocese knew
                                                                by 1976 per docs released
  Monte          Alfred J.    1940    P Sued      Augustinian   Accused of abuse in 1947         Los         Source:
                                                                by 1 accuser per                 Angeles, CA LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 5
                                                                archdiocesan report. Shown                   Assignments:
                                                                as deceased. Named in at                     LA Times Database 4.20.06
                                                                least 1 suit.
  Montero        Francisco            P Sued      Diocesan      Montero, a priest from           St. Paul-    Source:
                 (Fredy)                                        Equador, began working in        Minneapolis, Star Tribune 9.10.08; SNAP Press Release 9.10.08; Pioneer
                                                                Archdiocese in 2001 and          MN           Press 9.10.08; Associated Press 9.10.08; Star Tribune
                                                                supposedly was living with                    9.12.08
                                                                vicar general, Kevin
                                                                McDonough, in St. Paul.
                                                                Instead he was living with a
                                                                woman. In 2007 he fled to
                                                                Equador after woman
                                                                complained to church and
                                                                then to police that he had
                                                                molested her 4 yr old
                                                                daughter. Civil suit was filed
                                                                9/08. Also known as
                                                                Francisco "Fredy" Montero
  Montgomery     Michael              B Accused   Franciscan    Two incidents of "improper     Cincinnati,     Source:
                                                                contact" with male students OH                 Cincinnati Enquirer 3.20.04
                                                                were known to Franciscan
                                                                authorities in the 1980s but
                                                                Montgomery was allowed to
                                                                continue working as an
                                                                athletic trainer at Roger
                                                                Bacon High School. He said
                                                                that the touches were
                                                                accidental. Finallyremoved
                                                                from active mininstry in
                                                                2002. Another man made
                                                                similar allegations in 2003 or
                                                                early 2004 re abuse when
                                                                he was 15.
  Montoya        Leonardo             S Convicted Diocesan      Montoya, a native of             Bridgeport,   Source:                                                                                      Page 48 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                              1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                                Columbia and a 3rd year         CT            Connecticut Post 1.30.04; Connecticut Post 1.24.05;
                                                                seminary student for the                      Connecticut Post 1.28.05; Connecticut Post 4.01.05;
                                                                Bridgeport Diocese, was                       Connecticut Post 5.20.05
                                                                criminally charged with
                                                                molesting a 16 yr old girl in
                                                                Nov. 2003 while she slept.
                                                                He pled not guilty.
                                                                Immediately dismissed from
                                                                Seminary. Girl says he
                                                                groped her during a car ride
                                                                to her home and then
                                                                appeared in her room twice
                                                                during the night and tried to
                                                                molest her. Jury found him
                                                                guilty 1/05. Sentenced to 1
                                                                yr jail, suspended after 90
                                                                days served, and 3 yrs
  Moody          Michael              B Sued      Brothers of   Accused of abuse of 2 in        Los         Source:
                 Andre                            St. Francis   1980 per archdiocesan           Angeles, CA LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 6
                                                                report. Named in Dec. 2003                  Assignments:
                                                                civil suit.                                 LA Times Database 4.20.06
  Moore          Joseph P.    1971    P Settled   Diocesan      Quietly removed from parish     Bridgeport,   Source:
                                                                assignment in 1997 after        CT            Hartford Courant 4.22.02; Hartford Courant 4.23.02;
                                                                allegations of sexual                         Connecticut Post 10.18.02; Connecticut Post 11.13.02;
                                                                misconduct. Two parents                       Connecticut Post 10.22.03; Connecticut Post 6.18.04
                                                                met with Diocese officials in                 Assignments:
                                                                1995 to complain that                         Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
                                                                Moore had abused their
                                                                sons. No action for another
                                                                2 years. Name not revealed
                                                                until 4/02 along with 4-5
                                                                other priests previously
                                                                unnamed. Other articles say
                                                                allegations first surfaced in
                                                                1970s. Moore served
                                                                outside the diocese from
                                                                1983 to 1997 when he was
                                                                suspended.. Settlements in
                                                                2001, 2003 & 2004.
  Moorse         Dunstan      1977    P Settled   Benedictine   Two 1991 civil suits claim     St. Cloud,     Source:
                                                                Moorse abused two boys         MN             Associated Press 4.30.02; Associated Press 5.16.02;
                                                                while teaching at St. John's                  Minnesota Public Radio 6.6.02; Star Tribune 6.7.02;
                                                                Prep school in Collegeville                   Associated Press 7.12.02; The Record 9.07.02; Star Tribune
                                                                in 1984. Abbot knew in 1984                   9.29.02; Star Tribune 9.29.02; St. Cloud Times 10.02.02; St.
                                                                but did nothing. Another                      Cloud Times 7.2.03; St. Cloud Times 7.6.03; St. Cloud Times
                                                                Civil suit filed 2002 alleging                6.23.04; St. Cloud Times 9.4.04; St. Cloud Times 8.10.06;
                                                                abuse in 1980s. Suit settled                  The Record 9.7.06
                                                                against order at St. John's
                                                                Abbeyin 9/02 but claims
                                                                against Moorse remained.
                                                                Those dismissed 7/03 on
                                                                SOL. Moorse remains at the
                                                                abbey, restricted in his work
                                                                and social activities.
  Moran          Edward M.    1976    P Accused   Diocesan      Per June 2002 article,       Hartford, CT Source:
                                                                Moran told his parishioners               Hartford Courant 6.02.02; Hartford Courant 6.03.02
                                                                that a woman had come
                                                                forward in 1996 to say that
                                                                he had abused her in 1980
                                                                when she was 7 or 8 and
                                                                attended St. Brigid Church.
                                                                There was a "full and
                                                                complete" investigation by
                                                                the archdiocese in 1996
                                                                which found no basis for the
                                                                allegation. Moran says there
                                                                was no lawsuit or financial
                                                                settlement. He denied the
  Moran          Robert E.    1969    P Accused   Diocesan      Accused by a priest of       Lafayette, IN Source:
                                                                taking sexual advantage of                 Indianapolis Star 2.16.97; Indianapolis Star 2.19.07 (Major
                                                                him during counseling                      Accounts)
                                                                session when accuser was
                                                                19 yr old college student.
                                                                Youth's father was dying
                                                                and mother was drinking.
                                                                They went on to have 15 yr
                                                                sexual relationship which
                                                                ended in 1994 when
                                                                accuser told therapist about
                                                                it and learned he had been
                                                                exploited. Moran went to
                                                                therapy and was reassigned.                                                                                     Page 49 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                           1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                                Still active in 2005. Accuser
                                                                left priesthood.
  Morel          John J.      1969    P Sued      Diocesan      Sued 1994 in massive RICO Camden, NJ Source:
                                                                petition. Man claimed in             Atlantic County, NJ; # ATL-L-004059-94
                                                                1993 written statement that
                                                                Morel abused him from
                                                                1973-1981. In 1995 Morel
                                                                pleaded guilty to
                                                                harassment by touching;
                                                                sentenced to 6 months
                                                                probation and counseling.
                                                                Placed on admin. leave at
                                                                the time of the accusations.
  Morel          L.                   B Accused   Brothers of   Teacher at Bishop Gurtin     Manchester, Source:
                                                  the Sacred    High School. A former        NH          Manchester Report from NH Atty General 3.3.03; Documents
                                                  Heart         student alleged that in 1981             from NH Atty General Report 3.3.03; Union Leader 3.4.03
                                                                (after he graduated) he went
                                                                to Morel for counseling
                                                                because of sexual problem
                                                                and Morel told him to unzip
                                                                his pants. Morel then
                                                                proceded to fondle him. He
                                                                left but next time he saw
                                                                Morel, says that Morel
                                                                huged him and told him that
                                                                he loved him. The man then
                                                                wrote a letter to the head
                                                                brother at Bishop Guertin.
  Morel          Robert       1969    P Charged   Diocesan      Placed on leave 1993.           Newark, NJ   Source:
                                                                Charged with criminal sexual                 NY Times 7.22.93; NY Times 7.25.93; Newsday 7.29.93;
                                                                contact after allegedly                      Star Ledger 1.14.94; Star-Ledger 1.26.94; The Record
                                                                fondling a youth. Trial set for              7.14.94; The Record 6.17.02
                                                                1994. Sentenced to 6
                                                                months probation. Morel
                                                                also faced civil suit filed by
                                                                man who alleged Morel
                                                                abused him for 8 years
                                                                beginning when he was 9
                                                                and ending about 1981.
  Moreno         Jorge        1970    P Accused   Diocesan      Moreno came to               Sacramento, Source:
                                                                Sacramento Diocese in        CA          Associated Press 4.06.02; Sacramento Bee 6.12.02;
                                                                1970 from Mexico. He                     Sacramento Bee 6.30.05
                                                                served until 1983 when he
                                                                left on sabbatical. He
                                                                returned to serve at several
                                                                more dioceses. Placed on
                                                                leave in 1994 when a former
                                                                altar boy accused him of
                                                                molesting him for 5 yrs.
                                                                While criminal charges were
                                                                pending, Moreno returned to
                                                                Mexico and is said to no
                                                                longer be a priest. Name
                                                                was revealed in April 2002.
                                                                Included in 6/05 settlement.
  Morgan         William H.           P Sued      Diocesan      Sued 2001. Accused of           Boston, MA   Source:
                                                                abuse. Died.                                 Boston Globe 2.5.01
  Moriarty       John                 B Settled   Christian     Accused in 2003 suit of       San            Source:
                                                  Brother       abusing a 17 yr old boy in    Francisco,     Contra Costa Times 1.23.05; Contra Costa Times 4.01.08
                                                                1975-1976 at St. Helena       CA
                                                                retreat house. Victim settled
                                                                in late 2004 for $1.2 mil.
                                                                Moriarty at Wounded
                                                                Brothers Project in Missouri
                                                                for some period of time. Per
                                                                May 2006 newsletter by San
                                                                Francisco District of
                                                                Christian Brothers, he is to
                                                                be at based at Mont La
                                                                Salle in Napa. May have
                                                                been included in 2004
  Moriarty       Paul J.      1948    P Sued      Diocesan      Sued 2002. Accused of           Boston, MA   Source:
                                                                cover-up. Died.                              Boston Globe 9.19.02
                                                                                                             Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record; Other Assignment
                                                                                                             Records; Letter 2.12.60 on Juvenile Court Chaplaincy

  Morrissette    Robert H.    1975    P Accused   Diocesan      Suspended. Admission of         Boston, MA   Source:
                                                                abuse of children. Laicized                  Boston Globe 12.4.02; Boston Globe 3.19.06
                                                                per 3.06 article.                            Assignments:                                                                                   Page 50 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                            1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                                                                            Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record; Other Assignment
                                                                                                            Record; Memo 8.13.97 about Hotel Job and Therapy

  Morrissey      Robert P.    1976    P Settled    Diocesan   Man alleged in 12/02 that he Bridgeport,      Source:
                                                              had been abused separately CT                 Connecticut Post 12.14.02; Connecticut Post 3.15.03;
                                                              by Morrissey and two other                    Hartford Courant (AP) 3.18.03; Connecticut Post 10.16.03;
                                                              priests from 1979-1983                        Associated Press 10.17.03
                                                              when he was between ages                      Assignments:
                                                              of 15 and 19.. All three                      Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
                                                              immediately placed on
                                                              leave. In 2003, accegations
                                                              surfaced that $500,000 was
                                                              missing from an authorized
                                                              brokerage account at
                                                              Morrissey's last church.
                                                              Claims included in massive
                                                              $21 mil settlement in 10/03
                                                              with 40 people abused by
                                                              16 priests.
  Morrow         Thomas O.    1971    P Indicted   Diocesan   Per 8/96 article, Morrow, a   Brooklyn,       Source:
                                                              psychologist, was indicted    NY              Newsday 6.13.96; Daily News 6.13.96; Newsday 6.14.96;
                                                              on charges he raped a 15                      Newsday 6.30.96; Newsday 7.03.96; Daily News 7.03.96;
                                                              yr old boy he had been                        Newsday 7.10.96; Daily News 8.16.96
                                                              hired to counsel. Also
                                                              accused of taking pictures of
                                                              the nude boy. In 07/96
                                                              Morrow was released on
                                                              bail after stabbling a
                                                              potential sex partner. He
                                                              then apparently picked
                                                              another partner and was
                                                              seen chasing the screaming,
                                                              bloodied young man.
                                                              Morrow was known to pick
                                                              up male prostitutes and
                                                              trade drugs and cash for
                                                              sex. On leave from diocese
                                                              since 1987.
  Morse          John J.      1961    P Accused    Jesuit     15 women and 1 man            Spokane,        Source:
                                                              accused Morse and a           WA              Columbia Basin Herald 4.17.06; Columbia Basin Herald
                                                              religious brother of abuse                    4.24.06; Yakima Herald-Republic 5.04.06; Spokesman
                                                              when they were students at                    Review 5.04.07; Statement by Diocese of Spokane 11.21.07;
                                                              St. Mary's Mission and                        Seattle Times 1.04.08; Associated Press 1.04.08;
                                                              School on the Colville Indian                 Spokesman Review 1.04.08
                                                              Reservation in late 1950-
                                                              early 1960s. He was placed
                                                              on leave and currently lives
                                                              under supervision at a
                                                              Jesuit residence. He is also
                                                              on list issued by Spokane
                                                              Diocese11/07 of priests with
                                                              admitted, proven or credible
                                                              accusations. Jesuits
                                                              announced $4.8 mil
                                                              settlement with the 16 in
                                                              Jan. 2008.
  Motherway      Thomas F.    none    P Accused    Diocesan   Accused of abuse.                Boston, MA   Source:
                                                              Removed 2003.                                 Boston Globe 3.5.03
  Mott           John D.      1956    P Accused    Diocesan   Mott is alleged to have          Rockville    Source:
                                                              abused a 15 yr old girl in       Centre, NY   Newsday 1.12.95; Newsday 10.05.95; Newsday 3.13.97;
                                                              1960s. She filed civil suit in                Newsday 8.21.97; Newsday 6.07.02; USA Today 11.11.02
                                                              1994 and at least 4 other                     Assignments:
                                                              women have come forward              Assignment Record and Other Info
                                                              with similar complaints. Mott
                                                              took a 6 mo leave after the
                                                              other women came forward.
                                                              Mott underwent psychiatric
                                                              evaluation twice; he was
                                                              found to not be in need of
                                                              counseling either time. Suit
                                                              dropped 1995 due to SOL.
                                                              Two of the women filed suit
                                                              in 1997; suit dismissed
                                                              1998. Diocese settled with
                                                              both women. Mott is dead.
  Mouser         J. Irvin     1965    P Sued       Diocesan   Mouser placed on leave         Louisville,    Source:
                                                              5/02. Beginning in 6/02, 5     KY             Courier-Journal 6.7.02; Courier-Journal 6.27.02; Courier-
                                                              men filed separate civil suits                Journal 7.6.02; Courier-Journal 7.31.02; Courier-Journal
                                                              accusing him of abusing                       9.29.02 (Major Account); Courier-Journal 9.29.02; Courier-
                                                              them. Mouser allegedly took                   Journal 6.14.04; Courier-Journal 10.25.05
                                                              several of the boys to drive-                 Assignments:
                                                              in movies at various times,                   Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm                                                                                   Page 51 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                             1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                               gave them alcohol and
                                                               assaulted them. Review
                                                               Board found allegations to
                                                               be true 6/04. Vatican
                                                               ordered him to live life of
                                                               prayer and penance per
                                                               10/05 announcement.
  Mowat          Anton                P Convicted Diocesan     Mowat, from England, was      Atlanta, GA   Source:
                                                               charged in 1988 with abuse                  Associated Press 4.05.89; Georgia Bulletin 2.01.90; Georgia
                                                               of 4 altar boys in Stone Mt.                Bulletin 5.31.90; Atlanta Journal & Constitution 9.12.91;
                                                               Georgia. Prior to charges,                  Atlanta Journal & Constitution 3.01.96; Atlanta Journal &
                                                               he fled the U.S. Extradited                 Constitution 7.30.97; Georgia Bulletin 4.04.02
                                                               from England in 1990 and
                                                               convicted. Sentenced to 6
                                                               yrs jail and probation.
                                                               Served 15 mos; released
                                                               and deported toEngland.
                                                               Atlanta Archdiocese paid at
                                                               least $358,000 to families of
                                                               t3 of the boys. In 03/96
                                                               Mowat was arrested on
                                                               charges of violating his
                                                               probation by inappropriately
                                                               touching an 11 yr old boy in
  Mravintz       Ralph                B Convicted Marianist    Mravintz, a brother and       Pittsburgh,   Source:
                                                               teacher at a Catholic high    PA            United Press International 5.01.85; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
                                                               school, was accused of                      8.25.87; Sun Sentinel 5.28.06
                                                               molesting a male student
                                                               from Oct. 1984-Feb. 1985
                                                               by hugging him, saying I
                                                               Love You and fondling the
                                                               youth sought help with
                                                               studies. Mravintz faced
                                                               charges of indecent assault
                                                               and corrupting a minor but
                                                               was not removed from his
                                                               classroom. He pleaded no
                                                               contest to disorderly conduct
                                                               charge because boy did not
                                                               want to testify. Diocese
                                                               denied responsibility
                                                               because Mravintz was a
                                                               member of a religious order.
                                                               Died 5/06.
  Mueller        John J.      1959    P Accused    Diocesan    Placed on leave July, 2002. Cleveland,      Source:
                                                               Accusations date back to       OH           Plain Dealer 7.05.02; Akron Beacon Journal 7.05.02; Akron
                                                               1962 and involve a then-16                  Beacon Journal 8.19.04; Beacon Journal 1.03.05
                                                               yr old girl whom he was
                                                               counseling. Girl has also
                                                               made allegations against 4
                                                               or five other priests. Mueller
                                                               allowed to retire. Review
                                                               Board said that
                                                               preponderance of evidence
                                                               showed Mueller engaged in
                                                               conduct defined as sexual
                                                               abuse of a minor (a 16 yr
                                                               old girl) but could not be
                                                               removed from priesthood
                                                               because at that time 16 was
                                                               recognized as adult under
                                                               church law. He also abused
                                                               a woman in 1977.
  Mueller        William              B Sued       Marianist   Order & Diocese sued 2005. Pueblo, CO       Source:
                                                               More suits 2006. Accused of                 St. Louis Post Dispatch (AP) 9.15.05; ABC Channel 7
                                                               abuse of at least 40                        9.14.05; 9.21.05; Columbia Daily
                                                               students in 1960s-1970s.                    Tribune 9.21.05; Pueblo Chieftain 9.22.05; Pueblo Chieftain
                                                               He would drug them and                      10.13.05; St. Louis Post Dispatch 10.16.05;
                                                               then abuse them. He left           11.03.05; Pueblo Chieftain 1.14.06;
                                                               order in 1986. Some of the                  Pueblo Chieftain 1.27.06; Pueblo Chieftain 5.04.06;
                                                               litigation filed in Texas and      6.16.06; Pueblo Chieftain 10.05.06;
                                                               Missouri where he also                      Pueblo Chieftain 6,18.06; Pueblo Chieftain 6.19.07
                                                               worked. Allegations are that                Assignments:
                                                               diocese knew as early as                    Pueblo Chieftan 9.29.07 (add'l article); St. Louis Post
                                                               2002. 22nd suit filed end of                Dispatch 10.20.07 (add'l article); Pueblo Chieftain 2.17.08
                                                               Jan. 2007. Order                            (add'l article); Pueblo Chieftain 10.30.08 (add'l article); San
                                                               investigating move from                     Antonio Express 10.30.08 (add'l article); Pueblo Chieftain
                                                               Missouri to Pueblo in 1960s                 11.1.08 (add'l article)
                                                               to see if abuse known prior
                                                               to move. One Missouri suit
                                                               settled 10/07. 23 suits
                                                               settled 10/08 for $4M from
                                                               order and Diocese.                                                                                     Page 52 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                           1/28/09 2:53 PM

  Muha           Edward J.    1945    P Settled   Diocesan     One man has claimed that     Hartford, CT Source:
                                                               he was abused by Muha at                  Connecticut Post 10.31.05; Hartford Courant 11.01.05; NY
                                                               Immaculate Conception                     Times 11.01.05; The Bristol Press 11.02.05
                                                               Church in Terryville in 1970
                                                               when he was 7 or 8 yrs old.
                                                               Claims are included in 10/05
                                                               $22 mil settlement between
                                                               Archdiocese and 45
                                                               plaintiffs claiming abuse by
                                                               14 priests. Muha died in
  Mulhall        Francis X.   1947    P Sued      Diocesan     In massive civil suit filed  Brooklyn,       Source:
                                                               10/03, 27 victims allege     NY              Newsday 10.02.03; Newsday 10.03.03; Queens Chronicle
                                                               abuse by 24 priests,                         10.09.03
                                                               including Mulhall. One
                                                               woman has alleged that
                                                               Mulhall sexually abused her
                                                               in 1984. She says she was
                                                               7 or 8 and he fondled her in
                                                               rectory and in confessional.
                                                               Mulhall has been working as
                                                               archivist on the diocesan
                                                               marriage tribunal and is one
                                                               of only 3 out of 24 priests
                                                               who was active when the
                                                               suit was filed.
  Mulholland     John H.      1965    P Accused   Diocesan     Accused of abuse of six or    Philadelphia, Source:
                                                               more young boys and others PA               Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Philadelphia Inquirer
                                                               in 1960s and early 1970s. In                9.23.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 9.27.05; Philadelphia Daily
                                                               2004 Archdiocese                            News 9.27.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 10.25.05; Bucks Courty
                                                               determined charges were                     Courier Times 11.01.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 12.23.06;
                                                               not credible but that he                    Archdiocese of Philadelphia Website; The Reporter 8.28.08;
                                                               needed mental health help.                  Bucks County Courier Times 8.29.08; Delco Times 8.29.08
                                                               Remained active until just                  Assignments:
                                                               after Grand Jury Report was                 Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile
                                                               released in 2005. Another
                                                               allegation was received after
                                                               the report was released.
                                                               Laicization announced 8/08.
  Mulica         F. James     1967    P Settled   Diocesan     Charged with molesting a        Cleveland,   Source:
                                                               14 yr old altar boy in 1981.    OH           UPI 7.12.87; Associated Press 7.17.87; The Plain Dealer
                                                               Diocese settled with family                  3.10.02; Plain Dealer 4.09.02; Akron Beacon Journal
                                                               for $40,000 total. Mulica sent               4.09.02; Akron Beacon Journal 5.20.02; Akron Beacon
                                                               to alcohol treatment center                  Journal 5.25.02; Akron Beacon Journal 7.05.02; The
                                                               and then reassigned                          Dispatch (Cleveland) 7.19.05; 7.20.05; Plain
                                                               (contrary to promises) in                    Dealer 7.21.05; Akron Beacon Journal 7.26.05; Plain Dealer
                                                               1983 to another parish.                      4.15.06
                                                               Reassigned to non-parish
                                                               work in 1987 after
                                                               newspaper investigation and
                                                               charges against other
                                                               priests, Also criminal
                                                               charges. "Left priesthood" in
                                                               1988 but still in 2002 Official
                                                               Catholic Directory as
  Mullen         Timothy F.   1973    P Accused   Norbertine   Named in Whitwell v.         Wilmington,     Source:
                                                               Archmere et al. as a "sexual DE              News Journal 1.30.04; Complaint in Whitwell v. Archmere et
                                                               predator" whom the                           al. 10.7.07
                                                               Norbertines "chose to move
                                                               ... around over the years
                                                               rather than defrock [him],
                                                               report [him] to the civil
                                                               authorities or warn the
                                                               general public." Named Prior
                                                               of Archmere Academy in
                                                               1993. Died 1/29/04.
  Mullin         Jay          1969    P Settled   Diocesan     accused in 1992 of sexually Boston, MA       Source:
                 Michael                                       molesting a boy in the early                 Boston Globe 1.31.02; Boston Globe 2.24.02; Boston Globe
                                                               1970s. Removed from                          4.3.02; Patriot Ledger 12.20.02; Newsday 2.10.03; Long
                                                               parish in 1992. Claim settled                Island Press 8.5.04; Patriot Ledger 10.20.08
                                                               1997 for $50K. Priest denied                 Assignments:
                                                               allegations; said diocese                    Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record
                                                               forced settlement. Back in
                                                               parish by 1998. At first, he
                                                               was just the organist. Then
                                                               announced he was priest
                                                               but had not been functioning
                                                               because of health.
                                                               Personnel file was released
                                                               12/02 and he was again
                                                               removed from ministry. Still
                                                               on leave 2008.                                                                                   Page 53 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                            1/28/09 2:53 PM

  Mullins        Lawrence     1977    P Accused   Diocesan      Five men filed suit in 9/02   Joliet, IL     Source:
                                                                alleging that Mullins                        Herald News 8.11.02; Chicago Daily Herald 9.10.02;
                                                                molested them and that                       Chicago Daily Herald 1.29.04; Chicago Tribune 3.04.06;
                                                                Diocese should have known                    Diocese of Joliet Press Release 4.09.06
                                                                he was unfit. Suit dismissed
                                                                under statute of limitations
                                                                and four of the plaintiffs
                                                                refiled under new law. Judge
                                                                dismissed again in Jan.
                                                                2004. A sixth plaintiff filed
                                                                civil suit in July 2004
                                                                alleging abuse from 1978-
                                                                1980. First allegations were
                                                                received in 1986. Not placed
                                                                on leave until 1993.
  Mulryan        Thomas               B Accused   Congregation Mulryan was accused in          St.           Source:
                                                  of Holy      1994 of abuse of 3 boys at      Petersburg,   Tampa Tribune 12.13.94; St. Petersburg Times 12.13.94;
                                                  Cross        Notre Dame International        FL            Tampa Tribune 12.14.94; St. Petersburg Times 12.14.94;
                                                               School in Rome in early                       Tampa Tribune 6.3.95
                                                               1960s. He was a religious
                                                               brother at the time but left
                                                               the order in 1970s. He had
                                                               worked for Catholic schools
                                                               in MA and NY before
                                                               coming to work as teacher
                                                               at Jesuit High School in
                                                               Tampa in 1988. Became
                                                               prinicpal in 1992. Placed on
                                                               leave 12/94 when
                                                               allegations became known.
                                                               He denied all allegations.
                                                               No known victims located at
                                                               any of the U.S. schools.
                                                               Mulryan retired 6/95.
  Mulsoff        Donald       1969    P Accused   Diocesan      Removed 2002. Accused of       Chicago, IL   Source:
                 John                                           abuse. Laicized 9/05. Died                   USA Today 11.11.02; Chicago Archdiocesan Report 3.20.06
                                                                11/05                                        page 2; Chicago Sun-Times 1.17.03; Chicago Sun-Times
                                                                                                    Assignment Record

  Mulvihill      Daniel       1953    P Sued      Diocesan      Named in 1996 civil suit      Wichita, KS    Source:
                                                                filed by 4 brothers. Men said                Wichita Eagle 5.21.96
                                                                that they were abused at St.
                                                                joseph's Children Home in
                                                                Kansas and that they
                                                                believed that another priest
                                                                had molested their sister
                                                                and that she had born the
                                                                priest a child. They say they
                                                                found her diary after her
                                                                death and a picture of her
                                                                with a priest and a baby
                                                                boy. Diocese investigated
                                                                and said that Mulvihill
                                                                denied that he was the
                                                                father of the child and that
                                                                the diary was the dreaming
                                                                of a lonely young woman
                                                                about a kid and handsome
  Mundy          Joseph T.    1981    P Accused   Diocesan      A religious educator learned Rockville       Source:
                                                                during a church retreat in    Centre, NY     Newsday 6.03.02; Suffolk Co. Grand Jury Report 1.17.03;
                                                                1994 that a 14 yr old former                 Newsday 2.11.03; Riverhead News Review Online 2.13.03
                                                                alter boy was being                          Assignments:
                                                                "groomed" for sex by Mundy          Assignment Record and Other Info
                                                                and she reported the matter
                                                                to Msgr. Alan Placa (later
                                                                accused of abuse himself).
                                                                The alleged victim claimed
                                                                that Mundy also abused his
                                                                close friend. Mundy refused
                                                                to go for treatment to St.
                                                                Luke's but did agree to
                                                                private counselor in Long
                                                                Island. He has been
                                                                identified as Priest A in the
                                                                2003 Grand Jury Report re
  Munoz          Antonio              P Accused   Diocesan      According to Cardinal          Stockton,     Source:
                                                                Mahony's 2004 deposition,      CA            Deposition of Cardinal Roger Mahony 11.23.04.; LA Times
                                                                he removed Munoz, a                          12.10.04; San Francisco Chronicle 12.11.04; SF Weekly
                                                                visiting priest from Mexico,                 12.15.04; LA Weekly 12.17.04; Media Watch 10.12.06;
                                                                after parents met with him                   Monterey Herald (AP) 10.24.06                                                                                   Page 54 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                             1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                                and alleged that Munoz
                                                                sexually abused several
                                                                high school students during
                                                                a 1981 trip he organized to
                                                                Tijuana. When Mahony
                                                                testified in the 1998 O'Grady
                                                                trial, he had stated that
                                                                O'Grady was the only
                                                                accused priest with whom
                                                                he dealt in Stockton.
  Murguia        Ralph                B Sued      Salesian      Accused of abuse of 1           Los         Source:
                                                                between 1957-1960 per           Angeles, CA LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05;
                                                                archdiocesan report                1.28.08; City of Angels 3.19.08
                                                                addendum. Named in 1 civil                  Assignments:
                                                                suit.                                       LA Times Database 4.20.06
  Murnig         Guy          1970 ? P Sued       Diocesan      Sued. Accused of abuse of    San             Source:
                 Anthony                                        15 yr old girl between 1970- Francisco,      San Francisco Chronicle 10.16.02; Marin Independent
                                                                1974. Claim included in      CA              Journal 1.23.03; Marin Independent Journal 7.3.03; SF
                                                                June 2005 settlement w                       Weekly 1.19.05; San Francisco Chronicle 6.11.05
                                                                Archdiocese. Arrested and
                                                                charged 10/02. Charges
                                                                dropped 7/03 due to
                                                                Supreme Court ruling. Left
                                                                priesthood in 1978 to marry.
                                                                Laicized by Pope John
  Murphy         Alfred M.            P Settled   Augustinian   Settled 1992. Accused of        Boston, MA   Source:
                                                                abuse.                                       Philadelphia Daily News 12.20.02
  Murphy         Charles J.   1960    P Sued      Diocesan      Accused in 5/11/04 suit of  Boston, MA       Source:
                                                                walking in on a girl at the                  Boston Herald 5.12.04; Boston Herald 8.22.04; Patriot
                                                                Boston School for the Deaf                   Ledger 4.12.06; Patriot Ledger 4.28.06; National Catholic
                                                                while she was partially                      Register 5.05.06
                                                                clothed. Later complaint
                                                                alleged fondling as well.
                                                                Murphy denied the charge.
                                                                Placed on administrative
                                                                leave 8/21/04. Initial suit
                                                                named 9 plaintiffs and 14
                                                                defendants, of whom 13
                                                                were nuns (see McAvoy and
                                                                Mary Mark entries). More
                                                                suits were filed. Witnesses
                                                                regarding pattern and
                                                                practice at the school were
                                                                barred; all suits were
                                                                withdrawn or dismissed.
                                                                Archdiocese reinstated
                                                                Murphy 4/11/06.
  Murphy         David C.     1963    P Settled   Diocesan      Settled. Removed from his     Boston, MA     Source:
                                                                position as chaplain at                      Patriot Ledger 2.8.02; Boston Herald 2.8.02; Boston Globe
                                                                Brockton Hospital 2/02                       2.8.02; Patriot Ledger 2.11.02; Boston Globe 2.24.02;
                                                                because of multiple                          Pattern & Practice Brief 7.21.03; Documents from personnel
                                                                allegations of abuse. He                     file
                                                                had been in this assignment                  Assignments:
                                                                since 1997 but hospital did                  Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record
                                                                not know of past allegations.
                                                                Multiple allegations in
                                                                personnel file released
                                                                12/02. One individual
                                                                received $20K settlement.
                                                                One new claim received
                                                                after he was placed on
  Murphy         Dennis       1974    P Accused   Diocesan      Placed on leave 4/04           Richmond,     Source:
                                                                because of complaints about VA               Richmond Times Dispatch 9.04.02; Richmond Times
                                                                his interaction with teenage                 Dispatch 9.05.02; Associated Press 4.08.04; Richmond
                                                                youths. Had only been in his                 Times Dispatch 4.09.04
                                                                current parish assignment
                                                                for 2 yrs, having replaced
                                                                Fr. Julian Goodman, an
                                                                alleged abuser. Sent for
                                                                evaluation. Murphy was on
                                                                loan to the Military
                                                                Archdiocese working in
                                                                Providence RI at the VA
                                                                hospital for previous 9 years
                                                                "to care for his mother." He
                                                                is "retired from ministry" per
                                                                the diocesan website on
                                                                12/20/07 but he is also
                                                                shown as affiliated with the
                                                                Univ. of Virginia in
                                                                Charlottesville                                                                                     Page 55 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                               1/28/09 2:53 PM

  Murphy         Francis      1957    P Accused   Diocesan      Moved to Alaska in 1960s.      Anchorage,       Source:
                 (Frank) A.                                     Accused of abuse of 5          AK               Arizona Republic 2.04.03; Boston Globe 2.05.03; Juneau
                                                                teenage boys. Murphy left                       Empire (AP) 2.09.03; Anchorage Daily News 2.26.04; Gallup
                                                                Alaska in mid-1980s for                         Independent 8.03.05; KTVA 8.04.06; Anchorage Daily News
                                                                alcoholism treatment.                           8.04.06; Anchorage Daily News 9.27.06
                                                                Reports of child sexual                         Assignments:
                                                                abuse involving boys and                        Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record
                                                                pornography began to
                                                                surface about the time he
                                                                left Anchorage 1st official
                                                                complaint to Diocese was in
                                                                1994. Worked in Boston
                                                                after treatment. Boston
                                                                personnel file released 2003
                                                                included 1985 police report.
                                                                Removed in 1995. Later
                                                                worked in Gallup NM
                                                                diocese. 5 plaintiffs got $1.4
                                                                mil settlement 8/06.
  Murphy         Howard               B Sued      Marist        Murphy, a teacher and           Rockville       Source:
                                                                guidance counselor at St.       Centre, NY      Newsday 4.15.03; Newsday 4.15.03 (2nd); Compasso v.
                                                                Mary's High School in 1984,                     Vollmer et al, Supreme Court, State of NY, County of Nassau
                                                                was named as a defendant                        Assignments:
                                                                in one of two civil suits filed        Assignment Record and Other Info
                                                                in April 2003. Suits contain
                                                                allegations for the first time
                                                                against 9 priests and
                                                                brothers. Abuse by Murphy
                                                                is allegedto have occurred in
                                                                1984 while on a retreat in
                                                                upstate New York. Sexual
                                                                and psychological abuse
  Murphy         James E.     1963    P Accused   Diocesan      Name appeared on list of 21 Fall River,         Source:
                                                                priests accused of abuse      MA                Boston Globe 9.27.02; Boston Herald 9.27.02; Herald News
                                                                which District Attorney                         9.27.02
                                                                released 9/02. List says
                                                                three alleged victims with
                                                                claims beyond the SOL.
                                                                Worked at St. Patrick
                                                                Church until left for Lima,
                                                                Peru, in 1966 to take part in
                                                                a South American mission.
                                                                Upon his return, he became
                                                                a priest at St. Mary's Church
                                                                in Taunton.
  Murphy         James W.     1948    P Accused   Diocesan      Accused of sexually abusing Memphis,            Source:
                                                                boys with Janssen, Geerts, TN
                                                                and Bass during trips to the                    Assignments:
                                                                Davenport IA diocese. Also                      Detailed Assignment Record
                                                                accused of abusing boys in
                                                                the Nashville diocese, in
                                                                places that would become
                                                                parts of the Memphis and
                                                                Knoxville dioceses. Also
                                                                worked in the St. Paul-
                                                                Minneapolis archdiocese at
                                                                a retreat center.
  Murphy         John         1968    P Settled   Augustinian   At least 6 plaintiffs filed suits Chicago, IL   Source:
                 Daniel                                         in 2003 accusing him of                         Chicago Tribune 2.15.03; Chicago Sun Times 12.08.04;
                                                                abuse. 13 plaintiffs settled                    KOTV (Tulsa, OK) 12.08.04; Chicago Sun Times 3.21.08;
                                                                2004. Order knew of abuse                       Southtown Star 3.21.08; Southwest News Herald 3.28.08
                                                                of at least 1 by 1981.
                                                                Resigned from Order in
                                                                1993. New suit filed 3/08 by
                                                                one man who alleged
                                                                Murphy and music director,
                                                                Br. Mark Thedens abused
                                                                him between 1976-1979.
  Murphy         Joseph L.            P Accused   Oblate        Accused of abuse of 1 at St. Los       Source:
                                                                Ferdinands in San Fernando Angeles, CA LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; Contra Costa
                                                                between 1957-1960 per                  Times 4.01.08
                                                                Archdiocesan report
                                                                addendum of Nov. 2005.
                                                                Also served in Oakland
                                                                Diocese. Died March, 1975.
  Murphy         Lawrence     1950    P Sued      Diocesan      Murphy resigned as director     Milwaukee,      Source:
                 C.                                             of St. John School for Deaf     WI              Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 4.1.02; Statement by
                                                                in 1974 after students                          Archdiocese of Milwaukee 7.9.04; Associated Press 7.9.04;
                                                                complained of abuse. He                         Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 7.10.04; Milwaukee Journal
                                                                was reassigned to several                       Sentinel 3.26.06; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 3.26.06;
                                                                parishes in Milwaukee and                       Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 3.27.06; Milwaukee Journal
                                                                Superior Dioceses. Civil suit                   Sentinel 3.27.06; Voice from the Desert 7.23.08; Milwaukee                                                                                       Page 56 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                               1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                                filed in 1975 but settled prior                 Journal Sentinel 7.24.08
                                                                to trial. 5/02 article says                     Assignments:
                                                                Murphy admitted to the                 Assignment Record
                                                                Milwaukee Archdiocese that
                                                                he sexually abused 34 boys
                                                                while working at the school.
                                                                Died in 1998. Suit for fraud
                                                                filed 7/08 against diocese re
                                                                abuse by Murphy.
  Murphy         Robert               B Accused   Carmelite     In 2002 Murphy admitted he Savannah,            Source:
                                                                had previously received     GA                  Chicago Tribune 4.11.02
                                                                treatment for sexual
                                                                misconduct with children in
                                                                Georgia in 1973 and
                                                                inappropriate behavior with
                                                                boys in Chicago in 1980s.
                                                                He was removed from
                                                                assignment in 1985 and
                                                                sent for treatment from
                                                                1985-1999. He had to
                                                                resign from Board of
                                                                Members at Joliet Catholic
                                                                Academy after his
  Murphy         Timothy      1967    P Accused   Trinitarian   In 1999 an individual alleged Baltimore,        Source:
                                                                sexual abuse in the late      MD                Baltimore Sun 9.26.02
                                                                1960s to early 1970s.
                                                                Archdiocese told the Order
                                                                and Murphy's faculties to
                                                                perform ministry were
                                                                removed. Per 2002 Catholic
                                                                directory, he was still
                                                                assigned to Holy Trinity
                                                                Monastery in Baltimore
                                                                where he has been
                                                                assigned since 1991. Name
                                                                appeared on Bartimore's
                                                                9/02 list of abusive priests.
  Murray         Daniel J.    1973    P Sued      Diocesan      Sued 2003. Allegations of      Los              Source:
                                                                abuse of 1 youth from 1973- Angeles, CA         Diocese of Orange Press Release 9.13.03; LA Times
                                                                1979. $500,000 settlement                       9.28.03; Daily Pilot 9.08.04; OC Weekly 3.04.05; Orange
                                                                in late 2003 kept secret for 1                  County Register 5.17.05; LA Archdiocesan Report
                                                                yr. Placed on leave. Former                     Addendum 11.15.05; Orange County Weekly 1.5.09
                                                                vocations director of Orange                    Assignments:
                                                                Diocese. Also accused of                        LA Times Database 4.20.06; OC Weekly 3.04.05
                                                                sexual misconduct in 1991
                                                                but diocese could not
                                                                substantiate. Named in
                                                                archdiocesan report
  Murray         Donald               P Sued      Diocesan      Sued. Accused of abuse.           Rapid City,   Source:
                                                                Died.                             SD            Rapid City Journal 8.19.03
  Murray         Edward               P Sued      Diocesan      Sued 2003. Accused of             Lexington,    Source:
                 Francis                                        abuse of a child. Died.           KY            Courier-Journal 4.23.03
  Murray         Jerome C             P Accused   Diocesan      Accused of sexual                 Lincoln, NE   Source:
                                                                molestation of child.                           Denver Post 3.15.03
  Murray         John         1960    P Sued      Diocesan      11/08 suit accused Murray     Cheyenne,         Source:
                                                                of sexually assaulting a      WY                Casper Star-Tribune 6.22.06; Star-Tribune 11.8.08; Star-
                                                                teenage girl at least 4 times                   Tribune 1.5.09; SNAP Statement 1.9.09; SNAP Statement
                                                                from 1976-1977 while                            1.13.09; Star-Tribune 1.26.09
                                                                assigned to St. Anthony's in
                                                                Casper. Woman began to
                                                                suffer from anxiety
                                                                attacks/nightmares in 2003.
                                                                She told her doctor & told
                                                                police in 2005. In 2006
                                                                Murray pleaded guilty to
                                                                engaging in indecent
                                                                liberties with a minor. 5 yrs
                                                                probation. Had been
                                                                volunteering at St. Anthony's
                                                                but was placed on leave w/o
                                                                privileges. He mentioned 2
                                                                girls. Violated probation
                                                                10/08 & spent week in jail.
                                                                Case settled 1/09.
  Murray         John J.      1947    P Accused   Diocesan      Accused of abuse of 2         Philadelphia, Source:
                                                                teenage girls in 1991.        PA            Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Local Catholic 9.29.05
                                                                Placed on leave w/                          Assignments:
                                                                restricted faculties 1992 and               Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile
                                                                "retired" in 1993. Additional
                                                                restrictions added 2004. He                                                                                      Page 57 of 58
Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse                                                                                                          1/28/09 2:53 PM

                                                              died March, 2006.
  Murray         Timothy J.   1977    P Accused   Diocesan    Placed on administrative      Detroit, MI   Source:
                                                              leave w/o privileges in 2004                Detroit Free Press 8.23.04
                                                              because of substantive
                                                              allegation of sexual
                                                              misconduct with a minor boy
                                                              during the early years of his
                                                              ministry. Archdiocese
                                                              reported abuse to DA's
                                                              office but no prosecution
                                                              because of statute of
  Muth           Stephen J.           P Sued      Diocesan    Civil suit filed 4/06 alleging Kansas City- Source:
                                                              abuse of one youth in 1992. St. Joseph, Belleville News Democrat (AP) 4.4.06; Kansas City Star
                                                              Same person claimed abuse MO                4.5.06; KAKE News 4.6.03
                                                              as an adult. Muth on admin.
                                                              leave in 2004 after
                                                              allegation surfaced. He is
                                                              member of Byzantine
                                                              Catholic Eparchy of Parma
                                                              Ohio and also admin of
                                                              parish in Kansas City-St.
                                                              Joseph Diocese
  Muzic          Anthony J.   1963    P Sued      Diocesan    1993 civil suit alleges Muzic, Cleveland,   Source:
                                                              a known alcoholic, provided OH              Plain Dealer 5.25.93; Plain Dealer 3.11.02; Plain Dealer
                                                              liquor to plaintiff and other               4.11.02; Plain Dealer 6.16.02
                                                              youths and took advantage
                                                              of drunken state to abuse
                                                              them. He took leave when
                                                              suit filed. Per 4/02 article,
                                                              Diocese did not include
                                                              Muzic's name on list of
                                                              accused clerics because
                                                              officials do not believe the
                                                              allegations against him were
                                                              credible. Plaintiff dropped
                                                              suit because of statute of
                                                              limitations issues but swears
                                                              that allegations are true.
                                                              Muzic retired.

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