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					                                                     Lesson Plan
                              Unit: Grade 10 Academic and Career Portfolio Development
                            Lesson Plan #27: Registration and Student-Led Conference Prep
                                           March 16, 2011, 11:05 – 11:55am

Materials: Four-Year Plan

1. Attendance & Bulletin (5 min): Take attendance and remember to enter on Skyward.

2. Student-Led Conference Appointments:
    Collect any of the signed and completed parent invitation letters that students have today.
    Sometimes parents will indicate several time slots that could fit into their schedule. Highlight one of these
      times and hand back to the student. Ask the student to return the highlighted form to their parent/guardian
      as a confirmation of the appointment.
    You should also jot down the parent name and contact information in the appropriate time slot on your
      teacher appointment schedule sheet.
    For students who have not returned an appointment sheet, now is the time to get a parent on the phone
      and schedule a time for each student-led conference.
    Please turn in a copy of your completed appointment sheet to the Counseling Office by March 22nd.

3. Announcements Re: Credit Checks and Transcripts
    You should have already rec’d a stack of transcripts for your students.
    Explain that “elective” credit can be fulfilled by taking more than the minimum number of credits in any
      distribution area. (e.g. We only require 2 credit of science to graduate; thus, a 3 credit of science is
      recorded as “elective” credit.)
    If students notice an error on either the transcript or credit check they should come into the Counseling
      Office to meet with their counselor.
    Both the transcript and credit check should help students select courses for next year.
    Both the transcript and credit check should be filed in the Student as Learner section.

4. Course Selection Worksheet & Four Year Planning
    Allow time for students to continue to work on their Course Selection Worksheets
      • IMPORTANT – Alternates must be chosen, don’t just write primary choices twice.
      • Double-check prerequisites.
    Students should have their rough draft of the Course Selection Worksheet done today. They will
      transfer this information onto a 3-part NCR form next Tuesday during Connections.
    Hand out the “Four-Year Plan” document. This form is not required but it is a valuable tool that can help
      students plan out their courses through graduation.
    Students may take materials home to discuss with parents (but must remember to bring back).

5. Knight Planning Guide Tips
    Continue to review the Knight Planning Guide
    Make sure that student understand the concept of “cross-crediting” on page 10.
    The definitions on pages 24-27 help answer many questions. Here are a few examples:
          o What is CHOICE Credit (page 24)
          o What is Drawbridge (page 24)
          o Can courses be repeated (page 26)
          o Can students receive college credit for Tech Prep courses at BHS (page 27)
    Remind any student athletes who wish to play sports in college to read the section about NCAA
      requirements on pages 38-39.

6. Student-Led Conference Outline
    Students should have already received the Student-Led Conference Outline and begun to create their own
    Suggest that students also use note cards and post-it notes to organize what they want to say in each
      section of their presentation.
    Allow time for students to complete their presentation outline today.

7. Looking Ahead
    Remind students that we have an extra Connections meeting next Tuesday (9:15-9:45)

Dismiss Students at 11:55.

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