Smoking and Ulerative colitis by yunismalik



The ill effects of cigarette smoking are numerous,the most
dangerous being coronary heart diseases,lung
diseases,peripheral vascular diseases,urinary bladder cancer,lung
cancer,esophageal cancer,premature ageing of skin,the list is
endless so is the chemical composition of cigarette smoke

So cigarette smokers are at higher risk of getting those diseases
,most of which are attributed to the presence of nicotine in the
cigarette smoke.
Is there any disease affecting non-smokers only or more
prevalent in non-smokers ?
Ulcerative colitis is a chronic inflamatory disease of the colon
(large intestine) with unknown cause.It is characterised by
inflamation and sore (ulcers) in the inner lining of the large
intestine and rectum.The most common symptoms are are
chronic diarrhoea mixed with blood .It is now accepted that
ulcerative colitis predominantely affects non-smokers and
former smokers and the course of disease is more benign in
How nicotine exerts protective effect against ulcerative colitis?
      It may have inhibitory effect on body immune system.
      Excessive production of mucous in the intestinal wall(
       decreased in ulcerative colitis)which protects the intestinal
       wall from bacterial invasion and also from the breakdown
       products of food.
Shall we recommend cigarette smoking?

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