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					Credit and Debt Management of AMERICA (CDMA)
Offering Solutions to Get Out of Debt. 1-877-396-3328

How CDMA Helps YOU..?

We help our customers settle their debts in 36 months or less, without filing bankruptcy. We consider Customer debt situation and negotiate a settlement with their creditors. CDMA guides customers as to set up a savings account dedicated to retiring their settlement amounts, with monthly payments they can afford. We Putting on the Path of Financial Security

CDMA.. Special Tactics

We Offers unsecured debt Solutions including • Credit Card Debt • Unsecured Lines of Credit • Collection Agencies • Hospital and Medical Bills • Department Store Cards • Repossessed Vehicle Loans

• Avoid Financial Stress By Acting Today! Credit and Debt management of America 15660 N. Dallas Parkway Suite 1150 Dallas Texas-75248 Phone: (972) 392-2222