; i phone 5 concept
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i phone 5 concept


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									The iPhone 5 might not be arriving any time soon, but that hasn’t stopped
artists and design firms from creating their own mock-ups.

After analyzing the various iPhone 5 rumors, Italian designer Federico
Ciccarese came up with these gorgeous renders.

Ciccarese’s vision of the iPhone 5 predicts a slightly curved back. The
body of the phone, in fact, looks similar to Apple’s Magic Mouse. The
display is flat and “retina” in nature and the phone tapers off at the
top and bottom.

The headphone jack has moved to the side to accommodate the new design
and the back looks to be blasted aluminum, similar to what is used on the
MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac.

This isn’t the first time Ciccarese has mocked up his own version of
future Apple products. In addition to previously trying to design the
fifth-generation iPhone (what would become the iPhone 4S), Ciccarese has
also taken on concepts such as the iScreen, his vision of the rumored
integrated television from Apple.

We love the way the mockup details the glowing Apple on the back of the
phone. It’s the sort of design touch that we think Jony Ive and company
could even appreciate.

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