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									Plenty of Reasons to Invest in Kiawah
Island Homes
There are plenty of reasons why buying one of the beautiful Kiawah Island homes is totally
worth it. To start with the beach is considered to be amongst the best in the country. The fact
that it is a gated town with some stately homes makes the real estate even more desirable. The
island is also famous for its festivities and celebrations. Some of the homes spread over an
acre of area are beautiful, vast and picturesque to say the least. A ten-mile stretch of the
beautiful Kiawah coast makes investment in this part of the country worth every dollar. Some
of the houses have direct access to the beach, allowing the residents to enjoy their beach
views and sea breeze blowing gently into the rooms.

Kiawah island homes with brick and columned staircases, lush gardens, iron railings and
entrance doors made of mahogany offer the perfect blend of vintage charm and
sophistication. The hardwood floors, furnishing and shelves are just as impressive as the
graceful winding staircases. The cedar shake sidings, copper gutters and bead boarded
accents are all part of the unique features that are offered by most of the houses. The houses
on Royal Beach drive or Bufflehead drive. would cost you just over $3,000,000. With more
than 5 or 6 bedrooms and a similar number of bathrooms, these are as spacious and vast as
they can get in a place that is widely sought after for its rich ambiance, tranquility and ocean

The oceanfront properties and the pristine Kiawah Island homes allow the residents to also
enjoy boating and fishing in the lagoons which add more value to the charm of the whole
area. There are golf courses and club houses that add a lot of value to the gated communities.
Some of the houses also boast of spectacular courtyards and massive, but fenced backyards.
Sophistication isn't too far away from the houses either with open gourmet kitchens that boast
of stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops. The houses also hint of luxury with
vaulted ceilings, romantic fireplaces, heated swimming pools and outdoor decks for enjoying
sunshine and ocean views on pleasant days. Most of the houses offer excellent vistas of the
ocean even as their interiors boast of polished furnishings and sparkling fixtures that take the
decor up by couple of notches.

Many of the Kiawah Island homes have professionally landscaped areas which add to the
beauty of the houses. Oceanfront pools proximity to the west beach and the Cougar Point golf
course, for example are some of the facilities offered by a beach home in Spotted Sandpiper
area. Grand oak trees are aplenty in the Bufflehead drive, where one can find dream homes
with screened porches, back decks and large pools. The oak lined avenues are part of the
charm that makes the whole region so special. Residents of the many houses in the area can
also enjoy quiet walks along the secluded sandy stretches of the beach. Gentle archways and
bay windows can also be seen in many houses.

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