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					                               A Raisin in the Sun Unit Test

A Raisin in the Sun Act 1

1. How many windows does the Younger’s apartment have?
   a. 2                                 c. 1
   b. 4                                 d. 3

2. Why does Mama slap Beneatha?
   a. for cursing                           c. for saying there is no God
   b. for speaking rudely to Walter         d. for arguing about the money

3. What is Beneatha’s dream for herself?
   a. to be a doctor                        c. to marry a wealthy man
   b. to be a nurse                         d. to have her own apartment

4. When Ruth tells Mama about her pregnancy, what concern does she express for the baby?
   a. that it won’t be healthy           c. that Walter won’t want another child
   b. that the next child must be a girl d. that there is no room for the new baby

5. According to Beneatha, why could she never be serious about George Murchison?
   a. he’s too shallow                     c. he’s too poor
   b. he’s too rich                        d. he’s too smart.

6. When the family is eating breakfast, some of the characters have conflicts. Which pair did
   NOT have a conflict at breakfast?
   a. Walter and Ruth                       c. Walter and Beneatha
   b. Mama and Ruth                         d. Mama and Beneatha

7. How much did Beneatha’s riding habit cost?
   a. 50 dollars                           c. 100 dollars
   b. 1000 dollars                         d. 5 dollars

8. Walter doesn’t know about Ruth’s doctor’s appointment. What does that say about their
   a. Ruth is in charge of the household   c. the marriage is falling apart
   b. they are already separated           d. Walter doesn’t meddle in Ruth’s affairs

9. When Mama asks Walter to be like his daddy, what does she mean?
   a. he should cheat on his wife             c. he should work harder
   b. he should protect his unborn child      d. he should be head of the household
10. Which character is not in conflict with someone else?
  a. Beneatha                               c. Mama
  b. Ruth                                   d. Travis

11. What does the one window in the Younger’s apartment symbolize?
  a. the sadness they all feel in life   c. the light in the apartment
  c. the darkness outside                d. the fresh air they don’t have

12. Whom does Walter really feel the most resentment towards?
  a. Beneatha                              c. George Murchison
  c. Travis                                d. Mama

13. What does the insurance money NOT represent for the Youngers?
  a. A new life                             c. Dreams
  b. A newer social class/ group of friends d. a bright future

A Raisin in the Sun Act 2

14. What is Beneatha referring to when she says, “I hate assimilationist Negroes”?
  a. negroes who act and dress like Africans        c. negroes who act and dress like whites
  b. whites who act and dress like negroes          d. whites who act and dress like Africans

15. George is initially shocked when he sees Beneatha’s haircut, and says that wearing her hair
  naturally makes her eccentric. How does Beneatha respond to that comment?
  a. she covers her hair                     c. she calls him cruel
  b. she calls him an assimilationist        d. she breaks up with him

16. Why does Mama decide to give Walter the money to invest?
  a. she likes his investment ideas      c. he threatens to move away if she doesn’t
  b. she hopes to relieve his bitterness d. she decides that managing the money herself
     by treating him as the head of the     is just too much work

17. After Mama gives Walter the money to manage, he and Ruth went to a movie and held
  hands. What is the significance of their date?
  a. they finally have money to spend on an      c. they needed to get out of the house so
     evening out                                    they can talk privately about the divorce
  b. since Walter was fired from his job, he     d. their relationship improved after Mama
     finally had time to take Ruth out              gave him the money to manage

18. What does Bobo come to the apartment to tell Walter?
  a. that they’ve doubled their money   c. that Willie disappeared with the money.
  b. that the liquor store burned down  d. that Willie was robbed of the money.
19. What does Walter point out about George Murchison?
  a. he has white shoes                   c. he has a college degree
  b. he seems to really love Beneatha     d. he is shallow

20. Which of these is NOT a gift given to Mama?
  a. a pair of new shoes                    c. a large hat
  b. a set of curtains                      d. a gardening set

21. Why is it significant that Beneatha cut her hair?
  a. she wanted a new haircut                 c. it was something Mama had forbidden
  b. Asagai thought it was cool               d. she thought it freed her from assimilationism

22. What is the reversal of the play?
  a. Mr. Linder offering the Youngers money         c. Mama getting the hat and tools
  b. Walter losing the money                        d. Walter’s speech to his son

23. What does Walter NOT promise his son for the future?
  a. a college education                  c. a fine home
  b. a pony                               d. a good job

24. What does George want Beneatha to be?
  a. a simple, sophisticated girl       c. his wife
  b. the best doctor she can be         d. a maid

25. What is the MOST significant about Mama giving the money to Walter?
  a. it shows she loves him               c. she is making him head of the house
  b. she is helping with his dreams       d. she doesn’t care about selling liquor

26.How does Beneatha feel about George Murchison and Asagai?
  a. She loves them both.               c. She loves George, but hates Asagai
  b. She loves Asagai, but hates George d. she hates them both

A Raisin in the Sun Act 3

27. What is Mama’s reaction to Walter losing the money?
  a. she thinks she did not raise him well c. she’s sorry that she trusted him with the money
  b. she thinks she aimed too high in      d. she tells Walter to go after Willie and get the
     trying to buy a house                    money back

28. What is the last thing the Youngers take from the apartment?
  a. Mama’s dishes                           c. Ruth’s curtains
  b. Mama’s plant                            d. Walter’s hat
29. What does Walter tell Mr. Linder in Act 3?
  a. that the Youngers are afraid to move c. the the Youngers will fight for their home
  b. that the Youngers are a proud family d. that the Youngers are a kind family

30. What shape does Asagai say time is?
  a. square                                  c. circle
  b. line                                    d. diamond

31. When, according to Mama, should we love a person the most?
  a. when he/she is down and out         c. when he/she loves us in return
  b. when he/she is successful           d. when he/she has done something kind

32. What does Asagai say is a shame?
  a. The family’s dreams depend on a dead man        c. Beneatha can’t be a doctor any more
  b. The Youngers lost the insurance money           d. The Youngers can’t live in Clybourne Park

33. What is NOT a reaction to the family losing the money?
  a. Mama thinks she “aimed too high”        c. Walter calls Mr. Linder
  b. Beneatha sees her dreams die            d. Ruth leaves Walter

34. Which of the following is resolved by the end of the play?
  a. Beneatha’s relationship with Asagai c. Where the missing money is
  b. If Beneatha becomes a doctor            d. If the Youngers move to Clybourne Park

35.When, according to Mama, does Walter achieve his manhood?
  a. When he invests in the liquor store c. When he treats Ruth better
  b. When he stands up to Mr. Linder     d. When he loses the money

36. What makes Walter call Mr. Linder in the first place?
  a. he is ashamed of them moving           c. he thinks the offered money will help the family
  b. he wants to argue with Mr. Linder      d. he thinks Mr. Linder stole from them

37. Which of the following is NOT a main idea in the story?
  a. dreams                                 c. family
  b. winning/losing                         d. losing money

38. What do all the rooms in the new house symbolize?
  a. a bright future                       c. impending riches
  b. Beneatha’s marriage                   d. Mama’s death
39. Who still seems worried about moving at the end of the play?
  a. Mama                                  c. Travis
  b. Walter                                d. Beneatha

40. When the play opens, Mama is expecting to inherit $10,000 from her father.
41. In the beginning of the play, Walter resents Beneatha’s plans to become a doctor.
42. Lena bought a home in a white neighborhood because she wants her family to become
   assimilated into white culture.
43. The small plant that Mama tends on the windowsill symbolizes her dream of having a
44. When Mr. Linder initially presents his offer to buy the Younger’s house in Clybourne Park,
   he appears to genuinely believe that he’s acting in the family’s best interests.
45. When the money intended for Beneatha’s college education is stolen, she tells Asagai that
   she had always planned to pay for college herself anyway.

Matching: Identify the Speaker
                      A. Beneatha             B. Walter            C. Mama
46. “The Murchisons are honest-to-God-real-live-rich-colored-people, and the only people in
     the world who are more snobbish than rich white people are rich colored people. I thought
     everybody knew that.” Act 1, Scene 1
47. “What you need me to say you done right for? You the head of this family. You run our lives
     like you want to. It was your money and you did what you wanted with it. So what you
     need for me to say it was all right for? So you butchered up a dream of mine—you—who
     always talking ‘bout your children’s dreams…” Act 2, Scene 1
48. “He talked Brotherhood. He said everybody ought to learn how to sit down and hate each
     other with good Christian fellowship.” Act 2, Scene 3
49. “I seen…him…night after night…come in…and look at that rug…and then look at me…the red
     showing in his eyes…the veins moving in his head…I seen him grow thin and old before he
     was forty…working and working and working like somebody’s old horse…killing
     himself…and you—you give it all away in a day…” Act 2, Scene 3
50. “He finally come into his manhood today, didn’t he? Kind of like a rainbow after the rain…”
     Act 3

SHORT ANSWER. Choose five of the questions below to answer in three sentences or more.
   51. What does Asagai mean when he says “I live the answer”?
   52. Early in the play, Ruth makes scrambled eggs for Walter, even though he asked for
       anything but scrambled, and she tries to quiet Walter by telling him to eat his eggs.
       What does being quiet and eating one’s eggs mean in the Younger family?
   53. What are the dreams of the main characters—Mama, Ruth, Beneatha, and Walter—and
       how are they deferred?
   54. How does the idea of assimilationism become important?
55. Walter has to deal with conflict in the play. What are the conflicts, and with whom?
56. Beneatha has two suitors in the play, George Murchison and Joseph Asagai. What are
    they like, and which one does Beneatha choose?
57. One of the things that keeps popping up in the play is the idea of family. How is having a
    family important for the Youngers in the play?
58. When the Youngers move, they go from an apartment with one tiny window to a house
    with lots of windows to let in sunlight. What does the change in light represent for the

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