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									                      The University of Texas at El Paso
                      DURING WORK TIME*
Employee Name:                                                    UT EID:
Job Title:                                                        Department:
Work Hours:

                                         COURSE INFORMATION
Title of Course:
Course Number:                                                    Course Credit (Hrs.):
Course Period (Start Date):                                       (End date):
Class Days and Times:
Do you consider this course job related?                          if yes, explain:

Use an additional sheet, if necessary.

I have read and understand the guidelines of this policy and agree to comply with the terms and
conditions of the policy (See back of form).

Employee Signature                                                Date
Approved:                  Yes

Immediate Supervisor (Signature)                                  Date

Department Head (Signature)                                       Date

(If not approved, state reason(s)):

* Available only to full-time employees

Distribution: Copy to Employee, Department Head, Human Resource Services
                                                                                          Rev. 12/03
                      The University of Texas at El Paso
                               EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES

A full-time employee may register for a maximum of one (1) three-semester-hour credit
course upon approval of the administrative officer in the department. Only long-
semesters will apply (Fall, Spring, and/or the Summer). Participation in classes during
the short sessions (MayMester, Summer I, II, and WinterMester) is not applicable to this
program. Under certain circumstances, it may not be possible for an employee to take
a course since the primary objective and concern must be the work of the office

                                              PROCEDURAL STEPS

    1. The employee submits this form to his/her immediate supervisor before enrolling*
       in a course, not to exceed three (3) credit hours, to be taken during working

    2. The immediate supervisor determines whether or not to recommend the

    3. The Department Head must approve or disapprove the request; if the request is
       disapproved the Department Head must give the reason(s) to the employee.

    4. Note: The Department Head will use his/her judgment in approving or not
       approving the request. However, criteria to arrive at the decision should include:
          a. Length of employment with the University
          b. Job relatedness of the course or existence of a degree plan
          c. Has this person been denied attendance to other courses during the last
              twelve (12) months
          d. Quality of job performance of the employee
          e. Impact that the time off may have on the overall job performance of the
              office or department

    5. Copy distribution:
       1. Copy to Employee
       2. Copy to Department Head
       3. Copy to Human Resource Services

    6. The Head of each division will periodically review all applications to assure that
       the procedural criteria are applied on a fair and equitable basis.

* Auditing a course is included if done through appropriate University Policy

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