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					                                  Chapter Three
             Cloth Diaper Options Today
    Cloth diapering today is not what it used to be back when your mom was
using them. Times have changed, and for the better! Today there are a large
variety of diaper styles, fabrics, colors, prints and patterns. When you start
buying cloth diapers you may be overwhelmed by the choices, but if you study
this and the following chapters you will be able to “diaper talk” with the best
of them!
    When buying, it would be wise to just buy a small sampling of diapers
before supplying your nursery. All brands of diapers are made a bit differently,
so before stocking up, find out what you like best and then find the diaper that
fits your baby best. For information on finding the best fit, refer to chapter
seven “Getting Started & Finding The Right System.”
Be sure to ask for dimensions of diapers before you
buy, so you can ensure a good fit. You will find that
as you try diapers, you will develop likes and dislikes
of certain elements. For example, some moms dislike
covers or diapers that close with hook and loop
because when changing diapers the noise involved
with unfastening the diaper can wake a sleeping baby.
    Another factor important in the diaper buying
decision is absorption. Some diapers are not made
with quality or highly-absorbent material, leaving
them prone to leaks if your baby is a heavy wetter, or       Don’t get lost in the world of
is wearing that diaper for an extended period (such as              cloth diapers!
during a nap). Many moms are turned away from cloth
diapering because of leaks – don’t let this be you. Remember there are
hundreds (if not thousands) of different diapers out there – you will find
something you like that is eye catching, absorbent and fits your baby well.
    To help financially in the search for good diapers, you can easily re-sell your
new or gently used diapers (see chapter eight “Buying & Selling Diapers”) and
use the money from your sale to help find more diapers.
    Prefold diapers are probably the most common and the least cost to get
started. Prefolds can be folded to fit your baby’s body type, additional
absorption can be added, and you only have to worry about four main sizes.
Many moms find these helpful in the transition to using cloth diapers, before
they find what they want to use full time, and many moms use prefolds full
time with no problem!
      Common diaper abbreviations and terms used online are as follows:
AIO: All In One                             UBCPF: Unbleached Chinese Prefold
PF: Prefold                                 DSQ: Diaper Service Quality
FF: Flatfold                                DD: Disposable Diaper
CPF: Chinese Prefold                        CD: Cloth Diaper (you’ll see CD’ing, CDer,
                                            CD’d, CDs, etc.)