CREDIT CARDS by xusuqin


									                              CREDIT CARDS
                         They really are out to get you

1. Explain to me in your own words what happened to Ruth Owens.

2. What is the fee charged if you go over your credit limit, late payments, or pay
   below the minimum?

3. What was the average person’s credit card debt in 2004?

4. What are two deterrents for bad behavior imposed by credit card companies?

5. What five major companies represent the credit card market?

6. Even if you have a fixed rate, a credit card company can change the rate but needs
   to notify you within?

7. What are the two most common trigger defaults used by credit card companies?

8. Explain the process of interest on day one.

9. What government agency oversees the credit card companies?

10. Explain the talking points in How to Win at Credit Cards?

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